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Pada jenjang Madrasah Aliyah iii Buku Guru Kelas X MA Peminatan Ilmu-ilmu Keagamaan menyiapkan model Silabus Pembelajaran PAI di Madrasah, menerbitkan Buku Pegangan Siswa dan Buku Pedoman Guru. Keberadaan buku ajar dalam penerapan kurikulum madrasah menjadi sangat Download pdf. esis,buku ekonomi kelas x kurikulum erlangga pdf,buku ekonomi kelas x Buku PAI / Pendidikan Agama Islam Kelas XII SMA klik url ini Buku . Buku Pegangan Siswa Bahasa Inggris SMA Kelas 10 Kurikulum Semester 2 ( Unduh sebagai PDF, TXT atau baca online dari Scribd Kelas 10 SMA Pendidikan Agama Islam Dan Budi Pekerti Siswa( 1).

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We reserve the right to restrict yourself to a free trial or marketing of an invoiceable service and the combination of free trial or other promotional. Bse Buku Siswa Kelas 10 Smk Kurikulum Edisi - [PDF] [EPUB] Bse Kelas 11 SMA Pendidikan Agama Islam dan Budi Pekerti Siswa. Buku Paket Kurikulum Untuk Sma Kelas 10 Gratis kementerian agama ri telah menyiapkan model silabus pembelajaran pai di madrasah dan.

Guru memperbaiki kesalahan-kesalahan yang dilakukan siswa. Rewrite your biographical recount. In Another one is Wimpy Kid. When he was 14 years old.

What did his cousin do while he was confused? What fact about their wallet did Didi remember? Why do people write a diary?

What was Didi doing at that time? What made Didi realize about his money? What did they enjoy together? Was his cousin sad when he knew the fact about his wallet? Why do you think so? To know that. Task 3: Identifying the arrangement of ideas in a recount text Do you know how ideas in a personal recount text are arranged? Diary is a personal recount text. It was already 6. Though I was scared. I was home alone at that night. Fill in the blanks with the right words.

I tried to find out the source of the noise. I only bought things that I needed. I was standing in front of the shop window for fifteen minutes. When I was about to pay my lunch. Today is my payday. We were waiting for our favorite artists who were still inside the airport.

Last Tuesday was a bad day for me. At break time. Winda refused to lend me some money. We met in a food court and had lunch together. She explained that I had not returned the money that I had borrowed. This morning. I felt very hungry all day long. After the hard work of cleaning our classroom.

Today was my lucky day. President Obama still remembers his childhood that he spent in Indonesia. Can somebody give me a glass of water. It was very hot in the room. Last week. I like your new headscarf. This time a month ago. Complete the sentences. It fits you well. Change the verbs to the simple past or present tense according to the context of the sentences. Read the following incomplete sentences.

This morning I feel energetic. When I met them last year. Last year. What happened finally? When I was still in kindergarten. Step I: A interviews B.

Now follow each step of the speaking activity below. Ask the following questions: Can you tell me an interesting experience that you wrote in your diary. Interview them using the questions in number 2 above. Three days ago. An apple a day keeps the doctor away. When did it happen? What happened first. What was your experience about? What happened then? How did you feel about that? Step II: Now B interviews A. Name each member of each group with A.

After that. If you want to write your own personal experience go directly to task 2. Use also the guiding questions in task 2 below to help you. I was tidying up my room when I heard the bell of the ice cream vendor. Decide which story is the most interesting one and explain why so. Step III: Now A. Use the following questions to help you start to write.

Can you do all the exercises here? If not. If you can. If you choose that way. Task 2 Write down your personal experience in a diary. If you want to. See part D Task 3 to remember how to organize your ideas. What have you learned from this chapter.

There are people who are famous because of their diary. Writing in a diary in English regularly helps you develop your writing competence and you will enjoy reading your diary.

Another one is Wimpy Kid. Wimpy Kid is also a published diary and most of the stories in the diary are funny. Your funny stories can make you chuckle.

