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Don't miss this magnificent final chapter in the breathtaking Shadow Falls series! Kylie's epic journey is about to lead her exactly where she belongs. Chosen at Nightfall Summary & Study Guide includes detailed chapter summaries PDF. Tweet about the Chosen at Nightfall Study Guide Email the Chosen at. Chosen at Nightfall book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Kylie Galen's life hasn't been the same since her world was.

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Kylie Galen's life hasn't been the same since her world was turned upside-down in Born at Midnight, Shadow Falls #1, and now an epic conclusion to her journey—not to mention a tough choice between two guys!—is brewing in Chosen at Nightfall: When Kylie Galen left Shadow Falls. When Kylie Galen entered Shadow Falls Camp, she left her old life behind forever and discovered a world more magical than she ever imagined. Hunter comes Chosen at Nightfall, the final book in the New York Times bestselling Shadow Falls series about a camp for paranormal teens. Read Chosen at Nightfall (Shadow Falls 5) Online, Free Novels Online, Read Book Online, Listen Novels Online.

But wait. John Huddy's Book: Weg mit dem Aschenbecher: Angie Thomas's Book: Marietta Cronjaeger's Book:

Read reviews that mention chosen at nightfall falls series sad to see last book even though loose ends looking forward whispers at moonrise feel like best book final book whole series highly recommend great series love triangle great ending born at midnight kylie galen team derek young adult. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Paperback Verified Purchase. The end of the end, and it feels tragic indeed.

As Kylie adjusts to her decision to leave Shadow Falls to live with her grandfather and fellow chameleons, she finds herself missing her friends and the comfort that the school brings. Though her main reason for leaving was to better understand what she is and to learn to control her powers, another more somber reason was because of a were named Lucas that broke her heart.

But even as Kylie starts to learn new things about herself, the threat of Mario coming for her becomes too strong and she is forced to go back to Shadow Falls where she can be better protected. Now Kylie and those closest to her must find a way to keep her safe, while also dealing with their own issues at hand. In this last installment, the reader follows Kylie as she finds the answers to all her questions and decides who she really wants to be with.

This should have been an EPIC ending! Something incredible should have happened! Kylie could have unleashed an insanely amazing power on Mario, demons could have come out of the underworld and sucked out his soul, Kylie could have sucked out his soul!

Not only did Kylie not even get to kill Mario, but she told her mother all about the supernatural lifestyle she now lives and it all seemed WAY unrealistic.

I feel like just because of this ending, I am going to have to knock my rating down a star. My love for this series is strong Yoda, but that ending just put another crack in my cold black heart. Okay, positivity! How touching. How romantic. I think the author did a great job of once again showing how strong the character of Kylie is by not letting her forgive Lucas so easily.

That kid just needed to relax! After Dark that follows our feisty vampire Della. I for one am kind of burnt out on the whole vampire thing, but I will probably have to give it a try. In regards to this series though, I just adore it completely and will probably be reading it again in the future. You will be so happy you took my wonderful advice. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. So more of my and hopefully characters will make an appearance on the blog.

But let me get back to the book. No problems with witches whatsoever. What I really loved about this book is all those feelings that Kylie and Lucas have. Sorry, ad apologies for spoilers. I lied. Because my soul was already given away. You took it when I was seven years old.

And you are mine, Kylie Galen. U thought so too when I first rad it. In her mind what he did was unforgivable, so bad that he could never be forgiven. I don't see it, I think when someone loves you that much no matter what you say deserves a second chance.

In the end though they made me super happy! The baby is going to be the cutest thing alive, I swear it. When he found out that she was having his child and he came back with all the flowers and the cheesy line 'But I'm your idiot' I felt like breaking down into the happiest, most romantic tears ever! I can't: I was flipping tables left and right, brochacos! View all 3 comments. Aug 09, Booknut rated it really liked it Shelves: She shot him a scowl.

