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The Pdf and Prc files are sent as single zips (and naturally don't have the file structure This is a book about white magick and witchcraft as sources of wisdom, this source of power, we may create a ritual or use certain crystals without. mystical power force. This book is filled with true case histories of how others – no smarter nor wiser than you – have used Universal Magickal Energy principles . This is the most comprehensive book on the subject of modern practical magick to date. Practical magick is magical work that makes real and observable.

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power of magick for yourself. Cast the spells. Cast and learn your craft. Watch your life become the magickal experience it was always meant to be. You deserve. astrology name pisces horoscope cancer virgo aries libra calculator leo scorpio number reading kundli chart signs name calculator reading hindi compatibility. This PDF ebook may be distributed freely, on condition that it is distributed in this form, . way to shut down your magickal power, because coincidence is.

Understand that while there is no limit to the amount of wishes you can make at one time with this spell, the more wishes made at one time, the more watered down the ritual will become. The ancients worked on belief. For example, undines, merrows, and Water sprites can be found in creeks, water- falls, fountains, and ponds, whereas dryads, gnomes, and sidhe draoi are more likely to be in places like forests, groves, glens, and heavily wooded areas. In terms of modern folklore, faeries and angels have much in common. Iron does not kill elves, but it can injure them. To create a basic magickal pattern, use the three steps of expectation, planning, and merging.

But remember, these names are given for you that you might show the proper respect, not try to give orders. These forces are like unto gods.

If they notice you and accept your request, it is because you have pleased or amused them. Never think that you are a master giving commands. Keeper of the peace. A provider of health. Reservoir of all that is pure. Opener of opportunities. Messenger of all the other Orishas.

A dangerous spirit, it is the closest of the Orishas to what the Western mind would call the Devil. Guardian of seduction.

Pdf magick power

Lover of money. That which watches over marriage and all the oys of life. Mother of all. The main provider of health, but also of protection. The healer that uses pure love as a shield. Strongly connected with the seas. Bestower of virility. Keeper of honor. The righteous defender that uses fire and lightning as its terrible weapons. Lord of the attack. The killer. Patron of all laborers as well as the blacksmith of the Orishas.

Now, try to remember, as the wise old saying goes, "familiarity breeds contempt. Draw your signatures as instructed.

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Do as the instructions say. Do not deviate from the formulas as given. Do not try to understand the beings upon whom you are calling. They are all-powerful. They are unknowable. Call on them for favors, and plead your case carefully. Do not make demands. Be wise in your asking. Remember, greed, like the love of comfort, is a kind of fear. All of nature abhors fear, and instinctively will attack it. Do not make your callings out of fear or anger. Calm your heart.

Ask for what you truly desire. If you allow your passions to control your askings, they you will ask for too much. When this happens, you will no longer be controlled by your passions. You will be the toy of the Orishas. Remember the old saying, "be careful what you wish for, you ust might get it. Almost all of the drawings revealed here must be made on either a wooden surface or a piece of paper. There is a single instance where red cloth can be used and wood is still preferred.

Either should be as unprocessed as possible. The less ink, varnish, paint, chemicals, et cetera, that make up your magical canvas, the more effective your spell will be. ALL of your drawings should be made with either chalk, crayon or pencil. The only colors used should be white or green. Note that when the word "chalk" is used in a ritual, what is really being called for is crushed egg shell. All signatures that call for chalk should really be made with the powder of crushed egg shells.

Since this is an ingredient that is very hard for most Westerners to obtain or even to make for themselves , chalk can be substituted here. The casting will not be as effective, and the ritual will have to be invoked for a longer period of time, but it will eventually work.

Once any ritual has been completed, before your canvas can be used again, it must be washed clean with rum. ONLY rum will do. Whenever rum is called for in a signature, it must only be used for cleaning. If no cleaning is required, it must be sacrificed. Remember that any rum, cigars, honey or anything else used in a ritual must be of the finest quality.

Do not think of insulting the gods with anything but the best. Also, remember that this is a udgment call-if, for instance, you honestly believe that you have acquired the best cigar in town, even if there is a much better cigar available right next door, the gods invoked will know your intentions. As long as you honestly believe you have done your best, they will be satisfied.

Some rituals will call for the use of an "Elegua. It is unknown in the West and, due to some of its ingredients, can not even be imported into Western countries.

However, a personal stone can be used in its place. Not a piece of concrete or a brick, a stone. Pick one as your own. Clean it in rum and keep it for all your rituals. It will not generate the power of an Ogun, but it will function in its place. Do not substitute any color candle for those colors prescribed.

Your candles do not have to be large, scented or expensive. They merely must be the correct color. Light all candles with wooden matches. Paper matches are second best. A lighter can be used, but metal can be harmful to signature rituals. It is used for personal protection against illness and enemies. After completing your drawing, light three white candles at the top of the upper arrows as shown in the diagram.

Next, light one red candle which should be positioned over the "X" formed by the two diagonal arrows. This drawing is to be used to gift prisoners with freedom.

It can be used in simple cases such as freeing people from jail, or in more complicated situations such as releasing people or oneself from destructive relationships or even addictions. The name or names of those for whom you desire freedom are to be written in front of the two sheathed arrows the arrows actually within their bows. Red and white candles must be placed as shown in the diagram. It would be best to make the drawing with egg shells.

If egg shells are not used, only white chalk can be substituted. This spell is used in the pursuit of both great wealth and good health. Two white, one green, and one black candle are needed. Light and position them as shown. Write your name about the central arrow as shown. It invokes kind and gentle powers, entreating them to bring you the good things in life. Once drawn on either paper or wood , it should be hidden beneath a rug, or better yet, the floor, for best results.

This ritual should not be washed away as its effect for you will only be felt as long as it remains cleanly drawn and hidden from sight. The nature of your relationships is unimportant to the powers being called upon here. Three red candles are to be placed on the three central "Xs" located between the vertical arrows see diagram. The name of the person you wish to control is to be written in chalk or pencil above the candles as shown in the diagram.

