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SAMPLE QUESTIONS (CET MAHARASHTRA). 1. Ajit can complete a piece of work in 60 days whereas Kailash and Shailendra working together can complete . Download MAH CET question papers/ sample papers of // Improve Download. Important books and topics for all MBA Entrance Exams. pdf. cet papers with solutions MAH CET Sample Paper - If you are a MAH CET And Engineering Free Download PDF Answer Keys Free Download pdf.

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Maharashtra Common Entrance Test (MH-CET) or MH-MBA/MMS-CET is a computer-based test for admission to Post Graduate Degree Courses in MBA/ MMS. MAH CET sample papers are beneficial for the prospective test takers of MAH MBA/MMS CET. After the declaration of MAH CET result , qualified. Check out the details of MAH CET Question Papers , , courses such as MBA/MMS/PGDBM/PGDM is a centralized process and The MAH CET Previous Question Papers can be download in pdf format for.

All beans are crops. American forces marched over miles in a period of about two weeks. Which of the following emotions made the hunter gift the bird to the king? Twenty-three per cent of the passengers of Train A are in Sleeper Coach. Development of resistance against repellent drugs is naturaIly present in mosquitoes and does not depend on the amount of repellent used will definitely weaken the argument. But as soon as the door of the cage was thrown open. Twenty per cent of the passengers of Train A are in General Coach.

C enter into a partnership investing Rs. Find the total number of students studying Maths in both B and D? Difference between physics students in School A. After 5 months. Mark c. Amit joined her with a capital of Rs. Both trains have four different types of coaches. Study the following information carefully to answer the questions that follow: There are two trains.

E is a point on RS. The total number of passengers in AC Coach in both the trains together is The number of girls is not more than five.

If twenty sweets are distributed among some boys and girls such that each girl gets two sweets and each boy gets three sweets. Train B has thirty per cent more passengers than Train A. Onefourth of the total number of passengers of Train A are in AC coach.

In what ratio would profits change? The remaining passengers of Train B are in General Coach. The average weight of the team increases by 20 kg. Train A and Train B. First Class and AC.

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Thirty per cent of the number of passengers of Train B are in Sleeper Coach. What is the average weight of the 3 new team members who are recently included into the team? In Train A.

The road from the cinema hall to home is bad and speed reduces. If each girl gets 3 sweets and each boy gets 2 sweets.

Is segment PQ greater than segment RS? The total number of passengers in General Coaches of both the trains together is approximately what percentage of the total number of passengers in Train B? The time taken to travel from home to office is as much as the time taken from home to the cinema hall.

Ten per cent of the total passengers of train B are in First Class Coach. Is the distance from the office to home less than the distance from the cinema hall to home?

B is a point on PQ. Twenty-three per cent of the passengers of Train A are in Sleeper Coach. Twenty per cent of the passengers of Train A are in General Coach. The cost price remains constant. The 3 new men substitute earlier members whose weights are 64 kg. OPEC might be delighted right now. As the pressure of inflationary tendencies increases.

The second possible reason why some nations of the world are not too enthusiastic to mitigate the price of oil is because the rising oil price is perhaps one of the major deterrents to growth of other countries. This trend is already visible.

The question then is what could their underlying interest be? In all probability. It is intriguing. As they know that the further the oil prices get pushed. Looking at the manner things are shaping up.

Perhaps they were hand in glove in the mechanism to raise the oil price and knowing well that this would make these nations feel the pinch.

Papers cet mah pdf mba

With rising prices. As it is said. It is surprising. And it is then that the organisations which have already invested billions of dollars in alternate fuels would mop up the global energy market completely. Crude oil has had a long history. As and when the reserves deplete and demand really grows. With such a track record. While a proactive action from the mighty and powerful can bring in a huge respite for the world.

No wonder then that these are frantically looking around the globe. And now. By doing so. Which of the following is not true in the context of the passage? Choose the best order which produces the original sentence out of four alternatives. In the following questions. But the parts are in the wrong order.

What does the author mean by dangling the carrot' in the passage? Why is the author surprised with the stance which various nations have taken pertaining to the current global oil crisis? Which of the following should be the Third sentence after rearrangement? We only hope that these crucial problems in UK are different from those of ours. The dreams. Mark the number of that part with error as your answer.

The researchers in these companies claim that they could do better by allowing their employees to doze off at work place. The error. But it is true and is considered as a step to improve quality of their products. Would you believe that some UK based companies are arranging for bed at the work place?

