Css corp interview questions and answers for freshers pdf

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Find 45 questions and answers about working at CSS Corp. Learn about the interview process, employee benefits, company culture and more on Indeed. CSS CORP INTERVIEW QUESTIONS. Posted by Answer was before sending the data only it forms a virtual circuit and then It starts the process. 2) What is. Must Read: CSS CORP job related interview questions and answers. You can find lots of web documents like pdf, ppt, doc about networking interview questions .. Search. 2. NETWORKING .. CSS CORP FRESHERS WALKIN CHENNAI.

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CSS Corporation interview details: interview questions and interview reviews posted You were asked a list of questions and you had to answer them . 46 CSS Corporation Technical Support Engineer interview questions and 44 interview reviews. Free interview details posted anonymously by CSS Corporation. 20 CSS Corporation Network Engineer interview questions and 17 interview reviews. As a fresher you must market yourself with your basic skills and confidence. . Please give answer in base of OSI & packet level. . Corporation photo of: CSS Corp building in Richardson, TX CSS Corporation photo of.

Tell me about yourself: CSS is a fast paced customer support center. In this only the element that matches the specified element will be used not all the elements. Float is basically used for images and for layouts. What is the purpose of the z-index? See Questions about:

Asked June 4, Answered February 27, Asked January 24, Answered June 4, Answered September 19, Asked January 3, Answered April 14, Upload your resume Sign in. Find Companies. CSS Corp. See Questions about: Ask or search question. Submit Question. Don't see your question? Post it publicly!

Please don't submit any personal information. The best questions are directly relevant to CSS Corp. What is the work environment and culture like? How are the working hours? In css the designer can reduce the code by simply groping together selectors with the same property values.

How can HTML elements be styled having specific attributes? Css allows the user to style the html elements that have specific attributes.

It does not only rely on class and id. What are the different provision provided in css to define the dimension of an element? In css the user can choose from multiple dimension properties to style an element.

The list of css dimension properties are: This property allows the user to specify the height of a specific element. This allows the user to set the maximum height of an element. This specifies the maximum width of an element. It allows the user to specify the minimum height of an element. Used to set the minimum width of an element. This property is used to set the width of an element.

Explain the concept of the box model in css. This term is used when we are talking about design and layout. A box comprises of the following components: Used to clear an area around a border. Border goes around the padding and the content. Used to clear the area around the content. This contains the actual content of the box that is the text and the images. It is important to note that when a user sets the height and width of an element, they are doing so only for the content area.

To know the fill size of the element the user must also specify the other layers i. How is the float property implemented in css? The css float property allows an element to be pushed to the left or right which allows other elements to wrap around the floated element.

The elements specified before the float element will not be effected. Only the elements specified after the floated elements will float around the element. What is the purpose of the z-index? Explain with the help of an example.

While using css to position html elements they may overlap each other. The z index i used to specify which element overlaps which element. The z-index is a number which can either have a positive or a negative value.

By default the z-index value is zero. In case elements have the same z-index number specified then the browser will layer them according to the order in which they appear in the HTML. We have a list of 4 elements each with their defined numbers: Explain the meaning of graceful degradation in reference to CSS. Generally graceful degradation is a concept that allows a system to continue to operate properly in the event of a failure of a component.

In web design the graceful degradation is a very important area. When a developer creates a website he creates it to take advantage of the latest browser support etc. In this way the designer is able to get a wider audience by stepping down some of the features to provide basic functionality to people with older browsers. For example while specifying an image in the html css code many time an alt tag is used.

61 CSS Interview Questions and Answers - Freshers, Experienced

This means that in case the image cannot be shown in a browser it will instead show the text specified within the alt tag. What is the other alternative to graceful degradation? The other concept is know as progressive enhancement.

Progressive enhancement focuses on the content of a web rather than the browsers itself. In this way a website can be viewed on different platforms according to the amount of resources available. For ex a user with the latest browser and a high bandwidth connection might get some extra eye candy as compared to a user visiting the same site on a dial-up and old browser.

But the overall functionality provided would be the same. Gmail does so as well where users with slow connections are provided a plain html view whereas high bandwidth users get the complete site to access.

This concept recently has come into play as mobile devices with Internet surfing capabilities have started to grow and expand its user base. How are shorthand properties are used in css? Give examples. One of the primary advantages of css is that it greatly reduces page load times.

Writing multiple properties and their values in a single line of css code is known as css shorthand technique. One thing to be kept in mind is that while using the css shorthand technique is that the order of specifying the values of an attribute must be maintained. In case the user wants to keep a value as default it is not needed to be mentioned.

Explain in brief about the term CSS - CSS A stylesheet language used to describe the presentation of a document written in a markup language What are the various style sheets?

