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The Scorsolini Marriage Bargain book. Read 93 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Principe Claudio Scorsolini's future wife must make. Claudio refuses to fall under the Scorsolini Curse. He hates what it did to his father and his own life as a child. He marries. Read {PDF Epub} Download The Scorsolini Marriage Bargain by Kazuna Uchida from the story Sport by aggappekamel33 with 0 reads. present, none, stuff.

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Royal Brides 03 The Scorsolini Princes THE SCORSOLINI MARRIAGE BARGAIN by Lucy Monroe Summary Duty bound to marry and. Principe Claudio Scorsolini's future wife must make a suitable figurehead for his people and provide him with an heir. Claudio's convenient union with Therese is . Read The Scorsolini Marriage Bargain by Lucy Monroe for free with a 30 day free trial. Read unlimited* books and audiobooks on the web.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Sep 22, KatieV rated it really liked it Shelves: This is definitely more standard Harlequin Presents material than some of her more recent offerings: August 18, A 3. I like a lot of angst in my Harlequins and I certainly cannot deny that this is full of it and had my eyes filling up quite a few times! So his marriage is more like business partnership an Warning: She had to swallow twice before speaking.

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Customers also viewed. Book bundle deals. Modern Romance May Books Mediterranean Mavericks: Christmas Conquest: Kostas's Convenient Bride: Modern Romance October Books Modern Romance Collection: I really hate how so many category romance characters interpret low fertility as infertility. She interprets this as her being infertile, and rather than tell her husband what is wrong, she tells him they have to get divorced. Claudio has noticed his wife pulling away from him, and jumps to the conclusion that she must be cheating on him which is confirmed in his mind when she asks for a divorce.

She tries to explain to him why they need to break up, but he doesn't want to listen because he doesn't want to hear her tell him about her lover. Therese has been rejecting him sexually because it's physically painful for her. She doesn't have a problem with saying no to him, but she does have a problem with telling him why.

I get that they don't have a loving relationship, but they've been happily married for three years, so it's pretty ridiculous that she can't even tell him that it's painful for her. She needs to have an operation which doesn't even require an overnight hospital stay but she doesn't want to arrange it because Considering it's only a day procedure, I don't see why she couldn't have organised to have it done secretly like all her other medical stuff.

Overall book rating

I wasn't impressed with Therese at all. She doesn't try to fight to save her marriage. They could at least try it a couple times before giving up. Anyway, once he finds out the truth, Claudio shines. He doesn't want to let go of Therese, and he is determined to make her realise how much he loves her. He basically manages to save the story, and of course we end up with a "miracle" pregnancy with Therese conceiving on their first go at IVF.

Dec 06, Roro rated it really liked it.

Unrequited love at it's finest! Princess Therese Scorsolini knows that her husband Claudio, the heir to the throne married her for convenience and that she's the best candidate to produce an heirs.

She love him enough to marry him and be a mother to their future children even though he didn't love her. But when she found out about her medical condition that might cause her infertility she knew that she have to leave him.

She wanted to protect him and the inhabitants of their country. She knew Unrequited love at it's finest! She knew that divorcing him was the only choice to accomplish that goal. He comes to realize just how much he loves Therese and he's determine to save his marriage and prove his love to the one woman who was meant to be his. Will Therese finally give up on Claudio? Will Claudio make her realize his true feelings before it's too late?

Will they finally have their happy ever after? Oh, how this book broke my heart. I was literally crying almost from the start. I was an emotional wrecked after this book. I heart broke for Therese and I can really feel her disappointment, her struggles, her loss of her marriage, the loss of her hopes of motherhood and her greatest pain that came from loving a man who did not and never would love her.

No woman should have to live with the constant knowledge that she loved where there was no reciprocating emotion to be had. It hurt too much I wanted to hurt Claudio for not knowing about Therese condition, for hurting her and for not loving her. I was totally prepared to hate him but damn! But she did.

Claudio totally redeemed himself in my eyes. I ended up really loving his character. He was silent several seconds and then he sighed. Overall, The Scorsolini Marriage Bargain was powerful and emotional love story that touched my heart. Well, honestly this wasn't the most emotional book that I've ever read but the fact that I cried like a baby View 1 comment.

Jul 21, Virginia rated it liked it. Crown Prince Claudio Scorsolini watched his father marry, cheat on, and divorce the woman who acted as his mother for most of his life in the name of love for his first wife. If love led to such dishonorable behavior, Claudio thought it better to choose a wife by other criteria. Therese grew up with a manipulative diplomat for a father and a scheming social climber for a mother, both of whom drilled a sense of duty and the importance of appearances into her from an early age.

