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Ditched: A Love Story by Robin Mellom - Goodreads Ditched - A Love Story - Robin Mellom - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read. Ditched A Love Story Robin Mellom - [PDF] [EPUB] Ditched A Love Story Robin Mellom Search the history of over billion web pages on the. Ditched: A Love Story Author: Robin Mellom Release Date: January 10, Publisher: Disney-. Hyperion. pdf download This story first appeared in the Jan .

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Ditched - A Love Story - Robin Mellom - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. ditched a love story pdf. Ditched- A Love Story (ARC) Author: Mellom Robin. 2 downloads 48 Views 1MB Size Report. DOWNLOAD MOBI. Ditched- A Love. Ditched book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. There's a soundofheaven.infoa Griffith was never the girl who dreamed of going t.

So it was weird I was feeling the same way sitting in that driveway. After his breakup with Eva. What was she doing! Plus I wanted to leave my hair wild and open for business in case Ian wanted to run his fingers through it when I laid that kiss on him. Justina has bouts of her emotions going everywhere.

I happen to love flowers. And a tulip means forgiveness. I paced around my room and blew on my nails. I was fast. Except that I hate roses. And his too. I wiped my face. I remember you. I was outside on the curb. You included.

That was the first night we talked about more than silver bats. You should probably know that up front. Ian had plopped down next to me on the curb. She ran after him wearing a pink bikini. Jason Harper was my only intentional kissing act that night. I looked him over and remembered who he was: The jerks.

My darkest moment. So next thing I knew. I actually had to stomp on his toe to get him off me. And then all I could do was run away. Thank God his toes were vulnerable in those flip-flops. But he dumped her. We were perfect together. Then we talked about the important things. Months went by. Something to hold on to. That was the best part of our friendship. As friends. I prefer grapefruit to apples. That makes perfect sense. We shared history notes. We carpooled.

We shook hands. We were friends and then even better friends. I just kept treating him like a friend and silently imagining us being so much more. That crease became air—I needed it. But everything changed in an instant when he brought me licorice and Motrin.

But I think he loved the feel of that elusive crease on his own face just as much as I loved looking at it. Having Ian for a friend was just what I needed.

And it was then—when his mouth was pulled up to the right—that the most heavenly. That crease. No words. Even with all that delicate toe-dipping. It made me drunk. But I never told him. After his breakup with Eva. And even though we were only friends. But a daisy never took on more than it could handle. Of course it had a daisy taped to it. It was a simple flower. All I knew was. Ian Clark was all daisy. Nails finally dry..

I leaned into my mirror and took an extra moment to pile on the lip gloss. And I was wearing a sparkly. But hopefully the kiss I was planning would do the. Attached to my mirror was the invitation Ian had left for me in my locker. He was persuasive in many ways.

Not words. For some reason. So was I. He wanted me to decide? But oh. I knew that the kiss I was going to give him was like putting all my cards on the table.

He was worth the risk.. This had been my opening to tell him how I felt. But the overwhelming color of my dress and matching shoes must have taken them both by surprise.

Mom squealed at first. I slipped my shoes on. I quietly stepped into the room and cleared my throat. I decided I would show Mom the dress before Ian got there—let her get all her overbearing giddiness out of the way. I had hoped for some smiles.. I suddenly felt overwhelmingly. I smiled back at him and scratched my nose. At the time. Among other things. But then all I could do was notice him. My whole body ached. And Ian just smiled as he scrubbed the bottom of my dress with a wet washcloth.

He was wearing a black tuxedo. Mom apologized over and over while she scrubbed the floor with lemon-smelling cleaner. The Moment of Lip Lock Bliss. He managed to get the chunky parts off. His long brown hair flopped in his eyes as he looked down at his shoes. I had been deprived of lip lockage for eight months. I thought we could match.

But this kiss was going to be worth the wait. Ian rubbed him behind the ears and told him he was a good boy. And he actually sat. But I was an excessive fantasizer.

I imagined. Ian stood up and turned to my mom. Just then. Mom pressed her lips together tightly. Sol was doing his part to clean up my stain. Ian would hold my gaze. I guess he really did like coriander.

I felt a lick. Ian snapped his fingers. And I would know once and for all which category he belonged in. Come here. But it felt like over the past year Hailey and I had detached from the hips and only saw each other on rare occasions—those seven minutes when our lunch periods overlapped.

Operation Lips Locked was in effect. Ian seemed to know exactly when to be gentle and when to put on the pressure. I had to know if this would translate into a perfect kissing technique. So Hailey partied solo. I liked him because he was the second nicest guy on the planet. Dan always got us whatever we wanted to eat and drink orange soda and licorice.

A low grumble in my stomach interrupted my Ian daydream. I was also excited because Hailey was going to be there. What was he trying to say to me with a blue rose? Not a white one. It was a rose. I was an only child. The exact color of my dress. I missed her. Would she be happy for me? Or feel left out? I quickly pulled away. But not just that. Put a sweater on the dog and leave me out of it..