Better still to be used here is a personal item of the person to be dominated. This ritual is for the calling of good fortune. It summons unto the user a combination of all available powers.

It will make all good things in your life better than they are. It will not, however, eliminate bad influences. To be effective it must be written in white chalk. Your signature must go at the point of the solitary arrow see diagram. A white candle must be lit and placed at the apex where the serpent and the snake cross see diagram. It is to be used for wish fulfillment.

It should only be drawn on wood and only with white chalk. Your signature should be placed at the top of the central arrow as shown in the diagram. Your desires should be written at the point of the diagonal arrow as shown.

Understand that while there is no limit to the amount of wishes you can make at one time with this spell, the more wishes made at one time, the more watered down the ritual will become. After completion, this drawing should be left within your main personal dwelling place.

It is vitally important that the central arrow point be aimed facing toward a doorway, especially one that leads to the outside. If that freedom is sought from prison, from a marriage, or any other type of physical or spiritual imprisonment, this is the ritual which must be invoked.

This drawing should be made on wood with white chalk. The name of the person to be freed should be written above the arrow tips as shown. The name of that which is imprisoning the prisoner should be written below the base of the shafts as shown. A white candle must be burned at the exact center of the drawing as shown. A small glass with honey in it should be placed near the white candle. The exact position is not important. The honey should be tasted before the glass is positioned, but after the candle has been lit.

The name of the person to be affected is to be written at the tip of the vertical arrow. An Ogun must be placed over their name.

A white candle and a yellow candle must both be burned. Place as shown. This ritual is for the ensuring of continued health. It is not a healer. It may also be used for minor wishes. It can be drawn on either paper or wood. Any of the writing materials may be used.

The name of the person whom the wishes will affect is to be written at the tip of the single vertical arrow. The wishes are to be written at the tips of the three arrows running diagonally to the right, and then again at the tips of the three arrows running diagonally to the left. All three wishes must center around the person who is named. When finished, this ritual can be hidden anywhere. It is, however, highly effective when drawn on the front door of one's dwelling place. It is used to attract general good fortune to one's self, home and family.

One most have a specific idea of the fortune one is looking for i. This ritual only ensures general good fortune; it will not respond to specific requests. This signature is to be drawn on a red surface either paper or wood with white chalk. The name of the person or persons to be affected is to be written at the tip of the central arrow.

A white, green and yellow candle must be borned within the triangles as shown. Note that the lines creating the snakes must be OPEN. This is not a single thick line, but two thin lines creating a form. This means more than just reaching for success in the world of commerce. It is equally effective in any human endeavor where perseverance is needed, i. It is to be used to give a general boost to any segment of your life, rising it up to what is generally known as "the good life.

It need not be on your person, it can be in a pocketbook or brief case, et cetera. But, it must be nearby.

You can draw only one at a time and that one must be kept with you. It is to be used to bring to oneself good fortune. This is not great, multi-millionaire kinds of fortune. This is a more modest ritual, used for bringing a condition more akin to "comfort. Simply draw the ritual out of a piece of wood or paper with any of the preferred mediums. Once completed, it should be concealed in one of three places: Under a rug 2.

Under a mattress 3. At the bottom of a drawer. This is a very powerful ritual and must be done with extreme caution. It beseeches Ellegua to override Ochosi and effect the release of a person from prison.

This signature is to be drawn on wood, with white chalk. The name of the person to be released oneself or another is to be written at the tip of the central vertical arrow. The name of the institution where the imprisoned one is being held must be written at the top of the central descending, diagonal arrow see diagram for position. A white candle is to be lit near the drawing. A small glass of rum, or a cigar, must be placed near the candle while it is burning.

Right, Prince Charming, whatever. It can be used in either or two ways: It can be drawn on wood with white chalk or paper with pencil.

Place your name at the tip of the left-leaning arrow see diagram. Place the "title" of the person you are seekinghusband, girl friend, lover, soulmate, et cetera-at the tip of the central, vertical arrow.

After the drawing has been completed, a pink candle must be burned at the center of the uppermost circle see diagram for position. Patience can be required with this signature. It is a signature for the invocation of good health.

Note that this is not for sustaining current good health, but for the displacement of illness. Note also that it is to be used for ANY illness from the common cold to cancer, as well as in those cases where one simply "isn't feeling right. Make this drawing on a wooden surface with white chalk. After the drawing has been completed, three white candles are to be burned simultaneously. It is to be used for increasing or expanding a business venture. It works only on ventures already established.

It is NOT for the creation of a new venture. Make the drawing on a wooden surface with white chalk, pencil or crayon. Green candles are to be burned at the tips of the vertical arrows see diagram for placement. A white candle is to be burned at the same time. It should be placed at the center of the central circle as shown in the diagram. Your name should be placed at the tips of both of the diagonal arrows. Your wishes i. Again, see the diagram for the proper positioning. It is used to bring blessings on one who is in trouble with the authorities.

While it can be used to obtain someone's release from prison, it is a more "all purpose" casting. This should be used to aid those or oneself, if necessary being hunted by the law, facing a trial, awaiting sentencing, et cetera.

This signature is to be drawn on wood, only, with white chalk. Three red candles must be burned at the tips of the downward extending, diagonal arrow. After they have been burned, one white candle must be burned at the tip of the upward extending, right-leaning diagonal arrow.

Your name must be written at the tip of the upward extending, left-leaning diagonal arrow. Your name must also be written at the tip of the central, vertical arrow. An Ogun must cover your name wherever it appears in the signature. See the diagram for all positionings. If, for instance, one is seeking to avoid capture by the police, the chalk must be taken to a police station.

Then, in front of the building, you must take a pinch of the powder in your fingers, bring it close to your lips, then blow it away. It is used for removing jinxes, negative influences, or any other obstacles you perceive as being in your path.

