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HAPPENED? I'VE DONE. SOMETHING. TRULY. FOOLISH. DAD? 思いがけ. II ta. O dess's. Ev Promise. AYUMU ASOU. ORIGINAL STORY BY. LYNNE GRAHAM. But when Jess's flaky relatives steal from Halston Hall, Cesario's country retreat, he has all the ammunition he needs! For now he'll enjoy her. Jess's Promise book. Read 45 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Cesario di Silvestri isn't just fast with women, he's supersonic. Af.

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Jess's Promise. Home · Jess's Promise Author: Lynne Graham. 12 downloads 95 Views 3MB Size MacKenzie's Promise. Read more · Nightfall's Promise. Jess's Promise. Home · Jess's Promise Author: Graham Lynne. 3 downloads 58 Views KB Highland Promise · Read more · Therian Promise. Read more . Read “Jess's Promise”, by Lynne Graham online on Bookmate –.

Cesario is not exactly an asshole. Mum's family are a bad lot and I've even heard you warn other people not to get mixed up with them,' Jess reminded him feelingly. There was no pain of rejection and she became good friends with her half brother. This book just missed all around for me. This will be a marriage of convenience and nothing more. Sin dudas la mejor parte de la novela su final.

Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. Sort order. Mar 18, StMargarets rated it liked it Shelves: Sweet, educated, hardworking virgin heroine.

Sweet, "ruthless" businessman Italian hero who sees a chance to have a child with the veterinarian heroine when her father is inadvertently swept up in a theft at the hero's English estate. There are also twists and turns that I did not see coming. Those twists alone would usually add a star to my rating, so what went wrong? LG threw so much into this story that she didn't adequately develop the angsty plot points. For example: She was almost killed by a knife attack from an obsessed stalker when she was in university.

So she dresses down and is still a virgin at But she had no trouble with her new wardrobe or with sex with the hero. She is the illegitimate daughter of the estate owner where the hero now lives.

She meets her half brother at her wedding for the first time. There was no pain of rejection and she became good friends with her half brother. Her stepfather adores her - so no angst there. The crime is solved and the hero gets his painting back without any problems or recriminations.

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The village doesn't know about her parentage - no angst. Okay, hero. Which is why he wanted a child so badly. Now that's angsty, right? Then he tries to keep her away once she finds out.

The angst lasts about two second because the heroine's mother slaps some sense into her. And she convinces the hero to go for treatment. There are no long drawn out surgery scenes or worries waiting for an outcome. Instead we jump ahead to an epilogue with the heroine pregnant with her 4th child.

Not that I'm complaining. View all 4 comments. Aug 21, Dee rated it liked it Shelves: It was obvious that this should have been a l 2. A hidden gem of love and angst by LG, this book had a scarred couple, who embark on a marriage of convenience due to personal vendettas- the heroine wants to save her beloved stepfather, the hero wants an heir.

However, sizzling chemistry and passion are just one aspect of their relationship,until both start falling for each other..

Graham pdf jesss promise lynne

The heroine is a shy, but independent veterinary surgeon who takes in all strays and adores her family- however a "Jess's Promise" is the story of Jessica and Cesario. The heroine is a shy, but independent veterinary surgeon who takes in all strays and adores her family- however a traumatic experience in the past makes her shy away from men; something that does not deter her maternal longings.

The hero is an ex playboy, who is hiding a secret and yearns for a baby. Both start a mutually beneficial contract, but as their wishes come true faster than expected, they are made to face unexpected truths.. Really enjoyed it. Jun 12, Jenny rated it really liked it Shelves: That was so different from other LG books. I enjoyed reading about an intelligent hardworking mature woman and a hero who was a true gentleman, a loving father and a doting husband! Sweet marriage of convenience story! And LG is the queen of adorable epilogues.

Jul 03, Lynsey A rated it liked it Shelves: This read was a bit different from the norm in Lynne Graham books. The hero wasn't a jerk at all and he and the heroine were not at odds through the entire book. It was a sweet love story and the big secret was the heroes and a bit of a surprise.

The heroine's reaction to the secret was a bit selfish, thinking only of herself but snapped out of it when her mom let her know what a mistake she was making. A pretty decent read with a lovely ending. I loved a LG after a long time. The heroine was perfect and man she could reply back. Typical HP premise heroine has to sacrifice for the sake of her family but done well. The hero Cesario is great as well and the book's got a twist in the end.

Hopefully LG will bring out more books like this and not like the first book in the trilogy Jemmima's Secret something.. View 1 comment. Apr 14, Vashti rated it really liked it. Jess is a country vet. She loves dogs she has six and runs her own animal sanctuary, and hopes one day to have it recognised as a charity. Ce Jess is a country vet.

Promise graham pdf lynne jesss

She ate her desert with a spoon and noticed Cesario used a fork, and I am one hundred per cent on board with why this is completely outrageous, because how dare expensive service be so confusing?

And dangerous. And crowded. So, even though I thought Jess was being completely HP heroine about trying to persuade Cesario to not involve her step-father into any investigation into his stolen painting, I completely bonded with her over fancy schmancy restaurant crap and she could do no further wrong in my eyes.

Cesario is reluctant to not pursue his stolen painting but honestly: He could hire a whole army of investigators. Cesario comes up with a typical hero plan. That getting it on scene turns out to be a revelation to them both. They are completely into being in bed with each other as frequently as possible. You go, you awesome thing. He had this whole wistfulness about him, and a desire to change. Jun 18, iamGamz rated it really liked it Shelves: This is the best book in the series!

Jess was blackmailed into marriage by Cesario. Her father was complicit in the theft of a piece of art from Cesario valued at over half a mil. Jess begged for leniency for her father and got a proposition to marry Cesario and give him a child.

She very reluctantly agreed. She had her own fears and trauma to overcome but she stuck to the agreement and got married and began a life of sorts with Cesario. Jess had her moments of insecurity regarding her marriage a This is the best book in the series! Jess had her moments of insecurity regarding her marriage and found herself falling for her husband.

He made it easy. The MOC took on a much more intimate feel during their honeymoon and he made it easy to fall for him. Upon their return from their honeymoon, Jess learned she was pregnant and then the world as she knew it fell apart. Cesario was keeping a secret from her. One that would almost shatter her. I loved Jess. Cesario realized how much she loved them and they loved her so he had them shipped to Italy so they could be together during their honeymoon.

I fell heads over heels for Cesario then and there. Jess and Cesario were perfect for each other. LG worked her magic with this book. Dec 28, Fanniny Moreno Zavaleta rated it really liked it Shelves: First of all there wasn't much of relation between this book and the two prior ones but the fact that Jess lived in the same small town and had met Flora from book two.

What an awful name. Anyways, Cesario and Jessica met before and went on a date a date from hell according to Jess , and he never understood why she didn't jump immediately to bed with him or why there was never a second date.

So she's the one that got away. I LOLed imagining the Hero's face when he saw the animal hairs o First of all there wasn't much of relation between this book and the two prior ones but the fact that Jess lived in the same small town and had met Flora from book two. I LOLed imagining the Hero's face when he saw the animal hairs on the heroine's clothes. And I thought is was all straightforward. It was all good for me watching him become jealous, possessive, etc; and I found Jess very likable battling her insecurities, being rational.

Now, at first I didn't like the Alice stuff until I was assured she was happily married and Cesario didn't feel more than friendly affection for her. And them BOOM! He was lying AND dying. Of course Jess had the right of feeling betrayed but being her I thought she was going to come around fast and on her own but it took mommy's advise to achieve that.

That didn't stop me from spending the epilogue chanting "Lynne, don't you dare Don't you dare! Oct 30, Jacqueline J rated it it was ok Shelves: This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

To view it, click here. This book just missed all around for me.

Lynne jesss graham pdf promise

There were lots of elements that should have contributed to a nice angsty read but they were not really explored or utilized fully. She had been attacked by a stalker years ago and had some bad scars.

That was only a blip. She was only a little worried about showing him her scars and he didn't really care when he saw them. Non issue. He is dying of a brain tumor which the author mistakenly calls benign instead of malignant.

He had evidently married her This book just missed all around for me. He had evidently married her to have a child to leave his stuff to. That came out of left field at the end with extrememly little foreshadowing. It would have been much more effective if we'd seen his angst about it throughout the book. We were in his POV sometimes so hiding his thoughts from the reader is cheating.

There's sort of a lame attempt at the mistaken other woman story line. But no real follow through there either. There was some lame stuff about him not telling her about the illness and pushing her away for her own good. But none of it was really explored in depth and it all kind of lacked cohesion. There was also a lovely honeymoon that they went on which while I would have loved that honeymoon, was really just a strange interlude in what should have been an angsty read.

I did like that the heroine was a veterinarian and evidently good at her job and dedicated. All in all it just missed the mark. Too much stuff thrown in and inadequately utilized. Aug 17, Dalimar rated it really liked it. Y no que sea virgen o no si no la manera en que se lo hace saber a Cesario.

Pero sin dudas es muy conmovedora. Muy diferente a casi todos los machos alfas que Graham nos tiene acostumbrados a leer. Sin dudas la mejor parte de la novela su final. One of my fav worth the time as they actually develop a relationship! Loved it Read and reread worthy. Jul 07, Ayu Salsabila rated it liked it. Harusnya baca buku ini cepet beres karna buku ini tipis tapi waktu itu saya baca ketiduran jadi besoknya baru melanjutkan lagi.

Mereka menikah untung keuntungan masing-masing, disatu sisi Jess merasa ia sudah jatuh cinta pada Cesario tapi disisi lain Cesario mempunyai rahasia. Saya kasih 3. Thanks Kiko buat bukunya: View 2 comments. Jul 09, lily waheed rated it it was amazing. God I love this. The story is of Jessica, a shy and quiet country vet who, after some trauma in early adulthood, is content to live her life alone.

However relatives on her mother's side of the family steal a valuable painting from the local manor house, which is owned by gorgeous Italian billionaire Cesario. Cesario is very attracted to Jess, however she turned him down on a past date. Both Cesario and Jess are at an age where they want to have children, so Cesario proposes a marriage of convenience for the pur The story is of Jessica, a shy and quiet country vet who, after some trauma in early adulthood, is content to live her life alone.

Both Cesario and Jess are at an age where they want to have children, so Cesario proposes a marriage of convenience for the purpose of conceiving, after which they will both be free. Jess agrees both in order to save her family from the fallout of the theft and to fulfil her desire to have a baby. This book was just, wow! It was full of surprises, and the development of Jess and Cesario's relationship was written beautifully, it really gave the story great depth.

I liked how both the hero and heroine were a little older than usual for this type of book. The heroine was a fantastic character, although she was shy and quiet she was by no means a doormat, as well as a very hard working woman, I love reading books where the female character is strong and embodies 21st century values! Cesario was also a great character, Lynne managed to make him a true Alpha-male, yet he wasn't cruel or unnecessarily arrogant.

Also the settings and surroundings were described in fantastic detail. I really enjoy reading Lynne Graham's books, in my opinion she manages to write stories with a fantastic pace that really allows the characters and relationships to grow, and this book certainly has that! Recently, in fact, she had seen less than usual of her father and, when she had, he had seemed abnormally preoccupied with work.

As a rule, though, he was a regular visitor, who often helped out by repairing the animal housing and the fences. A quiet man in his fifties, he was a good husband and an even better dad, for, while other family members had believed that Jess had been aiming too high in dreaming of becoming a veterinary surgeon, Robert had encouraged his daughter's dream every step of the way. His love and support meant all the more to Jess when she reflected that while Robert was the only father she had ever known he had had nothing whatsoever to do with her conception.

Jess's Promise

That, however, was a secret known to few outside the family circle. You'll be at church later and you're often on duty in the evening at weekends,' he said gruffly, and something odd in his voice made her lift her head, her unusually light grey eyes questioning.

She frowned because the older man looked pale and strained and every year of his age and more. She had not seen him look that frightened since her mother's diagnosis of cancer the previous year. With difficulty Jess mastered the spasm of fear that had immediately rippled through her. Goodness, had her mother's cancer returned?

That was her first panicky thought and her hands shook slightly as she finished her task. As far as she was aware, though, her mother had not had a check-up scheduled and she told herself off for being so quick to expect bad news. I won't be long,' she told him briskly, suppressing her apprehension. She put the dog into a pen where food was already waiting for him and briefly watched the animal tuck into what was obviously his first proper meal in weeks. After pausing in the bathroom to scrub her hands clean, she hurried on into the house and then the kitchen where Robert Martin had already seated himself at the worn pine table.

Her father looked up, his brown eyes full of guilt and anxiety. I'm sorry to bring it to your doorstep but I can't face telling your mother yet,' he confided tightly.

He was a plain-spoken man of moderate habits, well liked and respected in the neighbourhood. Robert Martin shook his greying head heavily. His daughter's eyes opened very wide, for his explanation had taken her aback. You've got into debt? The older man gave a weary sigh. Do you remember that holiday I took your mother on after her treatment? Jess nodded slowly. Her father had swept her mother off on a cruise that had been the holiday of a lifetime for a couple who had never earned enough to take such breaks away from home before.

Shamed by that reminder, Robert shook his head dully 'I lied. There were never any savings. I never managed to put any money aside in the way I'd hoped when I was younger. Things have always been tight for us as a family. Mum's family are a bad lot and I've even heard you warn other people not to get mixed up with them,' Jess reminded him feelingly.

Your uncle Sam was my only option and, because he was sorry your mother had been ill, he said he'd wait for the loan to be repaid.

He was very nice, very reasonable. But now his sons have taken over his business, and Jason and Mark have a very different attitude to the people who owe them money.

Jess groaned out loud and she was already wondering frantically how she could possibly help when she had no savings of her own. That realisation made her feel very guilty, since she earned more than either her parents or her two younger brothers, yet she was still not in a position to offer assistance. But, perhaps, she thought frantically, she might be able to take out a loan. And Jason and Mark have been at me almost every day for months now,' the older man told her heavily. It's been a nightmare keeping this wretched business from your mother.

Jason and Mark wore me down—I was desperate to get them off my back! I had no hope of paying that money back any time soon, so when they offered me a deal—'. The look of overwhelming fear and regret in her father's face was making Jess so tense that she felt nauseous. I didn't see any real harm in it. I know how he is about his privacy. Of course I do,' her father admitted unhappily.

True comprehension finally slotted into place and Jess was impelled up out of her chair, a look of horror stamping her finely moulded features.

Were you involved in the robbery? I had no idea they were going to steal anything, but I suspect now that it was all planned and I was an idiot to swallow the story they fed me. Apparently we all have individual codes, so the boss will know soon enough that it was me. See Secretly Pregnant UK series page for related titles.

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