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Taking notes in a linear or sequential fashion. ◇ Wide left-hand margin to add material at a later date. ◇ Approximately one third of your page blank to. Note Making. Senior Assistant Professor. School of Humanities and Sciences. SASTRA University. NPTEL - Humanities and Social Sciences. How Much Do You Know about Note Taking? Good note taking skills start before the class begins. pdf.

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Do's and don'ts of note-making. Methods of note-making. Making the most of your notes. 1. Why make notes? Notes are a permanent record of information that. Top tips for note-making. (7 pages). Creating good quality notes on a topic can really 'cement' your learning. Transferring what you learn in class or through. “Note-taking is a process that involves writing or recording what you hear or read in a descriptive Note-making is an advanced process that involves reviewing, synthesizing, connecting ideas . eye-catching notes. Open and annotate PDFs.

Write your notes on the right of this line and leave the area to the left of the line for key word clues and sample questions. Some will prefer dictating, others will provide printed notes. Note-taking is a passive process which is done at lectures whereas note-making is more active and focused activity where you assimilate all information and make sense of it for yourself. Your lecture notes form the basis of your final consolidated notes and your entire examination preparation is based on these. This involves actively concentrating and paying attention to what is being said and how it is being said. General note-taking tips.

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