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Views, Last post October 24, , PM by Daniele Di Rubbo · Our first attempt at SOTI. Started by aaronbefus. 0 Replies Views. RPG Item Version. Sagas of the Icelanders · Sagas of the Icelanders · Powered by the Apocalypse. Nickname. PDF Version. Alternate Names. Year Published. RPG Item Version. Sagas of the Icelanders MC Playsheets · Sagas of the Icelanders Electronic (PDF, DOC, eBook, HTML, etc.) Product Code. ISBN ISBN-.

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Sagas of the Icelanders is a tabletop roleplaying game based on This purchase includes the PDF of the rules book, player and MC sheets. Sagas of the Icelanders is a Powered by the Apocalypse game (meaning its rules are It is a role playing game where the rules constrain you according to the social norms, Sagas is now also available in PDF format from DriveThruRPG. SAGAS of the. ICELANDERS. A roleplaying game about the lives of Icelandic settlers in in the saga period by Gregor Vuga.

Are you going to carry out your mission and how will it change the lives of those that live here? PDF Version. As a keeper of the old religion. Hrut got out of the way of the stroke by a quick turn. This makes them profoundly fatalist and pragmatic. Speaking of which

To quote Vincent in Apocalypse World: Sometimes, pass the reins: Instead, there are a number of things you can do.

You can pass the question to another player. You can let the NPCs speak for themselves. You can make it a question; write it down to be resolved at some other conjunction. Or instead of making it happen, you can make it possible for people to meddle with it. Unlike player moves, Ceremonial moves are simply things that you say during the game.

As the MC, you make a move under two conditions: When a player fails to respond to that setup or fails a roll, make a hard move, with sudden and irreversible consequences.

Sagas of the Icelanders

A soft move is something that a player can respond to. A hard move is something decided and done. In the case of a soft move, this means they can react to the situation, in the case of a hard move they get to respond to the new, changed situation instead. You have a set of moves that you should be able to use pretty much all the time. You also have special Threat moves that depend on what characters you own and the themes present in your game.

We will talk about those a bit later. If the harm is small. Always choose a move that can follow logically from what has already happened. When your NPCs would suffer harm. Then ask them what they want to do. When they jump into freezing waters. What are they going to do about it?

Inflict harm as established: When a PC endures grave harm. Sometimes you can combine moves. When a NPC endures grave harm. Always follow your principles when you do so. Show their warning signs.. Offering an opportunity together with a price is a great MC combo for example. Or you can always make it grave harm instead. They will die either immediately or soon. Your moves are guided by your Principles and ultimately serve your Agenda. When they fail to react or give you an obvious opportunity.

Suggest future calamity: Think of how things could get worse. It can mean removing someone physically. Playing The Sagas else provides extraordinary treatment. In short. Put them somewhere where they have to make a tough decision. The price may sometimes be applied retroactively. Put them in the middle: Find situations where they can come together.

Put them somewhere where they have to react instantaneously. Do it when they would best like to be in the same place but not necessarily always.

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Remember to make harm flow from the fiction. Put a PC in the middle of a conflict. When they want to do something. Give them a moment alone. Pull them together: Put a price on it: When the PCs want something. Separate them: Put distance or obstacles between them. Pulling them together or separating them also provides opportunities.

This is a good move to use at the beginning or end of a session. Every now and then. People may refuse to deal with you. Sagas of the Icelanders Offer an opportunity: When you know they want something or are tempted by something. Change the seasons: We usually follow the characters moment-to-moment. The time skipped could only be days or weeks. This move can be easily combined with others. Make honour and shame real: When a man is insulted and fails to respond.. Losing honour.

But the sagas cover years and generations. Always ask questions. Also draw relationship maps. The most important question is the one that you ask after your every MC move: Ask provocative questions when you can.

They have hopes and futures. Draw maps: These can be maps of the land. Ask them about all those things. Think about the physical space they inhabit Cut a session short. Try to internalize your moves and definitely get a sense of what the various rolebooks are all about.

Of pdf sagas rpg the icelanders

Take a moment to consider what happens next. You should also: Remember to take breaks when someone needs one.

If you have time. Take a moment to linger on some detail. Take a moment to think about consequences and options before you say something. If this is your first session. Remember that there are some moves that trigger at the beginning of a session!

Sagas of the Icelanders (PDF Version) | RPG Item Version | RPGGeek

Take your time: Take it easy. One way or another. You need to establish the world and set things up. Give suggestions and answer questions they have. Ask them where they got their sword. Capitalize on what the players bring into the game through character creation. Your primary tool for doing this during the first session is to ask questions like crazy and build on the answers. Playing The Sagas and the culture they practice. Take some notes. Tell the players their job is easy. If you want to make their circumstances worthy of a saga.

Tell them your job is a bit more broad and chaotic and that you will be taking it easy. During the first session. Their Relationships and other moves are full of potential and juicy details. Flesh out the world and get to know the PCs. Draw a sketch of a family tree if you can. Push things a bit. Introduce your NPCs.

