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PDF version of hardcover book version. RPG Item Version. Alpha Omega Core Rulebook · Alpha Omega · System. Nickname. PDF Version. Alternate. I think I used to have a PDF of the core rulebook laying around I got a lot of flack for not being 'Evil' enough to be an Omega wielder, and it was GM to discuss how he wanted to handle Alpha and Omega usage, though. Alpha Omega Core Rulebook (PDF Version) [RPG Item Version Link]. PDF version of hardcover book version. [What Links Here].

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Alpha Omega Core Rulebook - Alpha Omega is a thrilling, comprehensive, and adaptable role-playing game. Alpha Omega provides players a unique and in. Mind Storm Labs. ADD TO WISHLIST >. Watermarked PDF. AlphA OmEgA. 1. Welcome to Alpha Omega. The Role-playing Game. Using This Book. Section Guide. Getting Started. Modes of Play. Alpha Omega - Core Rulebook - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File games.2 AlphA OmEgA is A rOlE-plAying game—a collaborative storytelling.

And the war of the sun would last for one year and in that year the children of the gods would diminish their numbers so that the gods would see the elemental was once again as it had been. State Passports are almost always necessary for gaining entry into city-states. They have become nations unto themselves. Every major urban city has at least one relatively sophisticated airport, and most arcologies have airport facilities on multiple levels that enable aircraft to take off and land without having to adjust altitude significantly. Some Syndicates are known for their ruthlessness or chaotic behavior. The king of Divinus himself. Now headquartered in Lavana Free City, it continues aggressive research into sustainable energy and routinely consults the New World Science and Engineering Commission.

Average Rating 14 ratings. Over melee and range weapons including everything from daggers to Heavy Energy Weapons. Player Generated Magic system. Customizable rule system with optional layers of complexity. Dozens of pre generated NPC's.

Customers Who Bought this Title also Purchased. Reviews 6. Please log in to add or reply to comments. Brian R May 26, 8: It really is too bad this game never gained any traction. The setting seems great and I really like the level of freedom it gives you.

Anyone else looking to revisit this one? Joshua D October 05, 4: Sean D. The game is set in the future, after a series of wars and disasters. Civilization is concentrated in arcolo [ Thomas B. Very nice to have the rulebook on the iPad during a gaming session [ Ethan P.

We reviewed this product in Gamer's Haven Episode 42 — Young Roleplaying, which you can listen to here Michael W. For quite some time I was interested in getting Alpha Omega for myself, but for some reason I never bought it.

I thanked them for their friend request and we then chatted [ Larry R. Alpha Omega Core Rulebook is a surprising first release from a new studio. The production values are top notch and as good and better than products from more mainstream publishers. The setting is a curious amalgamation of several ideas that have all be [ See All Ratings and Reviews. Browse Categories. WoD 20th Anniversary Edition Sale. Rule System. Apocalypse World Engine. BRP Basic Roleplaying.

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Wielding is a fine skill, a craft to be developed and mastered, and not some accident of nature. Arcane Wielders require incredible concentration and intense willpower to draw upon a chosen Source and focus its energy through an Intention. Among Wielders, those that walk the Arcane path can draw upon the most varied selection of Sources and Intentions.

Of course, this flexibility and potential for incredible power comes at a sizeable. The path of an Arcane Wielder is a long, difficult one, requiring significant sacrifice and intense devotion to the art of Wielding.

Only the most disciplined and, indeed lucky of students will achieve all the arcane path offers, let alone survive a life devoted to it. Many Arcane Wielders are known for their immense and detailed collections of texts, videos, notes, and all manner of other research and study aids. The New World Wielding Commission, headquartered in Lavana Free City, maintains a massive library developed by its members and donated by independent researchers and Wielders from around the world.

This energy is felt here on Earth and is recognized every day. It appears in many forms, from the smallest kind gesture or the creation of new life to the eons-long. The spiritualist devotion 3. Those who hear that call through the steadfast dedication to their faith are known as The Devout. Those that have that call unexpectedly thrust upon them are called The Chosen, who tend to be the furthest from dedicated to any faith. Spiritual Wielders draw their power from one of two possible Sources: Alpha or Omega.

Alpha is best described as the universal creative force. It emits energy that nurtures all living. Most believe this energy promotes such ideals as love, trust, cooperation and protection. To those aware, Alpha is the source of all things good on Earth. Omega is best described as the destructive force in the universe. It emits energy that corrupts all living things and inspires the destruction of life.