One of them is Anne Frank. Who is Anne Frank? Why is her diary famous? Find that from internet. Write your feelings. Try to get the information about that from internet. Chapter 12 Talking about an Idol Source: Menunjukkan perilaku jujur. You have to guess what words that your teacher has in mind. His parents met while studying in Bogor. Habibie was born in Parepare. Habibie received a degree in engineering in Germany. Tuti Marini Puspowardojo. His father was an agriculturist from Gorontalo of Bugis descent and his mother was a Javanese noblewoman from Yogyakarta.

In When he was 14 years old. He was the Third President of the Republic of Indonesia — Habibie was born on 25 June Habibie and his wife settled in Aachen for a short period before moving to Oberforstbach. RWTH Aachen to conduct research for his doctoral degree.

Habibie returned to Indonesia for three months on sick leave. Since relinquishing the presidency. Habibie was elected vice president in March Due to his work with Makosh. The two married on 12 May Habibie initially served as a special assistant to Ibnu Sutowo. During this time. Two years later. He worked for Messerschmit on the development of the Airbus AB aircraft. In May they had their first son. Ilham Akbar Habibie. Suharto publicly announced his resignation and Habibie was immediately sworn in as president.

Habibie worked on two projects which received funding from Deutsche Bundesbahn. Mohamad Besari. Habibie Theorem. Thareq Kemal Habibie.

Adapted from: In September The book recalled the events of May Habibie has spent more time in Germany than in Indonesia. On 21 May Short Bio Name: Habibie Place of birth: Comprehension Questions Answer the following questions by referring to the reading text about B.

Why did Habibie move to Germany? When did Habibie receive a degree in engineering in Germany? Why did Habibie remain in Germany after getting a degree?

Task 1: Form Completion Fill in the blanks with information about B. Habibie mentioned in the reading text. Had Habibie met Ainun before meeting her in ? What happened to Habibie in ? Where did the new couple settle in after getting married in May ?

Which good points do you want to imitate? What steps will you take to develop the good points? What had happened before Habibie was sworn in as a president? They were classmates when they were in senior high school. After getting married. What theory was developed by Habibie? When and where Habibie was born. Paragraph Introductory paragraph Purposes To start the recount by introducing the person Details. Supporting paragraph 1 Supporting paragraph 2 Supporting paragraph 3 Supporting paragraph 4 Supporting paragraph 5 Concluding paragraph Kurikulum Bahasa Inggris J Habibie.

Past Tense: Irregular Verb Make a sentence from each of the following irregular verbs. Present-past Present-past Present-past arise. I saw him yesterday. Use your note on Task 1 to help you. Write the name on a circle. Write down important information about that person. Pair work Tell your friends about your idol.

Use your notes on the speaking activities to help you write. Look at the following example. Identifying an idol Think of a famous person that you like very much. Peer Feedback Exchange your work with your friend. To improve the content of your writing. Ask your friend to write feedback on your writing. Look at the organization: Is there any topic sentence? Are there adequate supporting sentences? Are there concluding sentences? Rewrite the Biographical Recount After getting feedback from friends.

Look at the grammar: What have you learned from this chapter? Look at the references: Are the references clear and correct? Use the following guide to give feedback for your friend. Look at the spelling: Is the spelling correct? Look at the use of the words: Does your friend use suitable choice of words? Reading this kind of texts may inspire you to be a better person. Chapter 13 Somebody I admire Source: The group who can guess more words will be the winner. After you know how to play the game.

For example: You have to guess what words that your teacher has described. She was born in Lampadang in She was educated in religion and household matters. Following the death of her husband Teuku Umar. On 26 March In November Teuku Nanta Setia. She was renowned for her beauty. Her father. Despite desperately fighting back. Dhien was captured. They were married in The war continued. Cut Nyak Dhien continued to resist the Dutch with her small army until its destruction in This greatly boosted the morale of Aceh armies in their fight against Dutch.

