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Mass Effect 2 - Prima Official Game Guide - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. official game guide pdf - mass effect 3 prima official game guide | get read mass effect 2 prima guide as pdf for free at the biggest ebook library in the world. get. [EPUB] Mass Effect (Prima Official Game Guide) by Stephen Stratton. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. You can download and read online.

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Prima Games A Division of Random House, Inc. Lava Ridge Court, Suite Roseville, CA PRIMA Official Game Guide. Game Guide The Art Of Mass [PDF] [EPUB] Mass Effect 2 is an action D&D 5e - Sword Coast Adventurers Guide - PDF Free Download. Game Guide, Game Book Scans» Game Guides» Mass Effect - Prima Official Guide. Mass Effect - Prima Official Guide Scan. Game Guides @ Emuparadise.

Paragon Versus Renegade Though you may choose to take any tone you like during any given dialogue, savvy gamers will strive to keep to one side of the morality system either Paragon or Renegade , and steer clear of neutral responses. The discovery of abandoned Prothean technologies such as the Citadel and mass relay nodes is the core reason why galactic races of all kinds, including humanity, have advanced so quickly over recent years. Use Carnage ability often to obliterate enemy forces, while you hang back and mop up from a safe distance. Any object or creature struck is lifted into the air. He's ,eady t o see what he can do t o s t o p t h e Collectors and agrees t o meet you a t your ship. Each point spent increases the duration of the warp. These are black hoppers.

An intelligent enemy with good attack strength and use of powers. Each enemy profile includes listings for the foe's carriea weapon and any special powers or defenses. Don't even bother using Reave against geth or mechs.

Heavy Reave The biotic focuses on snuffing out a single target's life. A Sar. Restores the biotic's health when power is used against organics. If you leave them with even a sliver of health.

Pdf prima mass effect guide

Health i vitality. The loyalty Achievements you earn will grant you a special option if you replay the game. Here is the full list of bonus powers you may choose from and t h e "chievement you must earn t o make t h a t power Possible Eon1 Related Arhievem - my Barrier: Biotic-based barriers.

Same enemies car and barriers. Once health ha the target dies.. Enemy Armor: Enemy ar orange bar. L C y engrneers use combat drones c from afa end When you target an enemy. The base of the enemy information is i t s health. This information is located along the top of the screen. Armor can After completing the character creation using a new or imported character.

Krogen and vorcha enemies have regenerative health. C or inside the commander's personal es acquired. Many research projects require t h a t you already possess a specific upgrade t h a t you acquired in the field or purchased from a shop. Find them during missions omni-tool.

There are two categories of upgrades and improvements t h a t Shepard must keep track of: There are t Spend credits t o purchase them in stores. Research projects consist of everything from n as computer terminals The most powerful upgrades in the game are built. Upgrading the squad's ' improve Shepard's chance of weapons and armor. Commander Shepard can improve the mission's chances for success by Upgrading the Normandy will pursuing more than just weapons and powers.

These are intertwined. I o E '4 Research Projects As soon as you have located and r e m q professor. Mordin Solus. This disrupts any I mass effect field protecting the target.

Upgrade tables note: Upgrades assault rifles. Upgrades can be pur from stores with credits. A smart targeting module calculates and compensates for minute barrel movements. Upgrades the assault rifles.

Most weapons have five damage upgrades available and two advanced upgrades t h a t improve the weapon on a Tore fundamental level.. Use the tables and charts in this chapter t o ake the guesswork out of acquiring upgrades nd research projects.

This upgrade strengthens a weapon's 7' Iridiummass effect field aenerator. Obtain credits on Shepard will sometimes obtain new weapons while If you obtain a new weapon but would prefer t o use a previous weapon. All upgrades are cumulative.

By knowing exactly which pgrades are out there and which research projects you may want t o complete. Obtain upgrades t h a t improve Shepard's weapons and the weapons of favored squad members. It n ' t be stressed enough: Researching upgrades critical t o success in Mass Effect 2.

The slugs' tungsten content is increased. A phasic envelope surrounds each slug before it is fired at a target. Smart targeting does not mean the bullet will automatically find the mark every time the trigger is pulled. It's recomended you obtain enough minerals t o obtain I useful research upgrades as they will greatly nprove your capabilities.

Your entire squad's assault rifles are now much more accurate. UW Firing on a target in a howling gale feels the same as it does on a calm day on Iridium a practice range. Norma mpensate for wind and recoil. SMG damage against shields and biotic barriers. Upgrades the submachine 2' 5' guns of your entire squad. Allows for smaller. Upgrades SMGs for your entire squad. Improves SMGs for your entire squad. This upgrade improves a weapon's mass effect field 7' Iridium. This disrupts any mass effect field protectingthe target.

More efficient heat-sink materials improve the absorption and dissipation of heat. A module in the mass effect field generator creates a phasic envelope around each slug before it is fired at a target.

By measuring and replicating neural system this upgrade enables the user to maintain mass effect fields with less uad members. Maintaining a single mass effect field continual concentration. Cerberus has prototyped a multiple-operating-systemapproach that should allow one omni-tool to run dozens of configurations. This should result in better performanceat each individual task.

Most omni-tools are tuned to have an effective life span of 10 years or more for precision work and up Tech Damage 5' Element for more general tasks Disabling most safety protocols and installing to 50 Level Zero an experimental power core improves efficiency but reduces the expected operating life span by a factor of Upgrades t o the Normandy will 1 All ship upgrades must be researcb these research projects. Research cost The NoPmandy is the most technologically advanced Cerberus ship in the galaxy.

The Spectre is a special class of agent t h a t works directly for t h e Council and outside of all galactic laws t h a t otherwise govern t h e accepted. The commander is about t o return t o dul and resume the missiom to r i d the galaxy of the Reaper threat. But science has advanced far enough t h a t not even death is final.

Spectre stands for Special Tactics and Recon- naissance. Commander Shepard was lost following the unexpected and devastating attack on the Normandy.

As Shepard rises from the operating table. Ther are dropped by destroyed mechs and left fleeing facility personnel. Though it is difficult t o understand what the people hovering over You are sayingl YOU realize that you are being 'perated On and that you should not be awake right now. This part of the game is a tutorial designed t o teach the player some of Mass Effect 2's controls. Most weapons require a steady supply of thermal clips t o keep them from overheating.

Lazarus enas a little earlier than intended. Faces blur in and out of focus. The Shepard down. Froject Lazarus 1 You wake inside a laboratory. She directs She pistol and then t o some therm.

She doesn't have time t o tell Shepard much. After your vitals are stabilized. B E 3 Welcome t o Proiect Lazarus. U3KI Mechs attack with standard-issue machine pistols a t long t o medium range. A single blast t o the head causes the meoh t o explode. Up close. These mechs are typically programmed t o patrol sectors and. Minion Powers: Taser Blast Defenses: Jacob has no idea why the mechs started the attack.

Wilson e Jacob and t:. There are other topics'to pursue: Jacob is Miranda's t Use Miranda's terminal t o learn more about Project Lazarus and add relevant information t o your codex.

In a Hurry7 The service years in t h e Alliance before leaving and accepting this job. Only somebody close t o the project could get the needed access t o hack and reprogram all of the rnechs t o attack-especially just as you woke up. There's n 'lout her a t this point. You can Iursue a line of questioning about your crew from. If you successfully hack i t. L Wilson help you out wi. Don't expect any face time. Shepard is scanned into a hologram projector The commander will speak t o the lllusive Man via some serious long- Use t h e armor locker in the bay above the hologram chamber t o outfit Shepard.

Shepard finally has a chance answers with the Illusive Man. Security is paramount. And t h a t ' s a s the best w the latest human co. Shepard points out t h a t if t h e illusive Man Wanted t o take on t h e Talk t o Miranda and Jacob t o learn more about them and potentially earn more Paraaofleneaade points.

