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Garuda Purana Complete English Translation 3 Volumes in pagesVol 1 begins at page # 1Vol 2 begins at page # Vol 3 begins at. The Motilal Banarsidass translation of Garuda Purana by J.L. Shastri is an Garuda Purana English - Motilal - 3 Volumes in 1 (PDF, MB). Garuda Purana English - Motilal - 3 Volumes in 1 (PDF, MB) copy of an abridged English translation of Garuda Purana by M.N. Dutt (Manmatha Nath Dutt).

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Sources of the Garuda Puranam—. Vishnu charges. Garudato com pos e the Garuda Puranam. CH APTE R III. —. Suta describes the s ubjects dealt with in the . Free PDF, epub, Kindle ebook. This is a translation of an abridged version of the Garuda Purana. The Garuda Purana is one of the Vishnu Puranas. It is a part of. No Copyrights soundofheaven.infote Garuda Puranam Sanskrit Text with English translated by

There is there a king named Jangama, who has the appearance of Death. Tell me, O Lord, the rites for burning the bodies of the good, and describe also the greatness of the wife who is faithful. By hundreds of thousands of whirlpools the sinful descend to the lower region. Those men who die after committing sins attain the heaven-world by their bones falling into the Ganges. On the arrival of the army the departed one, having given the great jewel to the king, bowed to him, again implored him, and became invisible. The deer, severely wounded by his very hard arrow, ran out of sight into the interior of the forest, carrying the arrow with him. From him who offers to Me, with devotion, a leaf, a flower, a fruit or water--from him, the self-subdued, I accept that, presented with devotion.

Proofread HTML: Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. English translation of complete Garuda Purana Ask Question. Where can I find English translation of complete Garuda Purana online?

Garuda Puranam Sanskrit English

Dutt Manmatha Nath Dutt at two different places: I think M. Dutt's translation is an abridged version.

English garuda pdf purana

The Motilal Banarsidass translation is a verse-by-verse translation, and I think it's much better. Anil Kumar's answer has the Motilal Banarsidass one: Oh ok, I tried clicking on those links in the other answer earlier and none of them seem to work.

The Garuda Purana

The page just times out. Maybe we should upload them to archive. Mar 13 '16 at 2: Yeah, unfortunately the DSpace site is often down. Fie, fie upon the wretched men who nevertheless go to hell!

Tell me, then, O Lord, to what condition the sinful come, and in what way they obtain the miseries of the Way of Yama. The Blessed Lord said: Listen, O Lord of Birds, and I will describe the Way of Yama, terrible even to hear about, by which those who are sinful go in hell.

Garuda Puranam in English | Hell | Afterlife

Those men who are intent upon wisdom go to the highest goal; the sinfully-inclined go miserably to the torments of Yama. Listen how the misery of this world accrues to the sinful, then how they, having passed through death, meet with torments.

Having experienced the good or the bad actions, in accordance with his former earning,--then, as the result of his actions, some disease arises. Powerful death, unexpectedly, like a serpent, approaches him stricken with bodily and mental pain, yet anxiously hoping to live. Not yet tired of life, being cared for by his dependents, with his body deformed through old age, nearing death, in the house, He remains, like a house-dog, eating what is ungraciously placed before him, diseased, with failing digestion, eating little, moving little, With eyes turned up through loss of vitality, with tubes obstructed by phlegm, exhausted by coughing and difficult breathing, with the death rattle in his throat, Lying encircled by his sorrowing relatives; though being spoken to he does not answer, being caught in the noose of death.

In this condition, with mind busy with the support of his family, with senses unconquered, swooning with intense pain he dies amidst his weeping relatives.

Garuda Puranam in English

Then, at the destruction of the decayed senses and the numbing of the intelligence, the messengers of Yama come near and life departs.

When the breath is leaving its place, the moment of dying seems an age, and pain like the stinging of hundred scorpions is experienced.

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