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Free PMP Questions & Answers. 1 All of the WhitePapers/ More on the PMP Examination. PMP Sample Test Questions. (correct answers are bolded). 1. An accepted deadline for a project approaches. However, the project manager realizes only 75%. You have minutes (72 seconds) to answer each question both on the real PMP exam as well as on this page. The total available time has elapsed. Please .

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PMP Certification exam has a total of questions which you have to answer under 4 hours. From this link, you can get more information on. pmp mock exam online practice pmp exam pmp simulation exam pmp exam dumps sample pmp exam pmp certification exam questions and answers. pmp online pmp free exam questions pmp exam sample questions 6th edition pmp question papers best pmp mock exam online. of 15 days and optimistic estimate of 12 days. What is the mean using the PERT technique? Mark one answer.

Agile Practice Guide. As part of project planning, you and your project team are developing a comprehensive list of individual project risks and sources of overall project risk. The project manager submits a change request to adjust the schedule baseline and uses the already approved contingency reserves to address the cost. Look at the project documents. Test and evaluation documents.

Resource calendar B. Tight matrix Visit us athttp: Team-building activity D. Focus group Answer: Feedback analysis B. Stakeholder analysis C. Communication management plan D. Stakeholder management plan Answer: Procurement documents B. Communications plan C. Project charter D. Stakeholder register Answer: C Question: Initiating B.

Monitoring and Controlling C. Planning D. Executing Answer: A Visit us athttp: Business case. Activity list. Project management plan. Cost forecast. Project Risk Management B. Project Human Resource Management C. Project Scope Management D.

Project Stakeholder Management Answer: Stakeholder register B. Scope management plan C. Stakeholder management plan D. Project charter Answer: Project Cost Management Visit us athttp: Project Scope Management C.

Project Time Management D. Project Integration Management Answer: Early B. Middle C. Late D.


Completion Answer: Estimate Costs B. Control Costs C. Determine Budget D. Plan Cost Management Answer: Pareto diagram B.

Performance reporting C. SWOT analysis D. Expert judgment Answer: D Visit us athttp: Responses B. Appetite C. Your risk report shows that project risk exposure overall has grown close to a negative threshold. Before the next regular meeting, you ask risk owners to present any risks and opportunities that may affect short-term activities.

In the meeting, it becomes clear that risk owners from less engaged departments did not implement some of the previously approved responses. What should you do now to reduce risk exposure? As part of the process to develop the scope statement for the project you are leading, you specify the deliverables for the project, include the requirements under which the deliverables will be accepted, and explicitly state what is out of project scope.

What should you do next? With the start of project execution, a project manager needs to acquire the development team. However, the project sponsor indicates that of those developers who were planned for the project, one is unavailable as she is currently completing another project. What should the project manager do to understand the proposed team member's future availability? Up until now, your project team has allowed the use of flextime where project team members may take time off during regular business hours and make up the time during the evening hours or weekends.

Recently, excessive use of flextime has become a roadblock as some team members are not available when needed. The team feels they should set a standard that flextime is only to be used for personal emergencies. How should you handle this situation?

You work with your team to sequence activities on the project you are leading. You are looking for the factors, constraints, and potential dependencies among project activities that can influence the way activities are sequenced, as well as help you understand the relationship between activities and the need for leads and lags. Where could you find this information? You have completed a nine-month project, and you are in the closing stage. The project completed on time and under budget and everyone in your department has congratulated you on your achievement.

The vice president of your company heard about the success of your project and wants a summary overview of project performance so that he can talk about your success at the next board meeting.

What should you provide to him? As a project manager, you are leading a software development project where the developers are colocated within rented office space. Writing the code is taking longer than anticipated, and you have contacted the office facility to ensure the office will be available for another week.

Unfortunately, the office is already booked, so you need to find another solution. After capturing the problem in the project documents, what should you do next? A project manager is conducting the initial process of identifying stakeholders for a new infrastructure development project. The project manager has just compiled a list of potential stakeholders' names. What should the project manager do next? You are leading a project to construct a new runway at an existing commercial airport.

After completion of the project, the residents under the flight path of the new runway are making noise complaints and want the airport to compensate them for the diminished values of their homes.

What might you have missed earlier in the project? Following is an illustration of a project network activity node that includes some information about activity D. Given the information provided, what is the total float of activity D?

During a bidder conference, a supplier asks why a section is missing from the request for quotation RFQ. The project manager, realizing that an aspect of the project is indeed missing, becomes flustered and stumbles through a brief reply.

