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Read "Arranged" by Katy Wong available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get $5 off your first purchase. ason Cohen was like the guy from typical books;. of 'arranged' or 'caste' marriages. In these unions, factors such as personal choice or love are seen much less as a solid basis for marriage. Yet, as this article. Here you can directly get it ⇩ ⇰ File formats: ePub, PDF, Kindle, Audiobook, mobi , ZIP. Download >> Arranged Marriage: Stories.

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The Night of Engagement; Getting It Back; Full Moon; 4 Day Trip; First Kiss Of the Year; Imprint. 14 Pixel. Home Katy Wong Arranged · Close book. Content. Vanessa Halt didn't know that everything was arranged ever since she was born. They didn't tell her, until now, when the strangers came into. Free download of The Arranged Marriage by Christina Sophie. Available in PDF, ePub and Kindle. Read, write reviews and more.

I got over him like two years ago. Though this plan is farfetched in my mind, I wonder if Rose will give Lee a chance. You fuckin' bitch, Kiera!!! These girls could probably talk all day long. I stared at her, really confused, how did she know about me and Jason not being so close together?

Rose is a grade A student, who keeps a low profile, whilst working hard to justify her scholarship she has earned for entry to UCLA. Lee's grandfather was a great friend of Rose's and their mutual agreement had resulted in this condition. Rose knows that the mone 4 stars.. Rose knows that the money will secure her finishing at UCLA, as well as saving her parents failing business.

But can she marry someone she doesn't love? Rose's first impressions of Lee are that of a playboy with a smart mouth. But she discovers it's a small world and understands she may have known Lee longer than she thinks. The story was woven well and whilst, initially taking a while to capture me, suddenly develops sweetly. Then BANG.. This is a great start for this authors debut novel. Feb 23, Iris Blaire rated it it was amazing Shelves: My favorite thing about this book was how deliciously sexy it was, and yet at the same time, shameless enough to be awkward and hilarious.

Why am I being an ass? Just play it cool, Rose. Jen's expression grows amused. Lee clears his My favorite thing about this book was how deliciously sexy it was, and yet at the same time, shameless enough to be awkward and hilarious. Lee clears his throat. Mar 17, Jessica Viteri rated it really liked it Shelves: He pants. He presses his forehead to mine. I can feel your heartbeat through your insides. Shit, is that too creepy? Forget I said it. Sounded way more romantic in my head.

Pdf arranged novel

Now, I just need the sequel May 06, Christine Shh Moms Reading rated it really liked it. I was immediately drawn into this book and think you will enjoy it too! She is super nerdy and has never had a boyfriend.

One day she literally falls at the feet of a very naked Lee Montenegro, the hot swim team player.

Book Description

Lee attempts to talk to Rose following this initial meeting and she is initially flattered by his inter www. Lee attempts to talk to Rose following this initial meeting and she is initially flattered by his interest. Though this plan is farfetched in my mind, I wonder if Rose will give Lee a chance.

There is a definite underlying attraction between Rose and Lee that makes me feel giddy inside: And at times, I wish that Rose would let her walls down to live and experience life.

Why am I so great to you? Not party girl cute or cheerleader slutty, but a soft, quiet sort of beautiful.

The Arranged Marriage

Lee flashes a smile and counts on another finger. You saved my life, Rose. You saved my life. So I want to make yours better — no, the best. I want you to have the best food and the best laughs and the best sex. I want you to have the best of everything. Will this couple ever be together and can their love overcome? The parting words that gave me goose bumps and made me want to scream in madness because I knew where it was going were: No matter what happens from now on - never forget that" My only real complaint about the book was that it was very short and I am wondering if the entire book could have been done in one book rather than in two.

Read an excerpt from Book 2 — Disarranged scheduled to come out at the end of May on our blog tour stop. This was a great debut novel for Sara and I very much look forward to what she has in store for us next! Oct 07, preppea rated it really liked it Shelves: If I can suspend reality enough to fall in love with a vampire, then I can certainly be open-minded enough to accept a modern-day arranged marriage. Can she risk her heart in order to save her family?

