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I've Got Your Number: A Novel by Sophie Kinsella, Excerpt - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. I've lost it.:(The only thing in . Editorial Reviews. From Booklist. *Starred Review* Kinsella, author of the popular Shopaholic I've Got Your Number: A Novel - Kindle edition by Sophie Kinsella. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. I've Got Your Number book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. I've lost it.:(The only thing in the world I wasn't supp.

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Kinsella, Sophie. I've got your number: a novel / Sophie Kinsella.— I've lost it. The only thing in the world I wasn't supposed to lose. My engagement ring. I've Got Your Number. Home · I've Got Your Number Author: Sophie Kinsella Got Men. Read more · Got Your Back:: Dealing with Friends and Enemies. Utterly charming Put Sophie Kinsella's Number on speed dial.”—USA Today Poppy Wyatt has never felt luckier. She.

So good luck to hoody guy if he wants to type B in a text or go on the Internet. I poked Clare and waved my own hand wildly in the air. I still cant believe something so grand and beautiful belongs to me. Id had no significant action for a year and was reluctantly deciding I should give that match. Recommended to Rachel by: I honestly dont know which of them is more intimidating.

Add to Cart. Also by Sophie Kinsella. See all books by Sophie Kinsella. Product Details. Inspired by Your Browsing History. Related Articles. Looking for More Great Reads? Download our Spring Fiction Sampler Now. Download Hi Res. LitFlash The eBooks you want at the lowest prices. Read it Forward Read it first.

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We are experiencing technical difficulties. Little grey cells. Come on. Do your best. Thing is, Im not sure Poirot had three glasses of pink champagne and a mojito before he solved the Murder on the Orient Express. A grey-haired cleaning lady is trying to get round me with a Hoover and I gasp in horror. Theyre Hoovering the ballroom already? What if they suck it up? Excuse me. I grab her blue nylon shoulder. Could you just give me five more minutes to search before you start Hoovering?

Still looking for your ring? She shakes her head doubtfully, then brightens. I expect youll find it safe at home. Its probably been there all the time! I force myself to nod politely, although I feel like screaming, Im not that stupid!

On the other side of the ballroom I spot another cleaner clearing cupcake crumbs and crumpled paper napkins into a black plastic bin bag. She isnt concentrating at all. Wasnt she listening to me? Excuse me! My voice shrills out as I sprint across to her. You are looking out for my ring, arent you? No sign of it so far, love. The woman sweeps another load of detritus off the table into the bin bag without giving it a second glance.

I grab for the napkins and pull them out again, feeling each one carefully for a hard lump, not caring that Im getting buttercream icing all over my hands. Dear, Im trying to clear up. The cleaner grabs the napkins out of my hands. Look at the mess youre making! I know, I know. Im sorry. I scrabble for the cupcake cases I dropped on the floor.

But you dont understand. If I dont find this ring, Im dead. I want to grab the binbag and do a forensic check of the contents with tweezers. I want to put plastic tape round the whole room and declare it a crime scene. It has to be here, it has to be. Unless someones still got it. Thats the only other possibility that Im clinging to. One of my friends is still wearing it and somehow hasnt noticed. Perhaps its slipped into a handbag maybe its fallen into a pocket its stuck on. Have you tried the cloakroom?

The woman tries to get past me. Of course Ive tried the cloakroom. I checked every single cubicle on my hands and knees. And then all the basins. And then I tried to persuade the concierge to close it and have all the sink pipes investigated, but he refused.

He said it would be different if I knew it had been lost there for certain, and he was sure the police would agree with him, and could I please step aside from the desk as there were people waiting?

I thought theyd come roaring round in their squad cars as soon as I called, not just tell me to come down to the police station and file a report. I dont have time to file a report!

Kinsella got number pdf your have sophie i

Ive got to find my ring! The droning sound of the Hoover on the other side of the room makes me jump. Stop Hoovering!

