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Dear Alex, We're Dating. Love, Catherine [Alex Gonzaga] on Browse our editors' picks for the best books of the month in fiction, nonfiction. Last month, I had an amazing opportunity to collaborate with the team behind the book of Alex Gonzaga, “Dear Alex, Break na Kami. Pano?!. CATHERINE. GONZAGA. PDF File: Dear Alex Break Na Kami Paano Love Catherine Gonzaga. 1 Laser SurgeryPill Book Guide To Natural MedicinesPirate.

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Christine May Just, download a pdf file from google site. I seldom read books like this but since I like Alex Gonzaga, I tried reading her book to see what she. Download pdf book by Alex Gonzaga - Free eBooks. Best Book Deals & Free PDF Download Dear Alex, Break Na Kami. Date of release. I just bought this book kasi sumunod sa uso lang hehehe, I heard kasi its a good book daw and of course I like Alex Gonzaga and I'm.

Love yourself first. Bibigat lang yung pain mo. Love, Catherine by Alex Gonzaga. Thanks for telling us about the problem. The examples I have given are just 7 paragraphs out of pages. Feb 14, Marielle Aimee rated it really liked it Shelves: Or at your own pace.

When I was in the National Bookstore, I somehow feel compelled to turn and look at this book. The title catches me.

But as I started reading the book after buying it, the words of Alex Gonzaga catches me even more. I must say that I can see the light of hope when I finished the book. It really helps, especially for those who are brokenhearted. The title says it all. Just like the author, the book is so cool with these topics, not just informative. There are couple of lines that touched me in so many ways. And I know that it will also tap your heart. Do you want me to give some examples? Let go of your fears.

Face the future God has prepared for you. Somewhere out there someone is also waiting and praying for your arrival. Guys want women who can handle themselves with or without them.

Book pdf file alex gonzaga

How will you regain your self-worth? Get out of the relationship.

Break Na Kami. Paano?!

This is exactly what happened to my friend. Finally, naging sila for about 4 years. Imposible, Cathy. Mahal niya ako. She really regrets doing that. This story speaks a lot. I hope that girls will learn their lesson from this story because I know many can relate into it — to be stupid out of love. While reading this, I was imagining that Alex was the one reading it to me. It was like I became close to her through this book because of the way she wrote it. Just like what other reviewers mentioned, a lot of us knew those bits of advice already and it's just that the author reminded us of them.

Now that I've finally read this, I'm thinking of sending a copy of th I definitely enjoyed reading this book especially the bible verses that Alex mentioned especially Romans 8: Now that I've finally read this, I'm thinking of sending a copy of this book to my friend in Dubai who broke up with her ex but still haven't finally move on yet she looks for a rebound recently. View 2 comments. Sep 25, Bomalabs rated it liked it. I have prejudices against Artistas, and I was glad to be proven wrong.

For me, being effortlessly witty is a sign of intelligence, and when my friend told me that she'll be launching a book at the MIBF, I was hoping her wit will translate into her writing.

I'm glad to report that it did! The book looks and feels Legit. Reading similar local publications made me realize the wonders that Beautiful Typesetting and just the right Paper can do. There are practical "activity sheets" that you can fill in.

That recovery method by watching Horror movies - pretty wise. I think her celebrity sister was correct in her Foreword, saying that the book is full of wisdom. She imparts it without being preachy, it's witty but not to the point that the book loses its legitimacy. It's your ate talking to you, in book form.

Dear Alex, Break Na Kami. Paano?! Love, Catherine

Really refreshing read, but just a heads-up for those who are allergic to religion though. View all 3 comments. Nov 21, Kimberly rated it really liked it Shelves: Nakakatawa at nakakakilig 'tong libro na sinulat ni Cathy. Kahit di ako masyadong nakarelate, gusto ko yung mga advice niya. Nag insert pa siya ng bible verses. Kaso may mga tips siya na hindi ako agree, kagaya na lang nung: You need to be honest with yourself. Kung di ka okay, wag kang mag pretend.

Kilala mo naman ang sarili mo, and most importantly, alam ni Lord pinagdadaanan mo so you don't have to hide anything. Jan 27, Christine May added it. It's a good book for all teenagers especially yung "nagaassume, umaasa" na mga tao when it comes to their lovelives.

But for me, when you love someone and that someone hurt you the most, can be your motivation and inspiration that you have to get up and rise again. Dapat kaya mong labanan ang pain inside of you. View all 48 comments. Broken hearted, Single and in a relationship. My friend told me I can finish this book in a day and I so believe her but when I started reading this? Or at your own pace.

I realize kasi, this book is not only for the broken hearted, but also to those who are in a relationship and single — NBSB no boyfriend since birth or those who chose to be single for the meantime.

Gonzaga pdf file book alex

I be My friend told me I can finish this book in a day and I so believe her but when I started reading this? I believe kasi this is some kind of guide or a bible. What I like about this book is that habang nagbabasa, feeling ko si Alex yong nagsasalita at kinakausap ako.

The quotable quotes that she have imparted can only be understand with her examples and instances. What I love the most in this book is that her insistence of loving yourself.

She may have written that directly but it was told in so many ways. List of quotes that struck deep: Happiness is a choice. Jeremiah View all 6 comments. Feb 14, Marielle Aimee rated it really liked it Shelves: View 1 comment.

Mar 01, Joanna Marie rated it really liked it Shelves: This book is very Alex Gonzaga. I always find her witty when watching her. And her attitude in front of her audience I remember her book signing event and her transparency to her us.

I'm no broken hearted girl but I can still find ways to relate myself with what she's saying. Her book is realistic and I feel God reaching out for me through her. Thanks for sharing God's message to us, Cathy!!!! Dec 06, Melanie Gabayoyo rated it did not like it Shelves: Nov 02, louisechelle rated it it was amazing. I knew I would be able to finish this book before the weekend ends. This was such an easy-read book as it was written in Tag-lish.

The delivery of words and construction of sentences are as if Alex Gonzaga herself is just speaking in front of you; very friendly approach. Personally, I would rate this book 5 stars. It was a very good and entertaining read for someone who might be going through a heartache or for someone who has been there.

I expected it to be humorous like how we usually see Alex G I knew I would be able to finish this book before the weekend ends. I expected it to be humorous like how we usually see Alex Gonzaga on TV but as I was reading the book, though there were bits of humor included, this book seemed to be a serious guide book for those trying to move on or at least planning to do so.

I'm not heart broken or whatsoever. I honestly bought book because of the hype. I wanted to know for myself what's inside the book. And as I was reading through, it makes me smile because I've gone through all that.

It's funny to realize I had to go through six 6 heart aches before I've learned the lesson. How I wish Alex Gonzaga wrote this book way earlier.

Should you buy this book?

Even if you're not heart broken and you have great relationship, I know you'll need this book. Maybe not for yourself but for someone who might need it like your sister or cousin sister, your friend or even just a Facebook friend always ranting how much it hurts. Lend them this book so they'll be able to find encouragement.

Let's admit it, most heart broken people are hard headed. They would listen but they won't follow your advises. I believe that lending them this book and allowing them to read it alone for them to absorb all that Alex Gonzaga wrote here would eventually help them; would eventually lessen the burden.

Besides, it's just Php in National Bookstores. What I learned from the book? It was like I was reminded of what I have done in the past to become who I am today - strong, happy and independent lady. But there's also two things that Alex Gonzaga reminded me of: Conclusion Some teenagers label this book as "Break up Survival Book" but for me, it's more than that.

It's not just to help heart broken people know how to move on but it's an encouragement for them to embrace the process of moving on; that's okay to cry, feel pain, etc because it's a part of it. I know, and as Alex stated in the book too, that we all have our own ways how to move on. But the things she wrote in the book are the basics.

Some of her advises might not work for you but eventually, you'll find your own solutions. I believe we know ourselves better than anyone else so we will know what will or how we will help ourselves cope with the situation.

I have so many favorite lines in her book but this is my top favorite: Feb 15, Camille rated it liked it Shelves: Most of what was in this book, we already knew. We just needed a reminder.

