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It rained toads the day the White Council came to town. I got out of the Blue Beetle, my beat-up old Volkswagen Bug, and squinted against. As promised, the latest book in the reread, Summer Knight, is the best in the series so far. While we've seen faeries in the Dresden Files before. Summer Knight book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. For the 1st printing edition of this ISBN, see DRESDE.

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Dresden Files 04 Summer Knight · Read more Blood Rites (The Dresden Files, Book 6) (The Dresden Files Series Book 6). Read more. TheDresden Files Summer Knight By Jim Butcher Chapter One It rained toads the day the White Council came to town. I got. EBOOK @PDF Summer Knight (The Dresden Files, Book 4) EPUB Click button below to download or read this book. Description In the fourth.

Fans of faerie, occult detectives, urban fantasy. How about you just crawl back into your cave until they come evict you from that, too. Mab, the Queen of the Faeries, manipulates him into investigating a murder that has bigger repercussions for Fae lands as well as the mortal world. View all 11 comments. Whereas Anita is always in trouble, getting almost killed and having sex with her guns, Harry is often in similar situations minus the guns. They may not be developed in depth but they are a lot of fun.

Fanart and random comics done by me. D Please don't sue. When everyone kept telling me to skip the first three books, I didn't believe there would be such a difference!! He fits Harry perfectly, and his voice variations and acting Fanart and random comics done by me. He fits Harry perfectly, and his voice variations and acting are superb!

I could practically feel every emotion coming through his voice, truly amazing! Not sure why I wasn't a fan in the first two books. On top of it, he has become a very likable, compelling and 3-dimensional character! Second half kind of lost me. I just find police investigations, interviewing numerous suspects, etc. Dammit, I need to start taking notes Not bad, but I expected so much more based on how much I enjoyed the first half.

That was the main reason why I kept giving the series a chance That, and the cool-looking dude on the covers. I am super grateful to Jim Butcher for inspiring awesome authors across the world and for never complaining when other series copy elements from his.

On the opposite, he was always very supportive and agreeable, which is super rare and speaks volumes for his character. If you didn't like Storm Front aka.

Book 1 , but you are wondering what the whole hype is all about , then you might want to skip a few books. Based on personal experience, you won't miss much and you don't need the first three books in order to enjoy the sequels. I barely remember them. Happy reading! Click here for full resolution.

View all 34 comments. Mar 25, Robin Bridge Four rated it really liked it Shelves: I think that Jim Butcher is getting better at writing this series. Plus He has a lot of great situations that I loved throughout: I liked him immediately In fact, the last time I checked, you told me the whole swill-spouting pack of lollygagging skunkwallows could transform one another into clams , for all you cared.

I do love me some time if Faery and every part of meeting the Queens was fascinating. You were lucky I was there. Crippled the ogre, too. What did you do? You threw a can of Sterno at him. Man Harry has shit luck with women. Seriously he is awful with them. I love the introduction of this into the story. That fairy is hilarious and helpful.

While it is a great compilation of situations I think JB still has some plotting issues. Everything is a bit garbled at times and I actually would have liked the story a bit more if the bad guy ended up being someone else in the story. But these are so much fun and the humor is getting a lot better, along with all the additional characters. Still waiting for Harry to really find himself though. According to fans of the series, this is where the Dresden Files supposedly start to get better, and I won't disagree as this was quite an improvement from Grave Peril.

The plot in the last book felt quite haphazard. Moreover, the character development of Harry, as intriguing as his backstory is concerned, annoyed me as he seemed to be able to ever 'dig deeper' into his power reserves from out of nowhere, powered by rage or something else which escaped my comprehension. In Summer Knigh 3. In Summer Knight, we see Harry having to rely more on his friends and other interested parties to assist him in saving the world, which was no less than what exactly Harry had to do.

With his adversaries being the super-powerful, omnipotent Faeries, there was absolutely zero chance of Harry being able to take them down based on his raw power alone. The worldbuilding piece around the intricacies and politics of the Fae courts was the highlight of this book for me. Without much knowledge about the Fae, except from watching True Blood and speed-reading a couple of Sookie Stackhouse novels, I was necessarily intrigued.

Sufficed to say that the Fae are deeply mysterious, dangerously alluring, wholly otherworldly, and absolutely fascinating. Another interesting facet was that of the White Council, whose judgment Harry had to face after the precipitous events with the Red Court of the Vampires in the previous instalment.

