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Guardian Angel (Crown's Spies #2) is a Romance,Historical novel by Julie Garwood, Guardian Angel (Crown's Spies #2) read online free from. Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. Garwood fails here to integrate romance and mystery elements as effectively as she did in The Bride. There's too . garwood crowns spies pdf castles crowns spies 4 julie garwood can be auf amazon. guardian angel (crown's spies) ebook: julie amazon try.

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1 New York Times bestselling author Julie Garwood takes breathless sensuality to thrilling heights in this unforgettable adventure of passion. Guardian Angel book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. 月, 30 4 GMT guardian angel crowns spies garwood pdf -. #1 New York Times bestselling author Julie. Garwood takes breathless sensuality to .

I listen to the audio version of this story and while the narrator's slightly "breathy" voice took some time to get use to, I ended up really enjoying her narration. Friend Reviews. View all 5 comments. Read it Forward Read it first. Caine was an awesome hero. Guardian Angel Crown's Spies 2. Page 35

Julie Garwood is among the most critically acclaimed—and popular—romance authors around, published in thirty-two languages worldwide with forty million copies of her books in print. Garwood keeps you enthralled. Read An Excerpt. Historical Romance.

Ebook —. Buy the Ebook: About Guardian Angel 1 New York Times bestselling author Julie Garwood takes breathless sensuality to thrilling heights in this unforgettable adventure of passion and intrigue. Also by Julie Garwood. About Julie Garwood Julie Garwood is among the most critically acclaimed—and popular—romance authors around, published in thirty-two languages worldwide with forty million copies of her books in print. Maybe Garwood felt it was necessary to do so, because Jade's "creativity" made it hard to know for sure what was true and what was a product of her imagination.

The romance between Caine and Jade was fun to follow: He doesn't mind, of course. He's confident enough to know that she loves him too and it's only a matter of time before she accepts it. I was OK with his arrogance, as that's one of the reasons I love Garwood heroes, but he was more overbearing than I had expected.

Guardian Angel (Crown's Spies, #2) by Julie Garwood

At one point, he grabbed her with such force that he knew he would leave her bruised. Did he stop? No, and I was confused.

Garwood heroes never hurt their heroines As for Jade, I was surprised to see her letting him get away with it, because she was an independent, smart and strong heroine, one who I didn't think would put up with that.

I thought that her personality was very similar to Christina's, the heroine in The Lion's Lady , and even Lyon Christina's husband remarked on that. Based on that, I guess the similarity was intentional and not accidental. Even so, it was a little annoying because I read the previous book only a few days ago.

All in all, this was another great read by Garwood. Not my favorite - nothing beats her medievals, IMHO - but sill very enjoyable. Needless to say, I'm still a loyal fan of hers and I'm definitely going to read the next books in this series. View all 10 comments. Everyone is either roaring, bellowing or wailing through most of the story. There is no middle ground between those three. The constant quick jumps from different range of emotions is really hard to follow and so hammy.

It doesn't translate well. One minute a person is bellowing their demand the next line they are smiling tender 2. One minute a person is bellowing their demand the next line they are smiling tenderly with happy tears.

Guardian angel pdf julie garwood

And Garwood seriously couldn't find another word to express anguish with Jade besides wailing? The dialogue was the most tiring one-dimensional thing of all with it's repetitiveness and operatic style. This read very much like a campy over-the-top bad soap opera.

Parts that were supposed to be funny and 'aw isn't that sweet' were so silly and obnoxious. Especially in regards to the heroine. Shrieking is not cute and it will never be cute. Also why does every person's name have to be repeated at the end of every line in the dialogue??

Drove me insane. I know who is talking to who there is no need to insert their name. It came off very unrealistic. I had a hard time buying the heroine Jade as a sea-surfing pillaging pirate. Besides picking locks, this girl came across like a sheltered haughty naive 15 year old who was very quick to take offense.

Guardian Angel (Crown's Spies #2)

It took her hours to realize she was shot and refused to be looked at by a doctor and couldn't comprehend the idea of recovery. Through half of this she puts on a show of being a timid silly sheltered gentle lady to fool Caine.

The problem was I wasn't at all convinced it was an act. She's huffy and demands an apology for every single thing through the entire story. Caine as a hero didn't impress me either. I found him flat and ridiculous at times with the overly macho alpha behavior. He was just like every stereotypical bodice-ripper hero you could imagine with the sexist patronizing beliefs.

I don't mind alpha jerks but it got to be too much in here and just eye-roll inducing. He's going 'you will be mine! Wasn't feeling any of it. And was the endearment baby used in English peerage in the s?

I highly doubt it. I found this idiosyncrasy entirely out of place and so distracting. The villain in this was even more laughable. They are my proof to the world of all glorious feats I've accomplished. No one's going to deny me now. No one. In years to come, the world will realize what my Tribunal was able to accomplish.

We could have ruled England, if I had chosen to continue with my work. Oh yes, I will have the letters back. They will be kept in a safe place until the time is right to reveal my genuis. I just can't. I'm new to Julie Garwood and she seems to be a favorite among many. I've heard her heroines are not for everyone and I'm beginning to see why.