It was a rose that had been spray-painted glittery blue. Not a red one. Under her breath she said. I can take it off. Beauty of roses that matched a dress. I like it. I felt bad for saying it. This ship needed to get turned around. He looked mortified. But during that time. One time just before a track meet. Mom went back to stirring her pot of curry.

Whenever Ian makes a mistake he always feels nauseous. It took both my mom and Ian applying direct pressure for five minutes to get the bleeding to stop. She actually said those words. Mom explained it was true she had looked up his number on my cell and given him a quick call to explain the beauty of roses that matched a dress.

Leave him in the backyard. Mom always chose his warmth and coziness over his bodily functions.. She stirred. My face flushed. I reached up and touched my cheek and realized what was happening. Like he wanted to know these details. Then said quietly.. Talking about pee was making me embarrassed? Before tonight Ian had farted and burped in front of me. Time to pull her back out. Lock the gate. I was embarrassed! Except we had now clearly moved past the Just Friends stage.

There was no going back. But I already knew that. Especially because I knew if she got any more comfortable. Taking care of others. I spent most of my summer chasing down lost dogs who got out because of a gust of wind. Like if we are in a coffee shop. He loves it when people talk about their past—it utterly fascinates him. Ian turned to me. I declare that all future proms will be bonfires on the beach with veggie burritos.

And so Mom went on with her old. And the weekend before that. Ian beamed like Rudolph on Christmas Eve.

The stuff he found out about people was always random. She broke skin. And I had my bet on Allyson or Brianna. Allyson wore fake hair extensions. I glanced down at my outfit and suddenly became overwhelmed by my own blue-i-ness. Or possibly Trina because there was that recent champagne incident that ended up in her arrest. Only because I wanted Ian and me to be the couple that slow danced together while everyone watched and swayed along and said longingly.

And I mean actual force. Even though deep down. So maybe I would make a good prom queen. Mom cleared her throat. I secretly did want to wear that prom queen crown. Queen of the Daisies?

Queen of all Black Boots? Now that I could handle. Her nails are pointy. I pressed on my forehead with the palm of my hand to make the thoughts disappear.

I turned to Ian. Badly behaved. This may have been a very bad mistake. And not in this instance. I pushed the crazy talk out of my head—literally. Peg is eager. Thankfully I had watched enough Project Runway to know that. But the night had already started—there was no do-over. A technique that usually worked. Sometimes you just have to work with what you have. She stood watching us. Phlebotomist of the year! I was an Oompa-Loompa in formal wear.

I brought you a peanut butter cookie in case you get hungry and turn all old-man cranky on me. I liked that he was prepared for my low-blood sugar moments. And there would be no going back. It was time for me to put Ian in his correct kissing category. Most people would only put this much forethought into losing their virginity.

I have been kiss-deprived long enough. I folded my arms. Which was exactly why I looked like the Uni-Color-Bomber on my prom night. Thank God. I will dance you into submission—and second. Did he say nice! What does that mean? A dirt clod? A lentil! He must have sensed my raging silent monologue. But I was ready. It made me happy with my decision to make this the night we would finally kiss. It was quiet—other than the sound of bubbling water.

And I got kissed. And I stood next to the lush ferns and sweet-smelling gardenias. It was surrounded by ferns and sweet-smelling gardenias. I did manage to get out to that beautiful spot by the hot tub. It was lush. It was perfect. Hopefully he was too. My plan was to take him out there to discuss something.

And I knew the exact moment and place it would happen. You kissed another guy! The bell rings. And my patch. A nicotine patch. I say that because her nails are dirty. This feels like a routine these two have done many times before. Her hair is transitioning to a light gray color.

And her arms are thick and tan.. They are glistening—even the corn dogs have a thick warm glow about them. Not intentionally. Need my Red Bull. I try to straighten out my dress. Jessie Saxton took off in his van and left me stranded at the Ledbetter Community Center.. And how sick it makes me feel. And now Donna. What kind of scumbag would do that to a sweet girl like you? I had to walk a mile to a Piggly Wiggly. It was humiliating..

My stomach growls. I kicked him in the nuts for eyeballing another girl who it turns out was the girl in charge of playing music and he was giving her the eye to start playing our song. These two seem to know each other well. I say a quick silent prayer. Maybe Gilda listens to stories from lots of her customers. Donna looks over at the hot dogs and corn dogs rotating under the warm glow of fluorescent lights.

They all are. My treat. Her face grows tough. How was I supposed to know? Put that thing away. Per year. Most girls in my high school have credit cards.

And I know how hot dogs are made. Since Tuesdays are orange-dot half-price at the Huntington thrift store. But all I can do is thank her. My hand trembles as I pull it closer to my mouth. And a professional under-earner. I smother the corn dog with ketchup. If I had my credit card with me right now. Donna leans over the counter. I cram the dog into my mouth. I nod and chew and swallow and she continues. She approaches me and reaches out to touch my blue dress. She nods. And she is absolutely right.

