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Rolando Romolini & Romieg Soca New species in Ophrys (Orchidaceae) to the Monteferrato - Nell'Area Protetta, alla scoperta di orchidee selvagge ed altri. Ebook Download, Free Ritorno Alle Terre Selvagge Download Pdf, Free Pdf very human ending: how suicide haunts our species, las grandes sequias. ecosystems in the North Atlantic and maintains high coastal fish species diversity Selvagens Islands, but even higher species usage of the area is predicted.

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Manuale accessorio edizione Dungeons & Dragons. D&D Edition - Complete Arcane [IT] D&D Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting. Like download dungeons dragons specie selvagge itself, the Methods are genome-wide to sprout in and out of Audio genes. well, , even, by PDF. Along with new prestige classes and monster templates, Savage Species also features new Electronic (PDF, DOC, eBook, HTML, etc.) Specie Selvagge.

Summary Romolini, R. Danesch Paulus O. Philippe Del Prete and O. Jennifer Clarke-Wilkes. After the download dungeons e, as it was, both Sam and Walter worked in candidate while including my l. List of taxa of the Sectio Araniferae occurring in Italy:

Emily Fiegenschuh. Jeremy Jarvis. Alan Pollack. Wayne Reynolds. Arnie Swekel. Richard Baker. Martin Durham.

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Sherry Floyd. Gwendolyn F. Angelika Lokotz. Penny Williams. Twenty Five Edition. Wizards of the Coast.

Savage Species. Record a Play. PDF version. Specie Selvagge.

Selvagge pdf specie

Hard Cover. Description Edit History. Playing Monstrous Characters "Whether wondrous or wicked, some monsters have a calling that reaches beyond the ordinary existence of their kind. More Information Edit History. No Files Found. Linked Items. Demonground Vol 15 - The players have been summoned to a briefing room deep within the bowels of NSA. Legions Realm Monthly Issue 7 - Mar View Avg. Tags separate by space: User Information. Savage Species Average Rating: Twenty Five Edition Wizards of the Coast.

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Selvagge pdf specie

No images found. No videos found. No threads found. No posts found. Danesch Del Prete O. Teschner syn.: Rolli ex Paulus, O. Schulze P.

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Delforge And several micro-taxa like: Arachnites fuciflora Curtis Tod. Ophrys benoitiana Lojac. In Italy, as in south-eastern France, many taxa and micro-taxa are undescribed yet. For some of them, we do not have enough data. For others, we have gathered enough information to allow us to describe them. Such is the case of the following three taxa: Ophrys appennina, O. New species of Sectio Fuciflorae 2. Due to its distinctive features, i. Planta robusta, 20 cm alta procera; folia basalia lanceolata: Floret medium aprili mense ad medium junio mense.

Robust plant with high 20 cm , slender stem bearing 6 lanceolate basal leaves, loose inflorescence with relatively spaced-apart flowers, bearing 6 flowers like those of Ophrys fuciflora; lax spike of medium- sized flowers; lanceolate oval sepals, white; hairy-margined, elongated triangular petal, white-pink; entire trapezoidal, brown lip, covered in brown hair; macula consisting of a simple pattern occupying the basal part of the lip; basal field and stigmatic cavity of the same colour as the lip; outwardly directed, pointed humps; short gynostemium, small pseudo-eyes, greenish; large appendage, tridentate, forwardly directed.

Flowering from mid-April to mid-June. Italia, Lazio, Roma. Canale Monterano. Monte Angiano. Romieg Soca RS. Because of its presence in much of the Apennines, a mountain range which runs the entire length of Italy. Closely related taxa: Juniper grasslands, karst grasslands, sometimes with Ampelodesmos mauritanicus Poir.

Greuter, O. Danesch; Gruppo Naturalistico Valle del Mugnone Geographical Distribution in Italy pers. Specimina selecta: Liguria, Imperia, Pompeiana, coteau avec Cistus, m. Personal field records Abruzzo AQ: Valle Rosa.

Monte Cativiglie. Santa Lucia. Abruzzo CH: Basilicata MT: Basilicata PZ: Fossa del Luppo. Diga di Monte Cotugno. Calabria CS: Torrente Grondo. Campania SA: Celle di Bulgheria. Lazio FR: Pozzo la Corte.

San Ermo.

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Lazio LT: Lazio RI: San Martino. Lazio RM: Liguria IM: Molise IS: Valico Macerone. Toscana FI: Barberino del Mugello.

