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Welcome to the walkthrough for Zelda: Ocarina of Time. We bet you are itching to get started on Link's giant adventure of epic proportions. Thank you for selecting the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Game Pok for the. Nintendo 64 syskim,. Please read this instruction booklet thoroughly to ensure. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time/Walkthrough Oot This guide will take you step by step through all of Ocarina's fields, towns, and dungeons.

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Welcome to the Ocarina of Time Walkthrough. The guide below is a complete % Walkthrough of Ocarina of Time that will cover a full run through the entire . The legend of Zelda: Ocarina of time. Prima's Official Strategy Guide. RETROSPECTIVE. THE LEGEND OF ZELDA. In , owners of the Nintendo. Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time Master Quest Walkthrough by DarkStarRipclaw IGN presents a walkthrough for Legend of Zelda Ocarina of.

Go through the left-hand locked door, and kill the Gold Skulltula on the wall. Tere is a series of torches in this room. Piece of Heart, Botle Songs Learned: But many of your other important moves and acions require the use of butons. Here is where you equip diferent weapons, tunics, and shields. Zora's Domain 5. As soon as you block a hit, counteratack.

Thou must never allow the desert man to lay his hands on the Sacred Triforce. Thou must never suffer that man to enter the Sacred Realm of Legend. Link, go now to Hyrule Castle. There, ye will surely meet the Princess of Destiny. Present this stone to the Princess. I have foreseen that she will understand everything. Before dying, the Deku Tree's last words were, "The future depends on thee, Link.

Thou art courageous. It took the series to a new dimension of 3D and pulled it off brilliantly. It gained a reputation of having an unlimited number of secrets and collectable items in a vast world. It introduced the famous Zelda "tri-race" that was to occupy succeeding games: The forest Deku, the mountainous Gorons, and the river-dwelling Zora. It's a game divided into two parts: A Young Link and an Adult Link. But most importantly, it contains the classic Zelda story: Link, the child, grows up in the process of going through his adventures, collects the Master Sword, defeats the evil Ganon, and saves the princess, helping the other various races as he goes along.

Again, the items are arranged in the order of the soonest that you can get them. In this game's case, this often means having to trudge long distances over the Hyrule terrain from place to place, often revisiting areas a lot.

If you want, you can collect items in chunks by waiting until you've advanced further to collect more items at once, thereby saving time. It's usually best to get the items as early as possible, however.

After you beat the Forest Temple, the first dungeon of the Adult Link Quest, you have free access to switch between Young and Adult Link as much as you like. There are many environmental changes between the Young and Adult Hyrules; in the Young Link time frame, the Market is open and active, and there are generally fewer problems with the environment because Ganondorf has not come to power yet.

In the Adult Link time frame, however, the Market is destroyed, Zora's Domain is frozen over, and a sense of doom ravages the land. Sometimes you may have to travel between times to accomplish certain puzzles, like in laying Magic Beans as Young Link that don't form into plants until Adult Link's time.

Skulltulas are found virtually everywhere, and besides the occasional secret rooms in the dungeons, aren't very well hidden. Nevertheless, the last Skulltula Tokens are really tough to hunt down without some help.

Skulltulas are usually only found crawling around at night, although you can get the ones in the soil, in dungeons and in buildings, at any time. To find the Skulltulas in the patches of soil, catch some bugs from under the rocks and plop them on the soil. You'll hear the sound of their rattling skin as you get close to them, tipping you off to their location. Most of the tokens require the use of the Boomerang or Hookshot to snag; you get the Boomerang after the third dungeon of the Young Link Quest.

Once you gain the Stone of Agony, it gives you clues as to when you've come across a secret; open up the secrets to find Skulltulas, Heart Pieces, and more. Fortunately, there is no point at which certain items become unavailable; you can wait until right before you beat Ganon to collect all the items if you wish! These minigames are mostly just tests of your skills with the Bow in OoT, so you'll have to work on your reflexes and aiming more than in any previous Zelda game.