When the seller responses were received, all but three fail to address the missing section. What is the best course of action? You are leading a project to develop a new web application. Together with your project team you reprioritize the product backlog, determine velocity for the past iterations, and adapt your work plans accordingly. Additionally, you facilitate retrospectives every two weeks. Which of the following processes describes the work you are performing?

You are part of a cross-functional organizational development team, piloting an adaptive approach to project management in an organization that has traditionally used a predictive approach. You realize that you have to tailor the template of the schedule management plan.

Which of the following components of the template are you likely to tailor the most? Your boss is giving you a rough outline of the scope, constraints, and risks involved in a prospective client's project. The project is highly similar to another project you are currently closing. The sponsor wants to know how long this project would take your team to complete.

You think your team may need two months, but what should your answer be? A project team performs monthly risk audits for a project in which a large number of identified risks have been realized. So far, the risk responses have been appropriate, and reserves are sufficient. An executive for the requesting organization chides the project manager for doing risk audits improperly, stating that like all audits, outside independent resources need to perform risk audits.

How should the project manager respond? With a parking garage construction project underway, you are currently creating the risk management plan. In support of this process, you need to determine the acceptable level of overall project risk exposure.

A project manager has just learned that the customer is not showing up to requirements meetings saying they have other more important tasks. Since this behavior has already been identified as a risk earlier in the project, the project manager escalates the issue to the stakeholder who is the risk owner responsible for communicating with the customer in such situations.

The stakeholder is shocked to find out she is the assigned risk owner. What most likely went wrong? A project is underway to construct a 50 story office building.

With construction nearly complete, a government inspector has issued a stop order because one of the cranes failed inspection. The schedule reserves are inadequate to cover the resulting delay from the unavailability of the key resource. A project manager notifies the project sponsor that the mitigation strategy for a major risk did not work.

The sponsor states that the same risk response was implemented a few months ago on a similar project with the same result. How might this situation have been avoided? You are planning a project to construct a luxury condominium complex that will include jacuzzi tubs among its numerous features.

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Due to technical constraints, it has been decided to eliminate the jacuzzi tubs from the final project requirements. You document the jacuzzi tubs as an explicit scope exclusion in the project scope statement as well as update the requirements documentation to reflect this change. You are managing the development of a new smartphone in an extremely competitive market. You are planning the must-have features of the smartphone in detail so that work can begin and the product can be released to the market as early as possible.

The future features are unknown at the moment and will depend on what the competitors release. You will plan these features in greater detail later on. As you and your team create the work breakdown structure WBS , what will you use to indicate the future features?

A project to construct a new subway line is underway, and the tunnel boring machine has slowed due to unexpected changes in rock composition. The team believes that the additional strain on the machine will not cause more downtime for its maintenance thus negating the benefit of faster boring. The project you have been managing for several years is now moving towards completion. Some of the project deliverables have been contracted to vendors.

You begin to close the project and want to make sure all activities necessary for project closure are properly completed. Which of the following activities would you not perform as part of this process?

While working to determine the budget for an avionics project, the company decides to hire a highly reputable financial analyst that has worked in the aviation industry for three decades. Halfway through the project, a series of unanticipated risk events occur, and the project cannot pay its invoices.

What is most likely to be the cause? You are part of the project team designing a new type of subway car. Where can you find that information? You are leading a project team with a technology upgrade project within a project-oriented organizational structure. You were recently informed that one of your project team members falsified required certifications on their resume', and you have verified the information as accurate. You want to terminate the team member's employment.

During a recession, a project manager posts a positive risk that in the current economic environment, cheaper resources may become available. On the way into work, the project manager hears about a competitor going out of business and contacts the competitor to acquire some equipment, materials, and supplies at a fraction of their normal value.

What is the project manager doing? A project manager is identifying stakeholders for a new product development project. Which of the following activities is the project manager least likely to perform in the creation of the stakeholder register?

Pdf answers exam pmp and questions

A project manager is facilitating a first brainstorming session to identify individual risks as well as sources of overall project risk. The meeting attendees are struggling with the task, and the meeting is becoming unproductive.

What action might the project manager take to get the meeting back on track? You are establishing the relative priorities of individual project risks that have been identified earlier in the project.