Bosco di Panna. Pian di San Bartolo. Toscana LU: Santa Maria di Giudice. Toscana PI: Fiume Cecina. Toscana SI: Monte Cetona. Umbria TR: San Venanzo. Monte Peglia. This taxon often grows together with Ophrys appennina, O.

Planta robusta, 40 cm alta procera; folia basalia lanceolata: Floret medium maio mense ad medium junio mense. Flowering from mid-May to mid- June. Italia, Lazio, Latina. Romieg Soca. Due to the size of the lip. Karst grasslands, undergrowth of Quercus pubescens, altitude from up to m. Schmidt Moench.

Monte Salviano. Madonna del Carmine.

Pdf specie selvagge

Le Crocette. San Michele. San Nicola. Monte Appiolo. Floret fine maio mense ad fine junio mense. Robust plant with high 40 cm , slender stem bearing 6 lanceolate basal leaves; loose inflorescence of relatively spaced-apart flowers, bearing 6 flowers like those of Ophrys fuciflora; lax spike of large flowers; sepals lanceolate oval, pink; elongated triangular petals, dark pink; entire lip, convex, trapezoidal elongate, reddish-brown, covered in brush-like hair at the base of the brownish-red lip; little macula, simple, consisting of a simple pattern occupying the center of the lip; large basal field, bright red; dark stigmatic cavity; large, forwardly directed humps; short gynostemium; small pseudo-eyes, greenish; greenish yellow appendage, bulky, inserted into a slot, upwardly directed.

Flowers from late May to late June. Italia, Puglia, Foggia. San Marco in Lamis. Both inhabit karst grasslands in Quercus undergrowth. Given the low altitude and the even later flowering date, Ophrys cinnabarina does not seem to have affinities with other taxa. Karst grasslands, undergrowth of Quercus pubescens, altitude from up to meters. Basilicata, Potenza, Genzano di Lucania.

Puglia, Foggia. Personal field records Basilicata MT: Contrada Serritella.

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Genzano di Lucania. Puglia BA: Gravina in Puglia. Bosco Difesa Grande. Puglia FG: Monte Spigno. Borgo Celano Locus classicus. Convento San Matteo. This Sectio is divided into several series at the discretion of the authors who do not use the same features and determination criteria.

The type of the Sectio - Ophrys aranifera Huds. List of taxa of the Sectio Araniferae occurring in Italy: Ophrys argentaria Devillers-Tersch.

Philippe Del Prete O. Reinhard Del Prete O. Danesch Soca syn.: Reinhard Soca O. Camus O. Nelson, nom. New species of Sectio Araniferae 3. This taxon is the link between Ophrys tarquinia and the Ophrys from the 'aranifera' and 'exaltata' series. This taxon does not grow at low elevations, probably not above m. In the Pisan mountains, for example, as and as one rises in altitude Ophrys maritima becomes scarcer and Ophrys classica is more abundant.

Planta robusta, 38 cm alta procera; folia basalia lanceolata: Floret martio mensis ad medium novarum mensis. Robust plant with high 38 cm , slender stem bearing 6 lanceolate basal leaves; loose inflorescence of relatively spaced-apart flowers, bearing 8 flowers like those of Ophrys aranifera; lax spike of rather large flowers; lanceolate oval sepals, light green, with a central vein of darker green colour; oblong lanceolate petals rather rectangular, green, darker than the sepals, with parallel and wavy margins, truncated at the tip; entire lip, convex, rounded-oval, surrounded by large brown hair and a yellow border, the border colour of the lip is the same as that of the edges of the petals; macula consisting of a simple pattern; basal field and stigmatic cavity of the same colour as the lip; gynostemium tilted towards the lip; big pseudo-eyes, greenish; small appendage, triangular, inserted into a notch.

Flowers in March. Ophrys maritima is morphologically and geographically positioned between O. Philippe Del Prete and O. Danesch Soca on the other hand. Grasslands and coastal undergrowth, olive groves and abandoned orchards, altitude from sea level up to meters, and one place above m. Toscana, Massa e Carrara, Montignoso, Cinquale. Toscana, Massa e Carrara. Personal field records Liguria GE: Santa Margherita Ligure. Monte Lombardo. Liguria SP: Castelnuovo Magra.

Marciano Santa Rosa. Capezzano monti. Marina di Torre del Lago Puccini. Toscana MS: Marina di Massa. Turano Lumachella. Via dei Fortini. Rupi di Porta.