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The third chapter is devoted to the principles of construction and techniques associated with various structural elements. A large collection of. SHEET TITLE: SHEET NUMBER: CHECKED BY: DRAWN BY: LENOX SPRINGS LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURAL CONSTRUCTION DOCUMENTS AUSTIN. FETAC now has responsibility for making awards previously made by NCVA. Module Descriptor. Landscape Construction and Maintenance. Level 5 C

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Sustainable landscape construction: a guide to green building outdoors / William Thompson tions/ PDF | A landscape construction course that incorporates a variety of student centered teaching methods including case studies, small group projects and. ASSESSING LANDSCAPE CONSTRUCTION COURSE IN LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURAL PROGRAM 1 2, 3 Hazreena Hussein, Shahida Shamsuddin .

If this is borne in mind, all forms of green roof are possible. Los encofrados modernos Fig. Views Total views. Water two 2 times per week. Loadbearing structures Steps in the open air are often constructed directly on the subsoil. Selection of Carpinus betulus hornbeam grades, schematic diagram: Climbing plants grow upwards towards the light.

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Plants are living and require care! Plants need consistent watering to grow and thrive. Trees, Shrubs, and Perennials can take up to three 3 years to become established so continue to water even after the first season especially during hot, dry periods.

Avoid using a lawn sprinkler to water your plants. Water the roots of the plant, not the leaves. Even though it rained does not mean your plants received enough water.

The foliage on plants can prevent water from reaching the roots and rainfall amounts may not be sufficient.

The following watering schedule should be followed: Week 1: Water three 3 times per week.

Weeks 2 and 3: Water two 2 times per week. Week 4: Water once a week for the rest of the year. This may need to be increased during dry periods. Plants need good watering even into late November. Approximately 10 minutes on slow trickle. Seeding or Overseeding: Allow surface to dry between waterings.

Construction pdf landscape

This encourages grass to form a deeper root system. Water in early morning so the sun dries the grass blades preventing fungal spores from germinating. Do not mow newly seeded or overseeded areas for at least two days after installation.

Watering is necessary until the root system is established usually one full summer. Be sure ALL areas of the sodded lawn receive water. Sauter Publisher: David Sauter Language: English Grade Level: PDF Seller information: SlideShare Explore Search You. Submit Search. Successfully reported this slideshow. We use your LinkedIn profile and activity data to personalize ads and to show you more relevant ads.

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Landscape Construction

Like this presentation? Why not share! An annual anal Embed Size px. Steps in a generic construction project. Site Grading and Earthwork: Cut and Fill Calculations: Calculation of the cut-and-fill volumes. Road Alignment: Advantages and disadvantages of different roadway patterns.

Impact of drainage problems. Storm water Management: Differentiate the irrigation application methods. Site Lighting and Electrical Works: Components of low-voltage lighting systems Erosion Control: Identify erosion control measures. Assignment 1: Drainage and Irrigation 20 hours Final Project: Proposed landform study model 38 hours Figure 3: An assessment scheme of tutorial by topics trait analysis of ADL The lecturer would then check off the score for each of the five primary traits listed as important for the assignment, with a minimum total score of 5 poor and a maximum total score of 25 excellent.

Landscape Construction - PDF Free Download

Concern for the health of outdoor places is a central theme in landscape architecture and landscape contracting. It is a concern shared by many members of related disciplines like architecture, planning, public-lands administration, and horticulture, as well as by private gardeners [7].

The project becomes the central objective for students where it is focus and to test of the ability and understanding of students relative to the educational process [8]. The lecturer introduced the concepts, language, and skills used to construct landscapes landform in the built environment and fundamental of the theory, terminology, and process of site engineering.

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This knowledge is applied through a series of tutorials, assignments and final project in the studio. Students are anticipated to gain a basic knowledge of micro site grading and drainage, layout, road alignment, and storm water management, because the thorough understanding of these topics are later essential to the practice of landscape architecture.

Assessments were links student performance to specific learning outcomes are done in order to provide useful feedback to the lecturer and students 11 nos about how successfully they are in meeting these outcomes. The evaluation of CLO by topics trait of ADL The integration of lectures and tutorials are equally important, incorporating these two teaching methods enable students to gain most learning sources from theory and case study tutorials learning experiences.

Without both teaching methods, it becomes learning constraint that due to the lacking knowledge and understanding of landscape site construction. Students are able to further self-learning on basic site engineering calculation, contour and landform, irrigation ideas and increasing of sensitivity in creating sustainable design. Based on the overall performance, students have achieved their learning outcomes as below: By conducting assessment consisting of only 11 numbers of students alone, the sample was not sufficiently varied.

Pdf landscape construction