She got a kiss. I shake my head. A non. I know exactly what she is getting at. Donna folds her arms and lifts an eyebrow. Look it up—cougar—in the wiki encyclopedia. Not yet. You an intern for Bill Clinton or something? She holds her hand up like she can take it from here. A non-couple. Then I start to explain how the stains represent a tapestry of memories. And more importantly. When you drive down the streets around here. His fear of tripping extended beyond the track. I live in a small cottage-type house with low ceilings and cracked countertops.

I sometimes wished I were one. Most of the students at Huntington High drive cars that cost as much as a two-bedroom condo. That car is Ian. It was a long driveway—long enough to hold up to twelve cars. Dan lives in a neighborhood with sparkling sidewalks and manicured lawns—not a leaf out of place—and houses that have crisp American flags hanging all year round.

Ian leaned over in his seat and tied and re-tied his turquoise Converse high-tops. My house was zoned on the very edge of the Huntington High School district—I am one street away from being a Ledbetter girl. For something. But there it was— out there. So I had to go with it. And the girls were looking a little too.

Story pdf ditched a love

He raised an eyebrow. I had my answer. The girl always looks unhappy. A half dozen couples poured out of the backseat as the driver held the door open for them.

Part of me—a big part—did not want to go through that front door. They giggled as they stumbled by our car. What was wrong with me? When a limo pulled up to the curb.

Slutty whores. Maybe he was ready to take the plunge with me? I was an igloo—frozen and feeling a little hollow on the inside. My tampon-ad sexy look must have worked. He put cough drops in her locker.

His ex. Eva Greer. Ian is one of those Professional Boyfriends. Then he met Eva when we were freshmen. Come on! Does her slit really need to go that high up her thigh? But even she knew not to match all her pinks.

Slits are a necessary accommodation. She was wearing a light pink dress with a ful ball gown skirt that floated out from her hips like she was sitting in a rowboat. And she had a corsage with enough dark pink roses to enter as a float in the Pasadena Rose Parade.

Ian had dated only one other girl. I looked over at Ian and wrinkled my nose. And his full-of-swoon boyfriend acts sometimes make it into the lunchtime gossip report: He brought Eva a cup of ice to her table so her Diet Coke would be extra cold. That was his. He looped pinkies with her when they walked down the hall. Jimmy DeFranco. End of story. She thought it was a sign from above.

The girl thought we were meant to be together because both our names had three letters. Some people have boundaries. And it appeared Jimmy DeCheesebal had gone wild with the hair gel. He knew exactly what he was doing.. Professional Boyfriend. Jimmy DeFranco? Was she blind! I scooched my hand over closer to Ian. When he saw her kiss another guy. Sadie Hawkins dance—the one where the girls ask the guys. Allyson Moore—unafraid of anything. It was three months ago.

Our friendship had been in full swing. And other than this prom night. At first. The night of the dance. I was curled up in bed in my jammies. Allyson must have given up. And I never asked. After that. He must have sensed the strange air that was billowing between us. Friday night football games. What was I supposed to say? Al I could do was wonder if Allyson spent the entire night looking at that crease.

They were of equal social standing—equal in hotness and equal in brain power—which on paper made them the perfect match. They quickly became an institution at Huntington High: A lot.

From sucking on her lips? Her tennis balls! Mostly having to do with shirt styles.

No one even raised a brow at that—it was an obvious choice. Allyson and Brian were less of a couple and more like ice skating partners—moving around each other in a gorgeous. They were silver. But their shoes. They were not dyed blue. Their shoes were strappy. And they were all done up like supermodels.

Almost all of the girls looked like they were twenty-five. They were gold. Except that.. So it was weird I was feeling the same way sitting in that driveway. Like it gets on the climb up the Goliath roller coaster at Six Flags just before plummeting twenty-five stories.

I turned to Ian and huffed a little. This was a crowd I did not want to be a part of. But the feeling quickly evaporated.

And his jokes had me soaring on Cloud 9. Different is comfortable for me. But I was having unusual feelings. So he went with the direct approach. Then he broke the moment. But Ian was a rightbeside-me kind of guy. In the past.

I look like a piece of fruit. So this scene was suddenly feeling out of my league. I had no one to follow. She orchestrated who to talk to and where to stand.

He was shrugging a lot. This boy needed to kiss me. Suddenly it hit me that I was going to prom with him. There was never any doubt—whenever he was near me. He always wore a sweater vest. I looked him over. Not fun. Brian Sontag was standing by the front door lifting his pant leg.

Not Allyson. I felt dainty. Ian poked me on the shoulder. I touched his arm. I always felt better. She was using lots of hand expressions. Come on in! Dunbar was very upbeat. Ian Clark had asked me. Ian always managed to turn my thinking around. He was getting severely reprimanded by Allyson Moore for one sock being black and the other being clearly navy.