Kylie's all: Thank the Lord! She's gonna make a decision! View all 21 comments. Spoilers Half a star for the lovely cover, and half a star for the very few decent secondary characters.

Yes, I know, I'm being generous but I'm in a giving mood. Free sweets for everyone! Random thoughts Note: Some points may be repetitive, incoherent and grammatically incorrect. Just because.

It was all very angsty and dramatic in that lame teen way. Oh and Kylie has about fifty different grandparents and a dozen or so parents — it's all rather ridiculous.

I personally recommend 6 weeks. Because she gets attacked by the bad guy aka her arch nemesis aka Mario. Yes, the bad guy's name is Mario. And yes, I was laughing every time Mario's name cropped up because for the life of me, I just couldn't believe in a bad guy called Mario. It was a bit like a cult And cults are cool to read about anyway. It would have been fascinating if the cult-like chameleon life was explored more. It's a shame, Kylie went back to the dull-uninspired-cliched Shadow Falls.

Oh and she was also a Speshul Snowflake. She was already a Speshul Snowflake of the highest order. So why make her into an even more of Speshul Snowflake?!

Maybe CC Hunter wrote it that way to try to cover up how boring and shit her heroine was. Well, it didn't work on me - Kylie was still as fascinating as a plank of wood sitting on top of another plank of wood. He cheated on Kylie once and I have no doubt that when he weds Kylie and impregnates her at eighteen, he'll be fucking some other girl. And then get engaged with a different werewolf girl Monique?

And then have make out sessions with Monique? And then pledge his soul and undying love to Monique? Because he's a liar and a cheater.

And he'll carry on lying and cheating. Don't worry, Kylie has no self-respect so she'll be a-okay with him treating her like shit, she's the type of person that likes being used and abused. He'd never have told Kylie, instead he would have just pretended everything was alright between them.

The dick. Hypocrite, thy name is Lucas. He grabbed Kylie's arms so hard that he left bruises. Don't you just love it when the hero bruises the heroine because he's mad? Yep, I know… you're trying not swoon, right? If Lucas was a nice guy he wouldn't have cheated, lied and betrayed the girl he supposedly loved. It was like the author couldn't be bothered having Kylie work things out on her own… Instead she had to have everyone push her, and force her into reconciling with that cheating rapey dirtbag.

It wasn't. Especially when 1. He only recently got engaged to Monique behind her back and 2. If he could pretend to be in love with Monique, then he could do the same to Kylie. One minute he was in love with Kylie and the next he was over her after one not-so-profound-or-enlightening conversation, and then he moved onto Jenny. It was ridiculous. It just made Derek seem fickle and it made his love seem shallow, transient and easily replaceable.

The hugging and the whole telling Kylie that they loved her — what sort of teachers are like that with their students? And even Kylie was talking about her love for her teachers.

It was weird, it wasn't like they were related to each her or that they'd known each other a long time.

I don't get why were they so close to one other. It was nauseating - I don't want to read the author's thoughts on sex and how she thinks that girls should stay virgins as long as possible… And that only girls who are virgins are 'good'. He didn't.

Chosen at Nightfall Summary & Study Guide

When Derek slept with Ellie, he wasn't even with Kylie! But of course CC Hunter rewrote that in this book in the hope that we'd forget that Derek and Kyle were actually broken up… Why? So CC Hunter could make it seem that what Lucas did to Kylie wasn't actually that big of a deal, especially in comparison to what Derek supposedly did to Kylie.

Well, it didn't work on me. Lucas was the only one that cheated. Derek didn't. Why did the Death Angels act so mysterious and all knowing? They were clueless and useless.

At pdf chosen nightfall

All in all, rubbish. I'm so glad the series is over, I doubt I'll be reading Della's spin-off series. View all 59 comments. Oct 24, Jayda Rose marked it as to-read Shelves: I know what he did was wrong but think about it He did everything just to be with her! He loves her with all his heart i can tell by the way she explains him and i'm pretty sure that he would want Kylie to be his only love his only passion his only I hope to read!