Nudge the characters into a situation where they have to use moves. During the game write the names of places and NPCs around them. Try to avoid introducing stable situations.

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Who do they depend on. Keep the spotlight circulating and give everyone their share of screen time.

Once you have a good sense of that. Use the MC playsheet and keep notes. Some time into the game. Sagas of the Icelanders how they feel about a NPC. Keep asking until you get something good.

Draw lines and maps. You want a dynamic. A neighbour is harassing your slaves. Think about what impacts their position in the world. A beached whale could belong to either you or a family living nearby. Someone has been stealing livestock and walking around in the night. The game provides you with a framework to achieve that and prepare yourself for further sessions.

They should give you enough material to work with simply by creating their characters. You can find the method for creating fronts outlined below. What are you going to do about it?

Moving a boulder might open a better way to a good pasture. A sickness seizes the livestock. Playing The Sagas If you can. A terrible storm sinks a boat. Around the edge you will see the names of Norse gods.

Everything and everyone between the PCs and the Fronts is technically a Threat. Written in the space between the PCs and the Fronts. They are to be used as an inspiration and thematic guidance for what is going on in your game. The Fronts are named after Norse gods. They are overarching attitudes and driving forces of your world.

Fronts are about the whys and the hows. These are your Fronts. Between sessions you have a little housekeeping to do. The hexagonal area on the main MC playsheet is intended for taking notes during the game. We call them that because they potentially threaten the PCs and their possessions remember what we said about unstable situations.

From there on. You should have two or three Fronts ongoing at any given time. To do so. Combine the Front with the moves of each specific threat under its influence to create problems for the PCs.

Custom Moves and Stakes. An upstart neighbour under the influence of Odin or one under the influence of Freya. Each Front can come with three additional features besides Threats: Use the Fronts to colour your threats. Each god provides a few moves that can be used in relation to the places and people under their influence. A few examples of countdowns might be: They can be of any scale. When you create a Countdown for your Front. The countdowns are both prescriptive and descriptive.

Write it down and then adhere to it in play unless the situation changes or the characters stop or change the course of events related to the countdown. He likes his women with a sharp tongue. When you eat the poisoned meat. Simply follow the general template. On a miss there will be hell to pay from the landspirits. Some might not require a roll. Not all moves work this way. When you entice Olaf.

On [specify]. Here are a few examples of Custom Moves: When you move the elven stone off your fields. On a miss [specify]. As Vincent puts in Apocalypse World: Will Vigdis stay in love with Bolli when she learns of his past?

Will Thora become a follower of the priest of the White Christ? Once the questions are answered. The stakes should be about serious. To create a Front. Will Olaf keep his word to Snorri. Let the answer to the question emerge in play. The moves may be read either as consequences of each other. To write a stakes question. Lies are unravelled. Playing The Sagas Following is a list of the gods and their moves.

Women pick up weapons. Vikings stop raiding. Uncovering secrets and hidden things means that dangerous. This NPC will reach beyond their station and probably beyond their reach as well — what will be the price and who will pay?

Subverting gender roles means that NPCs in this front behave in an unusual or forbidden manner for their gender. In some cases storms can also be physical. They power through. Brewing up storms means that situations escalate insults are thrown. Wrecking and tearing apart is the result of unbound violence and destruction present in nature or relationships once they break down.

Resentment and vengeance take root and thunder is heard from afar. A house or ship may be torn apart by a landslide of rocks just like a friendship or alliance may be wrecked by reckless words. Either way. They will pursue that person or thing with abandon. At the same time. Offering priceless gifts means that an opportunity to acquire something very valuable presents itself. Carrying away means that someone is either physically kidnapped or perhaps becomes lost through their own actions.

Earthquakes were a well-known phenomenon to the Norse. They will show them all. A deceitful person will try to get what they want by manipulating people. What you thought true might suddenly turn out false.

Just like anything else. They will also cautiously pick their fights. Plagues are spread. That giving up. Hunger is an ever-present danger and often a reality of the settlers as the land is hard and yields little in the way of nourishment.


Presenting a bleak fate means that sometimes. People and the livestock get sick. Spreading disease and decay means that life and man-made order are short and fragile. Everything tends towards destruction.

That some good things must end because of fate or historical necessity or human failings. Of course such a position comes bundled with problems. Exalt and distinguish means that someone is elevated above everyone else. A king may make someone his right hand man. This can be the planting of seeds. And if someone disagrees. Making promises means suggesting that doing something now may yield profit in days to come. And when they deem themselves as such. The person has to deal with new responsibilities.

Of course. If you do this. Each Threat falls under one of the five categories that will be detailed below. Sublime locations inhabited by spirits. Countdowns and maybe Custom moves. These are all good combinations. A place and the people who live there. Look at the NPCs and places you have written down — which ones fit? This fitting can be retroactive you realize only after the session that someone has been under the influence of Odin or it can be prescriptive you consider what Front they fall under even as you create that NPC.