Often you get free retries if you get close to perfect scores, so that's a bonus. The easiest way to get rupees to play the minigames and purchase items is to break all the pots in the room at the entrance to the Market as Young Link; you can rack up rupees pretty easily that way. The dungeons are an interesting mix; the first two dungeons aren't too difficult, but in Jabu Jabu's Belly you have to escort a Zora Princess through the dungeon to help you. Some dungeons, especially the Water Temple, are very confusing.

Make notes on which door leads where if you need to. Fortunately, you can never get stuck by opening the wrong door with a key, so don't worry about that. The only difference between it and the normal OoT is that the dungeons are more difficult; there are no extra items or upgrades to get. Go up the ledge to the left, to the southwest corner of the Kokiri Forest. Enter the tiny hole here and crawl through it.

Go left, and follow the path to the treasure chest while avoiding the boulders. It contains the Kokiri Sword. Then, enter the item shop in the northeast corner of this section of the forest and purchase the Deku Shield.

On the east side of the area of the forest, you can get past the Kokiri blocking your path if you equip your sword and shield. Go past him to the east, talk to the Deku Tree, and enter the first dungeon. Dungeon notes: The first dungeon of the game is straightforward enough. The main trunk takes up the top three floors, and single rooms branch off of them.

Eventually you'll get to the bottom floors past the web, where it's a simple way through to the boss.

Of pdf legend of time zelda ocarina walkthrough

Nevertheless, this dungeon introduces standard puzzles that will become commonplace later on. Link gets the Fairy Slingshot in this dungeon, which is the most basic projectile weapon in the game. To defeat the Gohma boss, first locate it on the ceiling.

Shoot at its eye with the Slingshot to stun it, then slice it up with your sword. Repeat until it dies. To the map: To the secret item: To the compass: To the boss: Enter the first door to your left to reach a pot storehouse. There are many rupees in the pots here. Roll into the box at the far end to find a Gold Skulltula. Talk to the girl called Malon next to the vines, and she will give you the egg. This will hatch into a chicken soon. Go up the slope to your left, being careful to avoid all the guards.

When you get to the northwest corner of the field, climb the ladder, and hop down north into the castle moat. Swim along it a little bit and get out at the shallow part, and you will find Malon's father at the end of the path. Wake him up with the chicken, and he will run off. Push the two large crates into place, on top of each other, to make the little crawlspace on the castle wall accessible.

Jump to it and crawl through to enter the castle area itself. Make your way west, past all the patrolling guards, until you get to Zelda in the courtyard. Talk to her and she'll give you this letter. Go to the central ringed area, where you will find Malon singing with her horses. Talk to her, then pull out your Fairy Ocarina and she will teach you this song.

Pull the crates aside to reveal a crawlspace in the northwest corner. Go through it to get the Heart Piece on the other side. Talk to him to play a Super Cucco hunting game for 10 rupees. Locate the three Super Cuccos in the room within the time limit to get your first Bottle.

Roll into it to make a Skulltula pop out. Kill it and get the token. On the back of the Know-it-all Brother's house, which is next to the Kokiri Sword maze entrance, is a Skulltula that appears at night. From the entrance, go east, then west, then east, then west, then forward, then west, then east to get to the Sacred Forest Meadow. Kill the wolf to unblock the rest of the meadow. Make your way through the linear maze, avoiding the Deku Scrubs, and up through the narrow path until you reach a clearing.

Saria is waiting here, and she teaches you her song. Drop down and go past the bridge, then defeat the Deku Scrub. He sells you the Deku Stick upgrade for 40 rupees.

Shoot the bulls-eye plate three times with the Slingshot to get this Deku Seed upgrade. Stand on the stump, and play the Ocarina for the Skull Kids. Follow the tunes they play, and do it three times correctly to get a Heart Piece. Go across the bridge east from the market, and up the long stairway to enter the village. Talk to the Cucco Lady in the south portion of the village- you need to find all seven of her chickens and dump them into her fenced area. The first chicken is right nearby, near the Graveyard entrance.

The second chicken is next to the exit back to Hyrule Field. The third chicken is hiding in a box next to one of the stairways- roll into it to get it out. The fourth chicken is up the stairs, near the exit to Death Moutain.

