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The Amazing. Liver &. Gallbladder Flush. A Powerful Do-It-Yourself Tool to Optimize Your Health and Well-Being. Andreas Moritz. Your Health is in Your Hands. Liver Cleanse Gallstones in the Liver—A Major Health Risk.. Diseases of the Gallbladder and Bile Ducts simple steps to remove them, The Amazing Liver . Cleansing the liver and gallbladder from gallstones is one of the most important and The liver cleanse requires 6 days of preparation, followed by 16 to

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Four tablespoons 1/17 The Amazing Liver And Gallbladder Flush By. In this revised edition () of his best-selling book, The Amazing Liver Cleanse , Andreas Moritz addresses the most common but rarely recognized cause of. The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush. Leseprobe. The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush von Andreas Moritz. Herausgeber: Ener-Chi Wellness Center.

Twenty million Americans suffer from attacks of gallstones every year. Customers who bought this item also bought. If this applies to you, regaining your strength and stamina through the other recommendations made in this book, should be your first priority. The main thing is to save as much bile as possible for the liver flush, which is required to remove as many stones as possible from the liver and gallbladder. Set up a giveaway.

If this becomes somewhat uncomfortable, you can dilute the apple juice with any amount of water, switch to sour cherry juice, or use any of the other options described later. I found that apple juice and sour cherry juice are equally beneficial in preparing your liver and gallbladder for an effective flush.

Drink either of these juices slowly and in small portions spread throughout the day, between meals. You want to make sure there is a continuous supply of malic acid almost throughout the day, which is required to help soften the stones.

Avoid drinking the juice during, just before, and in the first hours after meals, and in the evening past 6 p. This is in addition to your normal daily water intake of 6 to 8 glasses. During Day 6 of the preparation, drink the entire amount of juice during the morning hours only. The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush eBook: Andreas Moritz: Kindle Store

What you need to know about apple juice: If you choose apple juice as your preparation method, use organic juice; freshly pressed apple juice from organic apples is ideal. Although for the purpose of the flush, any good brand of commercial apple juice, apple concentrate, or apple cider works well, too; commercially produced apple juice may contain high amounts of inorganic arsenic - a naturally occurring mineral that can be toxic in high concentrations.

The same applies to the alternative options. Some people should not drink apple juice in the large quantities required for the liver flush. These include those who suffer from diabetes, hypoglycemia, yeast infection Candida , cancer, and stomach ulcers.

Tart cherries should not be confused with the sweet, black cherry variety. Sour cherries contain 4 times the amount of malic acid than found in apples. Hence, you only need a fourth of the quantity, i. Make certain to only buy sour cherry juice in glass bottles! Most health food stores stock organic, preservative-free tart cherry juice.

Studies suggest sour cherries may help reduce risk factors for type 2 diabetes, which makes tart cherry juice a good option for diabetics who wish to do the liver flushes and cannot use apple juice because of its high sugar content. The juice has also shown to help reduce inflammation of joints and inhibit tumor growth, improve blood flow, lower blood pressure, and increase heart and brain health.

It can be used by those suffering from Candida problems. Dietary recommendations for the first 5 days: During the entire week of preparation and cleansing, avoid foods or beverages that are ice-cold; they chill the liver and, thereby, reduce the effectiveness of the cleanse.

All foods or beverages should be warm or at least room temperature. If you are used to eating only raw foods, you may continue doing that.

To help the liver prepare for the main part of the cleanse, try to avoid foods from animal sources, including meat, fish, poultry, eggs, dairy products except butter , fried food items, and refined sugar or foods that contain it.

Otherwise, eat normal meals, but avoid overeating.

Liver gallbladder flush amazing pdf and the

It is best to consume fresh salads, cooked vegetables, grains, legumes, nuts, seeds, natural fats and oils, herbs, spices, and fruits during the preparation time. Please note the important dietary instructions for Day 6 of the preparation phase below.

The best times for cleansing: The main and final part of the liver flush is best done over a weekend, or when you are not under any pressure and have enough time to rest. Although the liver flush is effective at any time of the month, it should preferably coincide with a day between full moon and new moon, or new moon and full moon.

If possible, avoid doing the actual flush on full moon day when the body tends to hold on to extra fluids in the brain and tissues http: The days around new moon are the most conducive for cleansing and healing. Please read this if you take any medication! While some people on prescription medication have done liver flushes successfully, others have reported that they did not release any stones, or felt very sick for a day or two.

In 99 percent of all cases, pharmaceutical medications are merely symptom-suppressive and non-cause-oriented, and therefore, useless, unnecessary, and increasing harmful, especially if taken long-term. For instance, blood pressure medication is now known to cause congestive heart failure, hypertension, and kidney disease; arthritis medication damages the liver and kidneys and causes more pain and more arthritis; statins increase the risk of heart disease, stroke, and liver damage; anticancer drugs cause more cancers and spread them in the body, etc.