The first. I- Refined Iridium I. Commander Shepard has entered into an uneasy alliance with Cerberus. Shepard has little choice but t o see how far this new partnership will go. Since the Council seems determined t o ignore Shepard's warnings and t u r n a blind eye t o the Reapers t h a t are still out there. The Illusive Man still believes t h a t the galaxy is under threat from the Reapers.

Objective 1 Investigate Colony: As the shuttle circles Freedom's Progress. Miranda tells Shepard t h a t the I Illusive Man has placed the commander in charge. The activate as soon as they -- Use zoom t o target the mechs. Of course. A t the conclusion of the oonvars'stion.

Freedom's Progress is silent and still. According t o Jacob. But the last one t o leave left the lights on and did not place the colony on lockdown. The approac gives you plenty of time t o discuss the situation with Miranda and Jacob.

SO follow the trail of open doors. Cut them down. Minior Powers: But why would quarians be interested in. Gyt I seemingly trigger-happy quaria. Prazza is unhappy he situationJ6utdutifully obeys. Their four-legged design reminds many humans of attack dogs seen in old films. I krcer caKlng aown tne mecns.. Prazz zero t r u s t for Cerberus operatives. Tali1Zorahvas Neema. Shields Weapons: Assault Gun. When t h e quarians arrived t o help Veetor.

Chew through t h e drones' shields and then pick apart t h e exposed hull t o p u t t h e t u r r e t s down. The t u r r e t s can be programmed t o recognize allies as well as enemies. Tali explains why she and t h e other quarians are a t Freedom's Progress. Tali and her team will circle t h e far side of t h e colony and draw away security r Ouarian: A nomadic race Stationed across a wide chasm.

While Tali describes Veetor as neivousT Prazza offers a less charitable adjective: This leads t o a bigger question: Why did t h e force that swallowed up t h e human colonists leave behind a quarian? One of their own was on his Pilgrimage: Veetor survived while everyone else disappeared.

Assault drones are n o t intelligent A1 creatures like t h e geth. A s cruel a s it sounds. These weapons are designed t o tear up infantry and disable vehicles. If both arms are disabled. There is a lot of cover in t h e courtyard wrth the YMlR Mech.

D i r e c t Miranda o r Jacob t o a point in t h e courtyard I that the upon your squad m a t e. Heavy Armor Weapons: Depending on which arm you remove. The giant is armed t o the teeth with a rocket launcher on one arm and a minigun on the other. Boss Powers: Death Explosion Defenses: Heavy Shields. The YMlR is also fitted with both shields and armor. L As threatening as the YMlR is. I f you do not keep on top of t h e mech.

All the humans in the colony were taken away by what he calls the "monsters. If the Collectors are involved in wiping building directly above the wreckage of the YMlR out human colonies. The quarian was not par L. Veetor I finally turns away from the monitor bay and t o your team. Ybu have t o approach Veetor out bf extract whatever information you can get him. Finding Veetor lay: Investigate the a Collector.

Miranda calls this being the rest of her quarian associates. How you choose t o s t sets the tone for the r e s t was able t o sweep through leads Miranda t o wonder if the Collectors are using technology t h a t single's out humans. He is mumbling something about monsters. There was a swarm moving through the colony. If you compassionately end the conversation with Veetor.

He is surprised t o see humans. The lllusive M a n has prepared dossiers on notable soldiers and s c i e n t i s t s t h a t could prove beneficial for t h e mission. You can implore Tali t o join you on t h i s mission and peacefully allow her t o take Veetor back t o t h e fleet [ t o Miranda's chagrin]. How you approach t h i s minor standoff will earn you Paragon o r Renegade points. This will earn you Renegade points. Or you can demand t h a t Veetor come w i t h you and your squad so you can question him further.

New ship? And Joker only looks good in t h e cockpit of one ship. Continue your conversation w i t h t h e lllusive M a n t o gather additional intel about t h e Collectors and t h e mysterious. The l a s t advice t h a t t h e lllusive Man has before you depart t o begin t h e process of assembling a new t e a m is t o seek o u t t h e salarian s c i e n t i s t Mordin Solus on Omega.

He w a n t s you LU continue investigating b u t understands t h a t you will need resources beyond just Miranda and Jacob. The lllusive Man sees a connection between t h e Reapers and t h e Collectors. The quarian refuses t o l e t even Shepard take away Veetor He obviously needs help.

I t t u r n s o u t t h a t t h e Illusive M a n suspected t h e Collectors were involved in t h e disappearance of t h e human colonies. Cerberus is known for being r u t h l e s s. This will earn you Paragon points. Tali finally catches up t o Shepard. No non-Collector ship has ever been able t o successfully use t h a t relay. Having a s c i e n t i s t on t h e t e a m will open up research options aboard your ship. Shepard would r a t h e r have t h e original t e a m back. Investigating a human colony stripped bare by the Collectors..

Meeting the mysterious Illusive Man. There are special missrons t o accept. Christened Norman y SR While he appreciates upgrades like leather seats [as well as an upgraded FTL drivel. Shepar can immediately plot a course t o the next planet. Aaain Diloted bv Joker. Touring the Normandy is entirely optional. Surviving a mech attack. Miranda has her suggestion ready: Mordin Splus on Omega. Without ' e r n e means neutralizing the swarm. Use the galaxy map on deck i t o plot se.

You can t but the only one rnn The order of seeking recruits is ultimately up t o Shepard.

Mass Effect (Prima Official Game Guide) - PDF Free Download

Miranda and Jacob Dossier: The Professor Dossier: Archangel Dossier: The Convict W"'. Okeer possible four recruits.. Miranda and Jacob flank the commander t o talk about the next step of the mission. From t h e lalaxy maqfshepard can launch missions and direct ZrTipilot the ship t o any available planet.. Combat Information Center ClC. Shepard's privatc.

Access the private terminal t o read -"incoming mes5ages meant only for Shepard's E t o investigate the crew's specializations when Shepard collects enough minerals and tech. Shepard's 9 t can be mc led. The largest featqre of the flight deck is S. F n the armor locker.

Next t o the galaxy map is Shepard's private terminal. Chambers far more effective in this role if as an informal confidante than a ed head domor Conversing with ED1 leads t o ad itionalinformation about the role sf the Al's W t i n e. Press cyberneti about her ability t o run electronic ah warfare defenses t o prevent any intruders into Normandy's systems during an a t t a c k ED1 monitors shipboard activities and repdfts c information back t o the lilusive Man.

Wt 3iAt? This role as s unofficial. Once in the cockpit Any hs or appointments? Chat-r Ws will alert the commander. Much as with Chambers. J a honored t o be serving I While everything is professional with Jacob right now. Lrlere is little upside t o Cerberus betraying Shepard and t h e team. Give him his space when he needs it.

Joker also has his opinion on t h e a f t e r m a t h of t h e original mission and how b o t h t h e Alliance and Council c u t t h e m adrift in s p i t e of t h e success against Sovereign.

He often has interesting. He will rebuff some of. But look for openings. Joker may have a smart mouth. Talk to him and get his feelings and opinions on t h e crew and the mission. Inside t h e armory. Shepard can change the squad's loadout from b is s t a t i o n e d inside t armory. Jacob is only roman Keep checking back with Joker between missions. FBA Couplings.

If you can bring back the couplings for the engineers. IS to vi! The Citadel serves as t h e seat of t h e Council. Omly two primary missions on the Citadel figure into the main plot: Thane's and Garrus's loysky missions.

Arrival i t has changed bureaucratic unlike inthe ori Effect. Shepard's time are limited to just ard and the Presidium. Avina warns you that skepticism of humans is rampant on the Citadel since humans benefitted most from the reconf the Council. Stairs conne the three floors of the Zakera Ward. J u s t approach a Rapid Transit terminal and select the floor you wish t o visit.