Which of the following should be the Fourth sentence after rearrangement? Which of the following should be the First sentence after rearrangement? E and F in the proper sequence to form a meaningful paragraph and then answer the questions given below. The reason.

The barter system transcends the monetary system. But as he had time to think over his good fortune later. People who had specific items or services would C these with others 'for the things they needed.

The hunter was struck with wonder. It was a rather special bird because its droppings turned into gold as soon as they hit the ground. He though. The hunter immediately seized it and shoved it into a cage.

The bird. The barter system for getting goods and services A back many centuries. One day. Good negotiation was the D to making good trades. In most cultures the barter system was used before money was B.

Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below it. In the following passage there are blanks. While the barter system E based on basic needs. These numbers are printed below the passage and against each. He climbed the tree and skillfully set a trap for the bird. I have never seen such a miraculous creature. So it would be safer and more honourable if I were to go to the king and present the unique bird to him.

A long time ago. The hunter took the bird home joyfully. He decided that he had to catch the bird somehow. But it was soon caught in the hunter's trap. The king mourned his loss. To everyone's surprise.

Find the suitable word from the options given against each number and fill up the blanks with appropriate words to make the paragraph meaningfully complete. I think it is best that you release the bird from the cage. Which of the following is true according to the story? How did the hunter find Sindhuka? In the following passage. He told his courtiers to keep the bird safe and feed it with the best bird food available. Which of the following emotions made the hunter gift the bird to the king?

So he ordered the bird to be released. Given the state of A life in our country today-where corruption. A long B high C quantum D quality E depressing The very first E from many is that values cannot be taught. A sordid B practical C evident D theoretical E tense A educationists B players C politicians D artists E government For classes Shortcut workshops mocks books Cetking — www.

Has anyone in our kingdom ever seen abird dropping gold? The hunter must be either crazy or telling lies. Which of the following is possible the most appropriate title for the story? But as soon as the door of the cage was thrown open. The king's prime minister though. Each question below has two blanks. Identify one Incoherent sentence added into the following sentences: A raptures.

Whether one believes it or not. One extra incoherent sentence is added. A about. Incoherent Passage Question For classes Shortcut workshops mocks books Cetking — www. A corrupt. A factor. A statements. Choose the set of words for each pair of blanks that best fits the meaning of the sentence as a whole. Healthy scepticism. Following are 3 statements taken from a paragraph and jumbed up. Investors understand these businesses and value them realistically. Incoherent statement is: Most people use banks to save money in their savings accounts and to pay money from their checking accounts.

The plan worked perfectly. For RIL. Incoherent Passage Question A. Banks are places where people can keep their money. The plan was strictly confidential. Part of the reason for this was a sharp. None of these — all statements are coherent. Rochambeau forces were always considered to be most powerful forces in America. Bank account are used to earn money by making fixed deposits.

American forces marched over miles in a period of about two weeks. This fall happened because the Asian demand — and. Reliance Industries RIL. During September of There are consolation prizes which console. Find the correctly spelt words. Efflorescence D. This was revealed when the income tax officials raided his house.

B and C. I am not suggesting we write a condolence letter. Anyone or more or none of them may be correct. It is located in a continent called North America. It is the third largest in the whole world! Efflorascence E. Membership of Parliament is a handsome freebie for Sachin Tendulkar D. Eflorence United States is largest economy in the whole world! He had accumulated wealth disproportionate to his known sources of income. Licentious D.

Three probable starters of the combined sentence are given which are denoted by A. Sachin did not ask for this honour. Eflorescence B. Ofspring In each question below. Nomination to the Rajya Sabha is a pretty desultory substitute for someone who has been promised the Bharat Ratna. Filpant C. On revealing the accumulated wealth.

Puessile E. Efllorescence C. Parts of the United States touch three different oceans. These sentences are to be combined into a single sentence without changing their meaning.

Swelte B. Pujara reached century with a six over deep midwicket. His accumulated wealth which was disproportionate to his known sources of income was revealed to him by the income C.

Cheteshwar Pujara reached his 10th Test century in style. He is not contented. He is not contented because he is C. On raiding his house. Cheteshwar Pujara reached his 10th…. He is very rich and has all the luxuries at his disposal.

Despite being very rich B. In these questions. The first unit contains two figures and the second unit contains one figure and a question mark. The Problem Figures and the Answer Figures. There is a definite relationship between figures A and B. Establish a similar relationship between figures C and D by selecting a suitable figure from the Answer Set that would replace the question mark? The Problem Figures are presented in two units. C and D constitute the Problem Set while figures 1.