For instance, vitamin D alone, which the body produces in response to regular sun exposure, can balance blood pressure, normalize blood sugar and cholesterol, prevent and reverse cancer, stop infections such as tuberculosis, heal skin diseases, and help with almost every other illness.

In many cases, hypertension is just due to chronic dehydration and can be corrected in a matter of days. This book contains plenty of information you can use to make the necessary changes to your diet and lifestyle and escape the vicious cycle of taking toxic drugs that only further the occurrence of illness and debility and which, in turn, requires new drugs that cause further symptoms of disease.

If you have already become drug-dependent, I recommend you work under the supervision of a naturopathic doctor to gradually wean yourself off the medication while you also follow the guidelines for diet and lifestyle outlined in this book, or in greater detail, in my book Timeless Secrets of Health and Rejuvenation. While liver flushes help the body to detoxify and heal itself, medications like antidepressants, anti-inflammatory drugs, or antibiotics do the exact opposite.

It is risky for the body to undergo two incompatible and opposing processes at the same time. In fact, taking medication while doing a liver flush, may alter its concentration in the blood to undesirable levels; hence, the warning. Cautionary note about cancer drugs Those who have undergone chemotherapy and wish to do liver flushes need to wait months after the last round of treatment. Chemo drugs produce an excessive amount of intrahepatic gallstones because of their high toxicity, but it takes a while before all the chemical toxins are absorbed by bile and formed into stones.

Doing a liver flush too soon after receiving these drugs would release much of the unbound poison into the intestinal tract and literally burn holes through it. A Note on thyroid medication Those who have had their thyroid removed or have an underactive thyroid and are taking thyroid medication will need to continue taking the medicine when doing the liver flushes. It is one of the few exceptions to the rule.

I have not seen any diminished effectiveness of the liver flush when taking thyroid hormone. Food supplements If you take natural food supplements, such as minerals and nonsynthetic vitamins, you may continue taking them, but it is best to avoid taking any supplements or medicines during the actual liver flush, unless they are absolutely essential.

Besides, they are wasted as they are flushed out with the bile and Epsom salt. Age Considerations Children as young as 9 or 10 years old can do liver flushes, but they should only take half the amounts of cleanse ingredients see separate instructions below. I have also had people in their 90s who also had excellent results with liver flushing.

Colon cleansing, done either a few days before or, ideally, on Day 6 of preparation, helps to avoid or minimize any discomfort or nausea that may arise during the actual liver flush.

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It prevents back- washing of the oil mixture or waste products from the intestinal tract into the stomach and it also assists the body in swiftly eliminating the released gallstones. Most cases of nausea during liver flushes are due to not properly cleansing the colon beforehand.

Colonic irrigation colon hydrotherapy is the most thorough method to prepare the colon for the liver flush. Colema-board irrigation is an almost equally effective method, http: This is what you need to do on Day 6 of the preparation: Drink all the 32 oz.

You may start drinking the juice soon after awakening. If you feel hungry in the morning, eat a light breakfast, such as fruit or a hot cereal like oatmeal.

Avoid regular sugar or other sweeteners, spices, milk, butter, oils, yogurt, cheese, ham, eggs, nuts, pastries, cold packaged cereals, and other processed foods. Freshly- pressed fruit juices or vegetables juices are fine. For your lunch meal you may eat plain cooked or steamed vegetables with rice preferably white basmati rice , buckwheat, quinoa or similar grains, and flavor it with a little unrefined sea or rock salt.

Please do not eat any protein foods, nuts, avocado, butter, or oil, or you might feel ill during the actual flush. The main thing is to save as much bile as possible for the liver flush, which is required to remove as many stones as possible from the liver and gallbladder. Eating fat or oilcontaining foods would use up that bile and render the liver flush ineffective.

Also, do not eat or drink anything except water after 1: Follow the exact schedule below. Please do not attempt the liver cleanse until you have carefully read the rest of this chapter! The Actual Flush Evening 6: Add 4 tablespoons a total of 60 grams of Epsom salt magnesium sulfate to a total of 24 US-fluid oz.

This makes four 6-oz. Drink your first portion of 6 oz. You may take a few sips of water afterward to neutralize the bitter taste in your mouth, or add a little lemon juice to improve the taste. If you still cannot stand the taste, you may add a small amount of apple juice.

Some people drink it with a large plastic straw to bypass the taste buds on the tongue. Closing the nostrils while drinking it works well for most people. It is also helpful to brush your teeth afterward or rinse out the mouth with baking soda. One of the main actions of Epsom salt during the liver flush is to relax and dilate widen the bile ducts, as well as the sphincter of Oddi, thereby making it easy for the stones to pass.

Epsom salt also causes the gallbladder to contract to a third of its original size, http: This effect greatly assists in the removal of stones from the gallbladder. Moreover, Epsom salt clears out waste that may obstruct the release of the stones. If you are allergic to Epsom salt which is rare , or if it makes you feel nauseated or you are just not able to get it down, you may instead use the second best choice, magnesium citrate see details below.