If you want t o dive right into some action. Rodam Expeditions is a shop owned by turian Etarn Tiron. Etarn is not immediately friendly. The current floor will m be graved out. If you're interested in seeing the sights. From the Rapid Transit menu. Rapid Tran There are three floors of the Zakera block t h a t you can explore on your first visit. Saronis carries tech upggades.

This is another situation where Presidium After doing a little shopping. Marab is good r a short chat. Shepard talks t o Anderson about the Collectors. One of those changes was Shepard falling in with Cerberus. Shepard can stgp by the Presidium and pay a visit t o the human embas Use Rapid Transit t o access the Presidium. Saronis Applications Marab. Don't leave without i n s v c t i n g his osk.

The asteroid l hub world w sure to see. If you choose t o go for the convict or the krogan first. No matter which one Shepard seeks first. So a t some point in the near future. There are t w o recruits on Omega. Turians and humans were the kmgan face eventual extinction unless a r the genophage is found. The batarian recommends t h a t Shepard check in with Aria. Wzhase do the I races t h a t Batarian: The batarians are an aggr t h a t withdrew from the Citadel fo decision t o consider batarian colo and open for human developm operations since humanity was abl their own systam lian aliens t h a t are victims endered.

With all of mercenaqSgangs. As a Citadel Security Services. You cannot locate Archangel without paying a visit t o Afterlife. The turians joined the Council 1. They are a militaristic and highly deployed by the turians in the Krogan disciplined race who first proposed the idea of the r n every 1. The salarians developed t o the sheer size of their fleet and their spread across the stars.

The slums are where you should report if you want t o chase down the professor. The turian informs you that Aria has a small side job she needs done. She didn't get there by being nice. You should also use this chance t o familiarize. The special assignment involves a local krogan ch. She oversees all from her perch a t t h e t o p of this station's food chain. Speak t o Grizz.

Patrons drown their sorrows and toast their successes a t t h e upstairs bar. The bar is directly in front of you when you enter t h e long Aria is t h e asari in charge of Omega. Afterlife Aria Afterlife is a two-level nightclub and a central feature of Omega. The bar throbs with t h e latest dance music. The batarian will not recognize you right away because he assumes you're already a corpse in t h e muck under Omega. The batarian bartender's reign of t e r r o r is over.

This ends t h e special assignment. The secret entrance leads t o a a. But once he has poured you a drink. If you like. The Renegade route is t o force t h e batarian into drinking his own poison. Or you can opt t o raise a little noise about poisoned drinks t o get t h e attention of other patrons. The next time you visit t h e lower bar. Y CW enter t h e lower floor via t h e w entrance inside Afterlife's main floor o r seek o u t. A turian takes particular interest in t h e situation.

Download: Mass Effect Game Guide & Walkthrough Strategy Game Guide and Walkthrough

So offended by t h e batarian's alien hate [and t h e fact t h a t t h e batarian is likely t o transfer his grudge t o turians one day. Thelower bag IS smaller and more M i m a t e than rd.

Shopping TO locate the shopping on Omega. Kenn needs 1. The vorcha are. Both doors lead t o the stalk although from different directions. You are able t o appeal t o Kenn t o get a discount on his goods. There is also a special assignment available - pg g: The shop is run by an w elcor. What you really want t o do.

Ornesa Market Harrot 's: Emporiun is on the main floor of 7 the Omega marketplace. Batarians are not necessarily partial t o humans. He has since taken t o selling salvaged tech t o make a meager living on Omega.. Stop and have a listen if you'd like.. The ramblings of the Mad Prophet on his soapbox greet you as you walk inside the marketplace via the apartment doors..

Talking t o Kenn s t a r t s Harrot about his actions.. The Mad Prophet can be left alone. Even if you help Kenn.. Marsh sells a variety of goods. When you meet him. The shopping area is pretty crowded. Harrot sells useful tech and model ships. Shepard m u s t find a way into Mordin. Getting the scientist out. A plague has ripped through the slums. Mordin is currently operating a clinic inside the quarantined slums of Omega..

The Illusive Man has identified a salarian scientist named Mordi who is intelligent enough t o potentially c the Collector swarms.

Bypass the locks on the door near the crate t o enter the tomb of two slum residents. Blue Suns mercs tried t o press Mordin for protection money. While he is in the middle of a coughing fit. Talk t o the batarian t o learn more about the source of the plague. Inside the mechanical services room. Inspect the body of the turian plague victim and then play the data logs on the nearby console t o listen t o the unfortunate turian's final plight.

District-a barbaric way a " the fires. After collecting the element zero. There are a few bodies slumped in t h e corners. The slums seem deserted. He's fallen victim t o the plague and is in really bad shape. The offering of medicine and sympathy changes the batarian's tone.

He is willing t o talk t o you about the plague and conditions inside the slums. His datapad reveals t h a t the Blue Suns have been busy locking residents up t o die. You must watch for the kr and not get too close. Mordin is taking in refugees now but the humans are suspicious. They explain t h a t his lab is pretty deep in the slums. Return t o the barricade when you have exhausted the IThere are 8. The krogan will charge. A locked door on the right can be bypassed.

Check the wall safe for 7. He must be more than just a doctorperhaps a former soldier. A t the bottom of the stairs. Moving Deeper -a Tk l Continue down the corridor just behind the batarian. And the Blue Sur we losina. Mordin was able t o kill vorcha and Blue Suns without much effort. This scan lei refin. Meeting Mordin Breathe easy as you walk by the two mechs guarding the clinic. A weapons locker near the ntrance lets you swap out guns before heading k out into the slums..

They are not programmed t o kill humans. If you shoot a pack. Enter the clinic and have a look around. Another door inside. There are a lot of refugees seekincl anctuary a t the clinic. W i n would join your teem. Move along one side of the room t o get closer t o the Blood Pack and pick them off. He still needs t o deploy Moraln has M o d i n eleo requests t h a t you keep an eye out for Daniel.

These krogen do not believe in staying back. Look out for Blood Pack troopers in t h e rear of t h e room. Before long. The t Blood Pack thugs have s e t up an ambush behind t h! A t least t h e courtyard has enough cover for your team t o use when launching a counterattack. Can you please make sure he gets back t o the clinic? Continue up the stairs until you reach a h two doors.

Fire on them from above for as long as t o use the stairs t o dmp engage. There are stairs near the gambling terminal. Head up them and then hack the nearby banking terminal for another 7. Open t h e door on the left: Don't leave without hacking the gambllng terminal to the leik of the cwnycrrd. DeM'is behind t h a t door. Use the stairs t o avoid the rockets or run t o the right t o flank the Blood Pack and fire a t them from an angle. Open the door and then immediately fire on the vorcha scum on t h e other side of the room.

When you t r y t o close in on the air systems. More Blood ' Pack troopers wait just inside the door across the hall. Wou can get clean shots a t explosive containers on the ledge from here. That's 8. I More Blood Pack thugs move through the courtyard directly in.

The leader of t h i s patrol is talkative. Shoot those tanks! Fight your way t o t h e second fan room. Blood Pack pyros pop out. In return. The vorche doesn't talk forever. The vorcha are assisting the Collectors.

It works right away. You cannot spend much time out of cover as you move on t h e second fan. You head back t o Mordin t o reiterate your offer t o join t h e team and take t h e fight t o t h e Collectors.

There is one on each side of t h e console. After all. Heavy Pistol - Vorcha H e w y Classification: Vorcha Regeneration Defenses: Rocket Launcher lock doors t o t h e N o t all vorcha have enlisted in the Blood Pack. He says t h a t t h e Collectors are indeed behind t h e plague. His spitting and snarling giu way t o gunfire soon enough. N o t only do Blood Pack troopers fan out.

