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get detailed Lalkitab Reading and Remedies, ask a question, get answer instantly, Click here for Vikari rashiphal in Telugu (తెలుగు ఉగాది(వికారి రాశి Lal Kitab, originally published in urdu language, enshrines such effective. Best free lal kitab / red book remedies, tips and solutions part II. Contact for best lal kitab remedies and personalized lal kitab consultation. For Free. Respected members, The original Lal Kitab which had been out of print for over half a Lal Kitab: Volume 1 ( Edition) in Hindi (PDF).

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Lalkitab Astro Telugu Free - Mindsutra Software Technology, the leading Jyotish app based on the principles of Lal Kitab and Indian / Vedic / Hindu. Important Rules for performing Lal Kitab Remedies (उपाय करने के नियम) . Backup Software · PDF Printer · Free PDF converter · Free Backup. lal kitab and remedies - Free download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. i.e. these remedies are completely self defensive against the evils created by the planets astrology as per Lal Kitab are better summed up here as follows. 1.

Mars , if giving bad results , needs to be propitiated well. Vastu Plans. If your child is not able to speak properly give him shankh water to drink daily. Connect us. It deals with astrology with special emphasis on remedial solutions which more often than not, appear unusual and even bizzare to a lay man with a scientific temper.

Please go for them on your own risk. These three books are also worth noting - 1. Arun Publication House Pvt. Mahajan Publisher: Please refrain from various other translations and helpbooks available in market.

Posted by Punit Pandey at 5: I had not long written any post for this blog. So I decided to revive this blog with my aspect posting in Lal Kitab group. I hope it will be useful for learners of Lal Kitab.

Lalkitab Astro Telugu Free Free Download

Here is my answer -. Every planet can aspect 7th from it's house. We will take the result as complete mix of both the planets in aspected house. If the aspecting planet is giving good result in the house occupied, it will give bad results for aspected house. But this good or bad effect will be applicable only to the relative signified by aspected planet.

Telugu in lal pdf kitab remedies

In case of 7th aspect - 1. It will not be a complete mix but it will be seen as a location shift for aspecting planet. Again the aspecting planet will give the result as it is situated in aspected house for the aspected planet. More details can be found under the heading of "Graha Drishti" in Lal Kitab. As few examples are already there, I din't find it useful to repeat them here. When I started learning Lal Kitab, it was not easy. Understanding Lal Kitab is difficult task due to untraditional Urdu language.

And moreover it is difficult to know that out of many books, which one is the true Lal Kitab. There was no one to help me. But now I can say precisely what resources can help you in learning Lal Kitab. You need only two things, one is Lal Kitab and other is Lal Kitab discussion group.

If you can understand Urdu, go for Urdu Lal Kitab. Arun or English Translation by Goswami et al. In fact, for learning any subject you need to study the theory of the subject and need some practical. Theory or practical alone will not be much useful. Now the Lal Kitab forum can assist learners of Lal Kitab very well. There are many astrologers who have good command over Lal Kitab.

I have seen some good discussions are going on. So if you are interested in learning Lal Kitab, join the group and read the achieves. Here I want to salute the expert Lal Kitab astrologers we call them Lalkitabists in the forum who are selflessly helping others in learning this great branch of astrology.

A Lal Kitab student will find many useful resources at this location. So go get it. If any visitor of this website knows about other Lal Kitab download links, please let me know. I'll publish it here. You can check out my enterprise portals and portlets blog to share my enjoyment with these technologies.

Now-a-days fast changes in social networking also excites me a lot, and I write about it on my blog www. About Us. It is an old book though not very old, which was written in Urdu. It deals with astrology with special emphasis on remedial solutions which more often than not, appear unusual and even bizzare to a lay man with a scientific temper.

The origin as well as the authorship of the Red Book is shrouded in mystery. However, many of the the remedies suggested in the Red Book are very downright effective. On the basis of these lines of the palm one can draw the actual horoscope of an individual and can place planets in various houses of the natal chart.

The book also analyses the different aspects of a man's residential house based on his birth chart. You are free to try them. They are: Keep it neat and clean. This remedy is highly beneficial in removing the bad effects of Rahu.

Lalkitab Reading and Remedies

This will lessen the evil effect of Dragon's Head Rahu. Avoid eating while you are sitting on your bed. Seek their blessings. This will help Jupiter and it will start giving good results. On the other hand, feed them whenever you get an opportunity. This will remove the ill effects of Ketu Dragon's Tail which signifies son and luxuries of life. So doing this frequently will improve your domestic happiness, financial prospects and remove obstacles in general.

Don't show disrespect to it in any way. This remedy is useful for strengthening Jupiter. This remedy ensures some secret help to you when required. Or use this water to water a plant. This remedy is effective in reducing troubles, obstacles, diseases, disputes and disrepute. For More Red Book Remedies: It is advisable to consult a competent Red Book expert before you undertake these remedies. These Red Book remedies are general in nature. Order now and pay by PayPal - a secured payment gateway.