Despite never havin Crown Prince Claudio Scorsolini watched his father marry, cheat on, and divorce the woman who acted as his mother for most of his life in the name of love for his first wife. Despite never having received love from her parents and knowing that it's not on offer from her husband, she falls in love with Claudio before their wedding.

She knows that he values her ability to perform the duties of a princess with dignity, her ability to satisfy him in bed, and her ability to bear and raise his heirs.

When health problems make infertility almost inevitable, Therese sees no reason why Claudio would want to stay married to her.

I can't remember the last time I cried through so much of a book. Claudio is so cruel throughout so much of the book. Yes, he's lashing out because he thinks she's cheating on him and he supposedly doesn't want to deal with his feelings for her.

Yes, Therese has been trained to hide her needs and feelings from everyone around her. But, God, it was so wrenching to watch her suffer.

The Scorsolini Marriage Bargain by Lucy Monroe

Lucy Monroe gets high marks for engaging my emotions so much, even though it made me miserable seriously, I had to start a new box of tissues. Claudio barely makes up for his awful behavior with utter tenderness and vulnerability at the end although I found it hard to believe that he would really cry.

This is definitely more standard Harlequin Presents material than some of her more recent offerings: I've enjoyed the ones I've read so far, although the connections seem pretty tenuous when we start moving into the desert HP books require a certain mood, and when that particular need arises, Monroe handles these stories better than most.

Aug 20, Mareli rated it really liked it. OK another series to archive! I feel proud of myself! Both heroine and hero were normal people well they were princess and prince so maybe normal is not the right word! LOL ready to sacrifice themselves, one for the love of a husband and a crown the other for the love of a wife!

She was ready to take a step back because she thought that her husband deserved a fertile wife but he didn't let her. Emotional and with a HEA li ta-dah! Emotional and with a HEA like a fairy tale. Jan 25, Amanda S. Well, this book is weird. The major point of this book is the hero misunderstood and ended up hurting heroine. Good start, to be honest. The exact thing that I'm looking. But the execution is so poor I cringed a lot.

Claudio is mean and hard as stone. I didn't even feel his apology, I'm not happy with it. That's why this book is ridiculous. Could be soooo much better. Apr 08, Jess the Romanceaholic rated it it was amazing Shelves: This is a Quickie Review. For the full review, please visit The Romanceaholic. Expected Release Date: Available Now! Harlequin Imprint: Works well as a standalone. Steam Level: Hot I was in the mood for some melodrama and so I snagged a couple Harlequin Presents books for the next few reviews.

I This is a Quickie Review. However, for me personally, the angst and the Big Misunderstandings are always what I go seeking when I pick up a category romance, so I was in heaven with this book. Claudio and Terese have a marriage of convenience — at least on his side. Practical reasons, including her pedigree, poise, and ability to give him an heir was the most important motivation behind their marriage.

She knows that having children is essential to Claudio, and knows that without that ability, her marriage is doomed. Overall, a very enjoyable, melodramatic, fast read. Nov 21, LaFleurBleue rated it it was amazing Shelves: It would be a 4. However for such a short book pages on my reader, officially , it was indeed amazing.

In a most compact format, it manages to convey deep emotions at a very key moment for the heroine. She just learnt the reasons behind her physical incomfort and increasing suffering, as well as the most probable consequences.

In a word, she requi It would be a 4. In a word, she required surgery and would end up "infertile", in the sense that IVF would be necessary for her to get pregnant, without guarantees. Her condition, endometriosis, also hindered her ability to enjoy sex with her husband. As a consequence, she struggled through a deep personal crisis, feeling less of a woman. And I really liked the way it was described, as it seemed well spot-on.

Add to that the fact her husband asked for tests previous to their wedding to check she would be fertile enough he's a future King in a small country and that he is way from demonstrative and warm, and the picture of why she believed her marriage doomed. Their interactions and the story relies a lot on discussions that do not turn out as they should have, as a result from one or the other letting pride, emotion-protection, pain or other emotions take the lead in their thinking and talking. It absolutely did not feel to me like the classic misunderstanding plot, but rather an accumulation of small misunderstandings of people hurting each other despite themselves.

Most dialogues and situations were very emotional, never too long. A very good book, especially on this topic even though the epilogue felt awfully cheesy and almost uncalled for in my opinion. This author is really a complete puzzle, able to write the most emotional things here , extremely realistic romantic suspense and also what has to be one of the worst Harlequin I read ever which was the previous book in this series.

