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May 6, Dark Sun Campaign Setting (4e) - Explore a savage, wondrous world. Watermarked PDF + Softcover Color Book (Standard). $ $ D&D 4th Edition - Dark Sun Campaign Pages · · MB·69, Downloads. The Book of Joy. Apr 8, Dark Sun 5th Edition Player's Handbook. Page 1. Dark Sun . Dave Milman and Sébastien Gamache for assembling it into an easy to read PDF CM from the EN World forums for his Old-School Wild Talents for Dark Sun 4e.

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Setting details based on the original DARK SUN setting created by Troy Denning and Timothy B. Brown. D&D Senior Creative Art Director. Jon Schindehette. Dungeons and Dragons®, D&D, and Dark Sun® are registered trademarks of Wizards of the Coast, Inc., .. purchased from RPGNow! as pdf downloads. This is. DUNGEONS & DRAGONS, D&D, d20, d20 System, WIZARDS OF THE COAST, Adventurer's Vault, Player's Handbook, Dungeon Master's Guide, Monster.

Dark Sun Dark Sun: Dark Sun differs further in that the game has no deities, arcane magic is reviled for causing the planet's current ecological fragility, and psionics are extremely common. Robert L April 29, 4: Freedom and DSQ1: As a result, there were actually a total of five books available for Dark Sun, not the three campaign books of and They were not included in the 4th edition setting.

Fury of the Wastewalker" adventure. As a result, there were actually a total of five books available for Dark Sun, not the three campaign books of and As a result, the Dark Sun Campaign Setting isn't nearly as different from the core rule set as the original Dark Sun box was; even the sorcerous art of defiling has become what's essentially a tactical power. However, Dark Sun Campaign Setting did expand the 4e rules in one notable way: These themes provided colorful backgrounds for characters … and new powers, of course.

Some of them, such as "elemental priest", "gladiator", and "templar", also replaced some of the variant classes found in the original Dark Sun game. Expanding Athas.

The new 4e version of Dark Sun wasn't quite a reboot, but it did rewind the clock of Dark Sun 's metaplot. Tyr has become a free city, which means that it's set after the original Dark Sun's first adventure, DS1: The new Dark Sun rules changes implicitly created some changes in the Athas setting too. For example, the templars, who worshiped the sorcerer-kings, have become warlocks; while elemental clerics were somewhat decreased in importance due to the fact that their role became a theme.

Similarly, the difference between defilers and preservers was much less black and white. Finally, Athas was slightly revamped to include 4e's standard tropes. The dray of Giustenal were turned into dragonborn, while tieflings also made an appearance.

The standard cosmology of 4e was also introduced to Dark Sun. A few locations were slightly moved and the scale of the map was decreased, but otherwise it was Athas for a new generation. About the Creators. Schwalb and Thompson both got their start as freelancers in the d20 industry that Wizards created. Schwalb started writing extensively for 4e in , Thompson in Thanks to Robert Adducci for Dark Sun advice. Please feel free to mail corrections, comments, and additions to shannon.

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Pdf 4e dark sun

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Hide my password. Get the newsletter. Subscribe to get the free product of the week! One-click unsubscribe later if you don't enjoy the newsletter. Log In with Facebook. Log In I am new here. Remember me. Password forgotten? Click here. Dark Sun Campaign Setting 4e. Selected Option: Watermarked PDF. Softcover Color Book Standard. Average Rating 8 ratings. Explore a savage, wondrous world. In the final years of 4e, themes proved very popular and were widely used in other settings.

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Dark Sun Campaign Setting 3.5 Complete)

Please log in to add or reply to comments. Robert L April 29, 4: Jonathan M November 09, 3: Now that this book is being offered as print-on-demand, is there any chance we'll see it released in it's original hardcover format?

Todor P September 12, 5: Will this be any good for this or is it still deeply rooted in the 4e core book material? Antonio E September 18, 9: Paolo M January 12, I'd like to convert the world of Dark Sun and use it as a background for Traveller the world would be a Red Zone in part due to the high frequency of psionics - PCs will infiltrate it for a mission, but will have to avoid using high-tech weaponry or vehicles unless the situation is really desperate.

Would this book be enough, or should I go for the 2e boxed set? If it's only setting information I'd suggest the original 2e boxed set, which is definitely rules-lighter. However, in both cases you'll need the corresponding monster books.