No candles or stones, et cetera, are needed here. Simply draw it on a piece of paper in any medium. It will remove all evil or negative influences from your life. Keep it in your pocket, hide it anywhere. Once created it will work for life, although it is advised that one should recreate this signature at a regular interval merely to show gratitude to the gods.

One does not want the Orishas to think they are being taken for granted. In those cases where the patient is hospitalized, it may be impossible to use due to the extent of the candle burning which must be done. The drawing may be made on wood or paper in any medium. The signature must then be placed under the patient's mattress. It must remain there undisturbed for twenty-one days. This candle, or a series of candles, must burn continually for the next twentyone days.

Or, for twenty-one, twenty-four hour, cycles. This is absolutely critical. Using this one keeps one's enemies from conspiring against you, from finding you, or even from thinking about you. It works against specific enemies that you know about, and against those unknown to you, as well. This does not ust mean those who wish you harm, but also forces such as the I. This ritual must be drawn on wood, with either chalk or crayon.

Once finished, it must be pointed out from the front door of your dwelling. By communicating with your plants, you are communicating with the fae.

The faeries will tell you what the plant needs and what the plant can be used for. Your intentions, expectations, desires, and depth of your merge with the helpful faery energies will determine the depth of your communication.

If you respectfully ask the faeries, they will be overjoyed to co-create and play with you as is so magnificently exemplified in famous faery gardens of Findhorn and Perelandra. Whether you live in the forest, suburbs, or the inner city, the faeries will greet and help you.

The reason children hear and see the faeries more often than adults may be that they are more open-minded, pure of heart, honest, and stead- fast of will. Or you may feel as though butterfly or bird wings flutter next to you without touching you. Or you may suddenly smell a heady flower fragrance, see plants and trees glowing and shimmering with a fine light, or hear hushed giggling or soft laughter. Because the faeries are always near us and usually listen and watch us without being seen, it is always wise to speak well of them.

For the purposes of this book, I recommend that you plant a Faery Magick garden in spring during the month of May. If you plant the following flowers and herbs, you will have most of the fresh ingredients you will need to do the spells in this book: Red verbena. White, yellow, and red roses. Everything, including faeries and mortals, is made of the same stellar stuff—from star seed. Your physical body is halfway between the mortal and faery worlds, somewhere between instinct and spirit.

Parts of you exist within the very body of the planet, in the trees, plants, and flowers. To be a complete being, you need to integrate your mortal and faery aspects. Working the spells in this book will bring you closer to that realization.

Barrie, Peter Pan Journey: The Enchanting Voice From outside my window in the early morning hour, I hear a voice that calls out in a beautiful, melodious voice. I slowly rise from my soft, warm bed, and step toward the window. As I do, I step beyond the bounds of my physical reality. I step beyond myself, stretching my awareness into another realm and reaching out to my full potential. As my mind moves from a light sleep to full conscious- ness, I am suddenly aware of the enchanting quality of the voice I hear.

I stare out the window for a few minutes, mesmerized by its cadence, before getting on my clothes and going out to explore the origins of the enchanting voice. As I walk outside, the crisp morning air caresses my face, and my skin tingles. I walk down a gravel driveway that winds toward the general direction of the inviting voice. As I walk, the voice seems to envelop and surround me, making it difficult to determine where it is coming from.

Rather than feeling menacing, they seem like giant protectors, stand- ing guard along the way. Upon reaching the end of the gravel driveway, I see the dark outline of a small path that leads downward into the vegetation that grows quite thickly together, making trav- eling impossible except on already traversed pathways.

As I move down the path, I am greeted by the musty smell of the forest floor. I take a deep breath, and as I exhale, I become increasingly aware that the enchanting voice is louder and calls me ever closer, like a beacon of another world.

Further down the pathway, I smell water. I hear the tin- kling of a creek. The sound of the water seems to provide background accompaniment to the enchanting voice. Although there is a path, I still have to make my way through the dense undergrowth that grows under the thick canopy of trees. As I continue through the undergrowth, I can sense Na- ture all around me in her inherent splendor and divinity. The farther I walk, the more I become one with the Natural beauty around me.

I pause to say a short prayer of thanks to the sacred land. As I walk on, the voice is clearer and closer. Finally, I reach a shallow creek with a small waterfall that flows over white blocks of milky quartz crystal.

I stop to rest and to get my bearings. In the still shadowy world of the early morning, I see a small greenish- blue creature stir within the waterfall. At first I think I am seeing things, but contining to watch, I instinctively know that what I am seeing is Nature faery, in particular a Water sprite. For the flicker of an instant, time seems irrelevant and out of focus and the moment becomes an hour.

The faery element in everything is that which gives spiritual life and beauty. I see my ideal self, my beautiful and compassionate self. I also glimpse past and future life- times, flowing from the same spiritual well. The world I enter seems familiar, but there is something very different. Like looking in a mirror, I feel I am seeing everything reversed. My perception and awareness seem altered.

As I stand hearing the enchanting voice in all its splendor with Nature, the greenish-blue faery eyes meet mine and I can suddenly imagine living my life to its fullest potential. I imagine miraculous things like world peace, cures for all disease and illness, and a kinder, gentler world, where life seems more fluid and exciting and people are more tolerant. I feel a peaceful, easy energy washing over my body like the waterfall.

This feeling empowers me and I feel at one with myself, with the water faery, and with the world around me. In my life, the enchanting voice represents a calling that leads me back home. Like a salmon moving back up stream to spawn, I feel propelled to seek out my roots, and get a feeling for who I really am. While growing closer to the land around me, I realize my roots have something to do with the energy of the fae, who traditionally were the animate symbols of Nature and Spirit.

As our energies con- nect, I am aware of the completion of a circle that is as ancient as recorded time. Now, the enchanting voice reso- nates within my being, and we become one. In her book, The SuperNatural in Shakespeare, Helen Hinton Stewart says that if we considered faeries to be extraordinarily beautiful or grotesque little beings of hu- man form, or if we think they dance on the Faery Rings and reside in the flowers and woods, as well as fly through the air on errands, either benevolent or mischievous, then we are thinking of Shakespeare creations.