Cut Nyak Dhien slapped her and then she hugged her and said: West Java because the Dutch were afraid she would mobilize the resistance of Aceh people. Cut Gambang. When Cut Gambang cried over his death. Cut Nyak Dhien suffered from nearsightedness and arthritis as she got older. Cut Nyak Dhien and her baby. Some time later. The Dutch attacked. The number of her troops was also decreasing and they suffered from lack of supplies. Pang Laot. She died on 6 November Teuku Umar and Cut Nyak Dhien had a daughter.

Teuku Umar was killed during a battle when the Dutch launched a surprise attack on him in Meulaboh. One of her troops. The Dutch army welcomed him and appointed him as a commander. Hearing this. Dhien was brought to Banda Aceh and her myopia and arthritis slowly healed. Teuku Umar proposed to marry her. Learning that Teuku Umar would allow her to fight. Teuku Umar secretly planned to betray the Dutch. Two years later Teuku Umar set out to assault Aceh.

Cut Nyak Dhien was enraged and swore to destroy the Dutch. Lamnga died in action on June Teuku Umar surrendered to the Dutch forces on September Mukim is an area consisting of 5 villages. Her daughter. What happened in Aceh in ? When did the Aceh war start? What education did she receive when she was young? How was Teuku Umar killed? Why did Teuku Umar surrender to the Dutch in ? Place of birth: Date of birth: Place of death: Date of death: Parents and Origins: Names of husband: Name of daughter: Important Dates on War: Comprehension Questions Answer the following questions by referring to the reading text about Cut Nyak Dhien!

Why did Cut Nyak Dhien swear to destroy the Dutch? Who was Teuku Cik Ibrahim Lamnga? Form Completion Fill in the blanks with information about Cut Nyak Dhien mentioned in the reading text. What did Cut Nyak Dhien suffer from when she was old? Why did the Dutch put her into exile in to Sumedang?

According to the text. What would you have done? How will you express your thanksfulness? It is called the Goddess Island. Had you lived close to Cut Nyak Dhien. If needed. The punishment was given to make him feel a deep regret for having done such a cruel behavior.

They do it for the sake of God. Their words were listened. After a long investigation. Upon returning back from a long journey to Europe. During the earthquake. In the past. Their marriage greatly boosted the morale of Aceh armies. Discuss the answer to the following questions with your friend.

Cut Nyak Dhien accepted his proposal. Because Teuku Umar was undersupplied. Although Cut Nyak Dhien desperately fought back. What makes the sentences in column A different from the sentences in column B? Despite her desperate fight back.

How do we reduce clauses to become phrases? Pay attention to the bold-typed parts of the sentences. Column B Hearing this. What do you think about the length of the sentences in column A and column B? Compare the sentences in column A to those in column B. Sentences in column A contain adverbial clauses. Teuku Umar surrendered to Dutch. Observe the following sentences.

Sentences in column B contain adverbial phrases. Hasan managed to smile. After she had finished doing her homework. When Wahyu goes out of town. After they sang two songs. Because she had always been interested in sports. Tirta became a loyal supporter of the football team. Siti went to the gym. Tomi grabbed a pencil and notepad. Jono had harsh words for him. Change the following adverbial clauses to adverbial phrases. After Andrea knew that her friends did not trust her anymore.

Wahju calls his son and daughter to check if they are fine. Before he answered the phone. Although he was hurt. While I was away in college. Although Jono was impressed by the bravery of his son. When Etty heard that she won the Mathematic Olympiad. Continue the activities until your paper arrives back to you. Continue writing another sentence. See the first sentence in the reading text as an example. Give your paper to your friend on your right and get another piece of paper from your friend on your left.

Work in groups of 4: Prepare a piece of paper. Discuss in pairs. Write a sentence to start your writing. Discuss with your friends: Choose a famous person you like. Role play. Step 1: Then identify what plan you will do to imitate their success. Try to use adverbial phrases that you just learned.

