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It is my pleasure to welcome writers Jonathan Lynn, Antony Jay and Yes, Prime. Minister to the Geffen Playhouse Having been a fan of the. Site about the BBC comedy series Yes Minister and Yes Prime Minister. The new Minister's idealistic commitment to open the windows of his department faces. Request PDF on ResearchGate | On Jun 25, , Michael David Kandiah and others published Yes Minister and Yes Prime Minister (2): Jonathan Lynn.

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THE COMPLETE YES PRIME MINISTER The Diaries of the Right Hon. James Hacker Jonathan Lynn & Antony Jay London: BBC, In memory of Nigel. soundofheaven.infoH: How far do you agree with Sir Antony Jay's assessment that neither Yes Ministernor Yes Prime Ministerwas about British politics in the s ?. The BBC TV series Yes Minister was written by Jonathan Lynn and Antony lay and produced by . Later volumes under the title Yes Prime Minister will deal with.

The Final Top 10 Sitcoms". Hawthorne and Eddington performing the sketch with Margaret Thatcher in January Quince Players 3 days ago. The episode " A Conflict of Interest " humorously lampoons the various political stances of Britain's newspapers through their readers although this material was not original: He usually handles these situations well, and maintains his reputation in the Civil Service as a "high flier" as opposed to a "low flier supported by occasional gusts of wind. Scenes that did not involve Hacker took the form of private memos between civil servants, or 'interviews' and written correspondence from other characters.

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Desperate to dispose of the body before her husband arrives with an important politician, she enlists the help of her guests. Hilarity ensues when they are interrupted by the arrival of wry detective, Inspector Lord. A conscious parody of the detective thriller, Christie delivers a unique blend of suspense and humour.

While he is theoretically responsible to Hacker personally, it is Sir Humphrey who writes his performance reviews and influences his Civil Service career. He usually handles these situations well, and maintains his reputation in the Civil Service as a "high flier" as opposed to a "low flier supported by occasional gusts of wind.

Woolley is always quick to point out the physical impossibilities of Sir Humphrey's or Hacker's mixed metaphors , with almost obsessive pedantry. He can occasionally appear rather childlike, by making animal noises and gestures or by acting out how such an analogy cannot work, which sometimes annoys his Minister. Woolley tends to side with Hacker when new policies are announced, because they seem radical or democratic, only for Sir Humphrey to point out the disadvantages to the status quo and the civil service in particular.

To sway Bernard, Sir Humphrey uses phrases such as "barbarism" and "the beginning of the end". In a retrospective, Armando Iannucci commented that Fowlds had a difficult task because he had to "spend most of his time saying nothing but looking interested in everyone else's total and utter guff" but "his one line frequently had to be the funniest of the lot.

Meanwhile, Sir Humphrey's civil service colleagues were also regularly featured. They included:. A total of thirty-eight episodes were made, and all but one are of 30 minutes duration. They were videotaped in front of a studio audience, which was standard BBC practice for situation comedies at the time. The actors did not enjoy filming as they felt that the studio audience placed them under additional pressure.

Lynn, however, says that the studio audience on the soundtrack was necessary because laughter is a "communal affair. Jay observes that politicians would be unable to put pressure on the BBC not to "run this kind of nonsense" if "— people were falling about with laughter. Each programme usually comprised around six scenes. The pilot was produced in but not transmitted immediatey for fear that it could influence the results of the May UK General Election. Yes Minister ran for three series, each of seven episodes, between March and These were followed by two Christmas specials: This ran originally for two series, each of eight episodes, from to There was a further six-part series, with a new cast, in The opening titles were drawn by artist and cartoonist Gerald Scarfe , who provided distinctive caricatures of Eddington, Hawthorne and Fowlds in their respective roles to represent distortion.

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The sequence ended with the title of the episode superimposed on a facsimile of an edition of the House of Commons Weekly Information Bulletin. Scarfe created a second set of graphics for Yes, Prime Minister , including a different title card for each episode. Derek Fowlds wanted to buy an original drawing but was unable to afford it. The typeface used in the credits is Plantin , a common typeface used in the British press at the time.

The show title is set in bold condensed and the credits are in bold. The theme music was composed by Ronnie Hazlehurst and is largely based on the Westminster Quarters: When asked in an interview about its Westminster influence, Hazlehurst replied, "That's all it is.

It's the easiest thing I've ever done. The final version of the titles and music had yet to be agreed, and both differ substantially from those used for subsequent instalments. The opening and closing title caption cards feature drawings of most of the cast, but are less exaggerated than those of Scarfe, while the unaccredited music is a more up-tempo piece for brass band. The Scarfe and Hazlehurst credits were used for some repeat broadcasts of the first episode, but the original pilot credits were retained for the DVD release.

Jay believes that the viewers were just as intelligent as the writers, but that there were some things that they needed to know but didn't. Eddington was also nominated on all four occasions. They were also placed 14th in Channel 4 's The Ultimate Sitcom , a poll conducted by people who work in sitcoms. The series have been cited by political scientists for their accurate and sophisticated portrayal of the relationships between civil servants and politicians, [30] and are quoted in some textbooks on British politics.