Which of the following tasks are you least likely to perform? The project manager submits a change request to adjust the schedule baseline and uses the already approved contingency reserves to address the cost. What did the project manager do wrong? A project manager for a software development project has collected the work performance data and used the requirements documentation and requirements traceability matrix to generate the work performance information regarding variances in the project work compared to the baseline.

What process is the project manager performing? A project is six months into its nine-month projected duration, and the project manager is reporting that the project is at least three months behind schedule because certain key stakeholders were resistant to any changes that might occur as outcomes of the project.

What might have been done differently during project planning to have avoided this situation? A project manager is currently in the process of prioritizing individual project risks by assessing their detectability, proximity, and impact value. The project manager would like to create a graphical representation of these three dimensions.

A project manager is leading an infrastructure development project and is just starting the process of prioritizing individual project risks for further analysis. A stakeholder has expressed concern that the existing information about individual project risks may not be accurate and reliable. A project manager is leading a project to build a new model of all-terrain vehicle ATV.

The initial plan called for the suspension parts to be painted. However, in response to an issue captured in the issue log, it has been recommended to use powder coating instead of paint for better corrosion resistance. As it pertains to the acquisition of resources, what should be done next?

The project manager explains that the project team chose a newer tool for the project, as it was much better. What most likely caused this situation? A project manager is meeting with Sally, the program manager, to review the decomposed deliverables for a new product.

Sally reviews the work breakdown structure and requests it to be arranged in the order the work should be performed. Is Sally correct saying that the work breakdown structure should be ordered according to how the work will be performed? You are a project manager for a new product development project that is in the planning stages. Your project team has just finished creating the activities list and is now in the process of identifying and documenting relationships among the project activities.


While meeting with your project team, you notice that a series of activities can be done in parallel but must finish in a specific sequence. Your team is debating which type of activity sequencing method to use. What would you tell them? You are preparing information for the project sponsor to highlight the identified activities that may create a delay in the overall project schedule.

Which of the following would be most useful in this situation? You are the project manager for the construction of a new thin-crust pizza vending machine. You take all the information gathered in the project management plan to date and begin to develop a project schedule. When you reach the activity labeled as 6.

What project document would you reference in order to get information on the resources required for installing the cooling mechanism? You are leading a project to design a high-efficiency solar cell. The materials that you are acquiring for this project include copper, silver, and silicon among others, and you have also ordered custom built manufacturing equipment.

Additionally, you have secured permission from the landlord to install a solar array on the roof of the corporate office for testing, and reserved a conference room for daily stand-up meetings.

What is the result of your efforts? A project to build a new water treatment plant is in the planning stage. The project manager is starting the project management process of Plan Risk Management. The project sponsor is risk averse, and this will affect the risk management plan.

In preparing the risk management plan, the project manager is seeking a high-level understanding of the project description and boundaries, high-level requirements, and risks. Where is the best place for the project manager to find this information?

As a project manager, you will need the assistance of other stakeholders in order to identify the risks associated with your project. You want to determine who are the individuals that might participate in the process of identifying risks to the project, as well as those who are available to act as risk owners.

Where should you look? As part of project planning, you and your project team are developing a comprehensive list of individual project risks and sources of overall project risk. You want to analyze the validity of assumptions and constraints to determine which pose a risk to the project. Which technique will be the most helpful for you? John is the project manager for a large construction project.

Free PMP Practice Exam Questions - Sample Test Questions

He has just completed a Monte Carlo analysis simulation when he learns from a team member that some of the cost estimates used in the simulation were incorrect. John is highly risk-averse and concerned about this issue, so he meets with his team to discuss options for how to move forward. Based on this information, which choice below best describes what the team would likely do with the results from the Monte Carlo analysis? Tom is a project manager for a large software project. The team is uncertain how strong demand will be for their product and, therefore, must account for this uncertainty in their analysis.

What would be the best tool for the project manager to use in this case? Wendy is a project manager for an IT data center installation in a country that recently established independence. The country is in a strategic location for fiber optic communications, but the political climate is highly unstable. In order to keep the data center in the country but avoid unnecessary influence from the political dynamics, Wendy has negotiated with the U.

Department of State to establish the data center in the basement of the U. Consulate in the capital city.

And answers pdf questions pmp exam

A team member has been tasked to send the request for proposal RFP , source selection criteria, and procurement statement of work SOW to potential sellers. The documentation is stored digitally on the corporate computer network. Which folder from the project directory is most likely to include these documents? As a project manager for a small university, you are currently in the process of selecting a vendor to develop a textbook and other training materials for a new course. Several vendors are interested in bidding on the contract.