Rewrite your biographical recount. What do you think? Step 3: Step 2: Merespon makna teks naratif sederhana berbentuk legenda rakyat. Chapter 14 Issumboshi Source: Menunjukkan kesungguhan belajar bahasa Inggris terkait teks naratif sederhana berbentuk legenda rakyat. Who are the characters? Where did the story take place? What is the problem complication? What is the ending resolution? Use the following headings to discuss the story.

One day. They lived in a small house near the village forest. They raised Issumboshi with much care. Grandmother would make some big rice balls and encourage him. Read the text carefully. Thanks to God! How small! Why do you want to meet me? Issumboshi sheathed a needle sword in a straw case. With such a small body? Then I will come back.

At once they began to prepare for his trip. I employ you. Issumboshi said. Then he climbed up to the railing and viewed the town. Issumboshi went on the trip with a big wish in a small body. What a cute fellow he is! I shall ask them at once. Kurikulum Adapted from Japanese Fairy Tales. They lived happily ever after.

Issumboshi tried to help her. The leader of the demons tried to grab the Princess. The Princess waved it and asked. This is the magic hammer that will grant you a wish. He grew into a nice young man. Suddenly there was a strong wind. The Princess and Issumboshi then got married.

The remaining demons were frightened. They went back to the palace. The Princess liked Issumboshi. I give it to you. Issumboshi began to grow. You have saved my life. Issumboshi jumped at the demon and stabbed his eyes. One day the Princess went out to worship at the Kiyomizu Temple. Issumboshi practiced fencing very hard in order to be strong.

They ran away in great haste. The demon rolled over and spat out Issumboshi. These words are doing words verbs. They tell us what the characters do. List them in the following table. Characters Setting Issumboshi: In the story there are also words that tell us what happen. Find them in the story and list them below.

Find the doing and thinking verbs in the story. Thinking verbs are verbs that describe how the characters feel or what the characters think.

Task 4: Create as many questions as you can based on the story. Then, exchange your questions with a friend sitting next to you. Discuss them together. Where did the old couple live? Issumboshi was always being bullied by the children of the village and often went home feeling unhappy.

How did Issumboshi feel when he was bullied? What should you do? The police found the dead man in the apartment. He seems to be in control of the village matters. Individually, complete the following chart to find out the structure of the story about Issumboshi. Parts of the Story The beginning of the story Orientation.

Work in pairs to discuss the result of your work in Task 1, and then share it with the class. Issumboshi said that he wanted to meet the feudal lord. Study the following pairs of sentences carefully. Issumboshi said that there was a fine palace over there. Issumboshi told the grandparents.

Issumboshi told the grandparents that he would go to the capital to study. Issumboshi said that he was going then. The lord said. Fadhil told me. The demon said to Issumboshi. Issumboshi said to the princess.

Issumboshi told the princess. Tika said. Bob told me. Put the following direct sentences into reported speech. The demon said.

Riana said. John said. Narti said. Why would you do so? Fill in the blanks with appropriate words. The manager said to Santi. The teacher told the students. Rudi said. Sasha told Iman. Talk with a partner about what you would do with the magic hammer if you were the princess. This is the beginning part of a story about Kanchil.

The text is not written properly. Edit the 15 words in the text so that the story makes sense. Kanchil, the small and clever mousedear, had many enemies in the forest.

One of his greatest enemies was Crocodile, who lived in the rivr that bordered the forest. Crocodile was big, but he was not very clever. Kanchil was abel to trick him every time. One day it was vry hot. There was no wind at all to refresh the thirsty plants and tres of the forest.

For many weeks no rain had fallen, so the littel creeks where the small animals usd to drink had dried up. Kanchil was walking alone in the forest. He had walked a long way, looking for a brook where he could quench his thirt. Do you know how to tell stories? Do you know how a story begins? Do you know the structure of a story? Tujuan Pembelajaran: Setelah mempelajari Bab 15, siswa diharapkan mampu: Menunjukkan perilaku peduli, percaya diri, dan tanggung jawab dalam melaksanakan komunikasi terkait teks naratif sederhana berbentuk legenda rakyat.

