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Learn spoken Kannada phrases and pronunciation through English online or using our Android app. Kannada Baruthe means I know Kannada. We are a non . Dear All, Learn Kannada through this. ( KB, views) I tried learning Kanada so many times but I gave up: (But your this pdf is very usefull and helped me a Views (/day) Replies 4 Validations Learn Malayalam In 30 Days Through Tamil Pdf Learn kannada through Learn Tamil Through Telugu In 30 Days Pdf Free.. learn hindi in

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Spoken kannada. 47 . 1. maadbeeku, 2. maadleebeeku; 3. maadboodu;. 1) 0 A) 30 ਨੂੰ.ਨ maadbaardu. You ought to have come down for a day. This is a brief introduction to Kannada, a south Indian language spoken in the Karnataka state of India. This introduction provides basic instruction about. Where can I find a kannada novel PDF? (Buy Learn Kannada In 30 Days Through Book Online at Low Prices in India, Buy Learn Kannada in 30 days through.

Words - Learn words in Kannada Categories wise Example: Write a product review. Add to Wishlist. We developed this app with help of one more friend Pooja HN for voice, all are working in Bengaluru, Karnataka. Learn Kannada Management Questionnaire Guidance Requested. Language Software - Xls Download.

Once you are confident enough, you can take specially designed 30 sets of quizzes under three levels of difficulty. What is the app all about? The app aims at teaching spoken Kannada to non-Kannadigas within just 10 days.

Pdf in learn kannada 30 days

The app is smart enough to teach them the pronunciation of each and every word and also test if they are pronouncing it the right way. What does the app contain? Instant Words Translation - A feature through which a user can speak a word in English and the app speaks back the translation in Kannada. The feature also has a mode to switch to "Kannada to English" where the user can speak a word in Kannada and the app speaks back the English word for the same.

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Alphabet - Learn Kannada Alphabet pronunciation and also learn on how to write it. The user will have a dedicated screen to practice writing. Words - Learn words in Kannada Categories wise Example: Basics, Numbers, Alphabets, Vegetables, Fruits etc.

Kannada 30 days pdf learn in

Conversations - Learn basic conversations required. Conversation with a maid, Conversation with auto driver etc.

Random Magic - Learn Verbs and their tenses with audio messages. Antonyms - Words and its antonyms all with script and voice! When was the app launched?

The beta version app was first launched on Nov 30, , and so far the app has grown a lot on both technology and the user base. What are the important statistics about the app? The app has been spread only based on mouth marketing by users.

Who built it and why?

Kannada 30 pdf in learn days

We developed this app with help of one more friend Pooja HN for voice, all are working in Bengaluru, Karnataka. We always wanted to help interested non-Kannadigas learn Kannada and we were searching for a way to help a larger audience.

That's when we started developing this app.

In learn days kannada pdf 30

We are still working on adding new features to the app which should make the learning more easier. What else do we have other than android app? We are social.

Learn Kannada..... - Pdf Download

We are active on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube. We even have a Whatsapp Forum and a website. Please find below are the relevant links Facebook page: Reviews Review Policy. What's new in v3. Learn HTML.

Learn from Dog!!!!!. How to Learn Japanese US. This Discussion Thread Started: Hong Kong Views 4. Explore to get exposed to real world problems and solutions on Cite. Subject Category Recent Discussions. Management Questionnaire Guidance Requested. Effective English Speaking. Wonderful - Ppt Download. French Translators For Chennai. Language Software - Xls Download.

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