Grab that chicken and jump off the red roof nearby, to float down to the fifth chicken, on a ledge next to the Skulltula House. To get the sixth chicken, grab one and go east up the stairs on the east side of the village, throw the chicken on the box, climb up and grab it, then jump to the fence. Carefully jump off the end of the fence with the chicken so you can float over the huge brown gate. Throw both chickens back over the gate.

Now in this gated-off area, climb up the ladder to find the final chicken. When all the chickens are returned, the lady will give you a Bottle as a reward. Talk to Dampe and play his digging game. Pay him 10 rupees at any spot and he will dig a hole. There is a Heart Piece in one of the spots he can dig.

It will disappear and you can jump in the hole. Kill the bats and go to the next room, then carefully go to the next room, avoiding the zombies. Examine the plaque at the end of the path to learn this song; you can now switch between day and night at any time.

One of them hides a secret hole; jump inside it. Kill the mummy inside, then play the Song of Soul and get the Heart Piece from the chest that appears. Lay a bug on the soft soil, and a Gold Skulltula pops out. The man inside will give you the Adult Wallet, which lets you hold up to rupees.

Look up and shoot the Gold Skulltula, then climb up to get the token. A Skulltula is behind one of the brick walls. In the northwest corner of the market, enter the Archery Game building. Win the game to get this upgrade for the Slingshot. In the main area, there are a lot of dogs hopping around; approach the white-colored dog so that it starts to follow you. Now enter the back alley of the market to the southwest, and enter the second door.

The woman inside will give you the Heart Piece for finding her dog. Inside, talk to the store owner to get the Keaton Mask, the first mask. To sell the mask, give it to the man guarding the gate in Kakariko Village. To sell it, enter the Lost Woods from Kokiri Forest. Go west from the entrance and talk to the Skull Kid with the mask on. Drop into the hole in the tall grass near the butterflies.

Wear the Skull Mask, then step forward in this secret forest stage. The Deku Scrubs will sprout out of the ground and give you this Deku Stick upgrade. Lay the bug onto the soft soil here to make a Skulltula pop out.

Lay a bug at the soft soil at the ledge to reveal a Skulltula. Use another bug here to fetch out a Skulltula. To sell it, go to the Graveyard from Kakariko Village during the day, and give this to the boy there.

Climb the ladder on the stone wall and go past the fence to get to Lake Hylia.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time / Master Quest - Walkthrough (ZIP)

Go left from the entrance and across the water, then enter the house to get to the Fishing Pond area. If you can catch a big fish about 10 pounds , the owner will give you a Heart Piece. The big fish usually lurks between the log poking out in the middle of the pond and the three sticks nearby. Stand on that log to have the best spot to cast and reel in the fishes. Use a bug on the soft soil next to the lab. While you are in this area, there is a scarecrow patch in between the lab and the fishing pond.

Play a song with your Ocarina in front of the dancing scarecrow named Banooru, and remember the notes you used; it will become important later. Kill the Gold Skulltula there. Roll into the tree near the entrance to make a Gold Skulltula fall out.

Near the impassable bridge, grab the chicken. Jump off to the right and float down, through the giant waterfall, into a tiny nook in the wall. Get the Heart Piece here. Use a bottled bug on the soft soil spot here to dig up a Gold Skulltula. Float to the tiny ledge with the crate on the opposite side of the valley. Roll into the crate and get the Heart Piece. Go all the way up the ledges, past the big boulder blocking Dodongo's Cavern. Follow the path to the right of the area with all the smaller boulders, and go forward until you enter Goron City.

Drop down to the bottom level of the city, and play Zelda's Lullaby in front of the big door slab. Go inside to find Darunia, leader of the Gorons.

Play Saria's Song for him, and he will give you the Power Bracelet. Pick up the bomb flower and throw it over the ledge so that it explodes and destroys the boulder blocking the entrance to Dodongo's Cavern. Go back down there, and you will see a soft soil spot.

Use a bug here to release a Skulltula, and then go forward to enter the second dungeon. The Beamos statues are annoying enemies that shoot lazer beams at you incessantly. Target them and throw a bomb at them to destroy them.

