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riksoft at gmail dot com ¶. 5 years ago. Just a note for those who face problems on names containing spaces (e.g. "test"). In the examples (99% of the. I spent a lot of hours tweaking numbers in my PDF source, trying to nudge Now my PDF code looks more like: default: return paperwidth($name)*sqrt(2);. The manpage says: ``unlink - delete a name and possibly the file it refers to''. Most of the time a file has just one name -- removing it will also remove (free.

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php/">. That file should . Did you try to remove spaces from file name using hyphens? So, I think its name. php header("Content-type:application/pdf"); // It will be called $name = 'file. pdf'; //file_get_contents is standard function $content. Get name of unsuccessfull API function; PDF_get_buffer — Get PDF output buffer The code only seemed to work for PDF (Acrobat 3.x) or below.

Hopefully it will work for your situation. It is important to notice that header must be called before any actual output is sent In PHP 4 and later, you can use output buffering to solve this problem. A mime-type-independent forced download can also be conducted by using: You get an "Allowed memory size of XYZ bytes exhausted Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.

I had the same problem, then i found that it's metadata missing inside my.

I used a tools "debenu PDF tools" for edit pdf property like author, title, etc I just change title from empty field to what title I want, upload the new pdf and now, with same code, same script the browser show the right name! Did you try to remove spaces from file name using hyphens?

The results are in!


See what nearly 90, developers picked as their most loved, dreaded, and desired coding languages and more in the Developer Survey. So I've tried both header 'Content-disposition: For this url , here's my code: If you want the file to be downloaded and not openend in the browser , add these: Also, you might be missing the content-length for the file - some browsers open files correctly without this and some don't.

To get this, dump all the output into an output buffer, then print out the headers and specify one as 'Content-Length: Temporarily comment those php header lines and see the output.

It should NOT contain any php errors. Apply back the headers after you fix any errors if so.

PHP: unlink - Manual

I tried them, no luck: Is it a problem with my web host? That href trick worked! Should be: You can group the elements into different arrays by assigning the same name to different elements: It's also possible to assign specific keys to your arrays: Specifying array keys is optional in HTML. If you do not specify the keys, the array gets filled in the order the elements appear in the form.

Our first example will contain keys 0, 1, 2 and 3. The select multiple tag in an HTML construct allows users to select multiple items from a list.

Name php pdf

These items are then passed to the action handler for the form. The problem is that they are all passed with the same widget name. The solution is to use PHP's "array from form element" feature.

The following should be used: The count function can be used to determine how many options were selected, and the sort function can be used to sort the option array if necessary.

Note that if you are using JavaScript the [] on the element name might cause you problems when you try to refer to the element by name. Use it's numerical form element ID instead, or enclose the variable name in single quotes and use that as the index to the elements array, for example: Deletes filename.

Similar to the Unix C unlink function. Context support was added with PHP 5. For a description of contexts , refer to Streams.

Name php pdf

Example 1 Basic unlink usage. Change language: Edit Report a Bug. Parameters filename Path to the file. See Also rmdir - Removes directory.

PDF Functions

This will delete all files in a directory matching a pattern in one line of code. Deleted a large file but seeing no increase in free space or decrease of disk usage?

The unlink is not about removing file, it's about removing a file name.

The manpage says: That's the simple, usual case. However, it's perfectly fine for a file to have several names see the link function , in the same or different directories.