Scott N May 27, 2: Allan M May 08, 3: Has anyone played with this? How amenable is it to adaptation to other editions, in particular Next? Christopher J December 13, Start with the 2E materials if you want to use Next.

Darren P. This is an excellent, sinister setting. We use the Eberron Campaign setting so I use this for Sarlona and the Riedran culture which has worked well so far. Some excellent new additions in terms of classes and backgrounds.

No-one who plays likes the Tem [ Megan R. The Introduction jumps right in, explaining what is unique about the Dark Sun setting. Athas is a dying world, where mere survival is a constant battle See All Ratings and Reviews.

Browse Categories. WoD 20th Anniversary Edition Sale. Weapons typically consist of obsidian, bone, and wood, and are prone to breaking. Only a single dragon exists in all of Athas, a monstrosity whose appearance heralds disasters of catastrophic proportions. Arcane magic draws its power from the life force of plants or living creatures, with the potential to cause tremendous harm to the environment. As a result, wizards and other arcane casters are despised and must practice in secret.

Psionics are extremely common with nearly every living thing having at least a modicum of psionic ability. Due to a scarcity of metal, weapons and armor are made from natural materials such as bone, stone, wood, carapace or obsidian.

Athas has no deities and no formal religions other than the cults created by the sorcerer-kings. Dark Sun's extensive metaplot spans several fictional ages into its past and is described by a fictional narrator called the Wanderer who presents an in-game account of Athas's history in their Wanderer's Journal. According to this account the planet progressed through several ages roughly corresponding to the color of the sun and the state of the planet.

The Wanderer's Journal begins with the Edenic Blue Age when Athas was once covered with a vast body of life-giving water under a blue sun. Halflings ruled Athas during this time, building a powerful civilization. They were nature-masters and life-shapers, able to produce anything they needed by manipulating the principles of nature itself.

The age came to an end by accident. The experiment failed, however, instead choking the sea with a toxic brown tide that spread across the waters, killing everything it touched. The Wanderer's Journal claims that the Green Age began approximately 14, years before the setting's starting period. The light of the Pristine Tower burned away the brown tide but also changed the planet.

The sun changed from blue to yellow. The endless sea receded, revealing a verdant world of plant life. The halflings' civilization came to an end and most of them withdrew from the world and spiraled into savagery. The last of the nature-masters transformed themselves into new races, becoming humans, demihumans, and other humanoids that repopulated the world and built new civilizations. Due to mutations caused by the power of the Pristine Tower, the new people of Athas discovered they were gifted with a myriad of psionic powers.

Soon a high standard of living was achieved for those dwelling in the cities supported by wonders created with psionics. Among the new races were a rare and powerful race known as the pyreens. One of their number, Rajaat , would bring about sweeping changes to Athas. Rajaat discovered magic eight thousand years before the current age. Seeking more power he took possession of the Pristine Tower.

Here he mastered this new force and developed two distinct ways; one that preserved nature, known as preserving, and one that exploited it, known as defiling. He taught preserving magic to the public but secretly selected fifteen human students with a potential for both psionics and magic for a darker purpose. Using the power of the Pristine Tower to harness the energy of the yellow sun, he transformed these fifteen into his Champions.

Besides their native psionic powers and defiling magic, they were imbued with immortality and the ability to draw magical energy from living creatures through the use of obsidian orbs. The process of creating the Champions turned the sun from yellow to red.

Rajaat's ultimate desire was to exterminate all races except the halflings and return Athas to the splendor of the Blue Age. About 3, years before the current age, [26]: The unbridled use of defiling magic unleashed by Rajaat and his Champions during the wars desolated the land, turning much of it into a savage, desert wasteland under a burning crimson sun. The struggles would have continued to completion had the Champions not discovered that Rajaat's true plans did not include their survival.

Approximately 2, years before the current age, [26]: With Rajaat imprisoned, the former Champions renamed themselves Sorcerer-Kings and despotically divided up the surviving city-states among themselves. His escape would spell doom for all of them, so the former Champions selected Borys as Rajaat's warden. As warden, Borys would need to be transformed into a true dragon, a creature nearly unheard of in the setting, in order to be able to cast the spells required to maintain Rajaat's prison.

