Sbi staff housing loan application form pdf

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Looking for download online application form of SBI Home Loan? SBI offers the most competitive rates for home loans and the most. 3) Home Loan/Housing Loan from other Banks/FI (Take over) (Partial ceiling fixed under our revised SHL scheme shall apply). of a Flat) will NOT form part of the Total Cost and hence, should not be reckoned for All the documents as stipulated in the Documentation Manual shall be executed by the. STATE BANK OF INDIA. HOUSING LOAN APPLICATION FORM FOR INDIVIDUALS Employee Number. Date of Retirement .. I /We hereby apply for a loan from State Bank of India to the extent indicated in the Loan Request. Section of this.

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Creative. Home Loan. Application Form . Employee No. SBI FlexiPay. ☐ SBI Pre-Approved Home Loan ☐ SBI NRI Housing Loan. ☐ SBI Realty Home Loan. Item 1 - 11 1) In addition to the requirements stated for SBI Housing Loan i.e. 1 to 18, 4) Application form duty filled in and item 1 to 11 verified by the forwarding 6) Authority letter from the employee to P.F. trustee authorizing to note lien. Security. Lien on PF to be noted. CHECK LIST FOR INDIVIDUAL HOUSING LOAN i. Application form ii. Certificate from Society / Builder iii.

Personal Assets a Immovable property viz. Shivam Yadav. We further confirm that the Co-operative Housing Society will be formed in due course. Name of the applicant ome Loan Application Date: Shri Branch: I hereby apply for a Home Loan from your Bank for the purpose outlined below: I also declare that I am in a position to pay my share of an estirnated amount..

Letter stating that no disciplinary action is pending against the employee. Application form in duplicate and item 1 to 11 to be verified by the Branch Manager. Hissa No. Flat No. Title clearance certificate. Letter to deduct Housing Loan instalment from Salary. Letter to PF Trustee by employee. Letter to PF Trustee by nominee.

Salary Certificate. Money Receipt s. Draft of Supplimentary Agreement in terms of H. Circular No.

Administrative Clearance, where necessary. Letter of Consent and agreement to mortgage where necessary. Funds Angle Clearance. Valuation Report from Govt. Sale deed in respect of old flat. Loan liquidation letter from the branch stating the amount deposited at the time of closure of housing loan account. I undertake to abide strictly by all the terms and conditions stipulated by the Bank and any modifications thereto made hereafter from time to time. All other rules and regulations of the Bank applicable to the aforesaid Scheme will be observed by me and the instructions issued by the Bank from time to time will be adhered to by me.

I am fully aware that any breach of the terms and conditions stipulated by the Bank or any misutilisation of the amount of the loan will consititute a gross misconduct and shall render myself liable for disciplinary action as per service rules governing my service with the Bank. I also declare that I am in a position to pay my share of an estirnated amount.. I also certify that the particulars given in the attached statement are correct and nothing has been concealed by me which would prejudice or affect my right to apply for loan from the Bank under the above referred Scheme.

Full name of the employee: Date of birth: Age as on the date of application: Date of joining the Bank: Date of confirmation: Total span of service in case of contract: Provident Fund Index No. Maximum loan amount admissible: Amount of the loan applied for: Whether the employee in the past joined any of the Bank s Housing Society and subsequently resigned.

Information to be furnished where husband and wife, both are employees of the Bank. Application only in the case of workmen staff. Certificate should be attached marked C from the Architect that the purchase price is fair and reasonable and compares favourable with the rates prevailing in the neighbourhood.

SBI Car Loan Application Form

If so, how much and when does the Agreement to Sell expire? If an Agreement to Sell has been entered into, please attach a copy certified by the local Advocate of the Branch wherefrom the employee will avail of the loan, marked D.

If so, please attach a copy of the relative order duly certified, marked F. If so, please attach a copy thereof duly certified, marked G. Whether the plot is fully developed? If not, the estimated expenditure; who will bear the cost?

Vendor s or the employee. If the plans have been approved by the Municipality a copy of the relative sanction certified as a true copy by the employee s Architects, marked H should be attached.

Purchase of plot of land and construction thereon: This should be supported by a certificate market I from the employee s Architect that the estimate is in order. A certificate to this effect from the Local Advocate of the Branch where from the employee will obtain the loan should be attached marked J Amount of the loan for which the employee is eligible i.