What are style sheet properties? What is. This attribute can be added to multiple elements such that, if separate declarations are defined then the declaration with a specific selector win over any other. Why my div are of different size in IE? The specification which is been given for the size of div in IE is as follows: Width of a box i.

Total box width is: This requires the total area of px. IE5 uses different rules and out of width it subtracts the padding and border from the specific width so the total width becomes px. So, instead of px, IE uses px that is why the div are of different sizes. What are the media types CSS allows? Media is used to render the design and customize the documents.

Media types allow user to load and apply their own selected style sheets. Media control is applied to external style sheets, in this way user can save time by retrieving the sheets from the network itself. Speech based browsers can avoid the download of style sheets which are designed for visual rendering.

61 CSS Interview Questions and Answers - Freshers, Experienced

Can someone else's Style Sheet be used without their permission? Style sheet information is written using special language syntax. So, a local copy should be maintained, created and used instead of referencing a remote copy.

Which style specification method should be used? Style specification method in your document should be used according to your need and requirements.

For questions and pdf freshers interview corp css answers

The methods that can be used are: Using CSS extra style functionality can be provided, that can control the status of underlining of hyperlinks. You can use style sheets in whatever way you want and can control the look and style of your display.

The way in which it can be done is by introducing external level style sheet: They are used with recent versions of HTML. It suggests the visual appearance of the content. Italics, Underline, Bold - Logical tags are not used for appearances, but they are used to show the purpose of the content written. For example em tag is used for emphasis not for any other thing. What is external Style Sheet?

How to link it with HTML document? External Style Sheet allows you to write the style content just like you do in a normal style sheet, but the advantage of it is that, it can be used anywhere and can be linked with HTML documents. It is very easy, convenient and portable way to use the formatting for the entire site.

It has the extension as. Example code: In this, one main sheet is made that consists of declarations applied to the whole site and other sheet is made, that consists of only specific declarations applied to specific documents.

The concept of style sheet is introduced to make the work easy for you to design without any hassles.

Style sheets increases browser capabilities and allow different formatting options which have not been included in HTML. But this is being done only if it occurs in the p text. One more example to show the parent-child relationship as: H1, p. The syntax of it will be shown as: In this all the declarations has to be found that apply the selector and properties to a specific elements. It can be done by the use of table like: These are the methods that are used to center the block element.

The parent child selector can be used to specify a particular element when there are multiple instances of the same element. The style rules can easily get mixed up in an HTML page code. The entire rule must be specified in the value of the style attribute, this can be tough in case of long rules.

By using inline styles the user is unable to take advantage of CSS properties such as grouping selectors and re usability of a style sheet. It is generally advised to use either internal or external style sheets as they are more convenient to manage and can be changed easily as they are at the same place. RGB color values: Every color can be defined as a mixture of red, green and blue. In this type the values can be in between the integers 0 and The rgb basically represent the percentage of red, green and blue of the color.

The hexadecimal values of a color are the ones that are most widely used. In css every element is assigned a unique specificity value. Based on the specificity value a style rule is executed. In this way whichever selector has the highest specificity will apply in case of multiple selectors pointing at the same element.

Does the same work as the HTML li element. Displays the content in a list. This property is exclusively used with the pseudo elements: The table properties can be used in similar way to the table elements provided by HTML but css further extends the functionality by providing properties like table-column, table-caption etc.

By using image sprites the page loading time can be reduced by substantial margins. The user only needs to know absolute image area to be dispalyed. To avoid rewriting the same code again and again the user can simply group the selectors by separating each selector with a comma. Grouped selectors: This enables the user to specify a style for a selector within a selector.

But the last value that is. These guys are giving chance to everyone in putting their own points.


She gave us: Should sex education be included in academic of school children. I was the first to start the GD, so, I went with the topic and No time was given to prepare. Results were immediately announced. In my batch, only one got eliminated. So guys, be confident while putting your points. And he raised few questions from that. I answered for all those. So, you must have thorough knowledge of your project you had done.

It took some minutes for me. Depending on the panel, you will get questions. If you are belonging to ECE, concentrate much on Microprocessor.

And freshers corp interview questions for pdf answers css

This info was given by my friend. Do not try to give related or fake answers. He asked me the general questions like,. Tell me about yourself: Then I explained that too. Why should I hire you?

Computer Science Corporation (CSS) Interview Placement Paper June 2010

I said, I think I do have all the qualities to perform a job in a better way. He asked what the qualities are. Then I replied with sincerity, dedication, and commitment towards the work. What do you know about CSC? I was busy preparing for technical and I could not go through the website, but, before that interview my friend said few points about it.

While I saying so, he asked me how do you get this information? But, I do not like to lie, so I said him, I gathered from my friends. Once you get info about recruiting process, you please go through that company website.