During a bidder conference, one of the prospective suppliers asks about ownership of the intellectual property that will be created from the project. Which project document should have this information at this stage of the project? A project manager is currently managing a manufacturing process improvement project which will be completed in five phases. The project manager has prepared the following chart to review the status of the project.

Based on the information provided, what is the earned value of the project? During a project's review, an executive states the project manager failed to forecast future outcomes based on past results, review how other projects addressed the similar issues, and analyze alternative solutions to issues. What has the project manager most likely overlooked with his intuitive manner of running the project? You are developing a project management plan for a project that is part of a program.

You have just been informed that a new procedure has been added to the program management plan. The project is nearing its end. The executives are anxious to assign the project manager to other projects.

However, before moving on, the project manager has to deliver the final product to the customer. A project team member runs an earned value analysis EVA report. There is an unexpected spike in actual costs over the last three weeks. The team member shows the report to the project manager and based on her analysis presents four possible reasons for the spike. Which reason is most probable?

During the project's iterations, the daily standup meetings have been held at 9 AM every day. Three of the project team members have missed or been late to the last seven meetings because they are running tests in another building each of those days. These tests will most likely continue for the rest of the iteration.

What is the project manager's best action? The updated version of the product is to be at the customer's location by the end of the week, but the team realizes they will be unable to complete the deliverable by then.

The project manager and the team have looked for solutions to resolve this issue but there is nothing to avert missing the deadline.

And answers pdf questions pmp exam

The deployment team who is supposed to install the product at the customer site is under a lot of stress to meet their deadline and are going to be furious that the update will not be there at the end of the week. A dashboard viewable by all project stakeholders displays various statuses using the industry standard of red, yellow, and green colors.

Throughout project execution, to meet the needs of the project and some of the project stakeholders, the project manager has been adding more colors to reflect additional statuses. This situation has created confusion among some of the stakeholders over the status naming conventions and meanings. What should the project manager do? A new project manager is brought on the project. She wants to understand the process by which this particular project formally accepts deliverables.

Which of the following will she have to reference? The project has reached a stage where work is being done in seven countries. Project team members need to know in which currency they are to report their cost data. Which of the following should they reference? The project has to produce 10, new parts. The inspection points and their frequency along production must be determined. The part specifications and inspection modes to be used also need to be decided. In which process are these project plans defined?

An international project is entering its final phase. Some work in this phase must be done in the foreign country. Unsure if company policy requires a full-time employee onsite for project work in that country, which project artifact should the project scheduler reference?

A project has been initiated to search a large area for debris from an explosion of a failed prototype. The project is now in planning, and there is a debate among the team members on the type and quantity of resources needed to complete this activity.

Services are still being billed to the project even though no additional services are required or requested. What is the best option for the project manager to take? Managing the project team for an agile based project, the project manager takes a servant role and allows the team to be self-organizing.

Why is this possible? The following Gantt chart displays the schedule for a software upgrade project. The system analysis was completed on August 12 th , but the system design and development activities are still in process as of October 3 rd. Once the product is developed, the project team will need to test and deploy it, which must be completed by October 17 th.

What is the cost variance as of October 3 rd? The project manager is trying to get sign off for a series of marketing materials. The work is rejected by the stakeholders responsible for sign off because of incorrect use of marketing standards.

What should the project manager do before sending materials to the stakeholders again? The project is not getting the marketing team to update the content of the online magazine website as scheduled. The outdated content is causing confusion among readers. What can the project manager do to engage the marketing team and make the needed changes as soon as possible?

Your company was recently awarded a software development project, and you have just completed the scope management plan.

The sponsor reviews the plan and states that the client specified the use of Scrum, while the plan indicates a waterfall approach. Which component of the project management plan did you most likely overlook while developing the scope management plan?

A project manager is developing a cost management plan and needs to determine the best source of funding for a project that is dictated by a legal requirement. The cost of capital is estimated at 9. What is the project manager's best course of action? You are in the process of developing an approximation of the monetary resources needed to complete project work for a large-scale multinational project which will take at least seven years to complete.

Your previous projects have all been domestic with short timeframes. As part of the process you are currently performing, what might you need to do differently compared with your past projects? A project manager is in the process of creating the quality management plan for a product development project.