PayPal accepts all major credit cards and bank accounts. Engineer Rameshwar Prasad. Remedies or Upaya in Lalkitab Some examples of remedies prescribed in Lal Kitab are Throwing copper coins in running water, taking blessings of elders by touching their feet, praying and worshiping god and goddesses, refrain from alcohols, offering food to disabled, helping widows, offering food to crows, cows or dogs.

Lal Kitab remedies are as follows: Anyone having Jupiter in 7th house must not offer clothes to anyone in charity Donations in the morning and evening hours by persons having Sun in 7th or 8th house of their horoscope will produce highly harmful and poisonous effects. The groom is likely to be of bad sexual habits and may destroy his wealth in that, if the planetary positions are as follows: For better luck and all round improvement in your affairs.

Wear mahamritunjaya yantra locket in black thread in neck on auspicious day. Do path or Durga daily or Durga pooja and wear Durga bisa yantra locket in neck. Remedies for Peace and Prosperity Everyday perform hanuman pooja. On Saturday give oil for lord shani. Keep fast and do Shiv pooja on Mondays during sawan month. Give one pair of shoes to a poor person on Saturday. Stones have special place for peaceful and successful life. Remedies for Getting and Multiplication of Money Make balls of wheat while reciting Om hrim nameh lakshmi mantra times and feed them to fishes.

Apply kesar and chandan on forehead. Remedies for Welfare of Children In case you are worried about children's health etc. In order to be Debt or Loan Free remedies are To get rid of loans bring water from a cemetery well and pour it in a peepal tree for 6 Saturdays.

Gems and stones will definitely help in repayment of loans. Plant ashoka tree and water it daily. For Improving Business Tie 5 gomati chakras in a red cloth and tie it on the entrance of your shop or office on Friday after For having Better Job Take a big yellow lemon and cut it in 4 equal parts in the evening or before sunrise and go to chauraha [where four roads meet] and throw the pieces on all four directions.

Some remedies for Saving one from Bad Eyes of others Take little raw milk on a Saturday or a Sunday and give 7 rounds of it around the affected persons head and after that give that milk to a black dog to drink. Some remedies for Improvement of Relations Take 7 flower shaped longs [ cloves] and take the name of the person with whom one wants to improve the relations 21 times and burn one clove on a Sunday.

To improve Spoiled Child throw silver balls in a river for 25 days. Wear a copper coin threaded in a black thread in neck. Children who are not Good at Studies Take some water on Sunday and recite mantra Om aan vanyay svaha 21 times and ask the child to drink that water.

If child can recite the mantra by himself, then ask him to recite this mantra for times every day Stones or gems can definitely help for growth of children. Children suffering from Bad Dreams or are Crying without Reason Such children who are crying without reason or taking bad dreams should keep a piece of fitkari on any Sunday or Tuesday near child's head while sleeping. Some remedies for wining over court litigations Sleep in south direction.

Keep Tuesday fast and read Bajrang ban daily for seven times. Keep a square silver piece tied in yellow cloth with you. Our Contact Nos. You can e-mail us on following mail IDs vaastuinternational gmail. Lal Kitab in Hindi. Lal Kitab in English. Effects and Remedies. Lord Vishnu Moon: Lord Shiva Mars: Lord Hanuman Jupiter: Lord Brahma Venus: Goddess Laxmi Saturn: Baba Bhairon Mercury: Goddess Durga Rahu: Goddess Saraswati Ketu: Lord Ganesha.

Lal Kitab: Horoscopes and Remedies. Indian Astrology. Yearly Forecast Sun Sign. Yearly Forecast Moon Sign. Vastu Shastra. Advanced Vastu. Vastu for Year. Vastu in Hindi.

lal kitab and remedies

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Vastu Articles. Vastu Blogs. Vastu Architecture. Vastu Interior. Vastu for Plots.

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Telugu remedies pdf kitab in lal

Vastu for Industry. Vastu for Shop. Vastu for Flats. Vastu for Colors. Vastu for Muhurat. Vastu Plans. Vastu for Logo Design.

Vastu for Business Card. Vastu Numerology. Crystal Vastu. Pyramid Vastu.

Indian Vastu. Partner Sites. Marry before 24th year of life. Worship lord Vishnu. Never accept anything particularly Gur, Wheat, Copper made items in charity. Don't have sex with wife during the day time. Start any important work after eating sweet and drinking water.

Install a hand pump for water in your ancestral house. Recite or listen harivansha purana. Quench fire with milk instead of water for marital happiness. Keep the main gate entrance of the house in east. Take blessings of mother. Drink milk in silver glass. Do not get married at the age of During marriage take silver and rice from in-laws.

If moon is in Aries then one should never deal in dairy products. If in Aquarius then worship bhairava Worship lord Shiva. Donate milk, rice or silver to proportionate moon. Mars Mars , if giving bad results , needs to be propitiated well. In case mars is malefic then float rewaris in the river.

Help brother from time to time. Keep giving maternal aunt or bua or sister red cloths. Keep fast on Tuesdays and donate sindoor to Hanumanji.

Throw masoor dal or honey or sindoor in a river. Mercury In case of a weak or afflicted Mercury, it may help to drop green things or a copper coin with a hole in running water.

Float copper piece with hole in it.