As soon as you activate t h e second fan. They will reg stwe if given hatf'. Assault Rifle. Rockets from vorcha heavies streak across t h e room. As you close in on t h e doors. Take down as many as you can.. Vorcha thugs and heavies are also working t o advance t h e vorcha position in t h e galaxy. Environmental Control Vorcha are guarding t h e controls for t h e air systems.

Mordin is happy t o join your t e a m now. He's ,eady t o see what he can do t o s t o p t h e Collectors and agrees t o meet you a t your ship. YOUcan o p t t o leave for t h e Normandy r i g h t away o r look around t h e clinic.

Medi-gel and power cells can be collected, and If you sent for t h e batarian plague victim, he is in the clinic now and feeling much better. He is also pleased t o see t h a t his. That's t o o big of a coincidence. The Collectors have t o be aware of Shepard. The Illusive Man gives Joker the coordinates for Horizon.

Archangel is curren embroiled in a violent war against the gangs of Omega. In order t o pull the potential recruit out of Omega alive, Shepard must somehow infiltrate the gangs Credits: T gain access t o the mercenary gangs t h a t are o Element Zero: Archangel has! Though the Blue Sun: Archangel is all alone. However, positioned himself a t quite a vantage point.

The only one bridge leading into the area. This gives sniper plenty of advance warning of a new assau Taking the bridge has resulted only in a bloodbath, so the merc bosses' new plan is for Shepard and elancers t o cake point while the merc bosses.

This mercenary gang was originally a security company pioneered by an asari named Jona Sederis. While Eclipse is viewed with serious suspicion by t h e Citadel, the merc band has been welcomed into t h e Terminus Systems.

Eclipse does more than trafficking. It offers out assassination contracts, engages in sabotage, and offers security. Blood Pack: The Blood Pack was originally a vorcha gang, b u t a krogan battlemaster named Ganar Wrang turned it into a fearsome mercenary outfit.

Wrang was so confident in his outfit t h a t he took. I make the way t o the transports just outside Afterlife. Do any shopping you think is prudent a t Omega before heading out. When you're ready, look for the Blue Suns driver waiting by the shuttles t o the left of Afterlife [if you are facing the main entrance.

Speak t o the driver and he'll whisk you away t o the outer edge of Archangel's base of operations. Paragons can interrupt the kid and s t him behre he throws his life away.

That's the kid's call, not Shepan. T ridge leading t o Archangel's position is completely ; exposed-it's a killing ground. However, they have kept up the attacks for so long t h a t Archangel is getting exhausted.

He's making mistakes. The mercs-hope Sh italize on tbose vard assault po Jns can snea. Archangel doesn't know they are there. First Barricade Follow the road from the Blue Suns welcome wagon. There is no action en route, but you will see a few mercs holed up a t the first barricade, monitoring the situation.

Dart inside the nearby door t o speak t o Jaroth, leader of the Eclipse chapter on Omega. Talk t o Jaroth t o gather intel. They have a corner on the element zero [eezol market, but Archangel is complicating things.

This mission is personal for Jaroth. Apparently Archangel killed Jaroth's brother in an attack. Listen for the snarls of a vorcha t o find Garm, the krogan leader of the Blood Pack. Garm claims t h a t the Blood Pack mercs are the real muscle on Omega. Garm is looking forward t o taking out Archangel. Not only has Archangel been thinning the Blood Pack ranks with his sniper rifle, but Garm has a personal beef with Archangel.

Garm actually I cornered Archangel once. They fought, but Archangel slipped away just as Garm's reinforcements arrived. Garrn lets slip t h a t Archangel is turian, which is more information than you received from the Blue Suns earlier. Hack open the locked door near cne aeaa merc t o locate a room full of good stuff. There's medi-gel on t h e wall, a crate of power cells.

However, t h e best pickup is the Microfield Pulsar. Speak t o Cathka's assistant in front of the gunship t o gain an audience with his Blue Suns sergeant.

Cathka is busily repairing the gunship for use in t h e upcoming assault on Archangel but takes a moment t o speak with you about t h e mission.

Ir you a milling t o take on some Henegaae points, Y, 3an give your team an advantage in t h e L pcoming skirmish. When Cathka bends back over t h e gunship t o do some repairs, h i t t h e interrupt t o ry him with t h e electrical tools. With bravo team ushing in, nobody notices Cathka slump t o t h e. However, the ship is not ready just yet. I t still needs work before i t can take t o the air: In the meantime, you will help the infiltration team get closer to Archangel.

In fact, while you speak t o him Cathka gets word ravo team of freelancers. Open fire on t h e freelancers trying t o take Archangel's position. It turns out t h a t Archangel has a different name, one more familiar t o Shepard: Garrus Vakarian. Join your teem as they help take down the mechs from the ventage point. Aim for the heads! Garrus came t o Omega after your reported death in hopes of doing some good without having t o cut through layers of red tape.

Out here, he can kill criminals without anybody shaking a finger a t him. In fact, some of the locals really appreciate it; t h a t ' s where the nickname Archangel came from. You and Garrus must make a plan for getting out. Although the bridge let Garrus hold off mercs, it will also funnel you directly t o It's too risky t o make a bnak fa. Before too has lost so many Eclipse mercs t h a t he has no choice but t o enter the battle himself.

What the Eclipse rnercs lack in battle training they make up for in weapons and gear. Eclipse troopers and heavies do not move in a cohesive unit and attack without much plan, but their weapons such as the heavy's rocket launcher1 can cause real trouble.

Fortunately, most tow-bel Eclipse tmops do not have sMelds. Jaroth so that: But no sooner than the reunion s t a r t s does the building s t a r t t o shake. I After. This walkthrough assumes t h a t you s t a r t a t the shutter nearest t h e basement entrance [marked Emergency Exitl and move next t o the shutters t h a t flank it It's your call. Overheats enemy weapons so they can not fire, and burns them for damage over time.

Sabotage is delievered from a proximity mine that explodes when enemies are nearby for bonus damage. Advanced Sabotage 5 Medium 8 20 50 60 3 6 7 8 9 — 20 22 24 Master Sabotage Further increases Decryption skill level; increases Sabotage proficiency including radius, duration, and overheat damage, while reducing recharge time; proximity mine damage increased.

Hard 10 25 40 60 4 10 11 12 — 26 28 30 Having sufficient skill in Decryption is the only way to override security systems on many different objects, including computer terminals and locked loot containers. Increases the strength of your shields and also lets you use the Electronics skill to repair or bypass objects. Damages the shields of enemies near the target, and reduces the effectiveness of their armor plating. Overload is delivered as a proximity mine that explodes when enemies are nearby for bonus damage.

Further increases the effectiveness of all electronics parameters. The Overload power causes significant damage to enemies through their shields. Garrus and Tali both excel at Electronics, so one of them should focus on specializing in it. TIP Having sufficient Electronics skill is the only way to overload electronic devices during minitasks.

NOTE Overload works great against synthetic enemies, but it also deals massive damage to the Barrier ability of biotic enemies such as asari commandos, making them much easier to kill. Recharges your tech proximity mines more quickly and grants the AI Hacking ability.

Minions 20 60 80 — 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 6 9 12 15 18 Advanced Hacking Increases duration of hack while decreasing recharge time. Master Hacking Elites Further increases duration of hack while decreasing recharge time. For maximum effect, target the toughest enemy amid a group and enjoy the chaos within the enemy ranks that follows.


Increases squad healing by improving the effectiveness of all Medi-Gel use. Master First Aid Maximum increases to squad health upon use. Improves the recharge time on squad healing and grants the Neural Shock ability that devastates organic enemies.

Master Neural Shock Knocks out an organic enemy and inflicts toxic damage. It works quite well against tough opponents like asari commandos and krogan warlords. Biotic specialists can use focused training to optimize their abilities. Increases biotic resistances and reduces recharge rates for all biotic abilities. Tech specialists can use innovative tricks to get the most out of every resource. Reduces the recharge time on all tech abilities and increases resistance to tech attacks.

Front-line warriors are trained to withstand the physical punishment that comes with combat. Investing additional points in this class talent increases health and allows for limited health regeneration. Relying on strength and reconnaissance, infiltrators prefer to take their enemies out from a distance.

Increases damage done by tech mines and reduces overheating on sniper rifles and pistols, their preferred weapons. Special training allows sentinels to use tech and biotics more efficiently than other classes. Reduces the recharge time of tech and biotic abilities. Increases damage and accuracy with a pistol and also grants the Marksman ability. Vanguards are trained for close-range combat, and can use their own abilities to counter enemy biotic attacks and get into short range positions.

This talent increases biotic resistances and damage with shotguns and pistols. Note that your base class talent ranks only go to level 6. After you complete the advanced specialization training, the talent ranks then rise to level 12 and the new specialization bonuses are available once Talent Points are allocated appropriately. Each class has two advanced levels of specialization available, as illustrated in the following diagram. Nemesis Enigneer Agents are highly encouraged to pursue advanced military specialization training on the Luna Colony to heighten their talents and abilities in ways not possible through other means.

Specialization is the only way to achieve the ultimate training your class allows. Bastions use biotics for defence or for opponent immobilization. Overall, ranking up reduces the recharge times for all biotic abilities and specifically improves Barrier and Stasis Talents. Commandos rely on lethal efficiency and precision strikes rather than brute force to eliminate their opponents.

Overall, their specialization increases damage inflicted with all weapons and specifically improves their most lethal talents including: Immunity, Marksman, and Assassination. Medics combine tech and healing abilities to boost the efficiency of the entire squad. Overall, medic specialization improves the recharge times on all medical abilities and specifically the First Aid and Neural Shock abilities.

Squad Healing Bonus Healing revives dead members? No 80 Yes 40 34 Protected by copyright. The nemesis is a biotic specialist who uses mass effect fields to inflict heavy damage against opponents.

Overall, a nemesis specialist has access to significantly increased duration and damage to all biotic abilities and specifically improves both Warp and Lift Talents.

Operatives are masters at manipulating their environment to maximum advantages. Overall, operatives have access to significantly reduced recharge times for all tech attacks and specific improvements to both Overload and Sabotage Talents. Shock troopers are highly trained killing machines; they excel in all combat situations. Overall, their increased health and damage protection can turn them from strong soldiers into formidable tanks with specific improvements to Immunity or Barrier , and Adrenaline Burst abilities.

Asari Scientist Talent Description: This talent reduces recharge time of biotics, and improves both the amount of health restored and the recharge time on squad healing.

Though young, Tali is a true genius when it comes to dealing with mechanical or electronic equipment. This skill increases tech resistance and shields. Krogan Battlemaster Talent Description: Wrex is one of the last true krogan battlemasters, as they are a dying breed—something for which the rest of the galaxy is grateful.

This skill improves health regeneration, increases physics resistance, and increases melee damage. TIP Combat Hazards In any combat situation it pays to take note of a few dangerous objects in your immediate surroundings. Objects like those shown in this sidebar possess certain volatile characteristics that opportunistic agents can and should use against their adversaries to cause all sorts of unpleasant effects ranging from mild shocks to death.

Always quickly and immediately assess the nearby combat hazards during any combat situation and work them into your battle plan.

Fuel tanks make excellent ambush points. Lure enemies toward them as you move away, then cause the tanks to explode with a few well-aimed shots. Experiment with combat hazards in your surroundings to see if your adversaries are foolish enough to stand too close to a plasma containment cell: Toss a grenade into their midst.

The required military service of his people has given Garrus expert training in assault and sniper rifles. This skill increases accuracy with all weapons and increases damage with both assault rifles and sniper rifles.

ROF rate of fire , damage, accuracy, etc. These stats are only the starting point: Assault Rifles Assault rifles are the standard armament of most soldiers, offering a good balance between firepower, range, and accuracy. However, they have a limited rate of fire and are virtually useless at close range. TIP Pistols Pistols have low recoil and high accuracy, and are easy to use while moving. They are only effective at close range and inflict limited damage.

TIP Shotguns Shotguns have a slow rate of fire and high recoil, but they can inflict massive damage to multiple targets at close range. COM Some ammo upgrades are more suitable for one weapon type than for another—try different combinations and see what works best for you.

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TIP Sniper rifles generate significant amounts of heat from a single shot, so you should make the most of each shot fired by maximizing damage through weapon and ammo upgrades. When equipped with upgrades, their destructive potential is increased exponentially and adds special effects, such as snapfreezing targets in the case of Cryo upgrades.

After throwing a grenade by pressing 0, the grenade icon in the HUD flashes for a short time; during the flashing period you can manually detonate the grenade with another press of 0, or wait until the grenade timer detonates it automatically seconds later.

But be warned: Soldiers need extra training to wear it. Even in light of that, however, the benefits often outweigh the costs. All armor is not created equal.

In hazardous environments, special upgrade seals protect the squad from otherwise deadly effects, but only one squad member needs to wear the protective suit for the entire squad to benefit.

Medical armor upgrades allow squad members to regenerate health if low on Medi-Gel. Armor is quite versatile considering the range of upgrades offered and various parameters affected. Heavy armor provides better shielding and damage protection with an often unnoticeable movement rate penalty. Having this benefit early while the squad is weaker can help ensure your survival.

Heavy armor offers maximum protection against enemy fire but has the highest movement penalties affecting weapon accuracy. Only specially trained frontline soldiers can wear it. Installation Mods are all installed the same way from the Equipment menu. While viewing currently installed item, press 3 to enter the upgrade screen. Each gear type has a specific number of upgrade slots depending on its sophistication level.

Available upgrade slots are shown at the bottom right sector of the screen, while the main display window lists the descriptions of any currently installed upgrades.

Use g to select an upgrade slot. Note that each slot is specific to a certain group of mods. For example, if viewing a weapon, you may have one or two open slots for weapon upgrades and always one for ammo. A weapon can only have one type of ammo at a time, while several different weapon upgrade mods can be installed to dramatically increase its performance above and beyond stock levels.

As with all equipment, mods come in a variety of sophistication levels. Pay close attention to upgrade sophistication level when choosing upgrades for installation. Microprocessors wired into a combat suit can monitor vital functions and release small, localized doses of Medi-Gel to accelerate the healing process.

A complex filament network of element zero microcores combined with advanced firewall technology provides protection against both biotic and tech attacks. Mechanical augmentation increases the brute strength of the wearer, allowing them to deliver powerful blows when rifle butting or pistol whipping opponents. To generate kinetic barriers, combat suits rely on capacitors to store energy from a generator. The greater the capacitor storage, the more potent the barrier.

Installing micro-gravimetric emitters into a combat suit artificially increases mass, providing protection against concussive force delivered by explosions, high impact ammo and biotic attacks such as Lift or Throw. Armor equipped with stim packs releases targeted shots of adrenaline to speed up recovery and recharge times. Toxic Seals Specially sealed body armor provides increased protection against radiation, gasses, and a host of other toxins. Ablative Coating Ablative coating is designed to chip away when impacted, redirecting the energy of incoming projectiles away from the body.

Advanced models also optimize recharge times of kinetic eration rate barriers. The increased mass of the mechanized suit also provides Exoskeleton melee damage protection against high-physics weapons and biotic attacks such as Lift or Throw. This interface also provides resistance to toxic second attacks.