Before you get the regular bombs in the dungeon, you'll have to use the bomb flowers to get by. There are plenty of fake walls; just look for the portions of the walls that are differently-colored than the rest of the wall. There are a couple tough Lizalfo fights here, so practice your evading and jump attack skills.

The boss of the dungeon is the giant King Dodongo. When it starts to breath in and open its mouth, quickly throw a bomb into its throat. Then, while it's stunned, slice it with your sword. Afterwards, sidestep or hide in a corner while it rolls around the room. Repeat the above process until it dies. Use the bombs to blow up the boulders as you continue north. Use your shield to protect yourself from the falling rocks as you go through the valley.

Climb up the rock face at the end, and blow up the boulder in the rock wall at the top. Enter at that spot to reach a fairy fountain. Play Zelda's Lullaby in front of the fountain to make the Great Fairy appear. Quickly roll into the first crate you see to make a Gold Skulltula pop out, kill it and then get back out. From where you land, drop down onto the upper deck of this house and enter through the cracked wall. Get the Heart Piece from inside.

Climb up the vines and drop down past the gates, then go all the way east to the 'dead end'. Bomb the boulder here and go through the crawlspace to get to another Great Fairy's fountain. This fairy teaches you this fire-producing spell. You can also get Bombchus as a prize from the House of Skulltula later on. Light the torches with Din's Fire and a Deku Stick to activate a giant spinning pot. Go up to the next floor and throw a bomb in the pot, and it will spit out a Heart Piece.

Make your way through this room, bombing the boulders until you reach the end. Roll into the crate here to find a Gold Skulltula. Now in the woods, go west, west, forward, then west to reach the screen below the Sacred Forest Meadow. Bomb the boulder here and fall through the hole. The Deku Scrub inside sells this upgrade. In the middle of the fenced-in area, bomb the ground. Drop in the hole, and the Deku Scrub will sell you this Heart Piece for 10 rupees. Go forward and bomb the boulders to continue, then talk to the man farther down.

He sells Magic Beans at progressively higher prices. There are three soft soil spots you can plant Magic Beans in now to get Heart Pieces later: Jump up around the ledges and use the chicken to float to the ledge just before the Heart Piece. Drop the chicken, then jump to the platform with the Heart Piece. Use the chicken to float down to the ledge below with the Heart Piece.

There is a Gold Skulltula on a nearby ladder. Enter Zora's Domain and go forward. On the spiraling path that leads to King Zora are many torches, including two behind the waterfall on the bottom floor.

Light all of them to make a chest appear with the Heart Piece. Talk to the Zora there to play a diving game. Dive and get the five blue rupees in the time limit to get the Silver Scales, which enable Link to dive longer. Dive to get thebottle sitting nearby below the water. Go past Jabu Jabu to the right, and swim to the southeast corner of the lake, onto a platform. Roll into the tree here to make a Gold Skulltula fall out. Go inside to find another fairy fountain; this one teaches you Farore's Wind.

The great fish will suck Link into his mouth. The final dungeon from the Young Link Quest is filled with stingrays, squids, and tentacle monsters. All these enemies are easily defeated with the dungeon item, the Boomerang! The Boomerang is not only great at killing off these enemies, it also grants access to many Skulltula tokens that were previously unreachable. Inside the dungeon you'll meet Princess Ruto- she is necessary to reach several rooms.

If you lose track of her, she should reappear in the room you first found her, or the one below. This is a fairly short, straightforward dungeon, and the boss, Barinade is not too difficult. First, detach it from the wall with your Boomerang and slash it with your sword. In the next phase, hit the main body with the Boomerang, then kill all the squids around it.

Afterwards it will be undefended, and you can finish it off with the Boomerang and sword. Destroy it, then ride the platform up to the top.