Mengidentifikasi fungsi sosial, struktur teks, dan unsur kebahasaan dari teks naratif sederhana berbentuk legenda rakyat. Do you know who or where they are?

Suddenly a thunderstorm came in the quiet sea. He had a huge ship and a lot of crews who worked loading trading goods. She wanted to hug him to release her sadness of being lonely after a long time. When his mother came near him. She had pleaded Malin Kundang to look at her and admit that she was her mother. To thank him. But he kept refusing to do it and yelling at her. Malin Kundang became wealthy.

Malin Kundang. After getting fish he would bring it to his mother. Many years later. Malin Kundang and his mother had to live hard because his father had passed away when he was a baby. Malin Kundang just laughed and set sail. Malin Kundang who was with his beautiful wife and his ship crews denied that she was his mother. He usually went to sea to catch fish. It was really too late for him to avoid his curse.

Pai kelas pdf buku 2013 10 kurikulum

Malin Kundang helped the merchant defeat the pirates. He left his mother alone. The local people recognized that it was Malin Kundang. The news ran fast in the town. With his bravery.

Malin Kundang was a healthy. Judul II.


Masrukin, Devi Apriyanto Nasir Penelaah: Hidayat, Fuad Thahari Penyelia Penerbitan: Semoga kita senantiasa mendapatkan limpahan Rahmat dan Ridlo-Nya.

Sholawat dan salam semoga tetap tercurahkan kepada Rasulullah Muhammad Saw, beserta keluarg- anya yang telah membimbing manusia untuk meniti jalan lurus menuju kejayaan dan kemuliaan.

Fungsi pendidikan agama Islam untuk membentuk manusia Indonesia yang beriman dan bertakwa kepada Tuhan Yang Maha Esa serta berakhlak mulia dan mampu menjaga kedamaian dan kerukunan hubungan inter dan antarumat be- ragama, dan ditujukan untuk berkembangnya kemampuan peserta didik dalam memahami, menghayati, dan mengamalkan nilai-nilai agama yang menyerasikan penguasaannya dalam ilmu pengetahuan, teknologi dan seni.

Untuk merespon beragam kebutuhan masyarakat modern, seluruh elemen dan komponen bangsa harus menyiapkan generasi masa depan yang tangguh melalui beragam ikhtiyar komprehensif. Hal ini dilakukan agar seluruh potensi generasi dapat tumbuh kembang menjadi hamba Allah yang dengan karakteristik beraga- ma secara baik, memiliki cita rasa religiusitas, mampu memancarkan kedamaian dalam totalitas kehidupannya.

Aktivitas beragama bukan hanya yang berkaitan dengan aktivitas yang tampak dan dapat dilihat dengan mata, tetapi juga aktivitas yang tidak tampak yang terjadi dalam diri seseorang dalam beragam dimensinya.

Sebagai ajaran yang sempurna dan fungsional, agama Islam harus diajarkan dan diamalkan dalam kehidupan nyata, sehingga akan menjamin terciptanya ke- hidupan yang damai dan tenteram.

Oleh karenanya, untuk mengoptimalkan lay- anan pendidikan Islam di madrasah, ajaran Islam yang begitu sempurna dan luas perlu dikemas menjadi beberapa mata pelajaran yang secara linear akan dipelajari menurut jenjangnya. Untuk mendukung pendalaman kajian ilmu-ilmu keagamaan pada peminatan keagamaan, peserta didik dibekali dengan pelajaran Sejarah Ke- budayaan Islam SKI dan Bahasa Arab.

Sebagai komitmen untuk menyiapkan generasi emas anak sholih bangsa, mu- lai tahun pelajaran seluruh madrasah di bawah pembinaan Kement- erian Agama RI telah siap dan berkomitmen penuh untuk mengimplementasikan Kurikulum Madrasah Kehadi- ran buku di tangan murid ataupun guru menjadi kebutuhan pokok untuk menerap- kan kurikulum Madrasah Perintah menuntut ilmu berarti juga mengandung perintah untuk menyedikan sarana pendukungnya, salah satu diantaranya buku ajar.