To generate kinetic barriers, combat suits rely on capacitors to store Shield Modulator energy from a generator. A prototype upgrade designed specifically for heavy combat use, it 15 damage Energized Plating provides maximum protection for the user.

TIP 40 Protected by copyright. Incendiary Rounds Incendiary rounds consist of a thermite paste which clings to, and burns through, nearly any known substance. Sledgehammer Rounds hit with incredible force, often knocking opponents completely off their feet. The tradeoff is they increase weapon overheating. Polonium Rounds Snowblind Rounds Snowblind rounds inflict massive damage and destabilize enemies, reducing their accuracy. More advanced upgrades do more damage.

The combat scanner upgrade improves detection levels, making these enemies visible. Absorbs and dissipates the heat typically generated when firing a weapon. Fires larger rounds for more damage. However, the rate of fire is slowed and the weapon will overheat more quickly.

Specially calibrated sights can increase weapon accuracy. Reduces kickback to improve accuracy. Some enemies use jamming technology to block your weapon radar. Kinetic Advanced VI functionality reduces weapon kickback Stabilizer to improve accuracy. Modifies the length of the barrel to increase Rail damage. However, this also increases weapon Extension overheating. An Advanced VI package maximizes effectiveness of Combat combat radar while reducing kickback for improved Optics weapon stability.

Frictionless Frictionless materials give rounds more power at Materials impact while minimizing weapon overheating.

Kinetic Coils improve stability by improving kickback Kinetic Coil and increase projectile acceleration for extra damage. This prototype upgrade greatly increases damage, Scram Rail but it also causes your weapon to overheat faster. It is not worth it.

But be sure to kill stealth enemies first geth hoppers and snipers , or you may get flanked. The greatest benefit is to pistols and assault rifles with semi-automatic and automatic firing. TIP Some mods are situation specific or are especially damaging to certain enemies. When detonated, they are capable of snap-freezing nearby targets. Targets caught in the blast experience varying degrees of radiation poisoning. Incendiary Explosive release a thermal paste on detonation that clings to—and burns through—virtually all known substances.

These upgrades are specifically designed to disable subjects infected by the Thorian without killing them. NOTE 42 — and secondary bonus effect of Protected by copyright. As you get close to the item limit, a HUD warning lets you know that soon, gear salvaging will be required: This is a good time to evaluate your vast inventory and cherry pick all the best stuff.

The dregs should be sold or liquidated into Omni-Gel promptly to avoid running out of inventory space and potentially having to liquidate priceless upgrades.

Pause during long battles and look at the equipment screen. It shows you all the gear the squad has collected recently. From stock-level peacekeeping gear to prototype items with unprecedented lethality, the entire gamut exists. A relatively small number of interstellar corporations compete aggressively for market share. Other, smaller companies remain true to their niche market only. In the following section, please feel free to browse all the current, up-to-date information on all incorporated galactic manufacturers and the gear they provide to countless systems.

Entry Level Unlock Level: Aldrin Labs is a human manufacturer based on the Luna colony. Providing basic, reliable equipment at an affordable cost has made them a primary supplier of armor, Omni-tools and bio-amps to the Systems Alliance Military. Specializes in: Gear Quality: It has expanded into an interstellar conglomerate after opening itself up to foreign investment.

Their affordable, yet reliable body armor, weapons and Omni-tools are popular with security personnel and mercenaries. License Cost: A volus manufacturer based in the Terminus Systems, the Elkoss Combine produces less expensive versions of items carried by high-end manufacturers. Functional, yet affordable armor, weapons, and Omni-tools are all available from the Elkoss Combine.

Armor, Omni-tools, Weapons 44 Protected by copyright. Their weapons are considered stock quality at best, though their armor lines are generally recognized as above average. Free License sold at: Normandy Requisitions Officer Specializes in: A biomedical firm, Sirta made its fortune eliminating several genetic diseases endemic to human populations.

They do, however, offer basic protective or utilitarian items ranging from armor to Omni-tools to biotic amps. Advanced Gear Unlock Level: Recently they have branched out to develop a line of high-grade armor with an enhanced ablative weave to provide extra protection. The Armali Council is an affiliation of asari manufacturing guilds recognized for maintaining consistent standards of excellence.

Armali makes high-grade Omni-tools, and their bio-amps are widely recognized as the finest money can buy, though these are only available to a select list of clients.

Guide mass pdf prima effect

Bio-Amps, Omni-tools 46 Protected by copyright. They also market a complete line of military-grade weapons. One of the smaller turian weapons manufacturers, Haliat Armory was given permission by the Hierarchy to sell excess units on the galactic market. Rather than trying to compete with high-end manufacturers, Haliat specializes in a line of basic-level weapons.

Port Hanshan, Noveria Opold Specializes in: Elite and Prototypes Unlock Level: They also make a basic-grade Omni-tool that is available to the general public.

Geth Armory equipment is not compatible with existing mods and neither the Pulse Rifle nor the armors have any Upgrade Slots.

Mass Effect 2 - Prima Official Game Guide

Lower Market Morlan Specializes in: When it comes to personal protection suits, no expense is spared—as is reflected in the exorbitant cost of their products. Recently, Kassa has also begun to manufacture Omni-tools, though it will be some time until the quality is brought up to the high standards of their armor lines. Not just concerned with profit, they typically make customers undergo a rigorous screening process before being approved to purchase their product.

Serrice Council amps are incredibly rare—and highly prized—items on the galactic market. Special License sold at: Armor, Weapons Notes: Here are summaries of those documented from numerous conflicts with the Alliance.

Other entries are based purely on speculation from field operatives. Please note: NOTE For Alliance training purposes, resistance units are classified in standardized ways to assist in your assimilation of their documented characteristics. Enemy Ranks from easiest to most challenging when faced in combat: Enemy support units that are able to improve combat performance or survivability for others within their numbers.

Eliminating these units removes significant combat support for the opposition. Examples include geth repair drones and juggernauts. Rush assault units that are able to quickly bypass allied cover or shields and deal damage directly to the individual. Their presence often forces allied units to abandon cover and seek a better position, effectively flushing them out for other enemy units to engage them in the open. Examples include geth armature, asari commando, and biotic fanatics. Sub-Boss Enemy Unit Tactics: Killer, Siege Specific units are prone to certain behaviour and tactics.

The summaries contained herein list observed tactics, but enemy units may not consistently utilize all tactics in all situations. Biotics and Tech Flanker: Possesses the ability to move quickly around the environment to advantageous positions; includes geth recon drones and sappers.

These are elite or higher units with high survivability. They distract allies or remove useful cycles from squad members who engage them. Examples include krogan warlords or krogan battlemasters. Units include geth hopper variants and asari commandos. This unit type is designed to punish opponents with massive amounts of damage. Left unchecked in combat, they represent a very real threat to small squads through continued use of their highly varied special abilities. Examples include geth shock troopers, armatures, and destroyers.

None Powers: A rogue company of commandos under the command of Matriarch Benezia has broken away and is now actively working with the geth and Sovereign Asari commandos and krogan battlemasters are tough when they get their barriers up. TIP Saren Type: Boss Tactics: Flanker, Tank, Killer, Spoiler Resistances: Biotics, Combat, Tech Weaknesses: None Physics Immune Powers: Shield Boost, Disruption Rocket, Sabotage, Damping, Hover Enemies that fly under their own power are immune to biotic attacks such as Lift, Throw, and Singularity that would otherwise affect a the gravity surrounding an individual.

Boss Krogan Trooper Tactics: Tech, Combat, Biotics Type: Elite Tactics: Tank Weaknesses: Combat, Biotics Weaknesses: Tech Powers: Killer, Siege, Spoiler Notes: Krogan often charge into melee range if you wound them or approach them too closely. Biotics and Tech Weaknesses: Sub-Boss Tactics: Tech Type: Elite Powers: Killer, Tank Resistances: Biotics Physics Immune , Combat Weaknesses: Tech Krogan Battlemaster Powers: None Notes: Attached to the ground, so they are immune to Throw, Lift, and Singularity.

These are the two small turrets Fist uses in his fight. Fist Type: Sub-Boss Type: Tank, Killer, Siege Resistances: Tank, Killer Resistances: Combat Weaknesses: Tank, Killer Tactics: Siege, Flanker Resistances: Combat Resistances: Tech, Weaknesses: None Weaknesses: Biotic, Combat Powers: Krogan Regeneration, Krogan Smash Powers: Carnage, Immunity 52 Protected by copyright.

Tank, Killer Type: Minion Resistances: Tech, Biotics Tactics: Siege, Tank Weaknesses: Tech, Biotics Powers: Tesla Pulse ability does extra damage against shields. Husks still count as organic creatures. Always know where you enemies are at—peering out from the safety of cover is always a good tactic but be speedy about it, some enemies will quickly flank you, especially if you are in a cave or open battlefield. TIP Powers: Melee Attack, Acid Spit ranged attack that lowers your damage resistance Notes: The rachni soldier is a heavily armored and dangerous opponent able to engage enemies from up close or at a distance.

Rachni Worker Type: Killer Resistances: None Type: Minion Weaknesses: Combat Tactics: Tank, Siege Powers: Explosive Attack suicide attack that ignores cover and does toxic damage Resistances: Biotics Powers: Equip the entire squad with shotguns regardless of their Talent ranks. The force behind a shotgun blast is enough to knock down the creepers and keep them from surrounding the squad.

Living appendages of the rachni soldiers, the workers are often used to weaken enemies before the main attack Workers often attack en masse and make suicide runs toward the squad. Use assault rifles to spray down the area with numerous shots and take out the easy-to-kill insects before they get within range and explode.

Minion Tactics: Flanker, Spoiler Type: Sub-Boss Resistances: None Tactics: Tank, Siege, Support Weaknesses: Biotics Resistances: Biotics, Tech Powers: Combat Powers: Brood Warriors are the male-gendered rachni and are very rarely seen. They have all the abilities of the smaller soldiers Brood Warriors are 2—3 times as large as the soldiers , with a few surprising additions that can catch the unwary off-guard. There are only six rachni brood warriors two on Nepmos and four on Altahe.

Records of the rachni war suggest brood warriors only fight when a hive is severely pressed. COM Notes: Sabotage Beam overheats the weapons of one enemy. Radiation Burst is a gun that does toxic damage. Toxic damage slows healing. The easiest way to kill hopper-class geth is to use Throw or Lift on them as they prowl the peripheral areas of the battle—most of the time the fall damage will be what kills them.

TIP Protected by copyright. Elite Learn to spot rocket troopers first during a conflict. Take them out fast to prevent massive area-of-effect damage from their rockets.

TIP Tactics: Flanker, Spoiler Resistances: Tech Shock Trooper Weaknesses: Biotics Type: Overload Beam damages the shields of one enemy. They are much more effective at quick aiming and shooting then your g and k buttons will allow. A tougher, heavier armored geth trooper with the ability to launch Carnage blasts Sniper Type: Minion TIP Tactics: Killer Ghost Resistances: Elite Weaknesses: Biotics Tactics: Flanker, Killer Powers: Sniper Beam, Radar Jamming 1 Resistances: Tech Notes: When you see the red sniper beam, you have a few seconds to duck behind cover before they fire Weaknesses: These are black hoppers.

They flank enemies and quickly take them down with their Sniper Beam. Overload Blast is an improved version of the Overload Beam, with splash damage Rifle butting works very well on weaker enemies such as geth troopers. Powerful enemies have to be wounded first before you can hurt them with melee attacks.

Geth snipers are experts at one-shot kills; keep your head down when you see their laser sights scanning the battlefield and use the Sabotage Talent to prevent them from getting any shots off long enough to eliminate them.

Killer, Siege Resistances: Charge, Melee Attack, Carnage Tactics: Tank Notes: This version of the heavy geth trooper is meant to attack and wipe out entrenched troops Resistances: The geth have more shields and less health than equivalent organic soldiers, which makes then very vulnerable to attacks that bypass shields Geth Rocket Trooper Geth destroyers and most krogan prefer to fight in close combat. Keep them at bay with biotic abilities. Master Damping also stuns them for a few seconds.

TIP Juggernaut Type: Minion Type: Killer Tactics: None Resistances: Biotics Weaknesses: Disruption Rocket strong area-of-effect missile that travels a short distance and does massive damage , Scram Rocket fast-moving, low-damage rocket with no AoE. Disruption Rocket is short range Notes: Disruption Rocket can fire twice between reloads. Boss Type: Tank, Support, Spoiler Tactics: Support, Flanker Resistances: Combat, Tech Resistances: Biotics Physics Immune Weaknesses: Hover, Repair synthetic allies only Notes: Combat VI boosts the combat abilities of all nearby Geth through their networked intelligence.

The repair drone has a low powered attack and can repair nearby geth forces When the squad is charged by a heavy geth trooper or even a krogan, use the Lift Talent just before they make contact.

The momentum the charging enemy has quickly amassed will send them flying off into distant obstacles, likely with a drop that kills them in the resulting impact, or they may just continue to rise and float off into space. Tank, Siege, Killer Resistances: Siege Pulse has a large splashdamage effect Type: Flanker Resistances: Hover used to fly over obstacles and flank opponents Notes: The mass effect field used by Drones to hover makes them immune to Throw, Lift, and Singularity.

They do possess light shielding Assault Drone Against geth armatures, using cover when on foot is the single most effective tactic you have going for you. TIP Colossus Type: Tank, Killer, Siege Type: Elite Resistances: Flanker, Killer Weaknesses: Combat, Biotics Physics Immune Powers: Siege Pulse Weaknesses: The heavy vehicle made for entrenched defences Powers: Hover Notes: A roving heavy-weapons platform, the assault drone is often used for protecting facilities and providing covering fire in combat operations Rocket Drone Type: Drive into the colossus at high speed to knock the metal quadruped off its feet, then blast it freely with the cannon before it rights itself.

Flanker, Killer Resistances: Combat, Biotics Physics Immune Weaknesses: Disruption Rocket, Hover Notes: COM Type: Hover Note: Basically the same as the Geth Assault Drone, but with less shielding and more armor. Advanced versions exist with more armor and shielding Protected by copyright.

Elite Type: Flanker, Siege, Killer Tactics: Siege, Killer Resistances: Hover, Rocket Powers: Melee Attack Notes: Third parties have been known to use these as well for military and security needs—i. Tank, Killer Chorban Resistances: Combat, Biotics Physics Immune Type: Tech Tactics: Tank Powers: Disruption Rocket, Scram Rocket Resistances: Biotics Notes: Disruption Rocket is short range Weaknesses: Flanker, Support Resistances: Combat, Biotics, Tech Powers: Hired guns Weaknesses: The thresher maw consists of a mobile head section that emerges violently from the ground beneath you in random locations; it hides underground until it perceives a potential meal, then it springs up to attack in ambush Colonist on Feros Type: Every time it spits acid, wait for it to get in range, then hit the jump jets to avoid the incoming attack.

TIP Weaknesses: Combat, Tech, Biotics Powers: Victims of circumstance Dr. Saleon Type: Biotic, Tech, Combat Powers: Criminal scientist; Dr. Saleon dies in one shot. Siege, Killer Tactics: Flanker, Tank, Resistances: Biotic Resistances: Tech, Biotics Weaknesses: Tech, Combat Weaknesses: Throw, Barrier Powers: Crime boss Pirates Lord Darius Type: Minion to Sub-Boss Tactics: Seige, Tank Tactics: Tech Resistances: Differs Weaknesses: Differs Powers: Carnage, Health Regen Powers: Includes power from all specialization classes Notes: Pirates employ various species including Humans, Turians, Salarians, and Krogan.