But I also felt very safe. Their evening had started off lecture-style. There were zillions of people from our class crammed in the room shouting. Dunbar is one of those serene uninvolved mothers. Ian Clark is touching my back. I felt protected. The only discerning characteristic about them was the shade of their hair. Dan was standing in the middle of the kitchen. Those two guys never missed a single party.

As he led us to the kitchen. One had very light blond hair. My back. Like this day. Or about to be. I secretly wished she was mine. Ian guided me through the crowd. No one could get to me. You could barely tell them apart. Of course the stoner Mikes were there. Even if only for a day. My face flushed and I wanted to belt out loud.

Just smiled and nodded. It was one of those kitchens big enough to hold Thanksgiving dinner guests and a game of football. Mike was raiding the refrigerator while Other Mike was leaning against the counter eating rolled-up bologna. Sort of. This made me hungry.

I told her she was being ridiculous. Hailey pushed her way through the crowd and hugged me. I should know—I was the third member of their chemistry lab group. Their conversations were hard to follow.

But I was impressed that they had slicked back their hair and put on tuxedos. Their ties were already undone. But I decided I would hold off on eating so my breath would be ready for my moment with Ian out back by the gardenia bush. Ian leaned in. They called me Sweetness. Most people referred to them as Mike and Other Mike. I suddenly wanted to turn around and go join Mrs. And of course she was wearing silver heels.. She was an emotional escape artist.

I looked Hailey over. Unlike you two. Like when she kissed two guys maybe three? I wanted to be uninvolved. When I took a closer look at her. Dunbar on the couch. Roll and deflect. When was the last time you got any? Are you wearing falsies? I suddenly wished I had taken her up on her offer for us to get ready together.

That was her motto. Hailey had assertive juice coursing through her veins. All my dad had ever taught me was No Means No. For Hailey. It goes all the way up to her hoo-hoo. This helped her popularity. She has a reputation for being a wild one. Or maybe they were scared of her? Either way. Not often. Sometimes I wished I just knew how to kick someone in the shins. But her philosophy was that all girls could have cleavage thanks to the invention of the Miracle Bra.

Except it was. High school was like the smorgasbord at the Hometown Buffet. She just walked in as if parties were her invention. Middle school had been like shopping for dinner at a gas station—not much selection. I still wore all black. It draws their eyes in.. That and boobs. Neither of us had been looking for a boyfriend. After the introduction of the Miracle Bra to my wardrobe. No excuses for not having lady lumps. I bit my lip. All through tenth grade we were still in the game. Which had never been my intention—it had started out as a hobby.

Oh god. But it seemed to me that eight months and twelve days without kissing a single boy had been long enough to erase the damage. Stare much? Ian squeezed my elbow.. From behind. Except his hair had flopped over to the wrong side but in one of those cute ways. Ian looked like a grown man. We were sluts. I was getting tired of referring to guys by hair color and room position and not by their actual names. Her eyes grew big. I shut my eyes tight and braced for impact. For some reason I felt like something official had just happened.

I had this problem with assuming nothing would ever change. Her falsies were glistening. But we are tonight. And if it did. We unwrapped our arms. She was happy. And crazy crackers was what she always call ed me when I waded a little too far into the deep end. By the hot tub. So glam.

Ditched: A Love Story

Very strong. I hope we are. My eyes watered a little. In just a few minutes. Any love connection there? Believe me. Which meant he was patient and reliable. She and Dan are ideal for each other. Oct 11, Katy rated it it was ok.

I'm usually a sucker for cute, fun reads, and I thought this would be what I was looking for, but I was wrong. I gave it a two rating for being "okay. And I don't like it when books are narrated in this ditzy tone a lot of chick-lits tend to do.

The story was told in flashbacks like the Hangover movie , but I'm usually a sucker for cute, fun reads, and I thought this would be what I was looking for, but I was wrong. The story was told in flashbacks like the Hangover movie , but I found it to be too chaotic. Like I said, focused more on Justina's crazy adventures than the romance.

Mellom shows enough of Ian for me to like him, but most of the story was more about Justina's "everything is going wrong" night. So I didn't have the connection to Ian or the relationship that I thought I would.

As for the telling of the story. It was all over the place. I'm sure Mellom wanted to imitate the movie Hangover, where they character goes back through to the story to figure out what happened that night.

But it's not like Justina got drunk or anything to forget what happened. She was just telling the story to the store clerk and visitors. And I was very annoyed the way the story was told. Justina's narration kind of annoyed me. I'm not sure exactly how to explain it but she almost talks about it in a ditzy way with all these interruptions. You know exactly what I was picturing?

Reese Witherspoon in Legally Blonde as she was talking to her nail technician. The story was still cute, but unfortunately, I was just disappointed the way the story was told.

Feb 13, Jodi Papazian rated it it was ok Shelves: Prom is the last thing Justina would ever plan on attending. However, when her best friend Ian asks her to be his date, she finds it impossible to resist. Rather than consult with friends or teen magazines, Justina allows her mother to plan her outfit - resulting in a horrifying Prom is the last thing Justina would ever plan on attending.

Rather than consult with friends or teen magazines, Justina allows her mother to plan her outfit - resulting in a horrifyingly, one-note, blue ensem. Justina can't even get out the door with Ian without her prom experience taking a hit - a spilled curry on her dress. From there, her evening only gets worse.

While at the prom, Ian mysteriously disappears leaving Justina to believe that she has been ditched. Before she knows it, Justina is on a wild goose chase trying to track Ian down all while trying to figure out if her feelings for him could ever amount to something more after this horrible mistreatment.

The story has a great hook - Justina finds herself thrown from a moving vehicle and ambles her way up to the local for some free food and a pay phone. While at the , she earns the sympathy of the clerk and one of the customers. They lend an ear, and some advice, while she relays the events of her evening in flashback form. Ditched was a cute story - very reminiscent of the movie Serendipity with all those missed-meetings with Ian.

I think that it will definitely find an audience with the older YA readers. Dec 17, Alissa rated it liked it. I know why Ditched was ditched. When it comes down to it all - the story, the purpose I went into Ditched thinking it'd be a cute, fun read. And while it's a bit cute the latter half of the story , it's not very fun.

The story has no feel-good emotions. It's mostly a downer. Justina being ditched at prom turns into one exhausted exaggeration after the next.

Story love pdf a ditched

As a character, Justina makes little sense. She's strong, she's weak, she's flirty, she's reserved, she's a slu I know why Ditched was ditched.

She's strong, she's weak, she's flirty, she's reserved, she's a slut, she's not a slut. See a pattern? Ultimately, she adds up to one big contradiction. The other characters get maybe a word to describe them. Otherwise, they're just names. I like a little more substance than this, even for a quick read. Even a bit of background info would've been nice.

The plot is frustrating, to say the least. It drags and drags. You know when you're watching a really bad horror movie and you end up shouting at the characters on screen, calling them out for their stupidity? That's the reaction I had to the plot of Ditched. Needless to say, it just wasn't for me. Highlight of the book? I really liked that the progression of the story depended on the back stories of every stain on Justina's dress. It's a concept I've seen before, yet still neat and kept me wondering.

Jan 14, Bella Lettore rated it really liked it. This books is just light and cute. The problems encountered weren't that much of a deal. But it was hella annoying though. I loved how each stain and wound she got that night has a story to tell. Each leading to the possible answer of why Ian Clark, the handle-first guy, would ditch Justina, when he promised her that this would be the best night of their lives!

But what I just don't get is why a girl who used to kiss alot of boys suddenly become timid and paranoid. Everything could've been perfect if how the main character reacted to the series of events happening fit to personality that has been built to the character. Anyway, I still loved how the problem has been resolved. I loved the way the events turned out. I'm gonna be talking more detailed about this book on my website. Check it out if you're interested! Sep 25, Cara rated it really liked it Shelves: ARC provided by netgalley dot com.

Ditched is the story of Justina and Ian. Something will finally happen between them. This is it. Justina ends up in a ditch, ditched. She picks herself up and walks to the 7 eleven, hungry, hurt, and with her prom dress full of stains.

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The stains really tell the story of how her night went so wrong. Justina eventually befriends the clerk at the 7 eleven and starts to tell he ARC provided by netgalley dot com.

Justina eventually befriends the clerk at the 7 eleven and starts to tell her how she ended up ditched on prom night by her perfect guy. It all starts with a yellow stain on the hem of her dress.

Ditched: A Love Story PDF

This was a fast, fun read that I think teens will really enjoy. Justina makes some mistakes, makes new friends, has a run in with the police, and is very hungry by the time she ends up in the ditch. Jun 15, Mlpmom Book Reviewer rated it it was amazing Shelves: I saw others describe this book as worthy of being a John Hughes' movie and honestly, that is so true.

It is hilarious, heartwarming, full of antics anything that can go wrong does , romance, jealousy, pranks, teenage angst but in a good way! This b I saw others describe this book as worthy of being a John Hughes' movie and honestly, that is so true.

This book was amazing, truly. It was so funny, the characters were completely loveable and real and the things that went wrong, well they were classic. This book is brilliant. Jan 31, Eve rated it it was amazing. So absolutely charming and fun, like Sixteen Candles! Justina is adorable, and Ian is boy perfection.

The ending left me fizzy with joy. Loved it! Read courtesy of NetGalley. Dec 22, Donna rated it it was ok Shelves: Well, I will say I liked the voice. Mellom carried it off with a quirkiness that didn't feel contrived or disingenuous to the character.

That voice alone could have carried the story without the ridiculous TV sitcom-like execution of the plot itself shoving the story ahead with dangling tease after dangling tease after dangling tease. That voice, in my opinion, was quite frankly fantastic. It would have been enough.

It alone would have made all of the wacky elements that happened in Justina's ni Well, I will say I liked the voice. It alone would have made all of the wacky elements that happened in Justina's night seem a little more genuine.

It alone would have made Justina feel more real. Instead the motivating factor of the plot was the execution of the story. Told in twelve and a half minute segments with convenience store commercial interruptions thrown in, it felt like the author didn't trust the story enough to let it tell itself.

Instead information was dangled in front of me and the only way to get it was to read the next chapter. Was it an effective method to get me to read on? Goddamn it, I wanted to know what happened. It doesn't mean it wasn't a cheap tactic.

Pdf story a ditched love

From the beginning you know Justina's night was filled with epic fail. This is not new information. The story starts at the end and is then told from the beginning see bad sitcom moment above. You know it ends bad. What you don't know are the details and instead of just coming out with it, the story's dragged out as long as humanly possible, with each chapter ending on the edge of a cliff.

This story-telling tactic made me irrationally angry, simply because it's such a cheap tactic. The story could have actually been told from the beginning, as Justina lived it and, personally, I think it would have been so much better. Or enter your choice of outrageous teen movie. So yeah. It's one thing to read a book to find out what happens.

That's usually why we read them. But when you already know what happens and reading the book feels like being pecked to death by a chicken, waiting for the story to unfold can become ingratiating.

Not to mention the events that happened fell so far beyond by suspension of disbelief that it stopped being entertaining see above re: You remember those teen magazines, like Cosmo Girl, Teen People and whatever and they had those write-in columns for embarrassing moments?

And they were so ridiculously outrageous that there's no way they could be true and I remember one editor actually ranking on them for it? Well shove a bunch of those together and you'll get this plot. So many shit-ass things happened that you have to wonder why Justina just didn't go Cartman and say screw you guys, I'm going home. That's probably because Justina needs to be on some heavy-duty medication to control that bi-polar psychosis she's got going on. I don't think people this unhinged exists in psychology textbooks.

Here's a girl that's so all over the board with her emotions, that's so pessimistic and fatalistic and at times downright nasty, I was really hoping Ian would see the forest for the trees and be like holy shit! And run. People tried to help her and she screamed at them. She abandoned all notion of logic and thought of the worst in every single situation despite the numerous people shoving calm logic down her throat.

One second she would show some semblance of rationality and then go completely off her rocker the next. I really just wanted someone to throw a bucket of water on her head and maybe give her a slap or two. Unhinged is putting it nicely.

As someone that has a tendency to spiral in the brain department, I can half understand her pessimism but she takes it to an extreme that renders psychiatric help. The thing is, when I finally found out why Ian ditched her, I didn't feel it was an excuse. Because he just up and left her hanging without an explanation and without some kind of notice until something like a half hour later.

Of course the people that did know what he was doing didn't divulge the information but it's not like Justina gave them a chance. Except Justina was unhinged about it.

Still, Ian was a dick for doing what he did without letting her know where he was going. I personally wouldn't have forgiven him very easily, irrespective of my night turning out like Justina's or not.

The ending was sugary sweet and quite frankly I'm not sure the parties involved deserved it see above re: It was a nice ending to a crazy night honestly, as if one couldn't see that coming a million miles away, since that's how all crazy teen movies end but it didn't fit the supposed reality of the situation. Someone should have been slapped and someone else should have been chastised for treating people like shit and using them for their own selfish means.

Ditched- A Love Story (ARC)

But that's just my opinion. But I can definitely see how some people would get a kick out of this, simply because it's so zany and out there. But it was a little too much for me and the way the story was told was a killer.

Plus I don't like sitcoms. Jun 08, Small Review rated it liked it Shelves: Originally posted at Small Review. I almost DNF-ed after the first chapter The story starts out with Justina waking up in a ditch with no memory of what happened the night before. But she very quickly begins alluding to events from the previous night, so she sort of does remember. And then she does remember. Yeah, I was confused, too.

To make it even more confusing, Justina's first person narration started out relating the events in a broken, cryptic, half-explained manner frequently n Originally posted at Small Review. To make it even more confusing, Justina's first person narration started out relating the events in a broken, cryptic, half-explained manner frequently noting "but I'm getting ahead of myself" and then dropping that train of thought!

I don't like feeling lost as to what is going on in a story, so the whole first chapter really bugged me. I almost DNF-ed right there. Once Justina gets to the and starts telling her story to the cashier, the story picks up and the narrative smooths out a lot.

I wasn't confused anymore. At this point I totally felt like I had been sucked into a teen romantic comedy movie. I love those kinds of movies, and I loved this book version just as much. It goes something like this The book alternates between the present in the and the events of the night before. The chapters are short and serve as little interludes where the cashier and, later, one of the customers who stays to listen, chime in with their opinions and sympathy.