I've Got Your Number: A Novel by Sophie Kinsella, Excerpt

I wave my arms at the cleaner, but she turns away, pretending she cant hear me. They arent giving up, are they? Theyre going to Hoover this room whatever I say. I hurry back to the circular table we were sitting at this afternoon and sweep my hands for the zillionth time over the tablecloth. Then I crawl underneath, patting the carpet, replaying the afternoons events yet again in my mind.

How could I have let this happen? How could I have been so stupid? She couldnt come to my official hen spa weekend, so this was a kind of substitute. There were eight of us at the table, all merrily swigging champagne and stuffing down cupcakes, and it was just before the raffle started that someone said Come on, Poppy, lets have a go with your ring.

I cant even remember who that was, now. Annalise, maybe? Annalise was at university with me, and now we work together at First Fit Physio, with Ruby who was also on our physio course. Ruby was at the tea too, but Im not sure she tried on the ring. Or did she? I cant believe how rubbish I am at this. How can I do a Poirot if I cant even remember the basics? The truth is, everyone seemed to be trying on the ring: Natasha and Clare and Jane old school friends up from Taunton and Celia.

Theyre going to be my bridesmaids, too. Ill admit it: I was basking in all the admiration.

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I still cant believe something so grand and beautiful belongs to me. The fact is, I still cant believe any of it.

Im engaged! Me, Poppy Wyatt. To a tall, handsome university lecturer whos written a book and even been on the TV. Only six months ago, my love life was a disaster zone. Id had no significant action for a year and was reluctantly deciding I should give that match. I wake up every morning and look at Magnuss smooth, freckled, sleeping back; and think My fianc, Dr Magnus Tavish, Fellow of Kings College London1 and feel a tiny pop of disbelief.

And then I swivel round and look at the ring, gleaming expensively on my nightstand, and feel another pop of disbelief. What will Magnus say? My stomach clenches and I swallow hard. Dont think about that. Come on, little grey cells. Get with it. I remember that Clare wore the ring for a long time. She really didnt want to take it off.

Then Natasha started tugging at it, saying My turn, my turn! And I remember calling out, Careful! I mean, its not like I was irresponsible. I was carefully watching the ring as it was passed round the table. But then my attention was split, because they started calling out the raffle numbers and the prizes were fantastic. A week in an Italian villa, and a top salon haircut, and a Harvey Nichols voucher The ballroom was buzzing with. I speed-read his book: The Philosophy of Symbolism after our second date and then tried to pretend Id read it ages ago, coincidentally for pleasure.

Which to be fair, he didnt believe for a minute. Anyway, the point is, I read it. And what impressed me most was: Ive totally got into them. Arent they handy? You just bung them in whenever you want and instantly look clever. Magnus says footnotes are for things which arent your main concern but nevertheless hold some interest for you. This is my footnote about footnotes.

And this is the moment where I went wrong. This is the gut-churning, if-only instant. If I could go back in time, thats the moment I would march up to myself and say severely, Poppy, priorities.

But you dont realise, do you? The moment happens, and you make your crucial mistake, and then its gone and the chance to do anything about it is blown away. So what happened was, Clare won Wimbledon tickets in the raffle. I love Clare to bits, but shes always been a bit feeble. Shed admit it herself. First of all, she didnt check her numbers quickly enough. Then, when she finally realised shed won, she didnt stand up and yell Me!

Instead, she raised her hand a few inches and called Yes! Even those of us on her table didnt realise shed won. Just as it dawned on me that Clare was waving a raffle ticket in the air, the presenter on the platform said I think well draw again, if theres no winner Shout louder!

I poked Clare and waved my own hand wildly in the air. The winners over here! And the new number is I was still yelling, but we were some distance from the stage and no-one was listening.

Then, to my disbelief, some dark-haired girl on the other side of the room started whooping and brandishing a ticket. She didnt win! I exclaimed indignantly.

I've Got Your Number

You won. It doesnt matter. Clare was shrinking back in embarrassment. I can't wait to read more books by Kinsella! For more reviews, visit my blog.