Mercenaries Nodacrux Scientists Type: Minions Tactics: Flanker, Killer, Siege Type: Immunity, Carnage Weaknesses: Combat, Tech, Biotics Notes: You will encounter several types of Mercenary units, to include different races as well. Exogeni black ops researcher Protected by copyright. The goal of this critical-path walkthrough is to help you achieve victory and satisfy all primary mission objectives in the easiest manner possible.

Optional assignments are heralded as they become available by special boxes at the start of each walkthrough segment. Missions and Assignments In Mass Effect, all major tasks Commander Shepard performs fall into one of two distinct categories: The Spectre Assignments portion of this guide, which follows this critical-path walkthrough, tells you everything you need to know about the many different assignments in Mass Effect.

Walkthrough chapters begin with comprehensive overviews of the situation at hand, including labeled maps of the areas Shepard must explore to complete primary mission objectives in the region. Use the taskbar to quickly measure your advancement, keep yourself on course, and determine your next move. Tips are used to highlight important info such as combat tactics and the locations of valuable item-holding containers.

They give advice on how to prepare for and survive the looming threat. Notes appear to call out bits of supplemental info. They commonly touch on a variety of topics that are covered in greater detail in other sections of the guide.

Every time a new breed of threat is encountered, one of these enemy boxes appears to provide you with valuable intel. Such nonessential tasks are called out by special assignment boxes that appear at the start of each walkthrough segment. The Spectre Assignments section that follows the walkthrough is devoted to guiding you through such optional jaunts; these boxes in the walkthrough tell you when new assignments have become available.

Many are somewhat general, requiring you to use a specific ability a certain number of times, for example. Others require you to reach specific milestones in the primary campaign. Check the appendix at the back of the guide for a complete list of Mass Effect Achievements. Sidebar Mass Effect presents you with a universe of possibility. Each decision carries with it the potential to sway the plot in unique and unexpected ways, and some choices are designed to be quite difficult to make without knowledge of the potential outcomes.

Fear not: We use sidebars like this one to detail what might have been had you chosen to explore a less obvious or more extreme approach. Thus, the walkthrough shows you the results of exploring all avenues of the main adventure, and helps you make your choices with a foreknowledge of every potential outcome. Whenever an unfamiliar term is encountered in the walkthrough and not immediately clarified by storyline dialogue, a brief glossary box appears to explain its meaning.

The following pages are packed full of revealing info. The intimidating presence of an onboard Council Spectre only fuels the widespread rumors that something big is about to happen. Built for speed and covert ops, the Normandy features an advanced stealth system—the only one of its kind in existence. When activated, the stealth system allows the Normandy to slip past sensors, moving into orbit around planets and the like without fear of detection. The Normandy features three decks and is manned by one of the most highly trained crews in the Alliance navy.

Extinct Races Protheans Normandy: Terminus Systems Normandy: Sensors Systems Alliance: Military Jargon Communications Normandy: Statistics Normandy: Biotic Amps Normandy: N7 Normandy: M35 Mako Normandy: Warren Dr.

Manuel Ashley Eden Prime: With the Spectre gone, Joker recounts his trepidation about the mission to his fellow officer, Kaidan Alenko, also stationed at the helm. Headed by the foremost political leaders of the three established Council races—the asari, salarians, and turians—the Council serves as the voice of common law in the civilized galaxy.

All matters of galactic importance are deliberated by the Council, who meet at their official chambers within the Citadel.

Turian The turians are one of the three races with a seat on the Citadel Council. Their autocratic society values discipline, but is tempered by a strong personal and collective sense of honor. Turians fill the role of peacekeepers for the Council, using their large military to preserve peace and order in the face of piracy and external threats.

Their original homeworld is the planet Palaven. He orders Shepard to meet him at the comm room for a mission debriefing. Leave Joker and Kaidan to their work and make for the comm room marked on the map. Spectre Spectres are special operatives and representatives of the Council. Spectres are hand-picked by the Council to be their eyes and ears throughout the galaxy, occasionally functioning as their swift hand of justice when the need arises.

The term Spectre stands for Special Tactics and Reconnaissance. Dialogue options that branch off to the left side of the circle cause Shepard to probe deeper into the conversation with queries. Eager for a status report, Commander Shepard enters the bridge and approaches the helm.

This is your first opportunity to participate in a conversation. Use g to select a response and press 1 to make Shepard voice your opinion. Choosing the upper-right responses throughout this brief dialogue tree earns you a few Paragon points when the conversation concludes.

Selecting the lower-right responses shifts your alignment slightly toward Renegade. Picking the middle-right options causes Shepard to utter neutral responses that have no effect on your morality.

Nearly every dialogue tree in Mass Effect grants you the choice of responding in neutral, Paragon, or Renegade tones. The option strings make things pretty obvious, but as a general rule of thumb: Upper-right dialogue options are reserved for Paragon responses, while lowerright choices issue Renegade-style replies. Here you may access the map to get your bearings and determine where you need to go. Highlight areas of interest about the map and press 1 to set a destination marker there.

This allows you to follow your radar toward the desired destination with greater ease. TIP As you pass the combat information center, you overhear Navigator Pressly expressing his misgivings about the current mission with Engineer Adams.

Jenkins is on edge, eager to get into some action and prove himself to his superiors. Investigate all left-side options of this conversation tree to uncover a new Codex entry. The right-side responses can net you a few more morality points, as well. Morality Choices: Paragon Versus Renegade Though you may choose to take any tone you like during any given dialogue, savvy gamers will strive to keep to one side of the morality system either Paragon or Renegade , and steer clear of neutral responses.

Focusing on advancing in either Paragon or Renegade is important, as doing so helps you reach morality milestones faster than if you regularly split your dialogue options between the two. Reaching morality milestones quickly is also important: Decide which sort of hero you want to be and make dialogue choices accordingly. Then make sure to invest heavily in either Charm or Intimidate each time Shepard levels up.

Arriving within moments, Captain Anderson greets Shepard, then quickly divulges that the mission at hand is far more than a simple shakedown run.

Prothean Many millennia ago, the Protheans were the only spacefaring species in the known galaxy. They spread throughout the Perseus Arm, using mass relays to travel among the systems they colonized. For reasons still unknown, a cataclysm befell the entire Prothean civilization about 50, years ago. Although the Protheans vanished, they left behind an impressive legacy. All advanced science in the known galaxy is inspired by what is believed to be Prothean technology.

The Prothean civilization is credited with building the mass relays, a widespread network of gates that allow instantaneous transportation from one region of the galaxy to another. They also left the Citadel, the enormous space station in the Serpent Nebula that is widely considered the crowning achievement of the Protheans.

Acquiring this technology is an extraordinary opportunity. The discovery of abandoned Prothean technologies such as the Citadel and mass relay nodes is the core reason why galactic races of all kinds, including humanity, have advanced so quickly over recent years. The beacon must be returned to the Citadel for study. Humanity has been pushing for a larger role in galactic politics, and Shepard is under serious consideration for an appointment to Spectre status. The mission is simple in design: Investigate all dialogue options to end the meeting with two additional Codex entries under your belt.

No morality points can be gained from this conversation. Not every dialogue offers a chance to earn morality points. Eden Prime is being attacked by some unknown party.

Captain Anderson orders Shepard to suit up and head down to the surface with a small away team. The beacon must be recovered at all costs. Take this opportunity to get your bearings and check your weaponry.