These are the faeries the bard made famous, or infamous, as the case may be. In fact, almost every play Shakespeare wrote has some mention of magick. A number of them are totally devoted to the subject.

Through his plays, Shakespeare was able to preserve much of the English faery lore, such as keeping the identities of Robin Goodfellow and Puck separate from one another. The confusion often occurred because both are hobgoblins and offspring of Oberon, who is the King of the faeries.

When he was six years old, Puck ran away from home. Alone in the woods, he fell asleep and had a dream of the faeries. When he awoke, Puck found a scroll from Oberon that gave him the magickal powers of granting wishes and shapeshifting. But Oberon placed a condition on the powers: They were only to be used to help the good and thwart the bad. If Puck followed this condition, he would be allowed into faeryland. Faery Origins The belief in the faeries continues because, for several thousands of years, plenty of people have seen them, and continue to do so.

Some say the faeries are the surviving members of an ancient race of beings who have been around since B. Because of the lack of historical documentation, the true origin of the faeries may never be known. What is known is that the concept of the faeries is widespread. In all parts of the world, there are stories about beings that possess super- natural or magickal abilities and take human form.

These faery tales are part of an ancient oral storytelling tradition that predates writing. Even though they have con- tinually undergone interpretive and social transformations while being passed on for so many years, the tales remain very much the same and represent some of the earliest stories as evidenced by myth.

Even in these original tales, faeries are magickal beings who both help and hinder humankind. Some of these names include: Beautiful, ugly, helpful, benevolent, mischie- vous, and sometimes dangerous, faeries and magickal crea- tures continue to enchant us.

The modern definition of faeries describes them as mythical beings of folklore and romance with human form and magickal powers. A land where enchanted beings live. The group of inhabitants of such a place.

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The Fates in Roman Mythology are three goddesses who determine the fate of every person. Urd spins the thread of existence. She passes the spun thread to Verdandi, who weaves it into existence. Each day Urd and Verdandi weave the fate of the world, and by the end of the day, Skuld unravels it, tossing it back into the abyss. The faery connection with fate is congruent with their spiritual Nature. It is this spiritual Nature that makes it possible for faeries to affect mortals.

Faeries and mortals share a spiritual Nature, and it is this spiritual affinity that acts as the connecting thread. At times, the faery and mortal worlds come together. They meet at a kind of magickal cross- road. When this happens, it creates an energetic doorway through which mortals can enter the realm of the faery and the faeries can enter the mortal world. Most often, when the faeries enter the mortal world, they become visible. By seeing the faeries, and by occasionally entering the energetic doorway to the realm of the faeries, mortals dis- covered that there was a world that exists just beyond the mortal vantage point.

When the time is right, mortals, like you and me, can deliberately interact with this world and the faeries that inhabit it. Faery History, Mythology, and Folklore 15 Faery Mythology, Folklore, and History The realm of the faeries is strongly interwoven with the concept of Earth and ancestral spirits, powerful energies that permeate both the faery and mortal worlds. These energies are addressed in Celtic Mythology, specifically in the myths and legends of the Tuatha De Danann.

In the history of Ireland, five consecutive waves of in- vaders took control of the island. This di- vided Ireland into two realms, the seen and the unseen. The faeries are obviously part of a Pagan, pre-Christian religion. Within the faery lore of Scotland and Ireland are the remnants of the old religion, with gods and goddesses acting as the guardian ancestors of the clans. Every clan claims descent from a particular goddess or god.

These same Pagan goddesses and gods appear in local tales, and are trans- formed into faery kings and queens. Living in magnificent faery palaces in the woods and by secluded streams, they act as guardians of forests, lakes, rivers, villages, and cities. In this way, the Pagan deities transformed as faeries remain a part of the land and the folk memory of the people. Rather than being descended from the Tuatha De Danann, the leprechauns come from ancestors that are equally as old, or even more so.

Accordingly, the elves and drawfs are of Norse origin, so the Tuatha De Danann proposal only accounts for certain kinds of faeries. Another suggestion is that the faeries and related magickal creatures originated from people and other beings who have died and passed on, but their collective spirit still resides in the land. This collective spirit comprises the faery. Indeed the strength of the faeries comes directly from the power of the land, from the earth. This sacred power is the power of the faeries.

In post-Christian times, the Pagan faeries became the fallen angels. Occasionally they were depicted as astral or Elemental spirits. With the growth of Puritanism, faeries were thought to be harmful and evil.

Whether or not they are angels or the defeated god- desses and gods of the Tuatha de Danann, the faeries are ancient spirits that are magickally tied to places on the earth. They are the sacred spirit or presence that animates and enlivens all of Nature. As the previous goddesses and gods that were the embodiment of Nature, the faeries evolved into beings who represented these magickal aspects.

As mor- tals became more agrarian, we settled and stayed in one locale. Remaining connected and in tune with us, the faeries adapted to these changes by becoming less wild and develop- ing more household qualities and skills. Belief in these faeries in these places has been a constant for generations, and there is a larger accumulation of information about them.

Since their origin, the idea of faeries as magickal pur- veyors of good and bad luck, has lit many a creative fire. Good and bad luck are often forces that you consider beyond your control.

Other times everything goes wrong, and you wish you had stayed in bed. Faery Magick is all about being in harmony with the powers of good luck, and avoiding those of bad luck. Faeries like befriending mortals. They enjoy doing help- ful things, and as long as you keep giving them gifts in return, the magickal relationship continues unimpeded. Re- member, the faeries usually believe that a gift deserves a gift in return. In the past, the faeries controlled the crop harvest and the milk yields, therefore people would leave food and drink out for them.