I easily fell in love with Rose and found her humility endearing and believable. I also loved being seduced by the ever-charming Lee. While I sometimes felt like I was missing parts of the story and could have used a little more explanation of what was happening and why, I never felt the story lacked for it.

Nov 15, Devil rated it did not like it Shelves: I thought I'd give this book a shot after the author won me over with 'Lovely Vicious' With Lovely vicious I was hooked from page one. With 'Arranged' howev I thought I'd give this book a shot after the author won me over with 'Lovely Vicious' With 'Arranged' however, the dialogue in which I was raving about in LV, was forced, awkward, flat and offensive in this one.

Let me give you some examples of the disgusting content that was included about gays and disabled: How was your gay morning sex with your buddies? Then we have this gem: You can see why I decided to pass on this one. Not worth my time in the slighest. All things aside, I'm still very much a fan and the author does have other books that are much better than this.

Arranged (Arranged, #1) by Sara Wolf

Such as the Lovely Vicious series which is by far her best work to date. Mar 18, Michelle rated it really liked it. You know the problem with reading on a Kindle?

The ending of a book can really sneak up on you. And in this case, I couldn't have been more shocked! I think my heart might be a little bit broken right now. Thank God there is a sequel because Ms. Wolf you seriously need to fix this shit. I really enjoyed getting to know Rose and Lee. I got a little confused when all the subterfuge was revealed, but I really, really enjoyed this story and the sexy times.

Until the end. Jun 05, Rebecca McNutt rated it did not like it Shelves: I'm not really a big fan of the romance genre, but this book was recommended to me on Goodreads. I wasn't very impressed by it; the characters were generic, superficial and boring, the plot was neither original nor creative and it dragged on and got incredibly boring.

Mar 13, April Timmons rated it it was amazing. I was one of the winners in the Arranged contest. Wow is all I can say Great read and desperately waiting for the next story, that ending left me wanting more.

Jun 03, Anusriya rated it did not like it. The one good thing, I found about this book is - the writing. I started the book liking the fmc, but ended up hating her. I agree with some reviews that a lot of attention have been paid of model like looks.. Here, our heroine is an average nerdy girl who we would later come to know actually has a super model like physic but ofcourse she doesn't know that..

Lee is whipped! Added to that is a mystery element of much tried and tested amnesia,a little bit of arranged marriage thingy and some good banter, a lotttt of miscommunication Mar 12, Tamara rated it really liked it Shelves: Thank you to Sara Wolf for the giveaway. I was one of the lucky people to get a free copy.

Beautiful cover, but it didn't fit with the story Great plot, great twist and what a cliffhanger! This is a relativly "short" story and the author kept me interested through the whole story. All the characters blend well and they all had their own place in the story, even if it was brief. If the cover would have fit the story, this would have been a 5 star read for me. There is room for improvement but I rea Thank you to Sara Wolf for the giveaway.

There is room for improvement but I really really liked the story already, also because it was something that I haven't read before yet and with all of these books popping up from everywhere, it's getting hard to come across a story you haven't seen before yet. Mar 23, Eva Morgan rated it it was amazing.

I literally cannot believe how fast I read this book! Down the hatch in a few hours. It's such a refreshing book after reading lots of bad-boy protagonists - Lee is definitely a bit of a bad boy, but he's also caring and sweet, and his love for Rose was that perfect, you-just-want-him-to-be-happy-omg kind of love.

And the ending If I don't get Book 2 right this very second I may just die. Not kidding. Oct 10, Sharon rated it really liked it. Awful cliffhanger but only because it is such an emotionally charged love story. Lee and Rose have a history together. Childhood crush grows to family interference and matures to a deep love. Then just when you think you have it all figured out, this insane girl Keira enters the story and blows up the book. I mean she is certifiable and sexy and out for one thing, Lee.

