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Logan's Run [William F. Nolan] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. It's the 23rd Century and at age 21 your life is over! Logan-6 has been. PDF | Science fiction has taken upon itself the mission of A case in point is Michael Anderson's Logan's Run (), which presents itself as. Download Logan's Run (Logan #1) Online Free - pdf, epub, mobi ebooks -

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William F. Nolan - Logan's Run Trilogy (v). Table of Contents. Book 1 Logan's Run. Chapter Chapter 9. Chapter 8. Chapter 7. Chapter 6. Logan's Run is a novel by dystopic ageist future society in which both population and the consumption of resources are maintained in equilibrium by requiring. Read online or download for free graded reader ebook and audiobook Logan's Run by William Nolan of pre-intermediate level you can download in epub, mobi, .

BOX Up there. Titan Books of London. May you find Sanctuary. I'm tired. Among them is the odd-shaped piece of jewelry. Logan shrugs. Logan takes a breath.

But Logan isn't moving. Francis gets an idea. Francis starts to pry at the Panel Too late: The area in which they stand is bathed in a violet glow. Logan grabs Francis firmly and stops him from prying at the panel: Francis-7, authorized duty quadrant. Intrusion accidental.

The violet light goes off. As Francis starts out: I'm with you. They move off down the corridor Sleeping time, little ones. As they exit Nursery Logan stops and takes one final look backward. Let's go to Arcade and celebrate They move through the door which closes. They pause, waiting. LOGAN just wondered Whatever happens, you can bet it's final. But who would want to find out?

The two men move to the spot as a maze-car stops. They sink into seat forms which yield to them. They move off. Giving us glimpses of the city as it goes. We get only a glimpse as the maze-car disappears into a tunnel. Throngs of people moving on many levels, some walking, some on moving platforms. Gaudy booths and entrances, featuring every delight -- too much to take in at a glance. One for one. That's exactly how everything works.

How else could the city stay in balance -You have a better idea? You sound like a sleepteacher With a stuck tape. As they cross the entrance, two men come out, grinning broadly, falling into step just ahead of Logan and Francis. Then one of the men stops abruptly, almost colliding with them. He rushes over to a pretty young woman who has been eying Logan and Francis, plants himself in front of her with his hands framing his face.

MAN Well? How do you like it? The cheeks maybe Too much, you think? MAN Too little? Okay, wait for me. The woman shrugs, glances around, smiles and goes off with a passer-by.

People streaming in and out. A woman comes out looking glazed, breathing "yes You have any idea who his seed-mother was? I m curious, not sick. Logan and Francis are swallowed up in the group.

They embrace, and as they break: Carousel - Arcade - who knows? Want to come along? In her palm the crystal blinks, red, black. Francis nods, gives her a half-squeeze. I always thought I was older than you - beat Well, give it a good try. Happy turn. I've got a feeling. I'd almost rather have that than renew. Sometimes I think I'm not even going to try and renew when my time comes. But -- that's three years away.

So long. The 2nd Woman walks away. They look briefly and then she turns away. Francis takes Logan's arm and they move off. Logan shakes his head. They laugh, but the laughter is broken as a trio of youngsters, moving with erratic speed of lightning, smashes between them, almost knocking Francis over. He reels, Logan catches him and they recover in time to see the trio rip wildly through the crowd, knocking people down, screaming with shrill joy as they disappear.

Logan's Run () movie script - Screenplays for You

Those three ought to be in Cathedral. No business scrambling in Arcade Weren't you ever a Yellow? I bet you were even wilder than - he breaks off as the lights in the Great Hall dim -- come on, Sandman. The two of them start to move to the far end of the Great Hall. When they speak now, their voices are hushed. I don't want to miss the filing-in. There'll be some I know tonight, I think Me, too. You know we're both on Monitor tonight. That's right. I'm feeling restless anyway Francis glances at him, exchanges a look with Daniel.

They vanish into the throng passing under the great crystal, turn the corner and we see 33 FULL SHOT - CAROUSEL framed in a huge corridor we see a steep-sided arena dropping down to a shadowy center, which even now pulsates and flickers in changing dimensions, but always maintaining the jewel- flower shape.