In return the faeries would help the crops grow, keep the milk cows productive, as well as do helpful things and bring good luck to the home and those residing in it. House faeries like gifts of milk, sweet cakes, honey, butter, ale, and other delicacies.

With the presence of ample offerings, a house faery will help with some of your unfin- ished jobs at night as you sleep, and bring you good luck. In friendships between faeries and mortals, problems gen- erally arise when the faeries feel mistreated. Most mortals who are familiar with the magickal ways of the faeries will make peace with the Nature or house faeries that live nearby. There were many stories of people who have mistreated the fairies.

They have been paid back by having things physi- cally thrown about or hidden from them, catastrophic occurences, etc. Mistreating or breaking your promise to a faery is not something I would suggest—ever! Doing so can create insuffer- able consequences and make you one miserable mortal. By making friends and cooperating with the faery en- ergy, you can make your life easier.

Working with the faeries, your life becomes more aligned with the Natural forces that have been part of human life since the begin- ning of time. Faeries are not just mischievous, but often appear so as a means of teaching an unsuspecting mortal a lesson about life. Time, space, energy, and form are all relative. Appearance, reality, and identity are also relative to your awareness. To become more aware of the faeries and other magickal beings, it is essential that you shift or alter your awareness.

It is much like the shift of your awareness when you are dreaming.

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Because of their spiritual nature, the faeries are ever- present in your many lifetimes: You are a multifaceted being who combines both physical and mental realities with spiritual realms that seem to drift just beyond our awareness. By better understanding and working with these energies, you can improve your chances of success no matter what you set out to do, and live happily ever after, again and again. Modern Faery Tales Just like in the world of William Shakespeare, faeries continue to play a part in modern storytelling.

For example, in the animated film Fern Gully a female faery makes a mortal male tiny so he can see life from the vantage point of a faery, in the hope that he will help stop the destruction of Nature.

In Lord of the Rings, by J. Tolkien, elves, dwarves, and other faery-like creatures, band together to do battle with darkness and evil. Yoda of Star Wars is a modern-day version of a faery being. Like Yoda, faeries are often viewed as teachers. If you win their favor, they can teach you many things about the ways of faery magick.

It is a rare honor when a magickal being comes into your life and offers to be your teacher. Make certain the faery has your best interests at heart. You can usually tell this by whether your life works better with or without the magickal help provided. In terms of modern folklore, faeries and angels have much in common. He creates an Otherworld reality that permanently alters how George view of his life.

Magickal beings such as Clarence, who can shapeshift in space and time, are the essence of faeries. The faery spirit, with its wry and magickal manifesta- tions, lives within the human psyche. Usually, incurring the wrath of faeries involves doing some- thing that is abusive to either the faeries or to Nature.

After all, they are the stewards of Nature. Also, every Halloween, children shapeshift into little magickal beings, who go around asking for gifts of treats. Faery Magick Faery Magick is about tapping into the powerful spiri- tual energy of the faeries when you make magick. This faery energy comes in many types, some kinds beneficial and others hostile. It is important to know the Natures of the different types of faeries, and to work with only those that are friendly and helpful. When working with the faeries, it can also be beneficial to know their customs and traditions.

Like so many things having to do with the faery, magick is less complicated than you think. It is not about lighting candles, burning incense, casting spells, or chanting invoca- tions. Magick is a Natural state, a spiritual state of being, where your mind is filled with wonder.

Your imagination soars and it suddenly becomes possible to follow your deep- est dream. Magick can brighten everything in your life, if you just open the door to your inner spirit and let it in. By working with the energy of the faery when you do magick, you are invoking divine beings that transcend the bounds of time.

Because of this relativity, time moves at a different rate in the faery world, much like they say it would if you were traveling at the speed of light. Doing so can be extremely dangerous. Because time is different in the realm of the faeries, do not attempt to go to the faery realm.

The faery energy, as previously mentioned, is tied to Nature. This means that when you are doing faery magick, you are working with devas and Elementals that reside in a variety of Natural settings. Because of this, it is vital that you go outside into Nature when communing with the faeries.

There are excep- tions to these ties, for example, house faeries such as brown- ies and hobgoblins. They are tied to homesteads, to homes, to families, to specific households, or to a specific locale. Magick is a method where Divine and mind combine to modify reality.

If everything in this world is illusion, as many philosophers suggest, then magick shifts the illusion. Like most things in life, magickal ability is gained through practice and experience. Setting up patterns for achieving your magickal goals, and staying focused on these goals until you attain them, guarantees success in making magick. To create a basic magickal pattern, use the three steps of expectation, planning, and merging. Step one: This is the process of determining what it is you really want.

These are your deepest desires. In this initial step, it is important to get in touch with your needs, wants, and desires, and to determine what, in life, is more important. After determining your general thoughts and feelings about these questions, get more specific about what you want to do, where you want to live, and who you want in your world.

Narrow it down. And then, narrow it down again. In terms of expectation, the more definitive you are, the greater the chance for the success of your magickal pattern. Step Two: This is the process where you sit down and brainstorm ways of achieving your expectations. If you want a new house, then you should make a plan describing what it would take to make it happen. You have to find the house of your expectations, come up with a down payment, and get financing, so these are some of the things you might want to include in your plan.

Remember, when things seem impossible magick usually kicks in, and suddenly a plan, that seemed like it would never be more than a dream, is a reality. Be prepared by planning ahead!

This is the part of your magickal pattern where you bring in, and become one with, the energy of the faery. Merging is a process where you feel yourself become pure energy and light, at which point you connect with the eter- nal spirit that weaves all things together as One. This step activates your magickal pattern and makes it a reality. Some- times the effects are seemingly miraculous. Faery Magick is the what, when, how, and wow of ordinary and extraordinary realities blending.

Being one of the oldest energies, the power of the faeries can prove to be a powerful helpmate for successful magickal patterns. You need to use this powerful energy wisely and with deliberate care. Magickal texts say that if you master faery energy, your thoughts will manifest themselves almost instantly. You seem to glow and your presence changes your environ- ment and those around you.