The ritual that transformed Borys into a dragon caused him to go mad and embark on a century-long defiling rampage. The defiling during the Cleansing War had been substantial, but Borys's rampage was the tipping point that turned Athas into a hellish desert. Dark Sun's second edition metaplot was advanced through its novels and adventure modules.

During this era TSR began to expand metaplots in other settings, such as Forgotten Realms , but Dark Sun pioneered the matching of fiction and adventure modules to engender and advance metaplots. These city-states tightly control the few remaining reservoirs of fresh water, the food supply, and other precious resources such as obsidian or iron.

Troy Denning 's Prism Pentad novels brought sweeping changes to the metaplot of Dark Sun and were also closely tied to playable adventure modules such as DS1: Freedom and DSQ1: Road to Urik The culmination of the tangled metaplot was summarized in Beyond The Prism Pentad in preparation for the release of the revised and expanded boxed set , released a few months later, which presented the setting after the events of the modules and novels.

Some advances in the metaplot were controversial among fans as releases such as Mind Lords of the Last Sea and Windriders of the Jagged Cliffs explicitly introduced more science fiction elements, such as the lifeshaping magics of the halflings, that had previously only been hinted at. At the point the source material lays out for play the beginning of the Age of Heroes when the sorcerer-king's hold on the Tyr Region has recently been challenged with the assassination of Kalak of Tyr in a slave rebellion led by Rikus, Agis, Neeva, Tithian, and Sadira.

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Over the course of the adventure modules and the novels the metaplot advances radically, changing the Tyr Region with Rikus, Agis, Neeva, Tithian, and Sadira from the novels , or the player characters at the center of the changes.

Sadira becomes the first sun-wizard through the use of the Pristine Tower, putting her at a level of power equal to the sorcerer-kings. Tithian uses the Dark Lens to free Rajaat, believing he will be transformed into a sorcerer-king as a reward. Several sorcerer-kings are lost or destroyed during the ensuing battle with Rajaat.

Andropinis is imprisoned in the Black while Tectuktitlay is killed. Rajaat is ultimately vanquished by Sadira using the Dark Lens as a focus for a spell that burns away Rajaat's shadow, the source of his tremendous power. This spell also causes a tremendous earthquake creating the Great Rift, a passage to the previously unknown Crimson Savannah and the alien Kreen Empire.

The Revised and Expanded boxed set released in begins at this point with the destabilization of the Tyr Region's political power structure. The wake of the creation of the Cerulean Storm and the earthquake that caused the Great Rift results in powerful storms and destructive aftershocks.

In May , David Noonan wrote a brief update for the setting for the 3rd edition rules. The guide outlined some of the important events that had taken place since then, and largely focused on the city-states and the fate of the remaining sorcerer-kings. The city-state of Raam is on the verge of collapse after the death of its sorcerer-queen. The psionic dragon-lich Dregoth , who resurrected himself after being slain by the other Sorcerer-Kings for attempting to become a dragon like Borys, sweeps in and transforms most of the riotous inhabitants into undead.

He now rules the city-state where the living walk side-by-side with undead zombies and skeletons. In Draj, Azetuk the adopted son of the deceased Sorcerer-King Tectuktitlay was installed largely as a figurehead by Tectuktitlay templars, but manages to learn enough to transform himself into a true sorcerer-king.

D&D 4th Edition - Dark Sun Campaign Setting.pdf

He takes control of Draj and begins to demand regular blood sacrifices in his temples. Balic has also fallen into chaos after the disappearance and reappearance of their sorcerer-king Andropinis.

Tyr remains free from sorcerer-king rule and has managed to defend its walls from multiple assaults from Urik. The city-state is now ruled by a council of nobles and preserver mages from the Veiled Alliance. In , Athas. This edition picks up the metaplot two years after the Wanderer's discovery of the Last Sea. Following prophesied signs, Dregoth takes to the surface and makes his bid for true divinity. The fourth edition setting presents a much abridged and somewhat different backstory that alludes to the original metaplot but doesn't explicitly reference it.

The fourth edition metaplot describes three ages: As with the original metaplot, the Green Age is earliest visible sign of civilization but suggests that rare tales tell of an earlier age, possibly the Blue Age. The end of the Green Age is described similarly to the original metaplot. The Green Age gave way to the more recent Red Age, a time of profound war and strife that left the world a blasted, desolate waste. Game play begins during the Desert Age, similarly to 2nd edition, with the world a barren wasteland and its few remaining habitable places being lorded over by the sorcerer-kings.