There is one entrance into the center -- a kind of ramp from below the seats, leading directly into the mysterious bowl -- Just now the seat's are filling, and the sense of expectation builds People sit and immediately crane their necks, waiting Like the others, they crane upward.

As they do, Logan gestures at a number of pretty girls who are just being seated. You're just not trying. Suddenly the lights begin to dim and dim A kind of collective sigh, breathing in unison Their arms are upraised and in each palm the crystal blinks red-black, red-black. As the Last one enfolds them the Light intensifies, the exterior surfaces seeming to shift as if a kind of motion was beginning inside it Through the shifting, spiraling curtain of light we see bodies moving in a kind of weightlessness, always struggling to move higher.

Follow a shadowy form as it moves, twists through other writhing shadows -- upward, upward. Suddenly the form is spread-eagled, and in a moment it is sharply outlined against the swirling canopy and then -- a searing flash. And it is gone. Now we see figures reaching outward toward them The man continues to strain: Suddenly, the man Logan reaches into a pocket and takes out a small, dark plastic box.

Logan looks at the box. On it we see: Francis stands. Logan smiles. They make their way into the hall. Logan takes out the small plastic box. We can tell from his face that he is disappointed Francis watches as Logan wheels in one direction He turns in another direction As Logan turns in a third direction Logan and Francis separate The running man turns a corner and for a moment Logan cannot see him. As Logan turns the corner Francis winks at Logan as he pursues the running man up a ramp and Logan gets it: A little cat and mouse is in order.

The man is in a panic as he continues up the ramp The man's face is crazed He stands frozen, petrified, driven to the edge of a high balcony by the shots--teetering now. He is in full sight of Logan, Francis is across the hall. He looks at death twenty feet away--Logan aims. Francis, watching, smiling at the perfect moment. Logan's face. A shadow of thought, a hesitation.

The Runner lunges.

William F. Nolan - Logan's Run Trilogy (v4.1)

Logan fires, misses. Francis fires a salvo, drives the Runner back to the rail where he teeters again, throws his hands in front of his face and plunges. We see the flower crystal. Logan takes out his transceiver. Logan checks it against the face of the dead man. They are not the same. Logan moves the transceiver to the dead man's face, rests it on his forehead.

Pdf logans run

The words appear: He takes out a small flat pouch and methodically strips from the body its few personal things, stuffs them into the pouch.

Then his eye is caught by the man's right hand, clenched. Logan opens it. A metal ankh on a bit of chain. It means nothing to Logan who stuffs it into the pouch and closes it. Now again he fiddles with the transceiver, speaks into it softly. Done with his job, he rises to face Francis. Logan shrugs.

He's not sure himself. One hovers not far away as the other comes down, hangs a few feet over the body. There is a broad spray of vapor from the bottom which covers the corpse. As it leaves, the second machine moves down and into its place.

As the floor is once again bare, the 2nd Stickman revs slightly and his machine pulls up and away. Francis is gesturing toward the Hallucimill.

Well I think you're getting stale. You need old Lucey--Go on. Gee the whole burn--try the new psycho-lift-they tell me it turns you inside out He shoves Logan in that direction and continues on down.

Crazy, man. He looks and we see: He turns and starts making his way downwards towards the exit. Idle, restless. He crosses to a sideboard--makes himself a drink, sips, doesn't like it. Gets rid of it, makes another. He fiddles with things, a game--sits, gets up. Now he is beginning to feel the drink. Takes another belt, smiles.

Now he goes over to a tall wall recess flanked by a console with many dials. He tunes it in and the figure of a smiling young man appears--bejeweled, lustrous, willing. He dials again and now a beautiful young woman takes shape. It is Jessica. Around her neck, from a collar, a dangling ankh. It catches Logan's eye. He smiles, clicks another dial and she becomes real.

He reaches out a hand and leads her out into the room. Logan, still holding her loosely, is amused and surprised. She backs away, almost apologetically. Logan follows, smiling. You're a private Available but particular, he is moving in on her as he speaks, she retreating, which amuses him Don't worry. There's no one here but me. And you. I felt sad, I put myself on the circuit. It was a mistake. What made you sad?