EY-ES-GIE by Sharleen Garcia: Dear Alex, Break Na! Love,Catherine Book

It's true, though, what Toni Gonzaga said in the foreword, "You can learn a thing or two from her Alex ," I did learn a few. The narration was amusing. But there were also parts where I got bored, and parts where my eyebrow just went up and I thought "Uh, no.

It's relatable, at least for me. It had me from "Kailan dadating ang Paul ko, ate? Bakit lahat mali? She kept telling herself that this one guy was her happily ever after despite all the signs against it. And she dated someone else hoping to move on. Kung alam mo na ngang hindi p'wede, 'wag mo na i-push. Maybe it would work, maybe it won't, but I thought I could use this or at least recommend it to someone.

Pero nu'ng pumikit ako, mukha na ni Linda Blair sa The Exorcist ang nakita ko. There's no need to find a shortcut, or one just might get lost. No need for U-turns. You shouldn't force yourself into something or someone when you knew in your gut that it wasn't right. Just move forward until you reach your destination. There might have been challenges, but it's there to make you stronger, better and wiser. Oct 06, Alona rated it it was amazing.

Grabe It was an easy read for me.. Somehow nagulat ako sa mga revelation cause I thought wala pang nagiging bf ever si Alex. Thanks sa pag share mo Alex ng iyong story sa amin at sana talaga basahin ito ng ibang kabataan na akala sa love eh kapag first bf mo eh sya na talaga ang forever mo.

Ako dumaan din naman ako sa ganong experience kasi nga excited ka sa feeling ng pagiging inlove ang buong akala mo sa love eh parang koreanovela.. Dahil sa masyado kang nadadala sa emosyon mo nakakagawa ka ng Grabe It was an easy read for me.. Dahil sa masyado kang nadadala sa emosyon mo nakakagawa ka ng mga bagay na maaari mong pagsisihan. Pero somehow after I fail in my first relationship Thank Goodness I know my worth and I didn't chase after my ex boyfriend cause for me if it's over it's over.

If he doesn't want me then I don't want him. Feelings should be mutual. Actually, I admit there are pitfalls along the way.. It was never easy to move on..

Books actually helps me to cope up about my feelings and then I realize that I am ready to date again.. That my life doesn't end there but Instead I believe that GOD remove that person in my life because He has something better for me..

I was thankful that we have a good closure though were not the closest of friends right now and haven't seen each other after we broke up. I can feel that were ok cause occasionally we greet each other and like there's no bitter feelings. I can finally say that I don't love him anymore and I'm happy for the both of us. Jan 24, Alyssa rated it it was ok. It's good for a Filipino book, I guess.

It's taglish and very light to read. It felt like the author's just talking to you casually. It deals with post-heartbreak situation. The do's and don't's, the signs of a wrong relationships, the 'scary' single life, stuff like that. Some people would raise their eyebrow now since I've been single all my life, and why I read this book?! But I just want to put this out there: Nov 25, Jeassamine rated it it was amazing. I find this book a good read. Kasi hindi lang puro Alex itong librong ito, napakalaki rin ng parte ng nagbabasa.

Kilala at kinikila ni Alex ang readers niya and at the same time, ipinakikilala niya rin sila sa kanilang mga sarili. Also, andami kong natutunan. Hindi lang sa paghandle sa iyong sarili during a relationship or after a breakup kundi pati na rin sa self-worth at independence. Kudos Alex! More power! Jan 18, Marla Tabelina rated it it was amazing. Sabi ko na, maaga kong matatapos ang book na to. Hindi ka magsisisi kapag binili mo 'tong book na 'to, this book has advices para sa mga broken hearted at single.

Though, hindi ko pa naexperience na mabroken hearted, pero at least meron na akong idea on how to cope up when the time comes. Tama nga si ate niya, may matutunan ka sa book ni Alex, hindi lang to puro advices meron ding mga activites. Sep 10, Ja Comia rated it really liked it. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

To view it, click here. Oct 02, Paola rated it really liked it Shelves: For a Tagalog book which I don't read. It made me think of my previous relationships. It made me laugh with all the puns and all the real life events. I never thought that the ever so bubbly Alex Gonzaga could deliver. She did well on her debut book. Although there were slow parts but it picked up along the way.