Download Home Loan Application Form SBI (State Bank of India) – Deal4loans

The amount the employee will have to pay from his own resources after taking into consideration the Bank s loan for which he is eligible. An irrevocable letter of authority in duplicate as per specimen marked K Appendix IV should be attached. Betterment charge Rs.. A certificate should be attached, marked L from the employee s legal adviser whether the Land falls in a Town Planning Scheme and any betterment charges are payable thereon. Proper approach road and water available where: Schedule of disbursement where the construction is under progress and the loan will be disbursed in instalments: Any other information:.

I hereby declare that: Valuation done by: Date of Valuation: Name s of person or persons in whose name s the property stands registered: Survey No.

Situation of the property: Whether lease-hold or freehold: Municipal valuation for tax purpose if available: Area of land: Value of land: Carpet area: Value of built up area: While arriving at the approximate cost of the build up area, the rate of current cost of construction to cubical contecnts of the building may be taken into consideration.

Please state the nature of construction viz. Whether it is builtup with R. Please also give some idea about the kind of fittings used in the building, whether flooring is of ordinary kind or whether there are any special or costly fittings.

Also, whether there is independent water supply, other amenities etc. Year in which the property was constructed: Total value of the property: From the above, please deduct depreciation it should be arrived at after taking into account the age and life of the building 16a. Residual life of the building Please state if entire property is used by owners themselves or hired out to tenant: Signed by:. That the total coat of the flat is Rupees only 3.

That title to the said land and the building thereon is clear, marketable and free from all encumbrances and doubts. We further confirm that the Co-operative Housing Society will be formed in due course. Name in full: Address Office: Academic Qualifications: Total yearly income from all sources: Personal Assets a Immovable property viz.

Deposits, Shares etc. Personal liability, if any: Please indicate whether you are related to the borrower Also state the period approximate you know each other. I confirm that all the statements made by me in this application are true and correct and have been made by me for the purpose of inducing you to make available the credit facilities applied by Shri.

Download Home Loan Application Form SBI (State Bank of India)

I am fully aware that any breach of the terms and conditions stipulated by the Bank or any misultilisation of the amount of the loan will constitute a gross misconduct and shall. I also certify that the particulars given in the attached statement are correct and nothing has been concealed by me, which would prejudice or affect my right to apply for loan from the Bank under the above referred Scheme. Yours faithfully, Name: Shri Branch: This amount should be equal to the figure shown against paragraph 12 in the enclosed statements.

Date of Birth: Age as an the date of application: Total service as on the date of application including: Total span of service: Amount of loan applied for: Whether the employee in the past: A blank irrevocable letter of authority in: Any other information: I became a member of the Society on and the said society was sanctioned term loan s of aggregating lacs vide sanction letter No. I have read the Circular No. Index No. Date of appointment: Intercom No. Date of confirmation. For office use only Branch: A sale deed acts as the main legal document for evidencing sale and transfer of ownership of property in favour of the buyer, from the.

Designation 3. Purchase a plot of Land Purchase a plot of.

Loan sbi staff pdf housing application form

Insertion of new section 80C. After section 80B of the Income-tax Act, the following section shall be inserted with effect from the 1st day of April, , namely: Deduction in respect of life insurance. Annexure-I Application Form for settlement of claim in deceased depositors accounts To be used when account has nomination or is a joint account with survivorship clause From To The Branch Manager, Bank.

Unsecured Business loans: Loan ID: Interest Rate: Date Recd: Other Names: National Identification. Name i House property registered in the name s. Deduction in respect of life insurance premia, deferred annuity, contributions to provident fund, subscription to certain equity shares or debentures, etc. Lender Lender's Reference or Account No: The Borrower: Title Number: Mortgage Advance: Price stated. Name Rank No. State Bank of India Name: Is permanent address same as present address?

Asset Value Remarks Name: Mutual Fund. Other Investments. Please note that this insurance cover is optional for the purpose of the loan application and may also be obtained from other providers.

Form loan pdf application sbi housing staff

SBI Life? If you opt for this cover. SBI would administer your enrolment for the chosen plan. Whether one time premium will be paid by you or you would like to add the premium to the car loan?

State Bank of India requires consent for the disclosure by the Bank Flag for inappropriate content. Related titles. The Alternative Lending Report Jump to Page. Search inside document. For Official Use: Shreyans Tejpal Shah. Vin Lacsie. Rean Escandor. Shivam Yadav. Pulkit Bahuguna. Jyothsna Polimati. Subramanya Dg. Emranul Islam Shovon. Mariz Tan Parrilla. Toyin Gabriel Ayelemi.