Sorcerer-king Kalak of Tyr has been assassinated and the liberation of Tyr has sparked a glimmer of hope and renewal in the Tyr Region. A side-bar briefly describes the true history of Athas, which differs slightly from the original.

First, the gods were destroyed or driven away from Athas by malevolent elementals known as primordials. The loss of true gods created a fault in the world that allowed for the potential for arcane magic, which Rajaat discovers; the remainder of the metaplot up to the modern era is similar to 2nd edition. The Tyr Region remains the only bastion of civilization on Athas but is tyrannically ruled by the sorcerer-kings. No mention is made of the events of the Prism Pentad.

The reason for the cosmological isolation is never fully explained. The cosmology for the original setting consists of the prime material plane and two other transitive planes: The Black is roughly equivalent to the Plane of Shadows and contains a mysterious realm of absolute nothingness called the Hollow that serves as a prison for Rajaat. The Gray is roughly equivalent to the Ethereal Plane in that it surrounds Athas, forming a massive buffer between the prime material plane and the Astral Plane and so cutting it off from Outer Planes.

The Gray in this edition is the realm of the dead where undead creatures and necromancers draw their power. Dark Sun's Inner Planes has different paraelementals based on natural phenomena: The 4th edition setting places Athas clearly within the World Axis cosmology, [17] but retains its traditional cosmological isolation. Shadowfell , known as the Gray on Athas, acts as a barrier between Athas and the other planes.

The Astral Sea is accessible via the Gray but the realm is largely empty in proximity to Athas with the connections to other realms lost. As with previous editions, Athas sits close to the Elemental Chaos and the planet has a special connection to these planes. These planes are accessible from the World and vice versa. Contained deep within the Elemental Chaos is the Abyss. Athas is home to several of the standard high fantasy races, including elves , dwarves , half-elves , halflings , and humans , as well as a handful of new or exotic fictional races, such as muls , half-giants , pterrans , thri-Kreen , and aarakocra.

Subsequent resources introduced more races such as elans , drays , and maenads. Dark Sun races were distinctly different from those found in other campaign settings as the designers purposefully went against type.

Athasian elves are not benevolent forest dwellers but hostile tribal nomads with savage dispositions and a deep distrust of outsiders.

Sun 4e pdf dark

Halfings are largely cannibals living in shaman-ruled settlements in the jungles beyond civilization. Similar to the races, Dark Sun's character classes were largely consistent with the classes of the core game rules, but with some changes to bring them in line with the game's unique themes. For example, the commonplace development of psionic ability , unusual nature of magic, and focus on survival skills have altered the scope and theme of some classes and lead the addition of new classes.

Bards, for example, are as likely to be skilled at assassination or poisons as they are with entertainment. Athasian clerics, rather than worship a given deity, pact with elementals. They also do not organize into churches, collect followers, and are allowed to carry edged weapons. Arcane spell casters are largely reviled, while divine magic is accepted though it sometimes presents an ideological challenge to the sorcerer-king's rule. Psionics are broadly accepted and celebrated, with virtually all living things possessing some psionic talent.

As classes changed in subsequent editions these were also reconciled with the setting. Available classes are not defined in the 4th edition campaign setting. Besides paladins [19]: In 3rd edition sorcerers are almost unheard of, though in the Paizo adaptation they suffer an even greater stigma than wizards.

Other arcane spell casters such as sorcerers , and warlocks , or were not included until the Paizo later version of the setting in In 4th edition any arcane caster was ostensibly available if the dungeon master allowed it. Without proper deities, clerics derive their powers from such as the forces of the Inner Planes , or in 4th edition, the Elemental Chaos. The idea of the divine spell caster changed significantly during the 4th edition of the setting with the introduction of primal magic.

Some ostensibly divine spell casters, such as templars, became arcane spell casters. Others, such as shamans, clerics, and druids, cast spells using primal magic as opposed to divine magic. Clerics technically still used divine magic mechanics but under the same limited auspices that marked the previous editions of the setting. In previous editions, templars , casters who directly serve and derive their powers from the sorceror kings, were treated as a specialized form of cleric.

In 4th edition the templar class shifted away from being a divine caster to an arcane caster, though not all templars are skilled in magic.