Feb 15, Sneha Jaiswal rated it it was amazing. Lucy Monroe is an amazing author and this is one of her best works! Very nice marriage in peril story. Not usually a favorite trope of mine but it was nicely handled here. Nov 19, Cik Aini rated it liked it Shelves: The cover was steamy enough, but the story is sweet. The plot consisted of monologues. Pages and pages of it, I would say and I almost felt asleep and wondering when they would start talking and resolve their conflicts?

At certain times, I felt like hollering to both main characters!! And then, it finally resolved afterwards when Therese finally had her pain and Claudio saw to it. What had happened ages ago can simply be fixed within matters of minutes!

But then, if it was too short, it wouldn't be such a read and they live happily ever after. Still, a sweet story. Not so much on the physical side of relationship but how love is lost and found again just by simple act of communication Jul 23, Sania rated it really liked it Shelves: Standalone Ages of H and h: Will You Re-read This Book: Yes My Thoughts I'm a sucker for marriage in trouble stories and this one hit the spot.

Readers Also Enjoyed. About Lucy Monroe. Lucy Monroe. Award winning author Lucy Monroe had her first book published in September Since then she has sold more than 70 books to four publishers and hit national bestsellers lists in the US and England.

She felt both exhausted and savaged, especially after the phone call from her doctor in Miami.

Lucy Monroe

Claudio gave a masculine chuckle as if he could not imagine such a thing. As if you would. She wanted to say yes just to prove him wrong, but told the truth instead.

What we want and what we allow ourselves to do are rarely the same thing. And it is a testament to your suitability to your position that you live by this stricture. She turned away from him and started putting on her jewelry. And you wonder why I compared being a princess to being a prisoner? No more than most people, she admitted.

Bargain pdf the scorsolini marriage

The man so well-known in diplomatic circles for his perspicacity was thick as a brick where she was concerned. Two of the delegates were less than subtle in expressing their belief it was past time I gave you an heir, she said instead of answering. His big, warm hands landed on her shoulders and he turned her to face him with inexorable movements. You are bothered that you have not yet conceived? You should not be. We have only been trying for a few months.

The doctor said that women who have been on the pill for a prolonged time can take longer to get pregnant, but it will happen soon enough. After all, we know everything is in working order. Worse than salt on wounds, those words were like the lashing of a cruelly wielded whip. Prior to marrying three years ago, he had required they go through several tests including blood type and the compatibility of his sperm with the mucus on her cervix.

He had also requested she have her fertility cycles tested, just to be sure. Knowing that a big part of why he was marrying her was so that she could provide heirs for the Scorsolini throne, she had agreed without argument. Everything had come back normal. They were compatible for pregnancy and she was as fertile as any other woman her age.

The biggest surprise for her had been his desire to wait to have children for a while. Unable to stand any level of intimacy in the face of what she knew was to come, even such a simple touch, she turned away from him.

Helpless anger filled Claudio as Therese moved from him, her womanly curves taunting a libido that ached for her night and day. He wanted to grab her back and demand to know why after three years his touch was no longer acceptable, but that would be the act of a primitive man and the crown prince of Isole dei Re was in no way primitive. Besides, physical rejection from her was not a new thing.

It had been happening for months now, but each time she turned away from a physical connection, it still shocked him. After two years of receiving an incredibly passionate response on every occasion when he touched her, he could be forgiven for finding it nearly impossible to reconcile to her sudden change of heart. Prior to the last few months, he would have sworn that Therese loved him. Her love had not been one of his requirements, so he had not dwelt on it too much…until it was gone.

It was not that he needed the emotion from her, but he could not help wondering where it had gone and why she no longer seemed to want him with the latent passion that had drawn him to her in the first place.

Her physical rejections had started a month or so after she went off the pill so they could try for a baby. At first, he had thought that maybe her hormones had been at fault. Then sometimes she would make love with him the way she used to and all his concerns on that score would disappear. Only to reappear when she turned him down again. He was not a man who had suffered much rejection in his life, particularly from a woman he desired physically. For it to come from his own wife was totally unacceptable.

Do you not want my baby?

Scorsolini bargain the pdf marriage

Are you frightened of what will happen? More than anything.

She was so fervent he could not doubt her. Then there is nothing about this situation that should upset you. The look she gave him from her green eyes was not encouraging, but he forged on, certain of his own conclusions. Soon enough you will be able to silence busybodies with the reality of a pregnancy. As for today, you will simply play the scenario differently next time and send the delegates to meet with Maggie.

Pdf bargain the marriage scorsolini

She spun to face the mirror and pulled her silky, long brown hair up into a twist on the back of her head with deft fingers, securing it with a clip.