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the essentials of the Telugu language. To learn a language is to enter a new world and re- Tamil through the medium of English, Hindi. Learning Telugu after knowing Tamil or vice versa is quite easy. can speak Telugu and Tamil or speak Telugu and learning Tamil as your language partners, . If u have a habit of reading books, u can read “how to learn Telugu through Hindi" . NOTE: How can I learn Hindi and Telugu language through Tamil? I'm a.

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This app helps you to learn spoken Telugu through Tamil without having to learn Telugu letters. It has more than + daily used Telugu sentences with audio. Learn Telugu in 30 Days Through English - Learning Telugu. 21 Pages·· A Progressive Grammar of the Telugu Language - Learning Telugu. Welcome to our first Telugu tutorial guiding you step by step through learning the language in a simple and easy way. In this tutorial you will: learn your first

Ninna prayanam ela jarigindhi? It is a book Idhi pusthakama? Oka Kshanam Kshnalu English: Aidu English: Paathu Telugu: Nannu kshaminchandi.

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Through telugu tamil pdf learn spoken

Learn Tamil through English. Learn Tamil language through English with audio pronunciations. Learn English in Tamil: English Speaking in Tamil. SilverParticle Solutions. Learning English in Tamil: Learn english in Tamil 30 Days. Learn Arabic From Tamil.

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Learn Spoken Arabic From Tamil with beautiful images and clear audio. Learn Hindi through English. Learn Hindi language through English with audio pronunciations. Spoken English through Tamil. Learn English through Tamil with Audio pronunciation. Learn Kannada through English. Learn Kannada language through English with audio pronunciations. United States Language: How did you come? How did you sleep? Neevu ela vachaavu?

Neevu ela padukunnaavu? How did you drive?

Neevu ela nadipaavu? How did you write? How many apples are there in my hand?

Learn Telugu Through English

Neevu ela wrasaavu? Naa chetilo enni apples unnaai? How many did you take? Neevu enni theesukunnaavu? How much did he pay you? Athanu neeku entha dabbu ichaadu?

How much distance to go? How was the journey yesterday? Entha dooram vellali? Ninna prayanam ela jarigindhi? Which way did you come? Neevu ee daarilo. Which is your favourite colour? Neeku istamaina rangu enti? In which room did you sleep?

Neevu ee roomlo padukunnaavu? Which story did you tell? Neevu ee kadha cheppaavu? Which is the sweetest fruit?

First steps of learning Telugu | Learning Telugu

Thiyyanaina phalamu enti? Which is the best newspaper in Tamizh? Tamizhlo manchi vaartha patrika enti?

Telugu tamil spoken pdf through learn

Which Indian state has the largest population? Baratha desamlo atyadhika janaaba unna rastram enti? Where did you come from? Neevu ekkadinunchi vachaavu? Where did you sleep? Neevuekkada padukunnaavu? Manager gadhi. Nenu neetho vasthaanu Will you give me your pen?

Neevu nee kalamu naaku isthaava? I love you. Where should I go? Nenu ekkadiki vellaali? Whom should I contact? Nenu evarini sampradinchaali? Is it a book? It is a book Idhi pusthakama? Idhi pusthakamu Is it the answer? It is the answer Will you come with me?

Idhi javaaba? Idhi javaabu Neevu ikkadiki vasthaava? I shall come with you. Lets us know the time in the regional language of tamil and telugu English: Now Tamil: Ippozudhu formal way.

Can you give me your pen? Neevu nee kalamu ivvagalava? Can you lift the box? Neevu ee pette yethagalava? Can you write the exam? Neevu pariksha vraayagalava? Did you have your lunch? Neevu bojhanam chesava? How are you?

Neevu ela unnaavu? I am fine Nenu kshemamgaa unnaanu.