I liked these sections and they made me feel like I was another random person who stopped to listen to Justina tell her crazy story. I also liked how these chapters provided a frame for the plot to work within. Justina's story can be mapped by the stains on her dress, and each interlude nudged Justina toward explaining how she got every stain, rip, and bruise and tattoo.

Between each of these interludes is a larger chapter chronicling a part of Justina's prom night. These parts were the meat of the story. Since I knew Justina ends her night alone, dumped out of a car, and hating the guy she was supposed to be in love with, my curiosity was super high.

I read these chapters with rapt attention, trying to piece together the events of her evening and guess how she ended up where she did. It was almost like a mystery, complete with clues, red herrings, and suspects. Feeling sorry for yourself? Read this book I decided to pick up Ditched because I was in one of those two-ice-cream-tubs pity party moods.

I put on my pajamas, curled up in bed, grabbed a chocolate bar and settled into Justina's tale. It was perfect. Ditched made me smile and laugh out loud. I commiserated with Justina and snacked on junk food right along with her. I groaned out loud as her night went from bad to unbelievably worse. I grinned with fluffy happiness when the most unexpected people came through for her.

Ditched was exactly what I was looking for. Bottom line After the rocky start, Ditched held my interest completely. The story moved along at a good pace with pieces of the puzzle coming together in each chapter. Ditched is a standalone. Ditched is Robin Mellom's first book and already I can't wait to see what she writes next. Definitely a good pick if you're looking for a fun romantic comedy. Only drawback is that the guy is absent from the story for a large chunk of the book, but, don't worry, Justina more than makes up for that.

Explanation of rating system: Jul 14, Bethanyv rated it liked it. The plot was hard to follow. Dec 13, nick rated it it was ok. Read more of my reviews at Nick's Book Blog Looking at the cover and reading the summary of Ditched, I thought I would be reading a fun, light,hilarious and enjoyable book. Unfortunately, Ditched didn't manage to extract any emotion from me apart from frustration. We are introduced to Justina who's lying in a ditch early in the morning after what was supposed to be the best night of her life.

Her dress has all kinds of stains on it and she is a complete mess. Justina then goes into a store. There, Read more of my reviews at Nick's Book Blog Looking at the cover and reading the summary of Ditched, I thought I would be reading a fun, light,hilarious and enjoyable book. There, she starts to tell the story of her prom night to the store clerk. All of this started out as being interesting.

However, at some point I realized that I strongly disliked Justina's character. I honestly wanted to smack her in the head. She had a despicable attitude. She was full of hate and jealousy. Let me give you an example of her disgusting attitude. At one point in the book, she's going to enter the prom when she sees girls from her school.

She downright points out that one of the girl is a "slut" because she was wearing a dress with a long slit. I don't think it's okay to accuse someone of being slut just because of the way she dresses. At another point, she says she wants to drag this girl Allison by her hair and push her into the pool because she was talking to Ian. They weren't doing anything. They were just freaking talking. I found her behavior bitchy and psychotic.

Moreover, she is the kind of girl who assumes things. She assumed that Ian would kiss her and she even planned out the location, the exact angle and well you get the vibe! I found it terribly difficult to connect with her. I just couldn't. To say that I didn't like her would be an understatement. Ian was the only character I might have liked in this book.

He was sweet, caring and a very good listener. I loved how he bore all of Justina's antics. I love how he listened to Allison when she was complaining about her work load. Overall, yes, Ian was my favorite character. I didn't like the romance in this book. I didn't like how Justina assumed that Ian wanted to be her boyfriend. I didn't like how she planned their whole first kiss.

I didn't understand why Ian liked Justina although the opposite was understandable. I didn't feel a lot of chemistry between the two main characters. The plot is basically about Justina making an account of her disastrous evening through flashbacks.

The idea of flashbacks reminded me a lot of the Hangover movie! The problems that Justina faced were at times excessive. I mean, can all this happen in one single night? Robin Mellom's writing is fairly good. It's easy to read and everything flows smoothly. I would say it was enjoyable. Overall, I didn't like this book. I think this reviews depicts a lot of negative ideas on my part, but it's how I felt upon reading this book. I was disappointed because I thought I would like this book, but in the end the book was a giant failure for me all because of Justina.

Apr 13, Donna rated it liked it Recommended to Donna by: What I enjoyed about this book: I had also assumed it would be a cute read and I had kind of already predicted how the story would go, but once I started reading, I totally had it wrong. The main character; Justina, really had to go through the ringer in order to process her feelings and of course, figure out how one of the best nights of her life goes so wrong. The love interest; Ian, comes across as a jerk to start with but as the book progresses What I enjoyed about this book: I really enjoyed how the story was told, it was through flash backs of the night while Justina was telling her story to two random women she meets and although it story dragged at times, it was still enjoyable.

What surprised you the most about this book: Definitely the humour and the amount of crazy in this book. Each character we are introduced comes with another crazy idea and I liked reading about it. Favourite scene: Favourite character: Favourite quotes: Or spikes. Or a viral disease. I'm not that girl anymore. And there will be a time when I'll be The Girl. It is all about timing--and one day when I'm not planning it, and organizing it and strangling it, love will become possible.