From this plotline, more interesting characters surfaced, namely Ebenezar and the Gatekeeper, whom I hoped will have more appearances in the future. As far as characters are concerned, Agent Karrin Murphy has improved in my estimation of her. The delicate balance of toughness and vulnerability emanating from her was handled very well and I can finally say that Harry is indeed lucky to have a friend like her.

The same can be said of Billy the werewolf - a worthy and loyal sidekick to have by his side. Dresden Files does seem to keep improving and this is a great volume, but I'll still be hardpressed to call it amazing.

Notwithstanding, sometimes one just needs a book that is a bit lighter and easier to digest with decent storytelling. This series has so far been able to fulfil that. This review can also be found at Booknest View all 9 comments. Apr 13, Lyn rated it liked it. Jareth, has anyone ever told you that you look like David Bowie? I get that all the time, you have no idea. So what do you know about the fourth Dresden book, Summer Knight?

We dinna know anythin'! Indeed, the knave Butcher is no dunce with the pen. What do you think Rob? We wuz only standing there an' someone else did it and ran awa'!

We are Oberon. Lord of the Third Race. Ruler of Avalon. Ye're only picking on us 'cause we're blue! We always get blamed for everythin'! The polis hate us! We wasna even in the country! Ill-met by moonlight, proud Dresden! OK, did you two even read the book? Aw crivens! There wa so many letters, an words, an I much prefrd the audiobook. Aw wailey, wailey, wailey!

I dina like it a mooch a his las stories. Wow, Tink, I could not have said it any better! A fair word, wee hag! Back with Harry. It has been too long since I dedicated my time to our boy Harry, but I am glad to be back with this series after a longish break, and as usual, I did it with audiobook version.

I am so bad at doing audio versions because my mind likes to wander all over the place, and I tend to miss bits and pieces every now and then, but I am just too in love with the sexy voice and narration style of James Marsters to actually read these books.

And I am still kind of in love with Harry that has Back with Harry. And I am still kind of in love with Harry that has those fabulous manly man qualities in him that makes him act like a man instead of creature that has been castrated by feminist quenching.

There is just something when a man notices a good cleavage, needs his cold showers and has qualities to drive a woman crazy - in good as well as in bad. Harry reminds me of Anita Blake. Whereas Anita is always in trouble, getting almost killed and having sex with her guns, Harry is often in similar situations minus the guns. I love him being so miserable around all the women messing with his heart, and it kind of makes me want to hug and kiss him better while at it.

Awww, the best kind of. Summer Knight has strong fantasy elements, the world building takes the front seat and leaves the typical kind of PD touch on the background. It is good development, but at the same time I do miss the spirit of the first installment. Summer and winter fighting, wizards playing the naughty game, vampires and other creatures silently being near the main plot.

I enjoy the chemistry of Harry and Murphy, I dig the glimpses to Harry's past, especially when that past comes back to haunt him. Still quite a fan of this series, but would not recommend to readers who do not enjoy slow pace in their fantasy reads. Aug 30, Paul rated it liked it. Before I start gnawing on the book, let me first say that I enjoy Butcher's writing overall. He does good character, a romping pace, and makes me care about his protagonists.

In fact, Butcher's a good enough writer that he enters the "good enough to realize his mistakes, which makes it so frustrating when he misses them" category.

Knight dresden pdf summer files

This is definitely the lesser of the 1st four books. I'm muchly bothered by the severe escalation of the power scale in this book, as Before I start gnawing on the book, let me first say that I enjoy Butcher's writing overall. I'm muchly bothered by the severe escalation of the power scale in this book, as Harry is now immersed in an all-out war between faeries that threatens to change the very fabric of reality.

And Dresden's habit of being in way over his head got a little tedious, especially as the character kept actually talking about being in over his head too many times, and how it would eventually mean his end. And when I'm on the 40th or 50th instance of " Dresden only has a one-in-a-thousand chance of survival!

Our campaign mega-rocks! Harry Dresden setting down to a table in an apartment, with a group of young werewolves, to eat pizza, drink soda, and I feel like I'm sixteen again. Except, you know, I'm not. View all 7 comments. Jun 10, Ivan rated it liked it Shelves: First half: From my angle it's same as previous books with all the good and bad stuff. Harry tends to be whiny and wallow in self pity, story is predictable and follows similar pattern like all previous books.

On the other hand when it gets good than it's really fun. There is well written action, mystery even though it's predictable it's still fun and interesting world which I always First half: There is well written action, mystery even though it's predictable it's still fun and interesting world which I always want to know more about.