You can always tell when mor- tals have the favor of the faeries in their beautiful gardens, inviting homes, friendly pet companions, and their abun- dant resources and artistic talents. Today, Faery Magick and faith in the faeries continues to thrive, especially with the renewed interest in Wicca, Paganism, and other Earth-spirited traditions. The faeries are still seen each and every day.

As you practice the tech- niques I have included in this book, you, too, can tap into the spiritual power of the faeries, and commune with these magickal beings.

The Shapeshifter I sit with my eyes wide open as the person before me shifts shape. Beginning as a small, elderly looking man with elfin fea- tures, he transforms into a giant, silver-furred she-wolf. She looks in my eyes, and I can see the moon reflected in hers. The wolf beckons me to mount her back. I climb on, putting my arms around her neck. We travel so quickly that everything around us moves as if in slow motion.

Images go from being blurry to suddenly very clear. The tree nymph stops on the trunk, and looks in my eyes and, for an instant, I feel the connection between us. She is the Element of Air, and I feel myself becoming her and being blown about by the wind. In this state, I realize that struggling against the wind is futile, but to move with the wind is divine.

I feel myself blown to and fro in all directions. Soon, I see an image of an enormous salamander who looks just like a fire dragon.

One of the most volatile of Elements, Fire is the creation of life, and instantly eradi- cates anything in its way. The enormous salamander stops to bask in the sun, happy and content.

Watching this giant being, I know that there are two sides to everything. In creation there is destruction, and in destruction there is creation. They are divinely tied together. As I continue riding, I see the image of a Water sprite swimming in a pool.

The water looks bottomless and as infinite as all of Oneness. Time and space are relative to experience, which is relative to the overall pattern of things.

Pools of water become creeks that become streams, that become rivers, lakes, and oceans. And oceans become lakes, rivers, streams, creeks, and pools of water. Each pattern in life is part of a bigger, connected pattern that makes up the whole of everything.

Each Element has a lesson to teach. These relate back to the basic beginnings of the faeries and Nature itself. She disappears and I find myself standing in front of an oak tree whose wrinkled image suggests the very fabric of time, and whose eyes look directly into mine. Its roots are like anchors that stretch deep within the earth. Its trunk, branches, and leaves move out into the air. Its entire being moves upward towards the light of the sun, signifying the Fire of life and it must have water, signifying the Water of life.

Staring into the eyes of the oak, I see a future filled with magickal beings. As both my ancestors and the entities that dwell within the land, I know the faeries are like guardian angels and spirit guides who help me along my way. As my eyes move, I see the shapeshifter can be anyone or anything.

I understand now that things are what they are on the inside, no matter what kinds of outside images they portray. Like candles, the woods, the magickal beings, and the land of illusion melts away leaving only that which remains— the eternal flame that burns in the hearts and spirits of everything that lives within the flicker of a lifetime. Alphabetical Listing of Faeries and Related Magickal Beings Although the concept of the faery is worldwide, the follow- ing list includes magickal beings primarily from the European cultures because they are more familiar.

Remember that there are always differences in behav- ior and appearance, even within the same type of faery. Completely avoid the negative and deadly forms of faeries. These are Water faeries who float around on bubbles and hate fish. During a full moon, they come on land to dance and play.

They are not particularly friendly. Amadan Dubh: This is a particularly dangerous type of faery that is greatly feared among the Gaels. They play faery enchantments on their reed pipes on hilly slopes and precipices after sunset.

The wild banshee wanders through the woods and over the moors at dusk, and some- times lures travelers to their death. Banshee can also travel at will to great distances. Appearing in tattered gray clothes, they are basically a sociable faeries who have become solitary through sadness and grief. They are the honor- able ancestral faery women of the old clans of Ireland, who are heard, but rarely seen. They wail a blood-curdling lament just before mis- fortune, illness, or death occurs in their ances- tral families.

Their wail can kill or instantly age mortals who hear it. Banshee also avenge the death of their descendants. They generally ap- pear either as beautiful maidens or gruesome crones.

Salt water and silver can harm them. Bendith Y Mamau: They have the ill disposition and ugly appearance of goblins, but the glamour of the faeries. Billy Blin: A household familiar who is popularized in English and Scottish songs. They are known for breaking things and making trouble, but seldom do serious harm. Most old homes have a boggart. The supernatural boggart is sly, annoying, mischievous, and a prankster.

They pull the covers from sleeping mortals, rap or pound on the door at odd times, or rearrange the furni- ture at night when you are sleeping. They are from 1 to 2 ft. As household faeries, they do unfinished jobs such as mowing, threshing, caring for the laying hens, and tending the sheep and cattle. They bring good luck to a family, providing that the family treats the brownie well. Brownies also love animals and will take care of the household pets. They adore gifts of food and drink such as milk and honey cakes, but abhor gifts and wages.

Urisks are the Scottish version of brownies. Residing in Cornwall, they are magickal beings that inhabit mines. Also called tinmine demons, they are the wind goblins that foretell shipwrecks. This is a sort of Welsh version of a brownie, but a more particular one.

Naked, they ride about on chickens. They live in troops and are zealous in their celebrations of Yule. A mischievous goblin that resides in chimneys and peeks out at children, scolding them when they are bad. Residing in southwest Ireland, they are renowned drunkards who both guard and raid wine cellars. The Clurichaun sing in Gaelic and have beautiful, magickal voices. As shapeshifters, the coomlaen can take the shape of their de- sires, but must return to the shape of a horse once during each day for at least six hours.

They are fiercely devoted to one rider at a time and the bond lasts for the lifetime of the rider. The two communicate telepathically. Because the Coomlaen defends its rider, in order to befriend a coomlaen you must first befriend its rider. Coomlaens adore gifts of apples and honeysuckle. Iron is harmful to the coomlaen. The cooshie stay with their elfin masters, and have heightened senses, including knowing when there is any magickal, spiritual, or physical presence in their territory.

