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Grimm is a complete game system and setting in one volume, suitable for players and game masters alike. It includes character creation rules, a new non-d Grimm is a role-playing game, released by Fantasy Flight Games. The current version is a "Grimm RPG Review". "Summary of Linear D6" (PDF). grimm_character_sheet pdf PDF Character sheet for the Grimm RPG. I'll bet that, when RPGG goes , the existing RPG entries on BGG.

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Grimm - fairy tale RPG - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online for free. cool little book about children stumbling into fairytale. Grimm: Core Rulebook Watermarked PDF Grimm is a roleplaying game where you become an archetypal kid trying to survive in the. Download FFG - Horizon - Grimm Rpg DOWNLOAD PDF - 42MB. Share Embed Donate. Report this link. Short Description. Download FFG - Horizon.

In cataloging these stories for Melusines amusement, they formed a world apart. To survive, you'll need to overcome your worst fears, trust your fellow kids, develop your natural talents, and rely on luck and pluck, imagination and muscle. Yeah, tell us, said a fourth voice from behind them. Of course, now that youre stuck in the Grimm Lands, things are different. Publisher Average Rating. Your Tags:. Archetypes help the narrator and the other players identify what kind of character you are playing.

Adam felt his face grow flushed. Nate stood, his mouth hanging open like an idiot. Adam turned, Okay, Mandy. Where did the stairs go? He was serious now. I dont know, she whispered. What do you mean you dont know? You brought us here! I know. But, but they didnt go anywhere when I was here last. I have a test in fifth period! Make the steps come back! Mandy walked up to the wall, running her hands over the stony surface.

Ihe saidIhe had this heavy ball, on a chain, and he tied it to my leg, and Nate started blubbering too. What he? Suddenly the big dark cave wasnt anything like Mammoth Cave. It wasnt safe, but strange, dark, and foreboding. And if it was like a story, that meant Mandy said, The man with the parrot told me to bring my friends.

Your friends? Were not your friends, freak girl, snarled Nate. He balled his fists and looked like he was going to smack her. Sally quickly stepped in and put her arm around Mandy. Geeze, Nate, she said through her tears, She didnt ask you to come, did she? Nate had nothing to say to this.

Well, yelling at orphan girl isnt going to get us out of here, Adam said. He wanted to go home, but someone had to be brave, and it turned out that it wasnt going to be Sally. Mandy, give me that flashlight. The strange little girl handed him her light. Theres no way back up, so he gestured deeper into the cave. How do you know? We should just wait here for help. Someone will come looking for us.

And howre they gonna find us? Right, said Adam. So what, were gonna goin there? Nate asked, voice shaking.

What else are we going to do? Adam replied. Itll take a long time for any help to dig their way down here. Ill be grounded if I dont make it home for supper, so I dont think I want to sit here forever and wait, do you? There has to be another way out. So come on. Adam didnt want to go deeper into the dark cave any more than Nate did, and he might have just sat down and cried if he was alone, but he wouldnt cry in front of Sally. Or Nate. Or even Mandy. He looked around. The little girl stood there, not disappearing this time.

She looked at her worn shoes, sniffling. Adam raised the light overhead and took a step forward, pushing back the darkness, the cave yawning ahead like some tired giant just before bed.

Grimm - fairy tale RPG | Brothers Grimm

One by one, the other children cast longing looks at the darkening stone wall and then hurried to catch up with Adam.

T he boys and girls walked for what felt like hours. The cave floor was broken in places, and deep, dark cracks dropped away into the darkness. They navigated each obstacle, helping each other climb over the rocks, balance on stones as they hopped across pools filled with pale fish, and wriggle through narrow fissures that felt as if they would crush the life out of them. Onwards they walked until Sally said, Wait!

They were very tired and dirty and scratched and sore, so they all stopped at once. Do you hear that? No, Nate scowled. Its a whistling noise. I think its wind! Wait, yeah. I hear it to.