Overall I'm not blown away but I am entertained and I will definitely continue on with the series. The strength of this novel is on the world building and character of Harry Dresden with a plot that moves along fast. One thing you can always say about the recent books is that they are fun and fast reads.

This presumes you're a fan of Harry a wise-cracking detective for hire style wizard, who had a tendency to piss off a lot of people and the writing style. In fact if you don't like Harry then you shouldn't be reading these books. In book four, he's sort of started a war between the wizards and the vampires and the wizards are deciding whether they want to keep him or turn him into a sacrificial lamb.

The Sidhe factor into this strongly with a focus on the Summer and Winter Courts vying for a balance of power. Mab, the Queen of the Faeries, manipulates him into investigating a murder that has bigger repercussions for Fae lands as well as the mortal world.

Summer Knight (The Dresden Files, #4) by Jim Butcher

Other people are trying to kill him, too. One of his old flames from long ago shows up. What's a wizard to do? Well, Harry is pretty smart and capable, even if he hasn't bathed in several days and is close to being evicted. Oh, he's depressed so he's pushed away all his friends at this point. But, more importantly, he's the main character so you know the author is going to get him out of his problems or there wouldn't be a book five, right?

The mystery for this one is particularly good, so, if like the red herring ploy, Butcher uses it quite well here. Pretty good use of Fae legends and spells. Note that the series drops in quality somewhere in the early teens. I'd say book four is one of the best. B plus. The end Fae battle was done well in an action sense.

View all 22 comments. That was so much fun! I wasn't convinced about this series before - it was nice enough to read but Dresden got on my nerves so bad with his white knighting and his deciding who gets to know what and who is capable of protecting themselves hint: But this time around I really enjoyed it, very much so.

A lot of that enjoyment comes from James Marsters' absolutely brilliant performance that lend Dresden a humanity and humility that I didn't see before. The voice work fits the charact That was so much fun! The voice work fits the character brilliantly and I cannot imagine a better person to read this story I love Buffy a lot, so that probably helped.

I will definitely listen to the next books instead of reading them and I am so glad I discovered the audiobook. Still reeling from the events of the last book, Harry Dresden is at his absolute worst, a mess, when he gets sucked into a war between the two Fairy Courts. As usual, the odds are stacked against him, but this time around he actually accepts help and I appreciated this.

I think that this was the best story yet, as Dresden is finally learning from the disasters he lived and is becoming a much better person to spend time with as a reader. I love the world Jim Butcher has created here with all the different kinds of creatures with different moralities or none and different cultures. It feels real and lived in and vast in a way that I really appreciate.

Lately I have been enjoying Urban Fantasy more, as genre I struggled with in the past, and I am so pleased with this - because there are so many books in this series and I love being abl to spend a lot of time with characters I have grown fond of.

Several people told me to just start with this book, 4 in the Dresden urban fantasy series, if I wanted to check out this series.

So I did, but I'm not sure it was a good idea. The problem is that I wasn't really invested in the characters, so I got just a little bored. Where other reviewers are all, "Bob the Skull! View 2 comments. Jun 14, Lindsey Rey rated it really liked it Shelves: View all 5 comments. Fans of faerie, occult detectives, urban fantasy.

Summer Knight starts with Harry in a very dark place. He is reeling from the fact that his girlfriend has left him, and she's been changed into a near-vampire by the Red Court of Vampires. He feels personally responsible, and is desperate for a way to help her. This despair has affected him to a deep level, and he's barely functioning, living in a pig-sty, and not even taking cases or taking care of himself.

It was very hard to see him like that. And things don't get better for Harry. Because he Summer Knight starts with Harry in a very dark place. Because he's facing judgment by the White Council of wizards, who are out for his blood, and he has to prove that he's not a troublemaker or they're going to deliver him signed and sealed to the vampires, who won't sit him down for tea and sandwiches. They'll kill him, and make it hurt. His only way out is to prove his allegiance to the White Council by opening up routes into Faerie so they can get away from the vampires.

In order to do that, he has to make nice with the Faeries. Luckily, or unluckily, the Winter Queen Mab shows up at his office, 'asking' his help to solve the case of who killed the Summer Knight, thus stealing away some of the Seelie's Court's power and upsetting the power balance between Seelie and Unseelie Courts.

Trust me, that's not a good thing, and could very well lead to the end of the world. By asking Harry, that means he doesn't get to say no, since his faerie godmother sold his debt to her to Queen Mab. Yes it is.

