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In this article you will learn about the top jQuery interview questions and answers. We the Wisdomjobs provide you with all type of Advanced jQuery job Interview Question and Answers that can be understood right from fresher to expertise. jQuery Interview Questions - Learn jQuery in simple and easy steps starting from basic to and later they continue based on further discussion and what you answer − .. If you are fresher then interviewer does not expect you will answer very.

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jQuery is not a programming language but a well written JavaScript code. Top 50 JQuery Interview Questions & Answers . Download PDF. If you're looking for jQuery Interview Questions & Answers for Experienced or Freshers, you are at right place. There are lot of opportunities from many reputed . Jquery interview questions: jQuery is a lightweight JavaScript library which gives a quick and Download JQuery Interview Questions PDF.

The hasClass class method returns true if the specified class is present on at least one of the set of matched elements. Jquery is one of the most powerful libraries what we have and it provides event handling. It can also be used to centralize configuration options. Cross-browser support and detection. Global style rules apply first to HTML elements, and local style rules override them. More detailed analysis and discussion, see answer.

On completion of the animation the display style of the block would be changed to its original value. This procedure does not work properly for inline elements and the following workarounds can be applied to it: What are the approaches of extracting a query string with regular expressions? There are two approaches of doing so: String based approach: This is the simple way of extracting the information of a query string using the string-based replacement technique. This method makes use of the.

How does jquery store data related to an element? In plain java scripts the information about an element can be stored by adding a domain object model property to the element. This results in memory leak problems in certain browsers. In jquery the user does not has to worry about memory management issues.

Storing and retrieving data related to an element: Explain the common methods of sending a request to a server. The two most common methods of sending a request to a server are: GET method: The get method is mostly used for non destructive operations.

For pdf answers freshers and questions interview jquery

These operations get data from the server and does not change the data on it. A good example of the application of the search query to a server. In most of the cases GET will send all of the data to be sent in the form of a query string. POST method: The POST method is primarily used for destructive operations. These operations can change the data on a server.

Pdf for freshers jquery interview and answers questions

A good example is a user saving an entry on a site will get the POST request. These requests are not cached by the browser. A query can be a part of a url but any data that is to be sent is done separately as post data. Create a plugin that would add and remove a class on hover.

The plugin can be considered to be simply a new method that can be used by a user to extend the prototype object of a jquery. A plugin performs some actions on a collection of elements. Each method that comes with the jquery core can be considered to be a plugin. The code for creating a plugin that would add and remove a class on hover would be as follows: Explain the use of the.

The pushStack method works by accepting an array of DOM elements and pushes them into a stack. This is done so that call to methods like. The jquery internally uses this method to keep track of all the previous collections of jquery while using a chain traversing method.

Good examples of such methods could be. How is the deferred method in jquery important in relation to animate method? The queue method can be used to link together multiple animation methods to create an unique effect. These methods are effective when all the data is available locally and all the methods are executed on as single system only. In case the user wants to use the animation methods on a data that resides on the server and wants to handle at a single go the user can make used of the.

Questions pdf interview freshers for and jquery answers

Explain some of the key concepts of good code organization patterns. Some of the key concepts that should be followed while: The codes should always be divided into specific units of functionality.

They can be divided into modules , services etc. This concept is also known as encapsulation. Use inheritance techniques to avoid rewriting a code again and again.

Interview questions answers pdf for and jquery freshers

The jquery is dom centric in nature but not all applications are such in nature. All funtionalities should not have a dom representation. All the units of functionality should be existing in a loosely coupled state.

jQuery Interview Question

This implies that a module can exist independently. Also the communication between the units should be possible and should be handled using a messaging system for example custom events. How can related code be encapsulated?

Give example. The object literal is one of the simplest ways that the user can encapsulate related code together. It helps by removing any anonymous functions from the users code.

The Best JQuery Interview Questions & Answers [UPDATED]

It can also be used to centralize configuration options. Write a code for the implementation of a module pattern. The object literal does not provide any privacy for the methods or properties.

The module pattern allows the user to offer privacy to functions and variables. It can be used to set to expose limited API. The module pattern code: Write the code to define a RequireJs module with its dependencies. The RequireJS is a dependency management tool that can be used by the user to manage script modules. It can be used to load scripts once a page has been loaded. This helps in evenly distributing the downloads. RequireJS module with dependencies defined: They are primarily used with custom events.

This method accepts an event type and an event handling function as an argument for itself. This method can also accept event-related data as a second argument.

This method can accept an event type as an argument. It can also take an array of values. What is the Struts2 jQuery plugin and its advantages. The struts2 jquery plugin is used to: It provides the user with an easy integration of ajax and widgets. It reduces the number of code to be written by a coder.

What is jQuery? Advantages of jQuery The advantages of using jQuery are It can be one of following values: The difference in. But using delegate method we can accomplish this. If the element is visible then this effect will slide the element up side and make it completely hidden.

If the element is hidden then slideToggle effect will slide it down side and make it visible. We can specify the toggle speed with this effect. Apple Banana Orange Now we declare a numerical array and use sort method to sort its elements.

Shorthand ajax methods: This is a special type of shorthand function which is used to accept the url to which the requests are sent. Also optional data and optional callback functions are possible in such functions. Event rebinding usage: When this method is used it requires the user to call the bind method and the added new elements. It cannot deal effectively with domain name and file name changes. A quick look at what is available in jQuery: Cross-browser support and detection.

JQuery Interview Questions

JavaScript animation Hundreds of plugins for pre-built user interfaces, advanced animations, form validation, etc. Expandable functionality using custom plugins. For more follow the link: Introduction To jQuery Question 2. What is JQuery. And in our development life, we are not at all strict to only jQuery. To know more about JQuery. What is a CDN? In other words, a CDN is a network of servers in which each request will go to the closest server. Need For a CDN For any web application, data can be categorized into either static or dynamic content.

Dynamic content is the one that generally comes from a database. Now one may ask, how are requests served when a user enters an URL into the browser? Interesting, let's have a look at it. Before knowing a CDN and its usage, it is very important to understand this process: What are selectors in jQuery and how many types of selectors are there?

The basic operation in jQuery is selecting an element in DOM. It won't wait for the images to load for executing the jQuery script. We created an anonymous function inside ready function to hide div1.