Currently, the project manager needs to understand and then estimate the cost of quality for a particular process. As a project manager, you are developing a resource management plan for your software development project, and you need to find a way to document and communicate the detailed descriptions of the team members' roles and responsibilities.

What tool will best meet your needs? An apartment building construction project is currently in the planning stage. The project manager has decided to use analogous estimating to create the resource requirements and resource breakdown structure.

You are conducting the source selection analysis for an office building renovation project. One project requirement involves setting up the WiFi system once the hardware has been installed. The value of this procurement is relatively small, and you have decided that a full selection process does not make sense. With three prospective vendors listed as pre-approved sellers, what is the best course of action?

A company has been awarded a software development project which requires the development team to work at the client's office. The client has assigned each developer a cubicle from which to perform their work. During a daily standup meeting, a developer states that the team members are too isolated and colocating the team in a war room would increase productivity and quality.

You are assigned to a software development project, and you are conducting a product review with an important client. Although the deliverables were previously verified, the client detects a defect and rejects one of the deliverables.

A key stakeholder has been resistant to the project's objectives, and the support of this stakeholder is vital to the success of the project. The project manager has employed various engagement strategies which have been ineffective and needs to determine the underlying reason that stakeholder engagement is not having the planned effect.

The agile project team members are all working in an open office space arrangement. There are many conversations happening concurrently throughout the day. Which of the following is the best option for the project manager? The project requires frequent input from the senior management team. Some of the past projects succeeded to engage the team, however, most failed as senior management is notorious throughout the organization of responding slowly and not attending meetings.

What is the best strategy for the stakeholder engagement plan of the current project? Not all team members are properly checking out resources used in the project. What is the best option for the project manager? Your sponsor has committed to building a high-speed rail from one major inland city, Azules, to the coast. You have two possible routes, either Brazos or Corazon. Given each route's costs, odds, and rewards of high demand and low demand in this decision tree, how would you quantify the expected monetary value of the route to Brazos?

Stakeholders are not sure what to do about the multiple failures the project has been experiencing recently. Changes need to be made quickly otherwise the project may be terminated as consistently missing its objectives. In a pharmaceutical project, human trials are to start soon.

The CEO is thrilled about the success of the trials up to this point. She announces that the size of the patient pool for the trials should double from the one originally planned and results tracked in the new system launching this week. The product trade show is approaching.

The project team must produce functional prototypes for the event. The team is also tasked with many other competing project tasks. What can the project manager do in the next iteration planning? The project sponsor is concerned about possible ethics violations between the project and vendors.

What independent review can the sponsor order? The project manager and the team decide that the project will be divided into five-week iterations with two weeks in between for retrospectives and iteration planning.

Where is this documented? Sharing of project information is of utmost importance to the organization. Project knowledge is shared on multiple systems, services, and apps.

Pdf questions answers exam pmp and

The array of locations is becoming overwhelming for some of the project team members. What is the best option for the project manager to manage the project knowledge in this situation?

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The summary is on the right and the details are below. The results you see on this page are temporary! Question 1 - Qid , Cost Management, Planning, 7.

The project is running over budget. The management reserve is too large. Total funding for the project exceeds the project's anticipated needs. The project is behind schedule. Hint Marked Unmarked. Question 2 - Qid , Integration Management, Initiating, 4. Create the SOW yourself since you are the project manager. Ask your customer to provide you with the SOW.

Question 3 - Qid , Stakeholder Management, Initiating, Develop Project Management Plan. Identify Risks. Identify Stakeholders. Develop Project Charter. Question 4 - Qid , Stakeholder Management, Initiating, Keep the sponsor satisfied. Manage the sponsor closely. Monitor the sponsor's actions. Keep the sponsor informed.

Question 5 - Qid , Scope Management, Planning, 5. The requirements management plan. The requirements traceability matrix. The scope management plan. The work breakdown structure WBS.

Question 6 - Qid , Schedule Management, Planning, 6. Use product analysis techniques such as product breakdown and systems analysis to decompose the system testing work package. Decompose the system development work package now and decompose the system testing work package later. Break down the project into multiple phases so that the system testing work package goes into the second project phase.

Consult the project management plan to determine what to do in this situation. Attend the 35 contact hours training programme, either through class-room training or through online training. Start with knowledge area wise practice tests that help you in understanding of core concepts. Review your knowledge gaps based on the results of the practice tests. Try mock tests as the last stage of PMP exam preparation. Mock tests give you an idea of the test environment. Review your test scores and assess your preparedness for the exam.

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