Set out the citrus fruit you will be using later, so that it can warm to room temperature. Drink your second serving of Epsom salt.

If the Epsom salt has not prompted at least one bowel movement until now, it is usually because you have already done a thorough colon cleanse colonic irrigation, Colema, or water enema within the past hours.

However, this may also be because you have not cleansed your colon beforehand; in this case, take a water enema at this time see instructions on how to perform a water enema in chapter 5. This will trigger a series of bowel movements and also make it easier for the liver and gallbladder to release stones. Thoroughly wash the grapefruits or lemons and oranges.

Squeeze them by hand and extract the juice.

Gallbladder and flush pdf amazing the liver

You will need about 6 oz. Pour the juice and 4 oz.

Close the jar tightly and shake hard, about 20 times or until the solution is watery. For best results, drink this mixture at Stand next to your bed do not sit down or near there and drink the mixture, if possible, without interruption.

Closing the nostrils while drinking it and without taking a breath seems to work best. Some people, though, prefer to drink it through a large plastic straw.

If necessary, use a little honey between sips, which helps the mixture go down more smoothly. Most people, though, have no problem drinking in one go. You may wish to quickly brush your teeth to get rid of the taste of the concoction. This is essential for helping to release the gallstones! Turn off the lights and lie flat on your back with one or two pillows propping your head up.

Your head should be higher than your abdomen. If this is uncomfortable, lie on your right side with your knees pulled toward your head, but also keep your head elevated.

Lie perfectly still for at least 20 minutes, and try not to speak! You want to use all the available energy to release stones and not divert it elsewhere. Close your eyes and put your attention on your liver. To relax the bile ducts further, you may place a piece of cloth soaked in castor oil or warm apple cider vinegar over the liver area.

This is not necessary, but some people find it to be beneficial You may feel the stones traveling along the bile ducts like marbles. The situation is very different in the case of a gallstone attack where magnesium is not present and bile concentration is relatively low After the first crucial 20 minutes, you may remove the extra pillows and go into your normal sleeping position; however, avoid sleeping on your stomach.

It is best to remain in bed, but if at any time during the night you feel the urge to have a bowel movement, do so. We will definitely be doing this again!

It CAN save yours too. In February I was admitted to the hospital with extreme gastric pain. I was put on a morphine drip, had elevated liver enzymes in my blood work, had an ultrasound scan of my abdomen, and I was diagnosed with gallstones. She told me the gallbladder is not a necessary organ, I don't need it to survive. I did my own research on the subject. In my research, I discovered that YES.

You DO need your gallbladder. But I should at least give it a try. Each flush thereafter, I got out about as many. I have been doing one flush per month, and finished my 8th flush this past weekend. I have noticed the following improvements in my health: Better digestion. No gallbladder attacks! No more ER visits!!! My acne completely cleared up. Hormonal balance. I was always on the verge of melting down every month Incredible energy.

Lower back pain, GONE. Very few mood swings. Sleep better. Increased immune system I have not caught ONE cold or flu since I've been doing these flushes The whole experience has taught me something I think everyone on the planet should know. The healthcare industry and doctors are not looking out for you. Your local hospital, and surgeons do not make money off of selling you Epsom salts, grapefruits, and olive oil.

And liver gallbladder pdf the amazing flush

Homeopathic remedies are not profitable for them, so they will not recommend these alternative treatments, no matter how successful they are. This flush is easy. Yes, the Epsom salts taste bitter. Yes fasting sucks. This experience has changed my whole entire view on this countries healthcare approach, and it has changed my lifestyle.

I now view my body with respect, and I treat it accordingly. I no longer even need a doctor, as my health is better now that it was in my 20's. I gave up eating meat altogether. I am vegan on most days. I'm not perfect. But the majority of the time, I am very careful about what food I fuel my body with. I have also done a lot of research, and feel that eating organic, and growing my own vegetables is the best idea.

I avoid anything grown with pesticides, or vegetables that have been genetically modified by shady corporations. I have never felt better in my entire life, and look forward to the day I go back to the radiologist, and get a scan of my gallbladder, so I can wave it in that ER doctor's face, and ask her if she still thinks I should have surgery?!?!?!

Pdf liver the flush amazing gallbladder and

It will change your life. I'm not exaggerating, and I have nothing to gain from writing this review. If anything, I'm hoping this review encourages you to try this flush. The flush is easy to do, and you will be so surprised how many other health conditions you have which also improve. Inside your body, everything is interconnected.

If one system is out of whack, other systems follow suit. Your liver is SO important. Clean it out, optimize it's function, and keep it's best friend, the gallbladder.

You have the power to heal yourself. You don't have to be sick and tired anymore. It's your choice. Or you can buy this book, some Epsom salts, grapefruits, and olive oil. Best of luck to everybody out there: D Kate. See all reviews. Amazon Giveaway allows you to run promotional giveaways in order to create buzz, reward your audience, and attract new followers and customers. Learn more about Amazon Giveaway. This item: The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush. Set up a giveaway. Customers who viewed this item also viewed.

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