Like elves and coomlaens, they have an aversion to iron. Cooshies can heal sick or injured travelers and calm troubled minds and hearts. Types of Faeries 31 Corrigans: From Brittany and Cornwall, they live in the woods, near streams.

Corrigans are winged faeries who like to play pranks, such as tak- ing human babies and replacing them with changelings. Daoine Sidhe: The immortal polytheistic group of god- desses and gods of Pagan Ireland who merged with the land, these are the cream of the crop of faeries that form a faery nation. They ap- pear in human form, dressed in green, and are called the peaceful faeries. They preside over the faery kingdom, play sweet music, dance, ride milk-white faery horses, and are gener- ally accompanied by their faery hounds.

They are happy, friendly, and playful wood nymphs who live in and take care of the trees. They are born of the same seed as the place they live. Dryads are the color of tree bark or leaves and their dark green hair is extremely long and flows about them. They can disappear by stepping into a tree, as if stepping into a dimensional door. Sometimes their skin is dappled like a tree trunk.

Dryads are usually very charm- ing, sing beautifully, and particularly like wil- low and oak trees. Both male and female, dwarfs are usually from 3 to 5 ft. They are quick tempered, loyal, and immune to physical damage. Working with Earth, Fire, and stone, they are found underground under moun- tains and hills where they mine metals and gems, especially copper.

They adore gifts of both precious metals and gems. Eash Uisge: They are the Highland water horses known for being fierce and dangerous. They have the ability to shift into the shape of young, hand- some men. According to Norse mythology, elves and dwarves are created in the time before humans from the body of Ymir, the giant.

Inhabiting one of the upper worlds, and often found in Natural settings such as woodlands and forests, elves are somewhere between mortal and divine. Originally between 5 and 7 ft. Their hair was usually red, blond, or light brown, and they had cat-like ears.

Their cat-like eyes are green, blue, silver, or gold with slitted pupils. Through time, the elves became Elemental spirits of the land, sea, and forest, who are sometimes por- trayed as small, good-natured creatures with brown skin and delicate features. Iron does not kill elves, but it can injure them. They adore gifts of quartz crystal, pearl, moonstone, and silver.

In the Western world, Santa Claus and his helpers are elves. Their only interest seems to revolve around playing practical jokes on humans. Ganconer Gean-canogh: Also known as a love faery, the ganconer is a leprechaun-type faery who appears as an incredibly handsome young male.

Appearing in lonely valleys and fields, they are known for playing beautiful songs on their pipes, but their fate is ultimately to be alone. You may however sense him through a change in temperature or you. But his power is great and he has great abilities and he will easily be able to open a gateway to another realm and this way Enki can be summoned and so communicated with directly.

Janus I ask that you close the doorway so that travel to and from this world and the next stops. However this does not mean that some assets naturally are simply costs. Janus agrees and the doorway closes. But to summon Enki I will utilise another entity which has the power to open gateways to other realms and the entity I will use is called Janus and he is an entity which if seen has two faces and is otherwise like a man.

The doorway opens. Janus open the doorway from the other world so that Enki can come to me here and now. I hope that this makes the world that you live in financially easier to understand.

But magick. Enki walks through the doorway. Getting more wealth through Enki Janus Roman God. The magick you have learnt will increase your net worth and it is especially useful for those that are worried about how much they spend because this magick will send back what you have spent.

This magick is very easy and all that you need do is to speak the words which follow while intending magick to be worked. Do this for me Enki. Enki great power: I ask that you open a doorway to Enki. This represents many things and even those which we do not think about. Enki agrees and walks back through the doorway. It also clarifies for us our objective when spending some of our money.

I summon you Enki I summon you through the doorway to me here. But remember that when you gain in wealth that the different steps are for different levels of wealth and many readers will jump several steps forward because this magick is powerful but also through your own efforts and through this you can also gain in wealth.

But this protective magick is also about controlling the world around us and helping us to do the right thing. But I also understand that for many people these early steps are the hardest and it will get easier and easier with every step that you move up. Protecting your wealth Elegua you have power over travel and without you no travel between the realms takes place and I ask that you open a gateway to the other realm.

But this magick is only of use if you use it and this means saying the words aloud and willing the magick to work. Without your own intent the words are merely words. But also I recognise that it is important that you start to protect what wealth you have and so magick for this is also required.

Protecting wealth is not just about theft but also about not spending it: But also you. I want to free you from money worries and this is best done in the way I have described.

I hope now that you have gained a greater idea of what the power of magick can do to increase your wealth and also to protect it. Open the gates of Heaven. But the magick here is not merely symbolic it is here to work and change your life for the better. But also lots of what is done is through the power which we also have. In fact there have always been certain entities which have been linked to the wealthy and even symbols which are linked to great wealth can have potency.

But to use these entities we need to summon them and so I will be using the power of Saint Peter to open the gates of Heaven. Therefore here is how to gain the power to get greater wealth using the angels called powers.

It is believed that some families have a right to rule through the power of certain angels. Increasing in wealth with the angels Saint Peter open the gates of Heaven do this here and now. Use this magick and get richer and richer.

However a good entity to draw upon to help gain in wealth is the entity of the angel. There are angels called Powers and these angels have power over who has power upon Earth and this includes allocation of resources and so wealth. It is better to be rich than poor and it should be known that you can be rich. We are supposed to embrace magick and so alter our lives.

It is at this point that some of the magick which is linked to the wealthy becomes of most use because from this point it is easier to move upwards to much greater wealth.

We have a lot of occult power that most of us deny. We may feel strange using these angels to get what we want. Let the magick help you inside and out and the riches you want will be yours.

The Powers agree and go back through the gates. The Powers come through and are here with me. Powers you decide upon how power and wealth is allocated and I ask that you protect my position and wealth so that it will not reduce or lower. The power of the angels can alter your net worth a lot and it can change your entire financial position completely and along with it your life. Protecting wealth with the angels Saint Peter open the gates of Heaven do this here and now.