Figures A. You have to find out which of the Answer Figures should be in place of the question mark? The four Problem Figures make a series. For classes Shortcut workshops mocks books Cetking — www In each of the following questions there are two sets of figures.

That means they change from left to right in a specific order. A series is established if one of the answer figures is placed in place of question mark. The question is. Note that words starting with vowels get arranged from the left and those starting with consonants get arranged from the right.

Chocolates have three types of fats. None follows. This goes on in such a manner that finally we have vowel-starting words arranged in reverse alphabetical order followed by consonant-starting words arranged in reverse alphabetical order. Conclusion 11 is the above conclusion ii. Conclusion i above is the conclusion II.

In each step. Therefore conclusion II follows. Conclusion I is the above conclusion i. II follows as a solution to the complicated paperwork. Using either of the statements alone we cannot find the code. Using statement II: Mohan's name is not even mentioned in the given statement.

I is simply absurd. New arrangement is therefore third digit from the right end is 1 Using either of the statements alone we cannot find the answer. Using statement I: We cannot find the relation using this statement as J's name is not even mentioned in it.

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We can say that J is the mother of P but cannot decide whether P is the son or daughter of J. Using both statements together: P is the daughter of J. Best course of action would be to find the reason for the food poisoning and the food provided in the hospital should be inspected regularly.

Answer Option C Answer Option B Answer Option E B statement will be a consequence of the increased concentration of repellents Puzzle: Facing centre: Answer Option A Answer Option D Development of resistance against repellent drugs is naturaIly present in mosquitoes and does not depend on the amount of repellent used will definitely weaken the argument.

This is an alternating multiplication and subtracting series: The facts given in both the statements are clearly the result of acute power shortage. An increase in the cases of atrocities on women and the police being unable to nab the culprits involved in the same are independent happenings in themselves. In the main series. A comparison between two experiences makes sense only when you have undergone both.

In the alternating series. In order that two books on Hindi are never together. Option B. Since there are 21 books on English. Option B S. These are the roots of the equation. This information is given by the second statement.

Hence we get a unique answer viz. Only statement II is required to answer the question. From the first statement we can shortlist the last two possibilities i. The second statement suggests that the number of girls and boys have to be equal. Hence by using both the statements we can say that the distance between cinema hall to home is less than that between home to the office. Option A A: In other words. Hence both statements are required to answer the question.

CP is replaced by 1. Neither do we know the number of members in the original team. Hence only Statement II is required to answer the question.

This can only be done if in the denominator. This is obtained from the second statement. And unless we know one of these this question cannot be solved. The passage says. Read the complete sentence in which the idiom has been used. Read the third sentence of the first para. For 2 read the second sentence from the end of the second para.

Papers cet pdf mba mah

Read the preceding sentence. B For classes Shortcut workshops mocks books Cetking — www. This is his third successive century in as many Tests.

Both A and C are grammatically wrong as a starting of these lines. Each time the first figure reappears. The pin rotates 45oCW and 90oCW alternately and moves one space each space is equal to half-a-side of the square and two spaces CW alternately. The outer element rotates 90oACW. Similar figure reappears in every second step.

Out of the two central elements. The inner element rotates 90oACW. The elements move in the sequence the elements reaching the upper- left and the lower-right positions rotate 90oACW.

The arrow rotates oCW and moves a distance equal to one and a half sides of the square boundary in a CW direction. The elements move in the sequence's and alternately. None follow all are grammatically wrong as a starting of these lines. The half-arrow moves half-a-side of the square boundary in a CW direction and its head turns to the other side of the line in each step.

Correct order: From first box onwards. The upper and the lower elements interchange places. Visual Reasoning 1. The small circle moves three steps ACW. In box 3 of the problem figure a circle appears at the top right corner.

The circle and the square remain in the same position but both the curved Xs which were bulging inwards now bulge outwards. The dot moves by one step CW. A new element enters at the middle position each time. Flag for inappropriate content. Related titles. Jump to Page. Search inside document. No flat is a house. No building is an apartment. Some oceans are seas. All oceans are rivers.

No river is a canal. No ocean is a canal. At least some seas are rivers. All beans are pulses. All pulses are crops. No crop is seed. All books are journals. All diaries are journals. Input for the questions: Nitin Pandey. Roslyn Armstrong.

Pdf mah papers mba cet

Ngan Chu. Sonu Gupta. Ozora Tsubasa.


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