Rpg pdf grimm

Adam replied, looking at his companions. Mandy was nodding. Nate shrugged, So what. Stupid, if theres wind, theres a way out!

What are we waiting for, lets go! Nate cried and hopped to his feet. Mandy looked hopeful. Sally smiled. Adam said, Yeah, lets get out of here. They moved quickly, having found they werent as tired as they thought, what with the promise of sunshine, clouds, grass, and escape from the dark cave. They were nearly running when they heard the sounds of the ocean, waves breaking on a shore.

The wind was louder, and the children were laughing, surprised by the strangeness of it all. Adam began to slow as it dawned on him how impossible it was for there to be an ocean. They werent anywhere near the water. Come on, Adam, I see light ahead, Sally called, moving forward. Mandy was walking. Nate was nearly out of sight. Adam, now nervous, followed after the other kids, but a bit more slowly, being very unsure about all of this.

It was light enough to see without the flashlight, so he. The others were out of sight, and the cave felt lonely. Go back he heard. Run little boy, run away! Go home. Adam looked around, but there was no one there. His voice sounded mute and dull. A scream sounded from ahead. His friends! He forgot the voice, forgot that none of those kids had been his friends when the day began, and ran forward. He stumbled out of the cave and into a wall of water. It was raining, and hard, too. He was on a rocky beach, the stones sharp and jagged, clotted with seaweed.

As he looked for his friends, he spied a ship a ways from the shore. It looked like a pirate ship. Then he heard a scream again, Adam! Run away! He saw Sally hanging like a sack over the shoulder of a big scary man. Mandy was nowhere in sight, and Nate was holding a large stick doing his best to fight off twopirates!?

Adam stepped forward to help, but one of the pirates saw him and started heading his way. The one still on Nate knocked the stick to the rocks and cuffed the boy on the head. Nate fell down. The big pirate carrying Sally turned and looked, showing his ugly face and flashing a gold-toothed smile at Adam.

Sally screamed, Run, Adam! He couldnt do anything for his friends, so he ran as hard as he could, away from the pirates, hopping over rocks and trying to keep his balance. A pirate was chasing him. Adam risked a look behind and saw the man was thin and dirty, his eyes big and rolling around in his head. He had a sharp knife drawn and made a stabbing motion at Adam as he closed the distance. Unfortunately, he didnt have a peg-leg to slow him down. Adam ran harder. To his right was the sea.

To his left, a great mountain, all gloomy and swirling with clouds. Lightning flashed overhead. Somehow, as he ran, he heard Mandy call for him. He turned and saw a narrow crevice in the face of the mountain. He turned and slipped in. It was pitch black. Come on Adam, get inside.

Adam tripped over a stone, falling to the ground and scraping his knee. Tears came unbidden. He rolled over to look at his leg. Another flash of lighting outside filled the cave with white light, and Adam saw that he had cut himself.

He looked up. The pirate was there. He was sliding into the cave, his knife hand forward and swishing through the air. Yaar, laddie, welcome thee to the Grymme Lands. Methinks yell be liking it here. He pushed his way inside and Adam began to cry. The pirate chuckled, laughing, and said, Yell fetch a nice price from the Rotten King, ye will.

He stepped forward, filthy hand extended to grab him, when there was an awful crunching noise. The man collapsed and a bloody stone rolled to the floor. Adam looked up in surprise, wiping the tears away with the back of hand. She was hidden in the rocks. She was pale, her black hair clinging to her face. She was crying too. She slid down from her hiding place and ran forward to hug Adam.

The two children wept. Welcome to the Grimm Lands, indeed. What happens next for Adam and his friends is one of the many possible adventures in Grimm: The Roleplaying Game. If youre new to roleplaying games, flip ahead to page xv for a quick overview of how they work. If youre an old hat at roleplaying games, but new to Grimm, get ready for a unique gaming experience. Grimm is a strange and wonderful game, set in a fantastic world of the strangely familiar, a place both unnerving and thrilling.