Now he's gone. Why do you use that word? Isn't that what you do? Sandmen terminate Runners a beat Who brought you? I felt sad. I put myself on the circuit. What's your name? Let's have sex. Logan smiles, takes off gunbelt, etc. But what if you want to live? Do what everyone does. Try like hell for renewal. Logan stretches out his right hand. We see a red flower crystal embedded and centered in his right palm. It is exactly the same shape that we have seen in black in the palm of the dead runner.

Logan takes his gun and points it at her. I Just I go red next year. I don't know why you're thinking of these things, much less talking about them. Jessica shakes her head.

Logan looks at Jessica carefully Jessica nods. Jessica smiles. In the wild hilarity, Jessica slips away and Logan, seeing her go, makes a vain effort after her. Francis notices, laughs. Amid the noise he shouts to Logan: At Logan's expression he roars with laughter Francis picks up an atomizer and hurls it at the ceiling where it shatters and a great pink cloud settles over them all. A frowning structure of dark stone and mirrored copper, fronted by broad steps.

His uniform is in tatters. They greet one another They wave. Logan and Francis continue.

Logan's Run (1976)

You're already beautiful. As they walk. There are no humans. Francis walks over to a circular table at the end of the room There is a groove Francis takes out the plastic bag which contains the contents of the dead Runner's pockets and starts putting the contents on the table. These contents are the ones from the Runner Francis has killed at the beginning of the film.

The moment the first item touches the table Francis stands alongside the table He has been through this procedure many, many times. He touches his head Moments later Francis places his palm into the groove. Logan nods. Francis exits as Logan places the contents of a plastic bag with the items he has taken off the Runner who jumped to his death. Among them is the odd-shaped piece of jewelry. Logan is standing nonchalantly The scanner continues scanning.

Logan starts becoming impatient Logan is clearly puzzled Suddenly, directly before him There is a stellar groove that we have seen on the Table the shape of a palm crystal What is it?

LOGAN unaccounted for?! Rising tone Question: Maybe they weren't all Runners. Maybe most of them reached Life Renewal on Carousel. None of them reached renewal?

You mean nobody's ever been renewed? As Logan reacts the new words which appear read: Breaks off Question: The Seals? Go outside?! But there's nothing outside! Logan takes a breath. I am six Red My Life-- Before the startled Logan can finish Logan stares at the back of his hand as if it wasn't his.

His forehead shines with sweat. Now the entire area, including the chair and the screen begins to glow bright red. The glowing becomes so bright that Logan is forced to close his eyes. As the glow subsides Logan looks at his right hand. The red flower crystal in his palm is blinking. He stares at it, fascinated, fearful. Of course I will get the four years back, won't I? Do I get my four years back?

Too late. For a moment his lips part as if to say something more but he changes his mind, turns away.

Pdf logans run

Now Logan walks over to the table and removes the ankh. Almost automatically, he starts moving his hand toward the groove Logan enters. He looks around and spots Francis In the b. Logan walks over to Francis First Nursery and now stupid questions.


Logan nods, exits. He looks at his blinking crystal Now takes out the black box, dials. Jessica half turns and shrugs a 'see? The young Sandman's smile widens, he waves to Logan and shoves off. Logan gestures, leading her inside to the living area.

Logan laughs. What do you really want? There has to be more. Logan extends his right hand. He turns his right palm so that. Jessica can see it blinking red. Jessica gasps for a moment Try like hell for Renewal. You have the same chance everyone else has. Help me. Logan takes out the ankh. What friends?

I don't have much time. Jessica reacts. She is about to speak. Logan reaches out and touches her hand. Jessica draws her hand away quickly from his touch. Logan stands and starts out Jessica reaches the table and sits down. Sandmen get old, too. It's not worth the risk. He's killed Runners for a decade. He has no feelings.

He had no choice. They look up as Francis enters. He goes to one of the men who stretches, yawns, gets up. You're afraid you'll miss a really good Run.

Pdf logans run

They all laugh. Francis takes up his watch as the other exits.

Logan’s Run (Collection) (1977-2011)

MAN No - just there - on the first level. We'll see you. Will you? Slowly, Jessica nods. Don't you? Jessica faces her squarely, nods. The woman looks deeply into her eyes, relaxes. We all are. But he has heard about Sanctuary -- and that makes him dangerous to all of us. After murmurs of agreement: Jessica exits. They look at each other in dismay.. After a moment, one of the men follows her. They don't trust her. Logan opens the door, reacts. A moment, then Logan moves toward her hungrily, pulling her in to him as the door closes.