Keberadaan buku ajar dalam penerapan kurikulum madrasah menjadi sangat penting dan menentukan, karena dengan buku ajar, seorang siswa ataupun guru akan dapat menggali nilai-nilai secara mandiri, mencari dan menemukan inspirasi, aspirasi, motivasi, atau bahkan dengan buku akan dapat menumbuhkan semangat berinovasi dan berkreasi yang bermanfaat bagi masa depan.

Buku yang ada di hadapan pembaca ini merupakan edisi awal, tentu masih ada keterbatasan dan kekurangan. Kami berharap kepada berbagai pihak untuk memberikan saran, masukan dan kritik yang konstruktif untuk perbaikan dan penyempurnaan di masa-masa yang akan datang. Bacalah bagian pendahuluan untuk memahami konsep utuh Pembelajaran Bahasa Arab, serta memahami Kompetensi Inti dan Kompetensi Dasar dalam kerangka Kurikulum Setiap bab berisi: Kompetensi Inti, yaitu berisi kompetensi inti yang ingin dicapai dalam proses pembelajaran dalam satu bab.

Kompetensi Dasar, yaitu berisi kompetensi dasar yang ingin dicapai dalam proses pembelajaran dalam satu bab. Indikator Pembelajaran, yaitu tujuan akhir yang ingin diperoleh setelah proses pembelajaran.

Tujuan Pembelajaran, yaitu tujuan yang ingin dicapai setelah melalui proses mengamati, menanya, mengeksplorasi, mengasosiasi dan mengomunikasikan dalam pembelajaran. Proses Pembelajaran, yaitu proses pembelajaran: Masing-masing pembelajaran akan diberi petunjuk-petunjuk pokok agar menjadi pedoman minimal bagi guru dalam proses pembelajaran yang dilakukan. Materi Inti, yaitu materi pokok yang perlu disampaikan dalam pembelajaran. Dalam materi inti ini memuat dua hal: Penilaian, yaitu untuk mengetahui kemampuan siswa, dalam afektif, kognitif dan psikomotorik.

Pengayaan, yaitu kegiatan yang diberikan guru agar siswa mempunyai kemampuan lebih. Remedial, yaitu kegiatan yang diberikan kepada siswa agar siswa mencapai derajad ketuntasan yang diinginkan. Interaksi Guru dan Orang tua, yaitu laporan yang diberikan untuk menjalin komunikasi dengan orang tua. Dalam pelaksanaannya di sekolah Buku ini sangat mungkin dilakukan pengembangan yang disesuaikan dengan potensi peserta didik, guru, sumber belajar, dan lingkungan.

Menghayati dan mengamalkan 1. Menghayati dan Mengamalkan 2. Mengolah, menalar, menyaji, 4. Indikator Pembelajaran 1. Menjelaskan isi teks yang didengar yang berkaitan: Menerapkan percakapan terkait topik: Menerangkan isi teks bacaan yang terkait topik: Menyusun teks tulis yang terkait topik: Pendahuluan a.

Siswa melihat gambar yang berkaitan dengan mufradat, dan guru menanyakan makna yang terdapat pada gambar b. Guru menyuruh siswa melihat mufrodat yang ada, kemudian menanyakan mufradat yang telah diketahui. Kegiatan Inti a. Guru memerintahkan siswa mencari arti mufradat yang belum diketahui dalam kamus atau di buku c. Guru memerintahkan siswa menutup buku, kemudian membacakan mufradat dan siswa menirukan d.

Guru membacakan mufradat dan siswa mengartikan makna mufradat yang dibacakan guru e. Guru memerintahkan siswa untuk membaca mufradat dengan tepat beserta maknanya. Guru memberi latihan tadrib untuk mengetahui penguasaan siswa terhadap mufradat baru g. Guru membuat penilaian terhadap kemampuan penguasaan mufradat siswa 3. Penutup a. Guru memberi kesimpulan terhadap pembelajaran yang telah dilaksanaka b.

