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Creating a 3D text with Repousse. 16 Morphing A Face In Photoshop ( Basics) I say it all the time - the more tutorials and guides you go through, the more .. instant access to 50+ PDF Guides like this one covering wide range of topics. Layers are one of Photoshop's most powerful features. Think of layers as .. Layer styles are used to add special effects to text and images. Photoshop includes. Below is our complete list of Photoshop tutorials now available as PDFs. Shape Sets; Custom Shapes As Text Frames; Combining Text With Shapes In Photoshop . All current PDFs; Tips & Tricks PDF; All new PDFs for six months!.

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We've scoured the site to bring you one massive list of the most awesome text effects we have to offer. Learn your favorite Photoshop tips. Flames are particularly hard to render in Photoshop, but in this tutorial I'll show you want the top of the text to be on fire, so the top part of the image should be a bit to run a lot of effects and apply layer masks to them so that only the top half. In this post, you'll find 30 beautiful, high-quality Adobe Photoshop tutorials from top tutorial sites and designers like PSDTUTS, PSHERO, and Abduzeedo.

I recently joined as a member and have been greatly impressed at how easy it is for an absolute beginner like me to follow along! Earlier issues. Make some digital ones with this quick tutorial. Keep up with the good work! Stroke Text With A Brush In Photoshop Learn how to create interesting designs out of text in Photoshop by converting the text into a path, then using brushes to add stroke outlines around the letters! Your tutorials are just outstanding. More added regularly!

Overall, thank you so much for posting the awesome article!!! Steve Patterson explained how to create snow and it was the easiest explanation I have ever followed.


I have such a hard time with Photoshop and this article was so helpful. Very clear, very demonstrative, very unintimidating, and very helpful! I will be looking at more tutorials on your site from now on. Thanks much!

I have literally dozens of tutorials, tutorial sites, plug-ins, and the like.

Since finding and downloading your pdf-based tutorials I find myself repeatedly turning to your materials for quick-but-comprehensive tips. Thanks for the effort. And, thanks to your writing instructors over the years who must have drummed clear, simple English language writing into your head.

It worked! Your tutorials for Photoshop are absolutely the best I have seen anywhere, and I have tried to follow countless books, articles and other online help sites.

Your directions are clear, easy to follow, and completely accurate.

Text tutorials pdf photoshop

It is such a pleasure learning how to do different things in a way that does not leave me totally frustrated and ready to give up and go to bed!! I just wanted to let you know how much your tutorials are appreciated!!

I tried it right away with one of my own tifs and it worked great.

50 Stunning Photoshop Text Effects Tutorials — Smashing Magazine

I always liked to learn Photoshop tricks but there wasn't an expert to learn it so I searched on the net and found your site. I should say it's extremely amazing for me. I adore you and just want to say thank you for showing me right way and sorry if im not ok in english: Keep up with the good work! Many Thanks! I am now in the mental penalty box feeling much shame. I also now realize there's like a million other things I have failed to learn about the program I use every day.

Before I really did not know how to use Photoshop and now I have become obsessed with it!!!! Thanks so much for your wonderful step by step instructions!!

30 Beautiful Photoshop Text Effect Tutorials

They have opened up a whole new way of scrapbooking for me. Keep up the great work! They are very well explained and well done! Of all the sites I have been to, this is the best! Photoshop makes it easy to rotate, flip or scale entire words or lines of text in a document, but in this tutorial, we take things further and learn how to select and transform individual letters in a word!

Learn how to give text a ghostly, supernatural look to it in Photoshop using a couple of simple blur filters! Learn how to easily create metal text, a popular effect widely used in video games and movie posters! Is your Photoshop text lacking perspective?

Try adding an easy to create, classic 3D-style perspective shadow! Learn how to create an interesting effect by adding a texture to text in Photoshop, using nothing more than a photo for the texture, a layer mask, a simple image adjustment, and of course, some text!

Includes a trick for pasting an image directly into a layer mask in Photoshop! In a previous tutorial we looked at how to place a single image inside text. This time, we take things further and learn how to fill text with multiple images! Take your Photoshop skills into the third dimension! Learn how to easily give text a worn, cracked look to it using nothing more than a basic selection tool, a brush filter and a layer style.

Learn how to use layer styles to easily create a fun gel text effect in Photoshop, then save it as a preset style that you can select instantly whenever you need it. Learn how to easily create a sparkling gold-plated text effect in Photoshop using Layer Styles, some sampled colors and a neat little brush.

In this Photoshop text effects tutorial, learn how to engulf your text in an explosion of light and color. How to Slice Text in Photoshop Learn step-by-step how to slice text in Photoshop, and how to keep your text editable even after you slice it! Transform Text in Photoshop: He runs Magical Places Fine Art , an online photography magazine and another great photography resource.

More about Andrew …. Earlier issues.

50 Stunning Photoshop Text Effects Tutorials

Typography is an art just like any other. You have to feel the form, admire the curves and connect with the flow. Letterpress Photoshop Kit affiliate link. This collection of Photoshop textures and actions lets you simulate the old-school letterpress ink print style with just a few clicks. Neon Light Effect affiliate link. Give your text a realistic neon light look with this Photoshop effect.

Tutorials pdf text photoshop

It comes with seven color variations, different backgrounds, and two noir overlay effects. Foil Balloon Text Effect affiliate link. This Balloon text effect is sure to add some good vibes to your project.

Old Movie Title Text Effect affiliate link. How to Create an Incredible Typographic Illustration. Learn how to bring a simple proverb into a complex typographic illustration that achieves a level of realism without actually using any photos.

Tutorials pdf text photoshop

Create urban type. Giving your typography illustration a fresh touch and experimenting with traditional and digital media, mixing patterns and textures. Move your vector graphics into Photoshop for some serious distressing with brushes, blending modes and more. Creating Retro Folded Typography. Decorated Wood Text Effect. Create a 3D Typographic Illustration. Create a 3D typographic illustration using Cinema 4D to build the 3D and Photoshop for the post-production.

Number Candles Text Effect.