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Mrs Otis pointed to the floor by the bookcase. 'What is that?' she asked. 'Oh!' said Mrs Umney the housekeeper, 'That is the blood of Sir Simon. Canterville's wife. Download The Canterville Ghost free in PDF & EPUB format. Download OSCAR WILDE's The Canterville Ghost for your kindle, tablet, IPAD. The Canterville Ghost is a popular novella by Oscar Wilde, widely adapted for the screen and stage. “The Canterville Ghost” is a parody featuring a.

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dinner, and I feet bound to tell you, Mr. Otis, that the ghost has been seen by several "I fear that the ghost exists," said Lord Canterville, smiling, "though it may. Free kindle book and epub digitized and proofread by Project Gutenberg. Book: The Canterville Ghost. The Canterville Ghost is Oscar Wilde's tale of an American family who moves into a British mansion, Canterville Chase, much to the annoyance of the resident ghost. It was later included in a collection of short stories entitled Lord Arthur Savile's.

She had a magnificent constitution, and a really wonderful amount of animal spirits. Otis had never fallen into this error. Her eldest son, christened Washington by his parents in a moment of patriotism, which he never ceased to regret, was a fair-haired, rather good-looking young man, who had qualified himself for American diplomacy by leading the German at the Newport Casino for three successive seasons, and even in London was well known as an excellent dancer. Otis's last observation, "and if you don't mind a ghost in the house, it is all right. Little squirrels peered at them from the beech-trees as they went by, and the rabbits scudded away through the brushwood and over the mossy knolls, with their white tails in the air. Tappan, of West 53d Street, had been a celebrated New York belle, was now a very handsome, middle-aged woman, with fine eyes, and a superb profile. A House of Pomegranates Oscar Wilde.

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