Telugu through pdf tamil learn spoken

Ippudu English: Later Tamil: Appuram Telugu: Auothala English: Before Tamil: Mundhu English: After Tamil: Pinnadi Telugu: Tharavatha English: Morning Tamil: Kaalai Telugu: Udhayam English: Afternoon Tamil: Madhiyam Telugu: Madhyaanam English: Evening Tamil: Sayantharam English: Night Tamil: Ratri Clock time English: One 'o clock AM Tamil: Kaalai Oru Mani Telugu: Thalavari Jhamuna ontiganta English: Two 'o clock AM Tamil: Kaalai Irendu Mani Telugu: Thalavari Jhamuna rendu English: Mathiyam Telugu: Madhayanam pannendu English: One 'o clock PM Tamil: Mathiyaanam oru mani Telugu: Madhyanam ontiganta English: Two 'o clock PM Tamil: Mathiyaanam rendu mani Telugu: Madhyanam rendu English: Midnight Tamil: Nalliravu Telugu: Ardha raathiri Duration: Nimisham Nimishangal Telugu: Okka Nimishaam Nimishalu English: Second s Tamil: Nodi Nodigal Telugu: Oka Kshanam Kshnalu English: Hour Tamil: Mani Telugu: Ganta English: Two hours Tamil: Rendu mani Telugu: Rendu Gantalu.

So let us know the most frequent numbers that are been used in our regional languages. Day s Tamil: Naal Naatkal Telugu: Roju Rojulu English: Week s Tamil: Vaaram Telugu: Vaaramu English: Month Tamil: Maasam Telugu: Nela English: Year Tamil: Varudam Telugu: Numbers in regional language Commonly Used Phrases.

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Pdf telugu through tamil learn spoken

Zero Tamil: Puugiyam Telugu: Sunna English: One Tamil: Onnu Telugu: Okkati English: Two Tamil: Irendu Telugu: Rendu English: Three Tamil: Moonu Telugu: Moodu English: Four Tamil: Naalu Telugu: Naalagu English: Five Tamil: Ainthu Telugu: Aidu English: Six Tamil: Aaru Telugu: Aaru English: Seven Tamil: Yezhu Telugu: Yedu English: Yettu Telugu: Yenimidhi English: Nine Tamil: Onbhadhu Telugu: Thommidhi English: Ten Tamil: Pathu Telugu: Padhi English: Eleven Tamil: Padhin Onnu Telugu: Padakondu English: Twelve Tamil: Pannirendu Telugu: Pannendu English: Thirteen Tamil: Pathimoondru Telugu: Padamudu English: Fourteen Tamil: Pathinaalu Telugu: Padnalugu English: Fifteen Tamil: Pathiainthuu Telugu: Padihenu English: Sixteen Tamil: Padhinaaru Telugu: Twenty two Tamil: Iruvathi rendu Telugu: Eruvadi rendu.

Twenty one Tamil: Iruvathi onnu Telugu: Eruvadi okati. Seventeen Tamil: Pathinezhu Telugu: Padihedu English: Eighteen Tamil: Pathiyettu Telugu: Paddenimidi English: Nineteen Tamil: Patthonbathu Telugu: Panthommidi English: Twenty Tamil: Iruvadu Telugu: Twenty three Tamil: Iruvathi moonu Telugu: Eruvadi moodu English: Twenty four Tamil: Iruvathi naalu Telugu: Twenty five.

Iruvathi angi Telugu: Eruvadi aidu English: Thirty Tamil: Muppathu Telugu: Muppai English: Fourty Tamil: Naapathu Telugu: Nalabai English: Fifty Tamil: Ambathu Telugu: Yabahi English: Sixty Tamil: Aruvathu Telugu: Aaravi English: Seventy Tamil: Yezhuvathu Telugu: Dabbhai English: Eighty Tamil: Enbathu Telugu: Enabai English: Ninety Tamil: Thonnuuru Telugu: Thombai English: One hundred Tamil: Nuuru Telugu: Two hundred Tamil: Era nuuru Telugu: Three hundred Tamil: Mun nuuru Telugu: Moodu vandalu English: One thousand Tamil: