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Documentation for HTK. HTKBook. Currently the HTKBook has been made available in PDF and PostScript versions. In order to access these you must first. The HTK Book Steve Young Gunnar Evermann Thomas Hain Dan Kershaw Gareth Moore Julian Odell Dave Ollason Dan Povey Valtcho Valtchev Phil. grep, gawk, tr, sed, find, cat, wc • lots of patience. • the fabulous HTK Book. • a look at the RefRec scripts. HTK Tutorial. Giampiero Salvi, Nov. 5/

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The HTK Book. Steve Young. Gunnar Evermann. Dan Kershaw. Gareth Moore. Julian Odell. Dave Ollason. Dan Povey. Valtcho Valtchev. Phil Woodland. HTK is a toolkit for building Hidden Markov Models (HMMs). However, HTK is primarily designed for building HMM-based speech processing tools, in particular recognisers. Isolated word recognition demands a short pause after each spoken word, whereas continuous speech recognition. PDF | On Dec 31, , Steve Young and others published The HTK Book ( version a).

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