Worth the read and I was able to start the sequel Disarranged right away. Oct 05, Fre06 Begum rated it did not like it Shelves: It was a good book just really did not like all the male lead's scenes with other woman especially as he was supposed to be so in love with the heroine it just made me feel icky knowing he was with another woman and by all means enjoying it but was doing all this for the heroine Sorry but that just did not wash with me and the heroine was way too understanding for my liking come on your man is boinking another woman and u still want him???

Each to their own I guess Aug 27, Kat rated it really liked it Shelves: Full review to come. Of course there was some drama stuff there, but not too much in my opinion. Aug 03, Camille rated it really liked it Shelves: Her grandfather left grand when he died.

She will only be able to have access to it when she marries Leo, his grandfather's bestfriend's grandson. Her family badly needs the money. She badly needs the money. In order to help her family, she needs to marry Leo. Feb 18, Tahsin rated it really liked it. Feb 05, Tammy Bland rated it really liked it. Really enjoyed this book. I hope their will be another one in which Kiera gets the crap knocked out of her and Forlan.

They are evil and need to be stopped!!! Apr 23, Amanda Hootie Clark rated it really liked it. This another book series that is going to cause me early onset angina! It's starts out as a lovely story about two childhood sweethearts finding each other again with a little twist involving marrying for money and then moves on to drop kick you in the balls! Rose Jensen doesn't feel beautiful or interesting and hasn't for most of her life.

She is studying at UCLA to be able to open her dream bakery when she graduates and therefore doesn't make time for anything but studying. When her parents' bu This another book series that is going to cause me early onset angina! When her parents' business starts to fail she wonders how she can help them save their dream while trying to make hers happen. Surviving only on grants and scholarship money to get her through school she keeps her grades up so she doesn't have to burden her parents to help her financially.

When she gets the news that her biggest scholarship will be going to another student next semester, her dream seems to deflate before her eyes.

Until she gets a mysterious phone call from her Grandfather's lawyer informing her that she has been Willed a huge chunk of money when he passed away. The only catch is she has to marry Lee Montenegro. The half naked guy she runs into when he's leaving his latest random hookup in the dorm she lives in. Rose can't stand Lee and his man whore ways but his gorgeous hazel eyes and sinful smile seem to pull her in no matter how hard she fights it. As they get to know each other she begins having dreams she knows must be old memories and later finds out they involve Lee.

He fills her in on their past summers together at her grandfather's house when they used to play in the creek nearby. Rose discovers that Lee has harbored a childhood love for her all these years and they grow closer and try out a relationship. Their happiness doesn't last long as a past girlfriend and Lee's own father work against them with devious ultimatums that could keep them apart for good. Lee made this book for me hands down.

This guy was written so well and his charm and character really stood out and made me fall head over heels for him. The way he looked at Rose and treated her was so sweet and beautiful. He was so vulnerable and watching him finally have what he has wanted all this time was rewarding You already know his father is a conniving dick weed but this Keira bitch is ten times worse. She wants Lee so bad knowing he loves Rose that she stops at nothing to get him for herself.

I was so upset with the decision Lee makes by the end of this book.

Arranged Marriage

I wanted to throw up. I was rooting for this couple so badly because they were so sweet together. I did like being able to read things from his perspective even though I didn't want certain things to go down the way they did. I think it was crucial to the story for him to have his say and I was very glad he got some page time. I wasn't expecting to read from his POV because it begins in Roses' and continues for a bit.

As for Rose, she was a little more difficult for me to bond with in the beginning. She's dealing with some body issues in that she is tall and lanky with no defining curves and she doesn't feel attractive. Even when she goes on a modeling shoot with Lee's sister and ends up on the pages of Seventeen magazine she still looks at herself as plain and ugly.

