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Tackle everything about football with this comprehensive guide from the pros! Always wanted to understand football, but dont know your Xs from your Os?. Coaching. Football. FOR. DUMmIES‰ by National Alliance For Youth Sports . volunteer football coaches who give up countless hours of their free time to. American Football popularly known as the Rugby Football or Gridiron originated in United American football gained fame as the people wanted to detach.

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We're proud of this book; please send us your comments through our Dummies online registration form located at Some of the. American football is about trying to make points by passing, carrying, or kicking an oblong ball (with two pointed ends) into your opponent's end zone. Football is . There are other books that explain all the detailed rules for Football fans. The truth is that Football is a very sophisticated game with thousands of technical.

You score a touchdown when you enter the end zone in control of the football. When a defensive player tackles the quarterback behind the line of scrimmage for a loss of yardage. Chapter 4: An imaginary line that extends from where the football is placed at the end of a play to both sides of the field. A yard-long area at each end of the field.

Chapter Compulsive viewing: Joining in sort of PART 5: Great players Chapter Great managers Chapter Great matches Chapter Bad behaviour. PART 6: Appendix A: Honour Boards Appendix 2: Glossary Appendix 3: Key Football Organisations. Prior to this he was the Sports Editor of guardian. Scott is the co-author of the football miscellany, Day of the Match.

Request permission to reuse content from this site. Undetected country. NO YES. Description About the Author Permissions Table of contents. Selected type: Added to Your Shopping Cart. Whether you want to impress friends and colleagues with new-found football wisdom, brush up on details you're unsure about the offside rule, anyone?

Football For Dummies (USA Edition) Cheat Sheet

Covering all the basics of the game, rules and tactics, as well as giving an in-depth history of the sport and how it has evolved to the present day, this indispensable guide will get you up to speed on the most popular game in the world in no time.

With dream team formations, tips on football betting and supporting, essential coverage on the World Cup, and stats on current teams, players and managers both at home and abroad, football expert and Guardian journalist Scott Murray keeps it fun, fresh and knowledgeable to get you through the major tournaments and beyond.

Football For Dummies includes: Get your boots on - the gear you need PART 2: Putting it all into practice PART 3: Women's football PART 4: Bad behaviour PART 6: Permissions Request permission to reuse content from this site. Table of contents Introduction.

Part I: Kicking Off. Chapter 1: Welcome to Planet Football. Chapter 2: The Ball Starts Rolling: A Potted History of Football. Chapter 3: Getting Your Boots On: The Gear You Need. Part II: Playing the Game. Chapter 4: Laying Down the Laws. Chapter 5: Players, Positions and Tactics.

Chapter 6: Honing Your Skills. This player lines up beside the offensive tackle to the right or the left of the quarterback. Left guard and right guard: The inner two members of the offensive line, whose jobs are to block for and protect the quarterback and ball carriers. Left tackle and right tackle: The outer two members of the offensive line. Defensive tackle: The inner two members of the defensive line, whose jobs are to maintain their positions in order to stop a running play or run through a gap in the offensive line to pressure the quarterback or disrupt the backfield formation.

Defensive end: The outer two members of the defensive line. Generally, their jobs are to overcome offensive blocking and meet in the backfield, where they combine to tackle the quarterback or ball carrier. Depending on the formation, most teams employ either three or four linebackers on every play.

Linebackers often have the dual role of defending the run and the pass.

Dummies football pdf for

The players who line up the deepest in the secondary — the last line of defense. There are free safeties and strong safeties, and they must defend the deep pass and the run. The players who line up on the wide parts of the field, generally opposite the offensive receivers. To understand and enjoy American football, get familiar with key terms and what they mean.

Until you grasp basic football lingo, listening to announcers call a football game can be like listening to monkey gibberish. The following list fills you in on the basic American football terms you need to know:.

Pdf football for dummies

The group of offensive players — the running backs and quarterback — who line up behind the line of scrimmage. A period of action that starts when the ball is put into play and ends when the ball is ruled dead meaning the play is completed.

The offense gets four downs to advance the ball 10 yards. If it fails to do so, it must surrender the ball to the opponent, usually by punting on the fourth down.

The series of plays when the offense has the football, until it punts or scores and the other team gets possession of the ball. End zone: A yard-long area at each end of the field.

Dummies pdf for football

You score a touchdown when you enter the end zone in control of the football. Extra point: The ball is placed on either the 2-yard line in the NFL or the 3-yard line in college and high school and is generally kicked from inside the yard line after being snapped to the holder.

It must sail between the uprights and above the crossbar of the goalpost to be considered good. Fair catch: When the player returning a punt waves his extended arm from side to side over his head. Field goal: A kick, worth three points, that can be attempted from anywhere on the field but is usually attempted within 40 yards of the goalpost.

Like an extra point, a kick must sail above the crossbar and between the uprights of the goalpost to be ruled good. The act of losing possession of the ball while running with it or being tackled. Members of the offense and defense can recover a fumble. If the defense recovers the fumble, the fumble is called a turnover.

Football For Dummies, UK Edition

The act of giving the ball to another player. Handoffs usually occur between the quarterback and a running back. Hash marks: The lines on the center of the field that signify 1 yard on the field.

Before every play, the ball is spotted between the hash marks or on the hash marks, depending on where the ball carrier was tackled on the preceding play. When the 11 players on the field come together to discuss strategy between plays. On offense, the quarterback relays the plays in the huddle. A forward pass that falls to the ground because no receiver could catch it, or a pass that a receiver dropped or caught out of bounds.

Football For Dummies (USA Edition) Cheat Sheet - dummies

A kickoff is used at the start of the first and third quarters and after every touchdown and successful field goal. Line of scrimmage: An imaginary line that extends from where the football is placed at the end of a play to both sides of the field.

For pdf football dummies

Neither the offense nor the defense can cross the line until the football is put in play again. Offensive line: