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The aging orc shaman Ner`zhul has seized control of the Horde and reopened the Dark Portal. His brutal warriors once again encroach upon Azeroth, laying. Gratar looked past Brodog at the towering archway just beyond them and .. The valley below us was once the site of the Dark Portal, the Horde's entrance into. Be sure that Warcraft Tides of Darkness is already installed correctly on your computer's hard drive. The Warcraft II: Beyond the Dark Portal Expansion will.

Some of the landmarks established in-game either shift places or disappear entirely, making the plot a bit "eh, what? The characterization is better, probably due to Golden's assistance. But you can't expect this author to pay attention to that, it would be just silly. Overall, an enjoyable read. The black dragon, Deathwing, shows up for some mayhem. If ever I think I could make it through a war story, this book proved to me I cannot. So, I would say book and game don't have much in common.


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