That energy is also felt on Earth and is seen everyday as war, murder, hatred, cruelty, and death. Most Wielding researchers and philosophers agree that Alpha and Omega are symbiotic—that their relationship is cyclical and necessary. The notion of Alpha and Omega as moral principles—Good and Evil—is laughable in the minds of most modern thinkers.

On the other hand, those that cling to the physical world see Alpha and Omega as the necessary cycle of creation and destruction, the beginning and the end. A recent expedition into the Wilds outside of Old New York was fortunate to have one of the Devout as a member when it encountered a twisted monster so hideous and impossibly formed that it could not have been from this Earth.

Their weapons useless against it, the Spiritual Wielder unleashed a blast of spiritual energy, astonishing himself and his companions by destroying the beast with his faith alone.

Of course, there are many Wielders who do indeed choose sides—good or evil. These men and women walk a dangerous path through treacherous territory. There are rumors of Wielders consumed by the energy of Spiritual Sources. None of these stories have been substantiated, and the Wielding Commission dismisses them as the superstitious ramblings of the uneducated.

It seems there is truth to the ageold adage that necessity is the mother of all invention. The past years have seen unmatched advances in science and technology. Perhaps for the first time, technology has made life easier and the Earth a better place. Advanced technologies are a part of everyday life in the cities. Of course, outside the cities, things are quite different. Since the rise of the city-states began, very little technology has left the protection and control of the cities.

In the Freezones, high-tech comes at a high price. More often than not, the best equipment available is either a relic from a century or more ago, or an obsolete castoff from the cities. In , the war to be on the cutting edge of research and development is one of the most fiercely fought and profitable battles in history.

Entire arcologies have been erected by those who have won battles to be the first with new technologies. Competition is often violent, and espionage, sabotage, kidnapping, and even assassination are common tools of the competitive trade.

Mind Storm Labs

This is a dangerous world, where science and technology equal profit and power. That curiosity and ambition have continued unabated—even more aggressively than ever—over the last years, and the machine of progress has charged on in spite of global catastrophe, war, and plague.

Although their exploits and range of businesses has expanded dramatically since their early days, Vendark left an indelible mark on the New World with two specific technologies: Polython 4 and VenSteel.

Polython 4 is a form of what was once called liquid armor or shear thickening fluid, engineered to remain lightweight and flexible until it absorbs impact and becomes temporarily rigid.

Gravux Power Collective, a group. A gel-like spray that adheres to almost any surface, Gravux Solar Cell Spray solidifies to become a highly efficient solar cell, easily incorporated into a larger array, and seamlessly repaired by re-spraying damaged areas.

The Gravux Power Collective remains active and important in Now headquartered in Lavana Free City, it continues aggressive research into sustainable energy and routinely consults the New World Science and Engineering Commission. Fewer and fewer people were willing to leave home, let alone travel great distance by air.

Public carriers soon found themselves in serious trouble with no promise of recovery. Even large cargo carriers were soon struggling and a decade later, as the skies filled with the flames of meteors, they emptied of aircraft. In , global air travel is most certainly on the verge of dramatic expansion. Over the last 50 years there has been a consistent increase in the amount of personal inter-city air travel.

Every major urban city has at least one relatively sophisticated airport, and most arcologies have airport facilities on multiple levels that enable aircraft to take off and land without having to adjust altitude significantly.

However, the skies are not filled with aircraft because the industry faces two significant challenges. The first challenge is a cultural and demographic one. Only a small percentage of the population regularly travels outside their city-state, and of that percentage most are vacationers on their way to one of a handful of resort or vacation destinations like Divinus.

Business travelers are still relatively small in number, since the need to meet in person is rare given the interactive power of the Net. However, in recent years several air travel companies have gotten off the ground successfully only to have some of their craft destroyed by massive avian creatures. The resulting lawsuits forced smaller organizations into immediate bankruptcy.

However the attacks inspired several mercenary groups to retrofit large aircraft with weapons platforms and begin offering protective services to the air travel industry. If gigantic airborne monsters are not enough, simple economics continues to plague the industry. Cargo aircraft and small, high speed personal craft are economically viable but major cargo-moving corporations as well as research and exploration firms have spent the last years investing in extremely.

Innovations are everywhere, and those in need generally have a plethora of options when it comes to treatment or improvement of their bodies. Health Sciences and Health Care are regulated independently by the cities, although most major city-states try to adhere to the standards laid out by the New World Science and Engineering Commission. Ultimately, each state has its own guidelines for standard practices and accountability. Of course, every city and certainly every large Freezone community, has its share of back alley surgeons, unregistered Meshers, and veritable mad scientists who push the limits of safety and ethics.

The aerospace industry is a hotbed of competition and espionage. For years, it has been a half serious joke among aerospace executives that there are more predators fighting for control of the skies than there are aircraft in them. The new world science and engineering Commission 3. Beginning around the year and for the decades that followed, scientists and engineers, researchers and inventors of every description worked independently and without concern for international standards, safety, or ethics—aside from those they chose to enforce upon themselves.

Corporations took complete advantage, unlocking new discoveries and aggressively pursuing research. Between and , incredible progress was made in all fields of science—not only because the world demanded it in order to survive, but also because there was very little to slow it or control the actions of renegades and risk-takers.

The collapse of international regulation was and remains a double edged sword. Of course, without need to conform to regulators, almost anything is possible. Lives can be risked, questions of right and wrong ignored, and the prying eyes of would-be critics can be locked out of laboratories and boardrooms alike.

Intellectual thievery of every sort ran rampant. No longer could patents or copyrights be enforced, let alone claimed, and the race simply became to keep your inventions or discoveries secret until you had a product you could sell. Espionage and violence soon followed as competition between research firms and manufacturers heated up.

In , numerous corporate and academic leaders came together for a conference in the Lavana Trade and Education Commune, which would later become Lavana Free City, to discuss the prospects of forming a global body to regulate and enforce intellectual property rights and standardization. The discussions were unsuccessful; a consensus could not be reached. Numerous corporations, eager to improve their image as cooperative forward-thinkers, offered support. Several universities followed suit, and in , they returned to Lavana and founded the New World Science and Engineering Commission.

Their first order of business: Very shortly there after, the Commission offered its resources to revive the old Request for Comments system of research and innovation, providing an open forum for the discussion of ideas. It quickly became a bi-annual event, which led to a flurry of publications in support of common standards and research principles. The Commission was gaining clout and buy-in, and was becoming a friendly face in corporate circles and in the media. In , almost years after its inception, with its hand in everything from academics to corporate research, the NWSEC gained its most valuable asset when Paul Silvine became its executive director.

Paul Silvine was an engineer and senior researcher at Triton Enterprises and had held key positions at several other firms over the years.


He was also something of a scientific celebrity, counting VidStars and professional athletes among his numerous high-profile personal friends. His skill as a public speaker is renowned, and, most importantly, he has an uncanny ability to explain even the most complex or technical topics in terms anyone can understand.

Bioengineered materials are designed for use in nearly every area of life, from manufacturing and construction to computing and medicine.

Alpha Omega - Core Rulebook

The design of organic materials is known as Soft-tech. Organic computers have also shown an incredible aptitude for learning and creative thought, two aspects which have contributed substantially to the development of AI in The extreme flexibility and power of organic computer systems has resulted in the near-complete elimination of traditional silicon-based computers, except in situations that require highly durable or simply proven systems. Other bioengineered substances are in use around the world in countless applications.

Bioengineered structures are easily repaired, upgraded, and reproduced. The Ciudad-5 arcology stands as the most impressive example of soft-tech in construction.

Soft-tech is even used to enhance the Human body. Bioengineered organs, limbs, and even entire Humans have been around for some time. Cloning is old news. Genetic engineering has become a staple of scientific and commercial enterprise in the New World. Many Mesh developers have gone even further, combining DNA from the animal world with Human DNA to produce extreme forms of Mesh, providing gorilla-like strength or cat-like grace.

These potent augmenta-. Rictor Beniton perfected and went public with his Mesh technology, a series of procedures used to re-engineer or replace genetic code in a patient.

Mesh effectively enable people to completely transform their physiology in the same way a software developer rewrites code to perform new functions. The possibilities were endless and so were the ramifications. The most common type of Mesh is designed to correct medical conditions, such as a weak immune system or a structural defect in the heart.

This is achieved by Meshing genetic material from someone who does not suffer a particular condition with that of a patient who does, essentially rewriting their genetic code. In , Mesh is the medical procedure of choice for everything from disease treatment to cosmetic modifications. It is now relatively simple to have your own genetic material augmented with custom DNA that has been designed to achieve a desired. Of course, genetic science and Mesh are not the only options for people looking to remake themselves.

Cybernetics, bioengineered organs, limbs, and cloning are old fashioned but still commonplace. Anyone with the available Trust can replace failing organs or upgrade to engineered models. For more details on Mesh, cybernetics and other body improvements, see section 9—Gear and the Marvels of Science. Artificial intelligence 3. Neural networks did not get very far until the biological sciences made it possible to implement them with real neurons—in other words, creating a programmable form of biological intelligence.

The turning point for AI research was the year , when a researcher, Dr. Chandra, discovered a seemingly autonomous intelligence online that, it seemed, could readily pass the Turing Test. No one ever laid claim to programming this AI entity, and there is some speculation that it somehow coalesced from existing software. In the digital corridors of the Net, rumor has it that a mysterious research collective called Pharaohs Alive was responsible, but its aims and ends remain unclear to this day.

Ultimately, the entity was contained, analyzed, and eventually destroyed. The event triggered a resur-. However, is not Dr. Meshing is a highly refined process that produces very specific results, usually with few to no side-effects. So long as you can afford it, there appear to be no limits as to what can be achieved through Mesh. The science and technology of the New World have enabled Humans to remake themselves faster, stronger, smarter, healthier, and, of course, more attractive.

In most cities, genetic-screening of prospective parents, combined with genetic therapies throughout life, has almost entirely eliminated birth defects and hereditary illnesses. Humans have never lived better or for longer. However, recent research. It also triggered a public outcry for controls on AI. Predicting a race for dominance in the field of AI, corporations rushed to fund researchers and hire AI experts. As has been noted before, one of the problems of the post-cataclysmic world was a lack of global standardization and norms; for some time, even scientific units of measure varied from region to region.

One of its greatest failures, however, was in the regulation of AI creation and use. As AI research progressed and proliferated in the late 21st and early 22nd centuries, researchers began to put the computational powers they had summoned into robotic and organic bodies, creating entities which, while not quite Human, had all the faculties of Humans— the first free-floating AI.

AI popped up in all manner of robotic forms. Everything from industrial machinery to household aids became infused with some measure of AI. It seemed a golden age of intelligent machines was about to arrive. At the same time, AI were largely exploited and their role and use was clouded in moral and ethical fog, a fog which became thicker as corporations and those with little interest in liberty became more and more involved in the debate.

Scientists and engineers could not keep their programs contained or manage their massive appetites. In , the Net began grinding to a halt. Comp-grids failed, individual systems crashed, and critical infrastructure around the world lost connections to central control systems. The Net was swarming with AI and a war for computational resources had erupted between them.

AI programs rapidly consumed systems, redirected power, and altered system controls in order to give themselves more resources. June 2, a young technician, Nic Scot, reported a series of odd building system fluctuations at the Lavinda Technical Research Institute, in Oderon City. Power failures and damage to critical systems spread as AI attempted to hoard power and computational resources for themselves.

Outcry for something to be done reached the highest levels of city-state administration, and everyone looked once again to the New World Science and Engineering Commission. The city-states quickly agreed, their populations screaming for action, and signed on, bringing the GAAL into effect on July 1 One day later, as systems failed around the world and panic reached apocalyptic levels, Dr. It then injected a copy of itself, causing the AI to rapidly destabilize and, in the words of Dr.

In , AI are more than simple androids and clever software personalities; they are incredibly sophisticated forms of synthetic life, built with a series of fundamental software building blocks known as AI Modules—or simply, Modules. These modules form the foundation of the AI and its scope of developmental potential, just as the genetics of an organism dictate its physiological limitations. In the New World, there are two forms of AI: Loaded and Free-floating.

Loaded AI lack an android body. They are bound to one or more fixed computer systems. The design and implementation standards of the GAAL stipulate: Although these stipulations are generally followed by AI designers in a responsible attempt to avoid unleashing uncontrolled AI, there are most certainly some Loaded AI that do not adhere to these rules.

Network defense against rogue AI is a fast paced and burgeoning industry in Loaded AI are frequently employed by corporations and city-states to develop and monitor critical infrastructure and systems, and are extremely common in homes and factories— anywhere computer-controlled infrastructure is used.

Free-floating AI also have several necessary software modules, two in particular are worth special attention: The Instinct Module differentiates them from simple robots, giving them purpose and drive.

Alpha Omega Core Rulebook - Mind Storm Labs |

The Spatial-Temporal reasoning module enables AI to move about and understand the physical world in terms of space and time in the same way the Human mind does; something which turns out to be surprisingly difficult and processor-intensive.