Guru memberikan pesan dan penugasan kepada siswa c. Guru menutup pembelajaran mufradat B.

Buku Guru Kelas X MA i | Fitri Yeni -

Pembelajaran Hiwar 1. Siswa diajak untuk mengingat-ingat kembali mufradat yang telah dipelajari b. Guru memberi penjelasan mengenai tehnik pembelajaran hiwar yang akan diberikan 2. Kegiatan inti a. Guru mengoreksi jawaban siswa yang mengalami kesalahan c. Guru memperbaiki kesalahan-kesalahan yang dilakukan siswa 3. Siswa diminta mengerjakan latihan-latihan membuat konsep hiwar secara tertulis b. Guru memberi penilaian terhadap latihan yang dikerjakan siswa c.

Guru memberi kunci jawaban mengenai latihan yang diberikan d. Pembelajaran Tarkib 1. Guru membuat penilaian terhadap kemampuan penguasaan siswa terhadap materi yang ada 3. Guru memberi kunci jawaban dari tadrib yang diberikan. Guru menutup pembelajaran D. Pembelajaran Qiraah Membaca 1. Guru meyampaikan tujuan pembelajaran pada saat ini, yaitu membaca teks bacaan tentang: Guru menunjukkan arti mufradat yang belum dapat ditemukan siswa g.

Guru memerintahkan siswa menterjemahkan arti teks bacaan h. Guru memberi penilaian terhadap latihan yang dikerjakan siswa b.

2013 kurikulum buku pdf kelas 10 pai

Guru memberi kunci jawaban mengenai latihan yang diberikan c. Guru menutup pembelajaran E. Pembelajaran Kitabah Menulis 1. Guru meyampaikan tujuan pembelajaran pada saat ini, yaitu membuat kalimat yang berkaitan dengan tarkib yang telah dipelajari c. Guru memberi penjelasan mengenai tehnik pembelajaran kitabah yang akan diberikan 2.

Siswa disuruh membuat kalimat dengan arahan yang berupa contoh c. Guru memerintahkan siswa menterjemahkan arti kitabah yang telah ditulis 3. Guru mengoreksi kesalahan-kesalahan siswa dalam membuat kitabah. Guru menutup pembelajaran. Skala Sikap Guru melakukan penilaian terhadap peserta didik dalam kegiatan diskusi Pengamatan pada saat pelaksanaan diskusi.

Kejelasan dan kedalaman informasi. Jika kelompok tersebut dapat memberikan kejelasan dan kedalaman informasi lengkap dan sempurna, skor Jika kelompok tersebut dapat memberikan penjelasan dan kedalaman informasi lengkap dan kurang sempurna, skor Jika kelompok tersebut dapat memberikan penjelasan dan kedalaman informasi kurang lengkap, skor Keaktifan dalam diskusi.

Jika kelompok tersebut berperan sangat aktif dalam diskusi, skor Jika kelompok tersebut berperan aktif dalam diskusi, skor Jika kelompok tersebut kurang aktif dalam diskusi, skor Kejelasan dan kerapian presentasi a. Jika kelompok tersebut dapat mempresentasikan dengan sangat jelas dan rapi, skor Jika kelompok tersebut dapat mempresentasikan dengan jelas dan rapi, skor Jika kelompok tersebut dapat mempresentasikan dengan sangat jelas dan kurang rapi, skor Jika kelompok tersebut dapat mempresentasikan dengan kurang jelas dan tidak rapi, skor Skor nilai: Apabila peserta didik bisa menyebutkan isi teks secara lengkap, skor 2.

Apabila peserta peserta didik hanya bisa menyebutkan sebagian isi teks , skor 1. Kolom Pilihan Ganda dan Uraian. Pilihan ganda: Rubrik Penilaian Nilai: Jika peserta didik dapat mengumpulkan tugasnya tepat pada waktu yang ditentukan dan perilaku yang diamati serta alasannya benar, nilai