I can relate to how she feels unattractive, I mean we all have those days but I wish she would have found just a shred of of something she found she liked about herself. I did like her with Lee, she seemed to open up a lot more than before she met him and that was nice to see. My heart broke for her when she got a visit from Keira telling her that Lee was just using her for the money. I hated to see Rose believe everything straight up without asking Lee about it but the bitch almost had me convinced as well she was so good at deceit.

I wasn't expecting the heat to be so intense in this book. I figured there would be some fade to black or some light petting but these two characters go at each other pretty hardcore! I mean it's not erotica but judging by the sweet innocent cover you wouldn't expect shy Rose to be giving her man head or seeing Lee tie her to a towel wrack and hit it from the back!

It was hot, intense and pretty damn ice water worthy if I say so myself. Lee and Rose together burn up the pages and it's a shame I was reading this at work because I could have used some private time. And by private time I mean I wanted to stick my fist up my junk to relieve the ache this book was causing! Being the first book in a series it did exactly what it was supposed to do.

Hook my interest and keep me on the line for the next in the series. I really liked this book and fell for the characters but I'm extremely nervous about where things are going to go due to the cliff hanger-ish ending! I hate to love endings like that and thankfully it's not over because if this was a stand alone I would totally ruin the author's day by shitting in her Begonias!

May 01, Anne-claire rated it really liked it. Aaaaaaahhhh i love Sara wolf but the lovely viscous were better so far. This is too fast, I wanted more anguish, more everything. May 17, Seema Antony rated it it was ok. The book was not to my expectations, Doesn't have any of Sara wolf style of writing and on the whole there was something missing. Oct 09, Stefanie Kral rated it it was amazing Shelves: Please, someone pick my jaw up off the floor!! This is the 1st book I've read from Sara Wolf. After reading this book.

It will NOT be my last. Rose is 19yrs old. Going to UCLA. Never had a boyfriend. Never been kissed. Has dreams of owning her own bakery.

Rose is able to go to school on scholarships. Her life is extremely boring. She has no friends except for Jenn, the punk rocker.

Rose is a loner and excepts it. Then one night she bumps into Lee. She bumps into him as he's sneaking out of another girl's dorm room. Rose instantly hates him. After calling him a pervert and slamming a door in his face. Rose goes to cafeteria where Jenn works to have breakfast to run into him again!! Then, she gets a voice mail from her mom telling her that her grandfather died. This is where the story got interesting!!

Rose goes home to find out that her parent's business is failing. And, they're really close to filing bankruptcy. While Rose is at the funeral, her grandfather's lawyer gives Rose a card telling her to meet him after the funeral about her grandfather's will. When Rose shows up at the meeting, there's a couple older men there and Lee!!

Now, Rose is officially confused. Her grandfather's lawyer gives her a letter from her grandfather. Her grandfather's letter tell her that the week she was born he made a business deal that made him a lot of money. So, he thinks it's only fair to give the money to Rose. But, as we all know you don't get anything for free. So, what's the catch The only word that comes to my mind is WHAT!!!! Rose storms out and ends up at the club where Jenn's band is playing.

She ends up meeting Jenn's girlfriend Grace. The tall, beautiful model. Who's extremely funny. Oh yea. And you know I found your ring.

Remember that promise ring that you gave me? I got it back. Jason, I want you to keep your promise. I really, really want you to. Or maybe you don't have to anymore because I think it is coming true now.

Jason, I don't know when this happened and how this happened, but it just did. And my feelings is really starting to get stronger and stronger.

It's so strong, I can't ignore it anymore. It's like there in my chest and it will always be there, it can't and wouldn't go away. And I want to tell you right now. I always wanted to, but I know that you would think otherwise. I know that I will never be your type. But I really want to tell you how I feel, I want to tell someone how I feel about you.

I - I really, really like you, Jason. Jason, I think I might even be falling in love with - " I didn't have the energy to complete the sentence before a sudden wave of sleepiness hit me and I blacked out. Read Book Download. Romance Words Ages 10 and up Publication Date: Posts and Comments Write a new post.

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