There is a Gold Skulltula on the wall opposite the log; kill it and collect its token with the Boomerang. Remember that it has to be at night. Fall through the center hole, jump onto the block and go through the crawlspace. Light the other web on fire with a Deku Stick, and bomb the fake wall past it. Inside, there is a Gold Skulltula on the ceiling. Get the token with the Boomerang. East of the door to the cow house, look on the wall.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time / Master Quest - Walkthrough (ZIP)

Shoot the Gold Skulltula and grab the token with the Boomerang. On the east wall as you go north, there is a bombable wall. Get the skulltula token inside the joint. Ride the platform up all the way to the next floor, and go through the nearby door. Go past the spike traps and up the ladder through the southwest doorway. Cross the bridge to get to the huge staircase room from the top door.

Climb up the side of the staircase, and you can reach the Gold Skulltula in the hole in the wall.

The Boomerang is required to get the token. Soon after you enter, examine the mini-waterfall to the right of the tiny bridge. Get the token from the Gold Skulltula there. Bomb the ground near it and fall in the hole, then kill the Gold Skulltula inside.

Ocarina time pdf of legend walkthrough zelda of

When he sits down to rest, sell him the Bunny Hood and he will fill your entire wallet with rupees. Play the Song of Time in front of the Altar to begin the second phase of Link's quest. Go over to the corral and talk to Ingo, and pay 10 rupees to ride one of his horses. Play Epona's Song to get Epona to come over to you, then climb on top of her and talk to Ingo again.

He will challenge you to a race- beat him twice on Epona, and he will let you keep her. To escape Lon Lon Ranch afterwards, jump over one of the side walls. Ride the platform up and get the Heart Piece from the ledge.

If you didn't plant it, you'll have to wait until after the Forest Temple dungeon, when you can go back as Young Link. Drop into this hole, and you will see Dampe. He challenges you to a race- if you can make it through the whole course before the final door closes, Dampe will give you the Hookshot. You will emerge into the top floor of a windmill in Kakariko Village.

Jump over to the Heart Piece here. On the other side of the big white arch, there's a Gold Skulltula. Use the Hookshot to kill it and get the token. Climb up the ladder on the right side near the gate up to the ledge, and the Gold Skulltula is on the wall nearby. Go all the way up to the top of the frozen waterfall here. Kill the Gold Skulltula on the high wall and get the token with the Hookshot.

Go past where Jabu Jabu used to be, and hop across the frozen platforms to get this Heart Piece. Go forward to a room with a spinning spike trap. Kill all the enemies, then go through the passage. In the spinning fan room, there is a Gold Skulltula on the wall behind some icycles.

Jump up to the platform and collect the blue fire in as many bottles as possible. Jump over to the red ice covering the big chest, and pour the blue fire on it to melt the ice. Get the map from the chest. Now go back to the previous room, and burn the red ice blocking the passage to the left. Go through it. In this room, you can collect more blue fire in bottles. You can also burn two patches of red ice, one guarding a chest with the compass and the other guarding a Heart Piece.

On one of the walls in this room, across from a pit, is a Gold Skulltula. When they are all collected, push the block in front of the passage that opened up and go through. Go past the red ice to the next room, kill the enemy and get the Iron Boots from the chest. Unfreeze him with the blue fire and he will give you the Zora Tunic. To begin, go to Kakariko Village and talk to the Cucco Lady. She will give you the Pocket Egg. Enter the house in the middle of the village, and use the cucco in front of the sleeping Talon.

After he leaves, talk to the Cucco Lady again and she will give you the Cojiro. From the entrance, go west once. Give the Cojiro to the man to get the Odd Mushroom in return. Enter the potion shop to the right of the exit to Death Mountain, and go through the back door. Jump down and enter the witch's shop here. Give the Odd Mushroom to her to get the Potion in return.

Give the Potion to the girl to get the Poacher's Saw in return. Use the horse to leap the gap across the broken bridge, then talk to the man outside the nearby tent. He will give you the Eyeball Frog in exchange for the Prescription Card. Get on Epona and ride down to Lake Hylia, across the two gates. Stop at the Lakeside Laboratory in the lake and go inside.

The scientist will give you the Eyedrops if you make it in time. Go through it to Death Mountain, then head all the way up to the top back to the huge Goron, hookshotting the skulltulas as you go.

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