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The intelligent wireless video camera described in this paper is designed using wireless video monitoring system, for detecting the presence of a person who is. Wireless Video Camera, Ask Latest information, Abstract, Report, Presentation ( pdf,doc,ppt),Wireless Video Camera technology discussion,Wireless Video Camera paper presentation details,Wireless Intelligent Wireless Video Camera .doc. So by using this intelligent wireless video camera we can safeguard our properties, thing and also our life. Once upon a time much importance is not given for.

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Download as PPT, PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd. Flag for inappropriate INTELLIGENT WIRELESS VIDEO CAMERA SYSTEM. BY RAJESH RANJAN. INTELLIGENT++WIRELESS++VIDEO++CAMERA++USING++COMPUTER+full+ report - Download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read. Abstract- The present wireless video monitoring system described in this paper is designed using .. Video-Camera-quot-PDF “DownloadIntelligent video.

Akhil Raj. Code Composer Studio Field of the Invention The present invention relates to a solid-state image pickup device such as an optical sensor used in an image information processing apparatus such as a facsimile apparatus, an image scanner, a copying machine, an image sensor, or the like and, more particularly, to a solid-state image pickup device which converts not only visible light but also light in a invisible light range into an electrical signal. Several other researchers proposed varieties of embedded image processing systems. The output of the receiver is fed to the computer.

AM transmitter 5. High resolution Video camera 6. LEDs etc. Software Requirements 1. Embedded C 2. Keil u Vision 3.

Intelligent wireless video camera

IAR workbench 4. Code Composer Studio Working Sensing Circuit Relay Circuit Stepper motor ckt VHF Oscillator 2. Modulator 3. Final stage amplifier Working Collins et al. Collins, A. Lipton, T. Canada, H. Fujiyoshi, D.

Pdf video camera intelligent wireless

Duggins, Y. Tsin, D. Tolliver, N. Enomoto, O. Hasegawa, P.

Burt and L. Wixson Ulsubas and A.

Techniques and Application, vol. Springer Verlag pp. Of Inf. Thank you The output of the receiver is fed to the computer. This is a frequency modulated radio transmitter. The radiating power of the transmitter is less than 20mw, such that the range between transmitter and receiver can be less than 25 feet.

Stepper motor driver circuit Complete circuit Received signal at Detector. You just clipped your first slide! Clipping is a handy way to collect important slides you want to go back to later. Now customize the name of a clipboard to store your clips. These stepper motor is used.

Such setup can be very monitoring systems can be flexible to the user and can save installed at indo-pak borders. The unit wireless video monitoring consists of a Stepper Motor.

Pdf camera wireless intelligent video

In fact our country is security systems existed in the. This automatically by the computer type of automatic wireless video and a transmitter monitors is quite suitable for the isolated restricted zones. Basic operational principle: The video The present surveillance unit is designed for wireless video camera described the widest possible viewing in this is designed using range and portability.

But as we see wireless camera is very useful today lot of terrorism has grown for surveillance of places where up across the country and need the particular location makes it has aroused to develop different inconvenient or impractical for types of security systems for a wired operation of the unit.

By installing this type of security systems everywhere at critical points. The signal transmitted signal. The 47W of a person who is within the.

The basic function It is basically an infrared of the detector circuit is by proximity detection system. They allow monitoring device plays a major homeowners to see their callers.

Pdf camera intelligent video wireless

One thus establishing their identity reason for this is the fact that a before they open an outside picture is worth then a thousand entrance door. The Infrared sensing the transmitting LED is circuit consists of two infrared invisible and harmless. The frequency of about 10KHz. This is an words. This is especially true important feature too.


The radiation the driving transistors and directed back towards the rotates the motor towards system is collected by the that particular reference receiving LED causes to point. The main signal is interrupted. The different reference output of the receiver is fed points.

Whenever Diagram of the sensing circuit: The computer is playing by the person. A portion of the the computer receives a high transmitted energy is signal from the reference intercepted by the target and point. Three similar circuits produce a high signal at Pin are designed for the three No.

The result of reference point. Which is useful for the fetch instruction from memory system for identifying the and right data either to a interrupted reference point. CU Control Unit. The called program. The original purpose of The computer Parallel port was to enable reads the data received through communication between a PC parallel port and can store the and a peripheral.

Hardware and Software components that jointly offer The output of the the necessary services to the obstacle sensor is fed to the user.

It has the ability other major function of the to accept the data. In instruction about what has to be this project work the received done with the data. Here any the operations can be reported normal configuration computer through output. It is control of a set of instructions also responsible for the. Another use data. The software computer is a complete system program defining the operations in itself.

The CPU information from the detector executes the programs stored in circuit is used to drive the the main memory by performing motor. This block is also mathematical and logical responsible for identifying the operations on data.

The control unit A computer is an is responsible for the moment of electronic device. These transistors computer is shown below.

These relay contacts are used to The output of the energize the three different computer through parallel port lamps corresponds to the three is used to drive the switching reference points independently.

intelligent wireless

Like wise the motor computer energize the rotates in both the directions. Whenever any human bottom. The stepper clockwise or anticlockwise the motor used in this project work system is programmed to is capable to drive up to 3Kg produce the pulses in a sequence loads.

Stepper Motor Drive Circuit: The stepper motor infrared sensors and both the used in this is having four sensors are arranged side by windings and these windings side within the distance of are energized one after one inch approximately and another in a sequence both are directed towards the according to the code space with the zone.

The low power Transistor stepper motor used in this and 2N Medium power project work is capable to Transistor. The pulses are ratings of the motor produced by the computer employed are 12V dc 4-coil. The produced by the computer energization sequence for through motor drive circuit.

The motor winding.