The shows were very popular in government circles. The Guinness Television Encyclopedia suggests that "real politicians She told The Daily Telegraph that "its clearly-observed portrayal of what goes on in the corridors of power has given me hours of pure joy. Faust MP, constantly beset by the wiles of Sir Mephistopheles.

Thatcher performed a short sketch with Eddington and Hawthorne on 20 January at a ceremony where the writers were presented with an award from Mary Whitehouse 's NVLA , [33] an event commemorated on the cover of the satirical magazine Private Eye. In Britain's Best Sitcom , Bernard Ingham says that he wrote it; other sources give Thatcher sole credit, while Michael Cockerell says that she wrote it with Ingham's help.

The writer, however, was not in a position to help. Hawthorne says he and Eddington resented Thatcher's attempts to "make capital" from their popularity. At a rally, Hawke said "You don't want to be listening to me; you want to be listening to the real Prime Minister", forcing Eddington to improvise. And of course, they love it because it's all so authentic.

The show has been remade several times, albeit sometimes unofficially. The title of the Portuguese remake, Sim, Sr. Ministro from , is a direct translation of the original's title. The premise was to survive one week in office as Jim Hacker.

Yes Minister

Jay and Lynn collaborated again to produce a stage play [44] which ran from 13 May to 5 June , at Chichester Festival Theatre. The play then went back on a tour of the United Kingdom before returning to the West End with a revised script. Further rewrites took place before the UK tour and subsequent Trafalgar Studios run, the crucial change having replaced references from underage to multiple partner sex. The play features a new character, Claire Sutton, who is introduced by the Prime Minister as head of the policy unit at Number Ten.

She is a 21st-century successor to Dorothy Wainwright, but less haughty and seemingly more willing to get her hands dirty. She is described by Jay and Lynn as in her late thirties, attractive and intelligent. In response to a sarcastic interjection about "starving permanent secretaries", Sir Humphrey patronises her as "dear lady" as he did "that Wainwright female" in the TV series. Filming took place in September Haig's Hacker was rather manic , [59] while Goodman's Sir Humphrey was more aloof and supercilious than Hawthorne's had been.

Critical reaction was largely negative. The revived series ended up being produced by the BBC for Gold. Copies were seen on sale in bookshops in the Chinese capital the following year. In West Germany, all three series of Yes Minister were aired in German title Yes Minister , and the first series of Yes Prime Minister in German title Yes Premierminister on national public broadcaster ARD ; repeats occurred during the s on some of the public regional channels.

Each episode was shortened by about 5 minutes to allow time for the continuity announcer, as was common practice at the time. The second series of Yes Prime Minister was never aired in Germany, thus no German overdub and no German episode titles exist for it.

The German DVD release dec. The plot lines were the same as those of the original, with suitable changes in the Indian context. Sixteen episodes of Yes Minister were adapted and re-recorded for broadcast by BBC Radio 4 , with the principal cast reprising their roles. Produced by Pete Atkin , they were broadcast across two series, each with eight episodes. Warner appears to have added RCE region coding to the individual release of the second series of Yes Minister , but there are no similar reported problems on playing the complete collection.

Netflix streams both series to subscribers as of August , the series was no longer available to view via streaming. Computer users must use the Netflix player and Windows Media Player All four series are also available for download purchase from iTunes and similar programs.

Several books have been published surrounding the series. The scripts were edited and transformed into prose, and published by BBC Books in the form of diaries.

Scenes that did not involve Hacker took the form of private memos between civil servants, or 'interviews' and written correspondence from other characters.

In some instances, the novelizations added extra details, while padding-out some existing details. For example, in the novelization for 'The Official Visit', Sir Humphrey manages to confuse Hacker, by reeling-off a plethora of acronyms—without explaining them, leaving Hacker with nonsense to fathom.

The three series of Yes Minister were published as paperbacks in , and respectively before being combined into a revised hardback omnibus edition, The Complete Yes Minister: The Diaries of a Cabinet Minister , in Two volumes of Yes, Prime Minister: The Diaries of the Right Hon. James Hacker were published in and , before being made available as an omnibus edition in Both series were published as omnibus paperback editions in It was illustrated by Gerald Scarfe and Shaun Williams.

It was read by Derek Fowlds on Radio 4 later that year. In the game, the player takes on the role of Prime Minister Jim Hacker for one week as he navigates through meetings with Sir Humphrey, Bernard Woolley and other government officials, making decisions about seemingly minor government policies which regardless have an effect on the PM's approval rating by the end of the week.

Original cast. Revival cast. But he has not counted on Humphrey's old boy network.

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His own economy drive will set a personal example - won't it? Sounds simple enough? Not to Sir Humphrey. But Jim discovers that even science can be manipulated. Surely Hacker's job is safe, after all, he's done all right - hasn't he?

How come Sir Humphrey is so smug about the whole affair? Then a select committee tests the Minister's loyalty to his department. The newly appointed Cabinet Secretary, Sir Humphrey, knows just what kind of man they need. But first that man has to overcome his problems with the Eurosausage. If it wasn't for fallout shelters and Ludovic Kennedy For some reason Sir Humphrey seems nervous The Thatcher Script 3.

Does he know the moral dimension of this?