If i was Kylie i would think before i choose Derek a fae who loves her but backed down and expects her to love him back or Lucas a werewolf determined to love her to care for her like Derek but better what they had was unforgettable their love was true ya Derek could be better but i doubt it Lucas was a right choice View all 5 comments.

Aug 23, Sandra rated it liked it Shelves: This is pretty much how i looked after finishing Chosen at Nightfall l Every other book in the series has been brilliantly magnificent and quickly became my favorite. I'm pretty much shocked to the bones that i didn't love this one, especially because it's the last book in the series.

Pdf chosen at nightfall

Shadow Falls and C. Hunter fans If you don't know what this series is about it follows a 17 year old girl, called Kylie Galen. She is shipped to a supernatural camp, but nobody knows what she is we find out a This is pretty much how i looked after finishing Chosen at Nightfall l Every other book in the series has been brilliantly magnificent and quickly became my favorite.

She is shipped to a supernatural camp, but nobody knows what she is we find out at the end of book 3. In this book, her story continues. She has to control and learn her powers so she can defeat her ultimate enemy before someone she loves will die.

Let's get something out there before i'll rant about my disappointment. Nothing can ever take it's place.

Pdf nightfall chosen at

I have been in love with this series since the very beginning, and i don't think that will change. In fact, i am kind of obsessed with it. I'm even stalking the authors blog.

It't getting rather scary. That's probably why i can't make myself give it a lower rating like it deserves. Sandra, why are you so disappointed? Because it didn't turn out the way i would like it too, and let's just say that i want to claw some of the characters eyes out.

Is that a bad thing? Oh dear, I'm afraid so. Why won't you tell me now what happened to get you into the condition you are currently in? Good question! A question where unfortunately there are more answers than there should be. First, meet the 3 main characters: You guessed it! It's a love triangle! And one of the reasons why this book was just 'ehhhh' for me. The love triangle had been amazing in the previous books. But in this one? I mean, i guess it depends on who's team you're on.

What i thought of Lucas werewolf?: I hate him so much! I can't believe that Kylie still has feelings for him after what he has done in book 4. I would have kicked his sorry ass so freaking hard and fast he would fly to freaking China and back in record time.

Chosen at Nightfall

Can't he, like, fall off a cliff already? What i thought of Derek half-fae?: I love him! He's nice, kind, smart, helpful, understanding, HOT , and just perfect for me. If i could shove my head in his ass and live there, i would. What i wouldn't do to see him naked! What i thought about Kylie?: I loved her in the previous books!

Sometimes she was just so stupid and annoying! All she really thought about was that darn idiotic Lucas! The book was also very predictable at times. But there were some nice twists that i didn't see coming. Hunter's writing style. There are no stupid metaphors that don't even make sense, and no hard vocabulary words that you have to get a dictionary for in order to know the meaning of when the characters are speaking e.

First i was like Then i was like Then it all sunk in and i was like Kylie you chose the wrong guy! I'm telling you! And the author is all like Not only that! But the guy who was left behind? She decided to ship him off with some other chick, thinking that his fans would be 'OK' with it.

And all the flaws that the guy had? Well, they magically just disappeared. It was obvious C. What i really loved though, was the beautiful friendship the characters had with each other. They are all, like, one big supernatural family that always looks after each other, and it's so heart warming! Overall , Chosen at Nightfall was a good read. It was nothing compared to the previous books, but it was still pretty good.

If not for the stupid romance and Kylie choosing the wrong guy in my opinion it would have been SO much better! Look out for Della's books! She's having her own series! The 1st one comes out in !!! Are you in? I know I am! View all 27 comments. Chosen at Nightfall (A Shadow Falls Novel) (): C. C. Hunter: Books

Nov 18, Laura rated it really liked it. I can however say that even though I predicted it, I still enjoyed it. I have a few issues with it- but seeing as the series is over I'll just put them to rest too.