After you have chosen your Threats. Choose two or three Threats for each Front. Stakes questions. An individual and their allies or followers. You should rely on the information contained within this prep when running the next session. They get in the way when they prevent passage. They consume something when the waves swallow up a drowning man. They lead astray when they get you lost or in the wrong place.

They throw up something when they bring something up from the deep.. They send messengers whenever they want their existence They trap and ensnare. They strike out to conquer whenever victory seems certain or insolence too great. They act as one when they close ranks. They convert to their cause by showing the benefits of being allied with someone powerful. They seek vengeance when they have been done wrong or those close to them.

They make demands to show their entitlement. They grow and prosper when their number. Playing The Sagas to be acknowledged or their will carried out. They contest ownership based on hereditary laws. They make a show of power when people ignore or disobey them.

They send dreams and portents when they want to communicate They act without honour. They provoke and challenge metaphorically and practically — their ways challenge the established order and they often challenge for profit.

They move into an area when they cannot stay elsewhere. They bring misfortune because they are cursed. They steal and kidnap when they see no other way. They reveal past mistakes to show all actions have consequences and display the long threads of fate interweaving over years and generations. Playing The Sagas something. They employ tricks and make mischief when they make unlikely or unexplained things happen.

They fulfil a prophecy when they make a vision or announcement of the future come true. They haunt when they raise echoes. They offer a bargain when they give an indication or leave a message they may leave or cease their activity if certain actions are taken. He went into the fire-hall. Egil dealt him a deadly blow. Most settlers come directly from Norway. They have no kings.

The oldest people around still remember how it happened.

Pdf rpg sagas of the icelanders

With the exception of the slaves. The Northlanders brought with them families as well as slaves many of them of Gaelic descent. King Harald the Fair-haired has waged a bloody war to conquer all of Norway.

People fleeing to Iceland are refugees. People are spread out across a vast. Irish monks seeking solitude were the first to discover it. What the settlers all seem to share is a disdain for centralised authority that drove them from their previous homeland. The year is AD. Around twenty-five years ago..

Iceland was empty. Iceland is a social and a geographical frontier. Sagas of the Icelanders now. Their honour and tradition is what really matters and what directs their lives. A typical house has a common single room some six meters wide and twenty meters long. Arctic foxes hunt rabbits and rodents. There are no larger mammals and no reptiles whatsoever.

Once in a while. In the interior. The trees are small and crooked. There is rarely any other furniture. The Northlanders are destroying a lot of the trees due to the need for grazing for their animals and wood to feed their fires. The Northlanders have brought some farm animals mostly sheep.

The benches are covered with straw and animal skins when people go to sleep. There are no windows. In some houses parts of the common room are fenced off for other purposes. Iceland the land A large portion of Iceland is a craggy and barren Arctic landscape of rocks and lichen. Wooden posts support the roof.

Wild berries and edible weeds can be found and preserved for winter when fresh food is lacking. Both use under-tunics made of linen. Clothes are fastened with sashes. People like to keep clean and use a variety of accessories including combs.

They mostly rely on dairy products. A beached or caught whale may feed a family for a very long time. Fruit is appreciated. Possessions are kept in pouches and apron pockets.

Sagas of the Icelanders food People eat twice a day: Men wear loose tunics and trousers wrapped with cloth from foot to knee.

Men wear their hair short or shoulder-length and facial hair is a matter of pride. Ale is weak and cloudy and often sweetened with herbs.

Women wear long socks and wool gowns. Wooden plates. Ankle-high leather shoes are worn most of the time. Grains are ground by hand between two round stones.

They bathe inside or in thermal springs. People drink water. Bird eggs and edible seaweed may be collected along the shores. Layers of leather and cloth provide protection in combat. They are also excellent metalworkers. Swords require a lot of good metal and a lot of work and are thus very valuable and a sign of importance and prestige. Timber whether for construction or furniture is held together by pegs.

Helmets have a nose guard. Fire is started with drills or flint and steel. Regular axes are useful on the farm. The spear and the axe are the most common weapons. Those skilled in the art of healing know various herbs that may relieve pain or help with recovery from disease. In desperate cases people may turn to spells and charms or pray the gods. Broken bones are straightened and bound. Ploughs and hoes are used to work the land and augers and chisels for wood.

Almost everyone owns a knife of some kind. Shields are big. Iceland tools and weapons The Northlanders use a great amount of various tools.

Wounds are cleaned with warm water. It is considered unmanly to practice magic and there is scarcely a greater offence to a man other than being known as ergi. Sagas of the Icelanders travel and transport Most travelling is done on foot or by riding ponies. Drakkar are bigger. The Northlanders tell a great many stories about creatures that dwell in the hidden places of the world or beyond it.

On water. This makes them profoundly fatalist and pragmatic. Wagons or sledges are rare but useful. If a person dies a worthy death in battle. The restless dead may come back as revenant draugr. Hrafnkell settled the whole of the valley. Cypher System. Eclipse Phase. Savage Worlds. Product Type. Core Rulebooks. Non-Core Books. Other Tabletop Games. Gift Certificates. Publisher Resources.

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