Dresden refuses her request, but is forced by the White Council to accept the role of her Emissary as his Trial, else be stripped of his title of wizard and handed over to the Red Court vampires as a peace offering. An interview with the sadistic Winter Lady, Maeve, convinces him that she did not kill the Summer Knight. The changelings ask Dresden to find their friend Lily, and he agrees. He discovers a gravely wounded Elaine and takes her to the Summer Lady.

Aurora heals Elaine, but is not forthcoming with any details on Reuel's murder or Lily's disappearance. She explains that the death of the Summer Knight and the theft of his mantle of power shifted the power balance in favor of Winter, driving the Summer Court to attack Winter at Midsummer before their power fades.

Dresden summons Leanansidhe, who transports him to an ethereal Chicago-over-Chicago, where a great Stone Table, the sacrificial stone that maintains the balance between the Winter and Summer Sidhe, now rests.

The power of blood spilled upon that table will change the balance of power between the Courts.

They goad him into answering his own questions, realizing that Aurora killed the Summer Knight and transferred his mantle to Lily, who she then turned to stone.

They give him a Cloth of Unraveling to release Lily. Aurora ambushes Dresden and takes him prisoner, aided by Elaine and by the Winter Knight, who she has suborned. Aurora intends to ritually sacrifice Lily on the Stone Table, transferring the power of the mantle to the Winter Sidhe and breaking the unending cycle of struggle between the Faerie Courts. Elaine covertly betrays Aurora, leaving Dresden an escape route from Aurora's sorcerous deathtrap.

During the battle between the Courts, Dresden confronts Aurora, who dies at the hands of pixies armed by him with cold steel. Made out of the material of the Nevernever and animated by magic. I hope they are. They do that sometimes. I eyed him. That would be bad.

Summer Knight (The Dresden Files, Book 4)

It would mean something big was going down. My temper flared. Shut the hell up. He lifted a hand in a pacifying gesture. Me and the gang were wondering if you wanted to come by this weekend, do some socializing. Role playing games. I made a monosyllabic sound. The old lady with the shopping cart wandered past us, the wheels of the cart squeaking and wobbling.

Billy let out a snort. I know this whole vampire war thing has you jumpy. And grouchy. Billy rolled his eyes. He sighed. I mean look at you. When was the last time you shaved? Had a shower? A haircut? Got out to do your laundry? I lifted a hand and scratched at the wiry growth of beard on my face. He snorted. In January, Dresden. I stooped and grabbed a toad. Something happened to her last fall. Maybe something the vampires did. I closed my eyes and tried to remember not to crush the toad in my hand to death.

Billy planted his feet and thrust out his chin at me. Word is that the Reds are bringing more muscle into town. Even during daylight. Everyone needs help sometimes.

Summer Knight Chapter 1

Not now. Sommerset was trying to reach you, so I called her and set up the appointment for you. His expression turned annoyed. The landlord for the office dropped off your eviction notice. Or calling my clients? He took a step in front of me, glaring.

I had to focus on his nose to avoid the risk of looking at his eyes. The shopping cart lady went past in my peripheral vision, cart wheels squeaking as she walked behind me. As in none of your business. He thrust out his jaw. How about you just crawl back into your cave until they come evict you from that, too.

You need help. I jabbed a finger into his chest. An engine roared and a black compact pick-up truck jumped the curb into the park fifty yards away. It jounced and slewed to one side, tires digging up furrows in the sunbaked grass. A pair of men clung to a roll bar in the back of the truck. They were dressed all in black, complete with black sunglasses over black ski masks, and their guns matched—automatic weapons in the mini-Uzi tradition.

With my right hand, I grabbed at Billy and shoved him behind me. With my left, I shook out the bracelet on my wrist, hung with a row of tiny, medieval-style shields. I lifted my left hand towards the truck and drew in my will, focusing it with the bracelet into a sudden, transparent shimmering half-globe that spread out between me and the oncoming truck.

The truck ground to a halt. With all the fire discipline of an action movie extra, they pointed their guns more or less at me and emptied their clips in one roaring burst. Sparks flew from the shield in front of me, and bullets whined and hissed in every direction as they ricocheted. My bracelet grew uncomfortably warm in the space of a second or two, the energy of the shield taxing the focus to its limit.

I tried to angle the shield to deflect the shots up into the air as much as possible. I lowered the shield and lifted my right hand—the side that projects energy.

Pdf dresden knight files summer

The silver ring I wore on my index finger had been enchanted to save back a little kinetic energy whenever my arm moved.