View all 24 comments. I've lost it. Once upon a time , a clumsy lady Poppy Wyatt comes through the page. She complains to herself which sound like complaining to everyone in the world that she lost her engagement ring! And his parents are coming in the same day! How is that possible? Stay positive!! I love, love love this, man! This book is soooooo cute that I want everyone to know it. The Story. The Characters.

They made me smile like an idiot. So, when Poppy possesses this phone, she invades his personal life, too. She read all his messages Awww… and replies them instead of him with xxxx. My favorite scenes have to be that scramble scenes! When Poppy plays scramble with her genius really? They are so cute and prefect together and this book has one of the most memorable ending-climax ever. Why I'm not destined to meet a handsome, successful businessman like the way Poppy meet Sam in my real life?

Jealous Pang. Read it, man. I highly recommend.

Sophie Kinsella

View all 68 comments. Jan 13, Mimi Smith rated it it was amazing Shelves: The plot and the situations are often ridiculous and unbelievable, full of crazy coincidences and misunderstandings, the heroines tragically scattered and lost in every way, yet I still love them. Want to know why? I can never stop laughing while reading Sophie Kinsella books. At the beginning of the book, our protagonist, Poppy finds out she has lost her ring. I squeeze my eyes tight.

Little gray cells. Come on. Do your best. So in a moment of desperation grabs a phone she finds in a bin.

I've Got Your Number by Sophie Kinsella

She gives out her new number to all of her friends and pleads Sam to keep it for a while. He agrees and they start sharing a phone. She is nosy, so she reads and responds to some of his e-mails, but just to help him. Yeah, the road to hell is paved… Anyway, we soon find out more about Poppy and her engagement. Pretty soon she and Sam are texting on a regular basis and things start happening between them, between one disaster and another.

I loved Sam and Poppy. I loved their text messages. I was actually going to set apart more quotes, but I was so caught up in the book, I forgot to.

U will get manky teeth!!! A few seconds later the phone bleeps with a reply: I search the Web for the most gross, revolting photo of decaying teeth I can find. The phone almost immediately bleeps with a reply: You made me spill my drink. I giggle and text back: Be afraid!!!! Stop it. Stop her. Hold it off. Delay it. At least get her to think about it.

Let me tell you why. As a clever man once said: A treasure such as this should not be left in the hands of Philistines. And I hope you will too. Anything you can do. Anything you can say. The wedding is wrong. Thank you. Since I have this book in an electronic form it required constant going back and forth, so I stopped reading them altogether.

View all 19 comments. Jul 12, Michelle rated it really liked it. But as I kept on reading, the more I realized what a really clever, funny, and witty book this is. The entertaining domino effect of the loss of an engagement ring makes for an enjoyable romp. Poppy and Sam are both total caricatures, and you could never accuse the plot of being believable.

But somehow this book is still utterly addictive and sucks you in. Sophie Kinsella just kept raising the stakes. The situations would get stickier and stickier until you are just squirming for the heroine. Then, when you think it can't get any worse… it does! She and Sam grew on me. Kinsella has a flair for funny, lovable, endearing characters and these two are no exception.

I liked how I got to know them more as they correspond back and forth via emails and text, which in the end leads them to finding true love. The ending is great, and the lengths a certain man would go through in the end to get the girl says it all. There were a few holes in the plot, but I was impressed that the author eventually tied up all those loose strands that were bothering me. Overall, this is a charming story with characters you would love to root for.

Sep 07, Trina Between Chapters rated it liked it Shelves: This was utterly ridiculous. I'm not saying these scenarios could never happen, but I am saying that I didn't have to just suspend my disbelief - I had to launch it into outer space.

But I could not put it down. Welcome to chick-lit with all important footnotes! Rule 1. Our leading lady with a heart of gold is invariably marrying the wrong guy 1. He doesn't truly love her, treat her right etc etc etc Rule 2. There must be a meet-cute to set hearts all a flutter 2 Rule 3. New boy understands girl like no one else before 3 Rule 4. There is A LOT of flirtation without either party realising they're flirting.