Powers you decide upon how power and wealth is allocated and I ask that you give such wealth to me: Powers come here be with me. God I need to talk to you and the angels called powers. Angels of the second sphere and second choir come through let the angels called Powers. Many people forget angels when it comes to magick because somehow gaining magick from angels to some they feel does not fit with their view of the world.

Saint Peter I ask that you close the gateway of Heaven so that all is as it was. It is one thing to fit the many different entities which they can command but for many people to use angels another. It is just that angels frighten some people more than any other type of entities. Saint Peter I ask that you. But knowing about angels power means that some people have gained help from angels and some people may even be hindered and this is difficult to accept and this means that what they are is a type of being which tries to impose their will onto humanity: But money also needs protected and so for those desiring this for this level of wealth here is some magick for this also.

Angels of the second sphere and second choir come through let the angels called Powers and be here with me. Open the gates of Heaven do this now so that the angels may come through. Powers you decide upon how power and wealth is allocated and I ask that you send me income and may I gain income not just from what I do but also from what others do and this is what I ask from you.

I wish that all the readers have the success they want and magick. There are many ways to gain in wealth but also great success helps and so I will show you how to use this as a way of gaining in wealth.

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I do want you to use this magick and also want you to gain the most you can from it. I also do not want you to feel that magick is the only thing that can be done and there are many great financial advisers and people who can help you: I therefore will show you some magick to gain in income so that money continues to flow to you as an income and not just through the appreciation of assets. But also income is important and because of the power which these angels have to bestow upon people.

Getting more income with the angels Saint Peter open the gates of Heaven do this here and now. But you do not have to feel limited to occultism and at this level your wealth can be effected by many other external forces and for some people their wealth maybe partly a valuation. I know that the power you gain here is power to transform your life.

Of course wealth also comes from what people do and how they do it: Therefore here is magick for success generally which also will help you gain in wealth. There is nothing wrong with this philosophy. But one powerful entity is Ra the sun god and although people link him with the sun it was thought that he had power. Success with the angels Saint Peter open the gates of Heaven do this here and now. Powers you decide upon how power and wealth is allocated and I ask that you give me success and great social status.

Hecate open a gateway to the other world. However in order to contact Ra I will be using a deity called Hecate. This means that Ra can also be of use to us and can help us get richer. Ra powerful sun god come through the gates. But also we need to hold in mind how long it lasted and there were many dynasties of the ancient Egyptian world. Earth and in fact everything. Gaining in wealth using Hecate and Ra Hecate goddess of crossroads and doorways let an opening to the other realm open.

This is testament to the true power of Ra. But there is more to Ra than people think and although the ancient Egyptian civilization is still remembered.

This will then allow us to talk to Ra and get Ra to help us. This means that Hecate can be used to open a gateway to allow Ra to come through and be contacted by us. I will now show you how to utilise both these entities to gain in net worth. Hecate open an opening here and now. It also helps many of us free ourselves from our limited view of money and wealth and also from our view of which entities can help us because few people would think about asking Ra for help with wealth and yet it is quite within his range of expertise.

Ra is an Egyptian deity and a powerful one and people even use the symbol the eye of Ra for protection. Ra come through here. Gaining in income using Hecate and Ra Hecate goddess of crossroads and doorways let an opening to the other realm open. I know that when you perform this magick that you will feel its power.

But also I feel that you should be prepared to really see these entities. Ra come through the gates. Hecate close the gateway so that the way is sealed and all is as it was.

Ra agrees and walks back through the gates. Ra step through the gateway to this world. I really do feel that using these entities is something which has incredible power.

I know it is difficult to keep our heads at such times but it is in truth just a matter of working through the ceremony. I therefore will now show you how to work this. You may see either or both of them and this may be through the corner of your eye. Close the gates. But I also am aware that income is also importance and these entities can also be used for magick for this too. Ra steps through the gates. It is also true that you may simply feel their presence.

Let the gateway open. The gateway is closed. Hecate close the gates. Ra I ask that you use your power to increase my wealth: Ra come through here and be with me. But I also feel you should know that although this is in modern words and I have not directly sought many historical sources that I feel that this magick is as ancient as it can be. Ra I ask that you use your power to increase my income so that wealth shall continually flow to me: Ra do this for me.

Protecting our wealth using Hecate and Ra Hecate goddess of crossroads and doorways let an opening to the other realm open. Ra I ask that you use your power to protect my wealth and let it not reduce in value. Work the magick and get rich it is that simple. But I will help you with this by showing you some magick to help you keep money and not wish to spend too much. I hope that you embrace the power which you have gained because knowing this allows you to know that you have an advantage and through this to be stronger and to know what to expect because this magick will help you have more wealth and this is never a bad thing no matter what other people say.

But I also know that although wealth can change our lives for the better how it alters our life depends on what we use it for and what we ask of it. I also ask that I not need or desire to spend wealth. This magick works but for it to work you have to say it aloud and truly intend it to work. I know that this magick will give you the tools that are required for you to increase in wealth considerably but do make the best of what opportunities this magick and the wealth gives you.

Use the magick within and it will work for you. We need to keep the wealth we have because otherwise gaining more will became much more difficult that it need be. Ra come through here be with me. It is one thing to use wealth but quite another to fear it and to let it run through our fingers. It is better to look for opportunities which can make our lives better than to wait and hope that something happens. Since the Morrigan has been linked to aristocratic families for a long time and since such families have long enduring wealth then these entities when used to gain in wealth will create a most comfortable financial situation: But to contact the Morrigan I think that it is necessary for us to summon this entity and to do this we should use an entity which can open gateways between worlds and so allow the Morrigan to come to us and be seen by us.

This understanding will help and because of this I can move onto the great power this magick has. But the Morrigan also is linked to war.