As a player, you take the role of a child who has found himself along with his fellow kids in a magical world ruled by imagination. Fairy tales and nursery rhymes are real, here, albeit strangely dark and twisted from the versions we remember reading in our own childhoods. If you are the narrator, you bring this world to life for the players, adding your own personal twist of horror or delight to the impossible characters, the unusual places, and the dramatic stories.

Whether your character searches for a way to escape and find his way home, or chooses to right the wrongs. In Grimm, you and your fellow players are average, everyday kids. Sure, youre special in your own way. Everyones special; so say your teachers, guidance counselors, maybe your parents, and even the purple dinosaur that your little sibling watches. It doesnt matter what they think, though. What matters most is what the other kids think. And all of you, even if you dont realize it, have a bit of a Dreamer in you.

And that means that all of you have a hidden, awesome power. It is the power to open a pathway, knowingly or unknowingly, directly or in a roundabout way, to another place.

At the games beginning, youre caught.

Caught between age brackets: Youre no longer a toddler, but not yet a teenager. Caught between being babied and not being trusted with any responsibility. Caught in a world of generic suburbia, mindless cartoons, and endless rules and restrictions.

And soon, youll be caught by something far more exciting, and for more frightening: Our project is almost finished. The length and breadth of Germania have been scoured by Jacob and me, and I believe the land to have been raped of all it can give us. We are rapists, I am certain. The creatures and folk behave exactly as that vile book said they would.

I pity them, and hope their souls find sanctity in their new world, as it was not granted to them in ours. Or should I pity myself instead? We brothers do this under duress, I have always claimed. But there is a reward. And we could have said no, all those years ago, despite the temptations she offered and the promises she gave. But we did not.

Rpg pdf grimm

Mere humans, we, unlike the tales we have bound. Those are immortal. And immortal, I would guess, must be their hatred of us. Wilhelm Grimm, the eleventh day of October in the year of our Lord eighteen hundred and seventeen. The game setting is a fantasy world known as the Grimm Lands, a place between places, forged from the imaginations, dreams, and nightmares of little boys and girls, and brought into startling view by those with the misfortune to stumble onto its patchwork realms of strangeness and oddity.

In many ways, the Grimm Lands resemble our own world: Theres a sun, a moon, grass, trees, air to breathe, rivers, lakes, people, and everything in between.

Yet for as much as this world has in common with our own, it is also decidedly stranger, and tends to follow its own rules rather than slavishly following the laws of nature.

Here, the Sun and Moon are recurring characters, and the grass and trees dont necessarily feed on just the soil. No, the more one explores the Grimm Lands, the less it seems like the ordinary world, and more it becomes like our world turned inside out and upside down. Everyone knows that the Brothers Grimm scoured their native land for folk stories and compiled them in a book called Kinder-und Hausmarchen Children and Household Tales , which the world eventually came to know as Grimms Fairy Tales.

What few know is that their search served another purpose. The characters of the tales and the monsters of legend were real. Some believed that the Devil himself. Others held that the monsters arose from the minds of the people of Europe as personifications of humanitys darkest fears. The exact nature of the monsters is lost to time, but it is known that the Brothers Grimm undertook an obsessive quest to locate and record their times strange people, places, and events.

Some say that they captured their first creature accidentally, coming upon a giant man trapped in the twists of a similarly large-scaled beanstalk. They tortured the hapless creature for days, until it finally agreed to give them its only treasure in exchange for its release: As the brothers wandered with their prize, they found themselves being led to strange occurrence after strange occurrence, event after event, that mirrored the beginnings of each tale within the tome.

And so they accumulated not stories, but stories endings. And where the endings were not so happy, the brothers used literary license to change them. But none of this explains why they worked so arduously to complete the book. The answer lies with a creature named Melusine, who begins to appear in the Grimms journal entries soon after their acquisition of the book. She is described as a woman, yet seemed more and less than a mortal.