Laughing together, stopping to admire the beautiful fish koi. Logan smiles at her, both knowing what's false, but drawn to each other anyhow. They commence walking again. As they argue, Logan and Jessica approach. Logan does not notice. The followers are partly reassured. One of the men is now holding a garrote made from his necklace.

The man who first followed gestures and the others go off purposefully. He continues after Logan and Jessica as they exit round a corner. Francis is reluctant to give up his place and when he does, he remains standing there, watching.

He loves the work--they all do. Logan is aware of Jessica's increasing tension. He pretends unconcern, but he is wary. The Follower and the man with the garrote. They are moving so as to intersect with Logan and Jessica where the crowd is thickest, streams coming together to move to a higher level.

Catching a glimpse of the followers, she makes a small sound, hesitates, pretends to have stumbled. He comes round facing as people eddy by them.

Logan looks at her searchingly. Behind him the two men move in. The man with the garrote raises his hands. One more step Logan senses something, half-turns just as we hear a familiar urgent SOUND--the sound of his transceiver. Behind him the man hesitates, drops his hands.

Run pdf logans

Logan takes the transceiver from his belt and moves out of the crowd to the side, Jessica with him. Email this Article. Logan's Run Article Id: Logan's Run. Logan's Run First edition; cover art by Mercer Mayer. Nolan Nolan invites readers into his dark universe" Logan's Run ". Movies Online.

Retrieved April 15, Logan's Run' Remake Resurrected" ' ". Entertainment Weekly. Retrieved July 6, August 6, Yet" Logan "Silver: No Helmer For. News in Film. The Hollywood Reporter. Better hope that Logan's Run is a hit! Hollywood Reporter. Tracking Board. April 6, Malibu Comics. Titan Books of London. Last Day: Bluewater Productions.

Sandman myth. Sandman " " Enter Sandman " The Sandman Logan's Run film adaptation TV adaptation. Categories Use mdy dates from June Articles needing additional references from January All articles needing additional references novels Dystopian novels Marvel Comics titles Novels about consumerism Post-apocalyptic novels Ageism in fiction Novels set in the 22nd century 22nd century in fiction American novels adapted into films.

Funding for USA. The back of the first paperback printing featured the following blurb: The young long since had taken over the Earth. Sex, drugs, kicks were unlimited. But the trip from grove to grave was quick. No one was allowed to live past Logan was a Sandman, one of the elite police who hunted those who refused to accept their fate. Then logan turned and suddenly he was desprately running, searching, in a world of cities beneath the sea, frozen artic prison colonies, great hollowed-out mountains, abandoned cities The first book is far different from either of the two books, or anything else for that matter, that followed it.

The book featured the exploits of Logan, a sandman who worked in one of the many cities in the future. There were no domed cities, though many elements of the book wound themselves into the movie in one way or another.

One of the stops on their many adventures is the frozen prison called Hell which is ruled over by a half machine half robot warden named Box.

In the book Logan and Jessica are far more developed characters than they are on the screen either bog or small following a underground railroad of mazecars and shady characters on a quest to get to Sanctuary, which ends up in a rocket ride from Florida. The book makes for a wonderful read which is segmented up into several parts.

The book is also a lot more racy than you might think and has some wonderful prose like writing that oozes off the page in a very unusual 60's style. With the youth 'revolution' just around the next corner this sort of prophetic novel must have sounded a lot more plausible back then.

Also one rare bool club version was printed without any of the racy, sexy parts in it! The cover of the book changed several times before and during the release of the movie the cover featured Jessica in a tattered looking green dress.

This was later changed in favor of a more revealing, and much taller, Jessica in a sparkling white dress. Shown above are the 1st and 10th Bantam printings. Also, some versions of the book has a 16 page color insert of photographs from the movie, while later Bantam printings did not.

In the early 90's Dove released a two cassette version of Logan's Run as read by the author Willima F. This was a nice adaptaion and only cut things when necessary. The cover was printed with a meatlic silver ink which made getting a good scan of it hard. I have never seen another one of these either at flea markets or used books stores making me think that it did not recieve all that much distribution at least on the west coast.

I highly reccomend it if you can find a copy.