This may seem odd, but imagine suddenly leaving behind your body, becoming an octopus, and being thrown into the ocean. You would need to adjust to your new body and your new environment. Suddenly you would be weightless, forced to breath under water, and manage eight incredibly flexible limbs. You would have entirely unfamiliar senses. It would be a startling adjustment to say the. Free-floating AI are commonplace in most cities.

Many city-states have even begun providing Free-floating AI with citizenship. Today the GAAL serves as an important piece of global legislation governing the creation and use of artificial intelligence. During registration they must provide detailed technical information about the design of their AI, including everything the NWSEC needs to locate and disable the AI, should it violate any terms of the Accord. Every AI has a unique identifier, like a fingerprint, issued to it, enabling officials to track the AI, provide it with citizenship within a city-state, and ensure it adheres to the Transference Accord and is protected under the Protection and Valuation Accord.

Additionally, AI producers must ensure their AI cannot clone themselves or expand beyond the scope of their initial design by acquiring the computational resources of other systems.

Under this Accord,. Artificial Life—including AI and Bio-Engineered persons—are to be given the full rights, privileges, and care any other conscious, self-aware intelligent species is granted. The Accord specifically forbids the use of AI and Bio-Engineered as unpaid servants and unwilling research subjects, two realities of the past most want to forget. Bio-engineered persons 3. Through the manipulation of telomeric and mitochondrial structures, the time required to get them from infancy to adulthood is on the order of 6 months, not 17 years.

They come physically and mentally equipped for their intended jobs, which range from the most dangerous and challenging security applications to the most rudimentary waste management services; their very instincts have been turned towards those ends.

For example, some people cannot abide seeing a gum wrapper on a public bench. A bio-engineered sanitation worker would not only leap to pick up the wrapper, but would also sanitize the bench at the same time.

Most bio-engineered do not truly have personal lives. Even those long since set free of servitude often find themselves feeling directionless and very much akin to the Grigori, their bioengineered Evolutionary counterparts. Nonetheless, bio-engineered have all the faculties of Humans, and indeed many are completely indistinguishable from them.

In most city-states, bio-engineered are entitled to Human rights and. In particular. With time. Among the Syndicates of the larger cities. There is a moral consensus among the heads of many city-states that those who produce bio-engineered have created a population of unique beings which require legal protections to prevent their exploitation.

It is still relatively easy to find corporations and private developers producing bio-engineered for their own purposes. Treatment and wages. It can be extremely difficult to identify bioengineered. This has made it very difficult for those attempting to enforce the GAAL. Early bio-engineered endured treatment equal to that accorded to slaves and drones. As such. There is no foolproof test nor are there consistently reliable genetic markers which identify all bio-engineered as such.

Some were created to serve as companions. The PIDs of these men and women are tagged identifying them as bio-engineered. Their corporate manufacturers. Bio-engineered perSonS 3.

Pdf rpg alpha omega

The several hundred members of each advance force were greeted by those Malak who remained loyal. Both the Seraph and Ophanum will need allies amongst the Terran species. When there was nowhere left to hide.

Fighting the next Evolutionary War will require preparation and caution. Those who remained loyal completed their tasks. New tactics will be required to deal with the environmental challenges posed by the New World and by the evolution of Terran science and technology.

During the next three years. Both Evolutionary species recognize the dangers to their ongoing war posed by divergent evolutionary paths the Human species has taken in the last Some Malak have warned key Terran personnel about the imminent war. The reconnaissance troops have tasks to complete. Diplomatic overtures have begun from both sides.

When the Evolutionary muster on Earth is complete in A few small aLpha omega In —the present-day of the New World of Alpha Omega—the reconnaissance screens for both the Seraph and Ophanum armies have arrived on Earth. In addition. Human science and technology has advanced at a rate Seraph and Ophanum intelligence operatives and anthropologists had not predicted.

Some of those in power around the world who know the war is coming have begun looking to key Evolutionaries for guidance. The actions of those Evolutionaries who have risen to power on Earth during the last Some are loyal to the Seraph. Some witnessed Ophanum harassing primitive humans. News of the development of the Terran species has been met with surprise and concern by Seraph and Ophanum commanders. The Future war present past 3. At first. Many of the previous battlefields in areas such as South America and the Middle East now lie in the middle of the Wilds.

Others made the decision to abandon their soldierly duties and use their powers to influence the weaker. They watched and waited. This led many to believe the Seraph were to be trusted as guardians while the Ophanum were seen as evil monsters.

These groups will number in the thousands. Small skirmishes between Evolutionaries were mistakenly passed down through history as conflict between the forces of good and evil. This time. Stories were told and retold. Their purpose will be to solidify a base of operations and find the opposition.