If an author has the habit of writing shrewish childish insufferable heroines then see ya! I'm OUT and from what I've gathered this seems to be a scary pattern, which isn't very encouraging.

But besides that, the writing for me severely lacks in depth and range. Emotions go from 0 to in a heartbeat with no nuance or finesse.

Pdf guardian angel julie garwood

The characters come across like cartoons rather than living breathing characters with zero dimension. No thanks. View all 5 comments. Julie Garwood does it again. I can't get over the incredible plot, layered story and addictive writing. Definitely on the re-read list. This story follows Caine on his quest to capture the infamous pirate Pagan. He finds love unexpectedly in the form of a damsel in distress - Jade. Caine is a former spy, his gift is hunting.

He's retired from the government but has a new target, for personal reasons. Pagan is an unseen, Robin Hood pirate and a legend. I loved Pagan's backstory and how it deviated Julie Garwood does it again. I loved Pagan's backstory and how it deviated from what the reader expects. Caine loses his brother and believes Pagan is the one responsible. Family is sacred to Caine and revenge is the only thing that can make him content.

Jade was charming, loyal and frustrated Caine to no end. Misfortune follows Jade everywhere and Caine takes her under his wing. The scenes between these two were sweet and funny. Julie Garwood writes characters that are complex, unconventional and interesting.

I had high hopes for Pagan and the big reveal was magnificent. My guess was right and I was quite pleased. Christina and Lyon make an appearance in this book.

Lyon helped Caine when they got caught in a murky msytery and offers a safe house for Jade. This book also highlights how coping mechanisms differ from person to person. Humor, withdrawal, moving on or denial, the author captures these in a realistic manner.

Guardian Angel

This book has convinced me about one major thing - A Butler makes things better, no matter who you are. Jeeves or Alfred come to mind.

Garwood pdf julie guardian angel

Caine is assisted by the resourceful, devoted, Master of snark - Sterns. I love how these books are consistent and entertaining. You can count on a mystery, spies, steamy romance, lots of funny moments and a clever villain.

View all 7 comments. Another slow reading week but I really enjoyed the little moments of escape I found in these pages. There is really such awesome balance between romance, mystery, humor and suspense in Julie Garwood novels. This hero stole my heart with every I Love You.

He never wavered and was so unapologetic and unashamed about his feelings. Caine and Jade will always be a favorite. Oct 02, fleurette rated it it was ok Shelves: Usually, I am not really into Julie Garwood books. However, I have just finished The Secret no more than month ago that I surprisingly enjoyed.

So now, reading another book from her, I had some great expectations. Especially that the story is set in regency era which I prefer over medieval period. But I just couldn't get into Guardian Angel. I started it, then read some other books while trying to convince myself to come back to it. The beginning of it I found very annoying.

The instant very str Usually, I am not really into Julie Garwood books. The instant very strong lust between the heroine and hero was absurd. And I'm not into cheating as a main part of the plot so the whole story is not in my taste. I felt like Caine is for Jade only some pawn in the game she plays. But the real problem was that I absolutely hated Jade, the heroine. Caine says she was driving him mad, it's nothing regarding how much she was driving ME mad. She blabs all the time, really, she just can't shut her mouth for a second.

And it isn't cute or sweet at any point, it's just irritating. On top of that, she wails and cries a lot. And she is dumber than a box of rocks. I know the plot is that it's all a part of some strange shame to annoy Caine but what is the point in annoying a reader, too? I found myself rolling my eyes time after time and cursing. The dialogues are completely cockamamy. I could have probably force myself to read the whole book, I just saw no point in doing so.

That why I'm giving very weak 2 stars 1 star is for books I really hate. Aug 10, Zeek rated it liked it Shelves: GA is the followup to another of hers, The Lyon's Lady, and one that felt like was meant to be a part of a series. I don't believe that ever happened.

The story begins with the heroine, Jade, seeking out the hero, the Marquess of Cainwood, under false pretenses, unbeknownst to him of course. Drawn to him because he wants to trap a pirate named Pagan, she leads him down a crooked primrose path, masquerading her true self- all too distract him from his noble purpose. Misguided, but noble. Fortunately, the intrigue is plausible, if a tad strained at times, and I truly enjoyed Jade's eccentric relatives.

It made up for other things in the novel that got on my nerves.

I felt like if he had been fleshed out a bit more, I might have been able to find him more likeable. As written though- he just came off as one-dimensional. View all 4 comments. Loved this one! Jade was funny and brave. Caine was an awesome hero. Totally loved Jade.

I've been professing my love for Julie Garwood's historical romances for years. Page 7 8. Page 8 9. Page 9 Page 10 Page 11 Page 12 Page 13 Page 14 Page 15 Page 16 Page 17 Page 18 Page 19 Page 20 Page 21 Page 22 Page 23 Page 24 Page 25 Page 26 Page 27 Page 28 Page 29