She alternately threatened, cajoled, seduced, and begged the brothers to complete their cataloging, hounding their heels to the last story and rhyme. The brothers do not admit to the reward offered by this dark temptress, nor do they even fully explain what she demanded of them. They hint only that, whatever their actions, they were not pure of heart. The results of their efforts are not known to the general populace.

To those who have entered the Grimm Lands, however, and found their way out, it is all too obvious: In cataloging these stories for Melusines amusement, they formed a world apart. Those whose stories were mystically captured were damned to populate this other place, the Grimm Lands, for eternity. The Grimm brothers are long since dead and dust, and Melusine may or may not have shuffled off a mortal coil.

Regardless, their legacy lives on. Of all people, it is only children who see the doors to the Grimm Lands, and of them, only the most imaginative can make their way through. Oftentimes, a child slips through by accident, the Lands themselves groping hungrily for new victims. When a much-coveted morsel of humanity slips into the Grimm Lands, all of its creatures compete for the childs attention.

How the denizens of the Grimm Lands deal with the children varies. Some enjoy the children, exulting in their laughter and joy. Most, however, have far darker desires. They may crave xi Introduction. Or perhaps they simply enjoy dealing out sugary spoonfuls of horrific pain, reveling in the shrieks of the frightened and desperate captive. The children unlucky enough to find themselves in the Grimm Lands are sure to find that they have a very deadly and treacherous path to tread if they ever hope to leave it sane, much less alive.

These are their stories and there might not be a happy ending. As a result, the term people is used a bit more widely in the Grimm Lands. The most telling difference between the Grimm Lands and our world is in its people. In this place, the notion of people extends much further than we are accustomed to. What might look like an ordinary rabbit, excepting for a gleaming pocket watch and smart little vest, could very well be a prominent town businessman, or even the mayor.

There are also. The countryside is full of quaint little villages, filled with ordinary folks working ordinary jobs and doing ordinary things, but beneath the veneer of respectability is a brimming madness, a queerness thats only evident when one speaks to the villagers or spends some time with them.

Grimm Lands humans seem to be infected with the twisted nature of the land, and they express their unusual natures in the jobs they perform and the ways they interact with the boys and girls they meet. Examples can include wicked stepmothers, witches, woodcutters, knights, pirates, shepherds, and even mad butchers, bakers, or candlestick makers. Humans here have a tendency to be their jobs, and are little more than caricatures of normal people.

Yet, in time, they realize that people from the Real World are different, more solid, more complete. They envy that depth, and might admire or hate it. They might attempt to include the childrens realness in their daily lives by putting. Existing in numbers seemingly equal to the isolated pockets of humanity are the talking animals. Everything from blind mice to pigs in houses to hungry wolves dressed in drag call the Grimm Lands home.

They may walk upright or on all fours, but oddly, these characters have more depth and sanity than do humans. This makes them somewhat more reasonable and reliable allies, but also more dangerous enemies. The Grimm Lands are also home to many strange and mythical creatures, wondrous beasts, and terrifying monsters.

There seems to be no end to the variety and innovation of the things that live here, and if a thing has been imagined and made into a myth in the Real World, it likely has a place somewhere in the Grimm Lands.

Ogres and fairies, gryphons and sphinxes, crooked men and child-headed centipedes, these and much more all lay in wait to snatch the unwary traveler and make a meal of their squalling prey. Not all such creatures are ravenous beasts, and some might just prove helpful, if you can overlook their unsettling qualities.

But its usually a good strategy to assume the worst of anything you might encounter. With all this talk about the unusual people and creatures of the Grimm Lands, one might wonder about the place they live. When the trees can pick up and move, when rocks complain when stepped upon, and when rivers change course when offended, is anything constant? Yes and no. The Grimm Lands are mutable, changing and reshaping themselves with caprice.

Few things are fixed, and a cottage that stands one night may well vanish the next morning. Mountains pick up and wander, marching east or west to get away from the Sun. Yet the landmarks themselves are immutable, even if their locations are not.