They think they're just getting to know a new "friend". I'm not "good enough" for new hot boy 5 Rule 6. In the end the right boy always gets the right girl! We need drama 2 no true love relationship in a rom-com will last unless we get the ridiculously adorable and uniquely memorable first meeting 3 it's fate!

Nov 20, Catie rated it really liked it Shelves: Somehow, this author can write essentially the same story, over and over again, and I never get bored of it. Even just reading the basic synopsis of this book on goodreads, I had a complete picture of what it would be about. But I still wanted to read it. I read these books to laugh. Something about her humor just fits right in with mine. These books are far from realistic, but I always find myself relating to the characters anyway.

We had bought plane tickets and made reservations; everything was all set to go. Seen that way, I feel like I can stop cringing at that whole episode and just laugh at it.

I highly recommend this one to current Sophie Kinsella fans — it does not disappoint. Jun 28, Nicole rated it really liked it Shelves: This book was so much fun! Highly recommend the audiobook. Sophie Kinsella's novels are so humorous, rare are the books that can make me laugh!

View all 8 comments. Jun 09, Lindsey rated it did not like it Shelves: The main character lies, cheats, steals, and deceives throughout the entire book. There is not once 'scene' where she was an honest woman with integrity and grace.

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She kep i am not normally the type to leave a review, but i must express how much i disliked this book. She kept putting herself in situations where she was in over her head, but she just lied and kept on going! Another thing that bothers me is she is getting married in a few weeks and she never really 'talks' to her fiance'. View all 18 comments. I still might read some of Kinsella's other books.

View all 14 comments. I almost feel guilty for saying this, but I loved this book! It contained so much of what I normally don't like to read: Which I am not! Truth is I laughed through most of the story, and I found the evolving relationship and romance with Sam just endearing. It was a slow-burn, get to know you, then friends-to-lovers type story. I only wish we got I almost feel guilty for saying this, but I loved this book!

I only wish we got more storyline with Poppy and Sam once they confessed their attractions to each other, I didn't want to say goodbye to them. Their story was so crazy it just might work. I listened to this one on audiobook, and I really enjoyed the narrator.

Kinsella your have i pdf number sophie got

The first few minutes I wasn't sure I was going to like her, but within no time I really thought she was the perfect voice for this type of story. View all 17 comments. Recommended to Rachel by: This is my first novel of Sophie Kinsella,and I still don't know what to expect of this.. So I took this as an opportunity to read and dedicate this novel to her as she celebrates her birthday today..

My Review: This is a story of Poppy Wyatt,a Physiotherapist,young quirky woman who is engaged to her boyfriend of 2 months yes,and they're already getting married?! That's why when he proposed to Poppy,she could hardly believe it. One day,she went to attend a Champaigne Tea Ballroom with her friends and there,she showed her stunning emerald engagement ring to her friends that Magnus gave her.

A ring that's been in Magnus' family for three generations. But Poppy lost it right there in the hotel ballroom! And as she desperately search for her precious ring,she also lost her cellphone while finding a signal outside the hotel. It was snatched from her by a hoodie guy what a very poor girl. Somehow,she was lucky to eye a phone that was in a bin and decided to use it because she terribly needs a phone to find her ring.

And this is where the hilarious,messy,cute and romantic story begins. I did enjoy reading this novel 'cause it was surprisingly amusing! There were unexpected twist and turns of events,and I especially loved the ending..

And though I wasn't very happy with so many footnotes they're a bit confusing ,I still loved it! This are the kind of novels you would want to see on a big screen,'cause you just know you'll appreciate and enjoy it more!

So to my ever so loyal friend who's an enthusiastic reader,thank you so much for your inspiring review that made me read this!

Love you,Pang! View all 38 comments. Okay that was cute! View all 4 comments. Apr 07, Vina rated it it was amazing Shelves: What a beautiful story!!! So real and funny and super cute!!!