There won't be any more leapfrogging. We'll land in the exact spot at the same precise moment. And I will wait. A Love Story was a quirky and fun read, one that really takes you on a journey of self-discovery and first love. Justina didn't really care about going to Prom, until her best guy friend Ian convinced her to go with him.

Ever since he wore that one shirt, she can't help but imagine how their first kiss would go. Justine has been in self-imposed non-kissing mode since that one party last summer which started all the rumors. But she knows if she's going to break her rule, Ian is the guy to do it with. Now only if she knew if he wanted to kiss her Right off the bat Prom day doesn't go well.

Her dress is not Justina didn't really care about going to Prom, until her best guy friend Ian convinced her to go with him. Her dress is not good, her shoes are even worse. Her mom gets involved, she starts getting random stains on her dress immediately, Alison keeps trying to mack on Ian, Ian keeps disappearing This book was so Ehh for me.

Just not what I was expecting at all. I LOVE books about prom and popularity and trying to get the guy to like you. LOVE that stuff when it's done right. This book just didn't get there for me at all. So you have Justina who shows up at a convenience store in her prom dress and proceeds to tell the middle-aged clerk and another self-proclaimed Cougar the story of her night Like these women care! And then not only do the women care, they totally relate and agree that kissing moves Heaven and Earth.

Maybe I'm just too old, but kissing is not a big deal. Here's the good part: Justina goes on some crazy-amazing adventures during her prom night- and those I loved. The adventures were funny, silly, and the only part of the book I liked. There are these 2 stoner guys Mike and Mike and their dates who take Justina under their wing They were funny and endearing.

I didn't like Justina In the end Ian DID ditch her Sorry if this sounded awful, the book is totally read-able. It flows good and I think there is an audience out there for it. I think that audience is middle-grade though. More http: Jun 16, Anna rated it did not like it Shelves: Reviewed at http: Oh well,one thing is for sure!

I will remember Ditched for a very long time,but not because I was so thrilled with the story,but more because it is the first ever contemporary book,YA or adult,I ever struggled to finish Ditched was a rather huge disappointment to say the least.

From the premise,I got the assumption that it was a humorous and sweet read but what I got instead was a rather boring story that I couldn't wait to reach the last page. First of all,my main problem were the characters of this book and especially the main one,Justina She easily falls into the category of my most disliked female characters, ever!

She was self absorbed,acting stupidly and a little bit slutty and all of her babbling, inner and outer, just made me yawn again and again and again. If all teenage girls at the age of 16 were thinking like her or behaved like her, I would seriously start to think that something is going very wrong with the way kids are viewing the world seriously, prom being more important than family?

And especially if you think Justina didn't want to go in the first place God forbid what would have happened should she wanted it!

Love pdf story a ditched

But I'd like to think that teenagers don't act or think that way. Maybe some do,but not the majority. After all it's not that many years since I was a teenager and our main problem then was certainly not how many boys we've kissed.

From the beginning until the very end this story is Nothing strikes me as possible from the very improbable events described and I couldn't connect to any character or sympathise with Justina. I just couldn't care less for her drama of a prom disaster where her main regret was that she wasn't able to fulfil mission unlock lips.

Yeah right! You see Justina hasn't kissed a boy for over 8 months and that is so huge a thing cause she's a kiss junky.

For the love of God she's 16 and already kissed more than 12 boys and has to go to some kind of self inflicted rehab and that only because her reputation has been damaged! Do I really need to continue why I couldn't like Justina no matter what? Anyway,I can probably say more things I didn't like in Ditched but I don't see the point. The book was fairly good written,despite the typos of the galley, so my main problem was the story itself.

I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. View all 4 comments. May 09, Kelsey rated it really liked it Shelves: I have heard mixed reviews about Ditched, but I had high hopes for this debut! While it wasn't as fantastic as I would have hoped, I did enjoy Ditched quite a bit and was able to finish it in just a few hours. The way the book was told was my favorite part. I loved how it alternated between the past and the present and how Justina was telling the story. Some people have complained about this aspect of the novel, but I think it worked perfectly and made me enjoy it that much more.

Ditched is an u I have heard mixed reviews about Ditched, but I had high hopes for this debut! Ditched is an utterly sweet and romantic read that is perfect for any teenager, male or female. Justina's prom does not go the way she expected.

Actually, it probably doesn't go the way anyone expected. After her best friend Ian asks her, Justina decides this is going to be the night she tells him how she really feels. Until she wakes up in a ditch and finds herself recounting her story to a pair of ladies in a local 7-Eleven and piecing everything together while she talks. One thing is for sure, anyone who reads this will never look at prom the same way again! This was certainly a love story, and I especially adored that aspect of the book.

I only wish we could have gotten more of Ian! He was such a sweet and truly nice guy, which made him an absolute winner in my book!