The Worlds Edge Mountains are always there, on the horizon. The fallen Beanstalk will take you to any kingdom you wish, even if its a thousand miles away today from where it was yesterday. The reason for this changing landscape stems from the fact that the Grimm Lands are inextricably tied to the imaginations of those who explore them.

It responds to the expectations of its visitors, shaping itself to mirror their hopes and fears, but never quite getting it right. Although the Grimm Lands are subject to sudden and surprising alterations, a few places are more permanent than are others. Whether or not they figure into your stories, and how they do so, is up to you.

The heart of civilization in the Grimm Lands is the Checkerboard Kingdoms. While not always noticeable from the ground, a bird, if it was inclined, could tell a visitor that each kingdom fits neatly within a square. The kingdoms all have a large fairytale structure, usually with a castle somewhere near the center, which is surrounded by a quaint little village.

To the uninitiated, the villages of the Checkerboard Kingdoms have the illusion of being safer than elsewhere in the Grimm Lands. There are fewer dangerous animals or hungry monsters there, and some peasants may offer shelter to a group of weary, hungry, and scared children. Villages offer no safe haven, however: They simply do a better job at masking their evil. The villages are home to creepy old men who like to work on living things as much as they do on clocks, but treat them little differently.

They hide lusty, envious men who hide their dead wives inside pumpkins, and sweet-smelling bakeries where the special, secret ingredient might be you! The castles, towers, and other seats of power are little better. As paragons of a mad land, the rulers of these kingdoms range from being a little off to being stark, raving mad.

Some are isolated tyrants who wish to be left alone when they are not preying on their people, while others are spoiled nobility who constantly make impossible demands from the sycophants who surround them. The rulers homes are filled with wonders and riches to tempt any child, but can easily become prisons to those who displease the heads of state.

A few may actually be good-hearted and mostly harmless, but these tend to become easy prey for the Rotten Kings machinations. As if talking animals and familiar creatures from fables werent strange enough, the Grimm Lands feature a variety of other beings that are neither animal nor human nor beast. One constant trait of the Grimm Lands, for instance, is that ordinary objects have a disturbing tendency to be alive and animated. What might seem like a candlestick at first glance can turn out to be a chatty individual with a silly accent.

Trees and other plants, rocks, even the clouds can all exhibit human-like characteristics, making just stepping outside your cottage door in the morning into an unpredictable adventure. Even the Sun and the Moon are unreal in their ability and tendency to do as they like. The Sun may drift closer to the land to scrutinize something it finds interesting, only to incinerate or blind everything nearby.

The Moon, a cruel and mad thing, scours the land in search of children, shining its beams like spotlights to alert predators as to the location of these lost souls. The Grimm Lands are strange, and being prepared for any item to be able to help you, for any object to want to eat you, goes a long way toward surviving its perils.

Although the Grimm Lands ability to change without warning can be a source of constant frustration to those lost here, there are a few landmarks to help make ones way. The greatest of them all, without a doubt, is the giant beanstalk. Felled ages ago by a boy named Jack, it remains just as he left it, lying across the whole of the Grimm Lands. What makes the Beanstalk more than just an obstacle is that it is offers a relatively safe way to travel across the countryside.

Enterprising gnomes hollowed out the stalk and for a fee, either a small service or a small finger depending on which gnome you meet, a person can travel this road and emerge, almost unscathed, somewhere else in the Grimm Lands.

FFG - Horizon - Grimm Rpg

For who can say what lies beneath its tangled boughs? Those who wander between the thick trees and over the gnarled roots have a tendency to disappear. Some claim that the trees are alive and snatch up those travelers who look the most delicious, while others point to the various hags and ogres who hide in its depths. Of course, theres also the home of the Seventeen Dwarfs, who, all smiles and laughs, invite little girls into their house, never to be seen or heard from again.

In stark contrast to the idyllic countryside of the Checkerboard Kingdoms is the sprawling Great and Awful Forest. A part of the forest touches pretty much every Checkerboard Kingdom, yet its dark heart is far beyond their borders. Its hard to say how the forest can be found inside every kingdom without dominating the entire landscape, yet there it is.