I really don't understand how people can pick Lucas. No matter how you dress it up he still cheated- whether or not it was for 'the greater good' of his pack, he still cheated, lied and had the cheek to be so possessive whilst this was all going on!

They've always- to me- had more of a physical connection just. I think they have more of a soul mate connection. I'd really hate to see the good guy not get the girl in the end I hope I'm wrong View all 8 comments. Dec 02, Twizzie rated it liked it.

I wont eat my veggies until I do! Carrots will be crying. There will be hell to pay if I have to wait any longer. I'll even do it myself! Now, Miss C. I'm sorry if I offend you: Like faster? View 2 comments. Oct 27, Marija rated it it was amazing Shelves: Update March GAh why can't this book come out sooner?! Agh I'm soo annoyed C Hunter posted some clues about whats going to happen on her blog i think a while ago but i didn't check and now i have even less patience I can't wait for this book anymore!

Why does it have to come out in spring? Omg the cover is beautiful. But wait. Why is the cover a picture of the day when the book is "Chosen at Nightfall"? Still, I can't wait! I hope that this is the last book though, I can't take any more, no matter how good the series is. Lucas isn't that bad, I just think he's been kind of a jerk.

View all 11 comments. Jul 22, Jacqueline rated it it was amazing. May 18 I have to say reading this second time around I do agree that the last book is my favorite in the series, I would give it a 4.

Also completely agree with what I said first time around reading because this isn't the best series I've ever read but it's just pure entertainment to read! July 24 Awesome book for it being the last book in the series. Sad to see this series end I mean it wasn't the most perfect series but I loved it and it was just so entertaining definitely rec May 18 I have to say reading this second time around I do agree that the last book is my favorite in the series, I would give it a 4.

Sad to see this series end I mean it wasn't the most perfect series but I loved it and it was just so entertaining definitely recommend if your looking for something entertaining, with some romance, and hilarious bits!!! Spoilers may be concerned; I'll really try to avoid them. I fell that I read this book just to finish this series. First two books were amazing. I loved them, but since then it was worst and worst.

I don't actually know what to say about this book, it was quite about nothing, and since the beginning, I knew that it was going to finish with happily ever after. So pathetic. And finishing the whole Mario thing was so unbelievable fake!

I never liked Derek and nothing change. I still love Lucas, so I Spoilers may be concerned; I'll really try to avoid them. I still love Lucas, so I wish there were more Lulie moments! I'm so happy that this is the last book and if there is any other from Shadow Fall world, I'm not going to read it. Anyway, I will still dream about my sweet, lovely, hot Lucas Oct 23, Christie Watts rated it it was amazing. In this novel, Kylie Galen returns to Shadow Falls after an attack on one of her friends suggests her old nemesis named Mario is in the area.

If she is successful, people like herself will live freely in the supernatural society, as well as a whole. Chosen at Nightfall is a satisfying conclusion to a popular young adult series. Kylie Galen is having dinner with her grandfather and aunt when an alarm is raised in the chameleon compound. Kylie soon discovers that the alarm was caused by several of her friends from Shadow Falls who have come to take her back to Shadow Falls. It has been discovered that the chameleon who has been trying to kill Kylie is in the area.

It is thought that Kylie would be more secure if she returned to Shadow Falls. After Kylie is packed, she is trying to sleep when a teenage girl named Jenny comes to her window.

Jenny tells Kylie that the leaders plan to keep her away from Shadow Falls rather than allow her to go. For this reason, Jenny has decided to help Kylie escape the compound that night. For this reason, Kylie trusts Jenny.

At pdf chosen nightfall

Derek takes over in helping Kylie flee while Jenny distracts the compound guards. They escape and are on their way to Shadow Falls when they are ambushed by Mario.

Mario attacks them both, and there is a brief fight. Mario uses a mind trick to make Kylie think Lucas is Mario, and Kylie nearly strangles him to death. Kylie returns to Shadow Falls where she reunites with her friends, but she must also deal with seeing Lucas every day.