There is far too much to say about each city-state and Freezone community. Every day.

The following section provides a brief introduction to the state of the world in The vast. Despite the danger. These descriptions are meant only to serve as a guide for GMs when detailing their own versions of GMs should feel free to expand upon these descriptions. The desolate. Some are easily accessible and commonly visited. The frontier spirit is alive and well.

It reaches up from the former state of Virginia to encompass the capital of former Canada. The Wastes were formed in Countless millions were killed. Of the few who have attempted to venture into the area. As war and confusion spread worldwide. The first attacks were launched in Washington by a group of doomsday cult members who unleashed several biological weapons in the city.

Exploration of the area has revealed numerous bizarre creatures. The Great Wastes are a desolate. The Great Wastes is a vast. Through months of fighting and unimaginable destruction. Where the countryside and city ruins are not soaked in radiation. The lakes and waterways are also dangerously tainted and hide countless meteors in their depths. The Great Wastes 4. The communities are largely open. The area saw significant growth late in the 21st century.

AlphA omegA. Los Angeles is a sprawling urban hub with numerous suburbs. In spite of this devastation. On rare occasions where large stashes of pop culture paraphernalia have been discovered in the ruins of the old world.

The management of Old America asks no questions and pays better than most antiquity dealers on the Coast. Los Angeles is also home to Mantis Technologies. Los Angeles continues to be a center of entertainment.

It is also home to Old America. The city issues formal citizenship to all permanent residents who pass an intensive medical screening process. It continues to attract countless new citizens. It is also home to the Eden Corporate Arcology. The creators of Old America pay travelers well for rare or unusual examples of 20th and 21st century popular culture.

Proof of citizenship is carried within an embedded PID issued to all citizens. The walls and ceilings are completely unadorned. Each of the five pyramids serves a specific purpose. Loth Foundry is a simple symmetrical array of five massive. The mathematical precision of the complex and simplicity of its design are characteristic of its AI builders and residents. The scope of the entire fortress is staggering. Its breadth spans 6 km 3.

The first of the exterior pyramids is used core ruleBook. Located on the central plains of what was once Canada. The five pyramids are linked by a web of passages that intersect in the central pyramid. The Foundry is a hive of activity. The entire complex is wrapped by a similarly sleek.

The sounds of machinery and the stomp of constant patrols can be heard through the halls and passages. Loth Foundry is a dark. Each pyramid glistens during the day.

Tiny drones zip about the floors and climb along the walls and ceilings. At night. Old New York is a conventional city built upon. It is one of many conventional cities built on the ruins and rubble of its 21st century glory. New World scholars speculate that the hive mind may serve some other hidden master. Deep below the central pyramid. Old New York and Under York.

All but the invited are captured for interrogation or killed on sight. From here. Under York is a massive underground community built inside the subway and utility tunnels beneath the city. The android army would as soon kill them as permit them entry. Old New York is a sprawling. Like all loaded AI.

New York 4. Outside the walls of Loth Foundry lie barren plains. Few have ever visited Loth Foundry. The second is used for manufacturing and repairing droids. Loth monitors and controls every aspect of the Foundry and its operations. Loth is not an android. It resides within an array of DNA and optical computer systems protected like no other part of the fortress.

Loth Foundry exists for its own sake—to protect Loth and to propagate its army. Its appearance is jagged and gothic. In the eyes of the city above. The largest and most powerful gangs have deep links to the Syndicates. Numerous elected committees govern the administration of the city and each borough has an elected mayor who oversees the various committees. If there is one thing that unites the usually warring gangs of Under York.

Located in the Badlands of the former state of South Dakota. SANctuArium 4. This includes hunting down dangerous predators that wander in from the wilderness and containing eruptions of violence from the dark world of Under York. It is a massive underground metropolis. Numerous community and security organizations in Old New York have unsuccessfully attempted to police the city below. Between these walled enclaves. Sanctuarium is a poorly-lit and eerily quiet city.

Sanctuarium appears diminutive. These boroughs are walled off. Under the old sanitarium. Under York is a giant. Old New York also has several non-elected factions.

The majority of residential areas are located around a massive conical. Although violence between factions is common on the outskirts and in ruined areas of the city.

Security in the city is concentrated within the walled factional compounds of each of the five boroughs. When compared to most arcologies from the exterior. Under York has become a haven for smugglers.

Old New York issues formal citizenship to people born within the city and to those who pay the annual Under York is a hub for outcasts.

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