Game designer Rick Swan felt that while "clerics got the shaft in the original Dark Sun set", the supplement Earth, Air, Fire, and Water "transforms the stodgy Dark Sun cleric into the setting's most intriguing character". Arcane magic in Dark Sun differs substantially from more traditional fantasy campaign settings in that it draws from the life force of the planet or living beings.

Arcane spellcasters may cast spells in a manner that preserves nature, known as preservers, or in a manner that destroys it, known as defilers. However, any arcane caster may choose to defile at any time.

Psionic power are a cornerstone of the setting, with nearly every living thing having some psionic abilities. Given the prevalence of psionics the people of Athas have developed laws to govern their use.

Each of the major city-states in the setting have organizations that teach or regulate psionics in that region. Additionally, the Order is a secret psionic organization composed of supremely powerful psions 21st level and above that sees itself as the secret monitors of psionic balance on Athas.

Mind reading, controlling the actions of others, spying on others using by psionic means are all outlawed, and summoning extraplanar beings are all outlawed. The only exception to these laws is for court officials who are allowed to use psionics in the due process of law. The original Dark Sun boxed set did not contain rules for psionics, but rather drew on a separate supplement: The Complete Psionics Handbook.

The majority of resources for the setting were released between its first appearance in and , when TSR stopped supporting the game line. The line included the original boxed set with rulebook authored by Timothy Brown and Troy Denning. Dragon Kings , released in , featured rules for epic level character advancement for Dark Sun.

The basic source material was later expanded and revised by Bill Slavicsek in to include the developments of the setting since the initial release. Additional source books further detailed the setting. These included in-depth looks at certain aspects of the setting including certain classes, such as gladiators, clerics, and psions ; the races native to Athas, such as elves or thri-kreen; and more detailed setting information, such as the city-state of Tyr, the Veiled Alliance , and the different slave tribes.

Pdf 4e dark sun

Dark Sun was not supported with a published rulebook for third edition, but compatible rules for the 3. Both rules were official versions approved and sanctioned by Wizards of the Coast that provided two different possible versions of the setting.

4e pdf sun dark

A special feature in Dragon magazine No. The rules for defiler wizards appear in Dragon , and additional monsters in Dungeon In place of the higher dice for ability scores, the abilities of all of the player character races have been improved.

Each including humans has an additional bonus to one or more ability scores, an innate psionic power, and often other bonuses. Every race has a level adjustment, meaning that a PC of the race counts as a PC of higher level than he actually is for purposes of balance. Each PC gained one theme that together with race and class helped define the character.

Themes grant an initial power and additional powers could be chosen instead of normally available class powers. Wizards of the Coast promoted the setting heavily. Rich Baker first communicated various likely changes to the setting via his Blog at wizards.

This full adventure previewed new material from the campaign setting.

D&D 4th Edition - Dark Sun Campaign Download ( Pages)

The first two excerpts covered basic information on the setting, which is similar to that of previous versions. A series of articles continued to provide glimpses into the setting prior to the release in August.

The 4th edition Dark Sun books greatly change the setting, and the 4th edition races were added as well, including Tieflings, Dragonborn, and Eladrin. Mechanical differences abound, but reflect the 4th edition rules. For example, in 2nd edition, defilers were a separate wizard class. In 4th edition there are many arcane classes, so defiling became an at-will power applicable when using daily arcane powers.

Elemental priests became a new Shaman build, the Animist Shaman. Elemental worship is tied to the Primal power source, because the Divine power source which includes clerics and paladins is unavailable to player characters by default. The campaign used the 4th edition rules and time frame. A total of seven chapters 21 rounds of four-hour play were released, providing a single continuous story taking player characters from 3rd through 9th level 11th level at completion.

Though the campaign concluded in January at Winter Fantasy, adventures can be requested from Baldman Games. Numerous novels have been based in the Dark Sun setting.

A number of video games are also set in the Dark Sun world: Shattered Lands , Dark Sun: Crimson Sands From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Dark Sun disambiguation.

Main article: List of Dark Sun modules and sourcebooks. List of Dark Sun novels. James Wyatt Spotlight Interview". Wizards of the Coast. August 14, Retrieved June 9, Retrieved June 24, Archived from the original on October 4, Retrieved August 20, Part 2". Retrieved June 6, May 28, Retrieved June 28, Renton, Washington: Wizards of the Coast History of Athas Online".

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