Perhaps the forest is like the Beanstalk, in that once you enter it, it can take you somewhere else. The journey, though, is far less safe.

The true horror of the forest, and indeed all of the Grimm Lands, is the Rotten King, who holds court in the forests heart. Attended there by his many changed and mad servants, the shattered egg-like creature once known as Humpty Dumpty passes judgments, makes pronouncements, and infects the land with his deep and abiding hatred. All people of the Grimm Lands fear the Rotten King, for he is a ruthless and insane tyrant, bent on conquering or corrupting all of the Grimm Lands except on Tuesdays.

Encircling the Grimm Lands is a great ocean of brilliant blue and cresting caps of white. Chatty seagulls wheel through the sky, while the waters surface occasionally breaks with a waterspout from Leviathan, the great whale.

Scattered across the Sea like emeralds are tiny islands filled with birds of every color imaginable, sparkling waterfalls, and dense jungles,. The beauty of the Sea hides many a terrible thing, however, for sailing its extent are black-hearted pirates in decaying galleons, raiding and plundering everything and everyone they meet. In great washtubs sail madmen who fight with one another for the right to sing. Beneath the pristine waters there is even greater danger, for schools of flesh-eating fish weave and dart, following the current wherever it leads.

Great sharks prowl the depths, always searching for some succulent morsel on which to dine. For many of the Grimm Lands, the Sea stands as the final barrier, and only those with unimpeachable courage or utter foolishness would dare to sail beyond sight of the land. The crustiest pirates whisper that the Sea travels on and on until it finally reaches the edge of the world, spilling over into the great yawning void, and carrying with it those who dare to venture too far. Legends of mad stars, falling for eternity, becoming lost in a world of giant, dusty bookshelves, and worse are enough to keep people, humans and talking animals alike, on or near dry land.

By now, you may be a bit intimidated by the dark and gloomy nature of the Grimm Lands. The Grimm Lands are not for the faint of heart. It is a place of horror, corruption, and decay. It is a place of great wickedness, where the things people are most familiar with from fairy tales and nursery rhymes are utterly wrong. However, it is also a place of hope, of dreams, and of endless possibilities, for the kids the players control are beacons of light in this dark and foreboding land.

Through their efforts, the evil of the Grimm Lands can be put to rest, if only for a time. The cleverest and canniest kids might even find a way to escape back to the Real World, living to tell about their adventures here not that anyone would believe them. The Worlds Edge Mountains loom large on the horizon, always out of reach, but always there, inviting, calling, alluring, and promising many secrets in their dark defiles and snow-capped peaks.

No matter how far you travel, the mountains always seem to crawl a bit farther away, making reaching the range a Herculean task. Part of their elusiveness stems from the fact that the mountains just dont want to be reached, and slide away from anyone searching for them. While its tricky approaching them, there are a many great and wondrous things to be found here. Its said that the Worlds Edge Mountains offer the surest and quickest route to the Underworld, where, if the talking birds can be believed, lies the road out of the Grimm Lands.

However, such a journey is fraught with peril, for everyone in the Lands knows that the Underworld is the home of the dead. The Worlds Edge Mountains hold far more than just a gloomy path beneath the earth. It is here that the Dragon lives, lurking in its fetid cave, belching clouds of acrid, poisonous smoke. The Mountains are also home to dour dwarves, and are rumored to conceal a kingdom of headless folk.

Finally, there are the giants, who live above and below the swirling clouds of the mountain caps. There they toss boulders back and forth for sport, hurl lightning bolts at the Lands below, and generally make a great commotion as they go about their business in their nebulous castles or dingy caves.

You may be wondering what all of this stuff about characters, players, and narrators is about. If youve never played a roleplaying or storytelling game before, read on for the answers to your questions. A roleplaying game is a lot like other games even video games that share the same moniker in that it has rules and a little bit of structure. Grimm can be played with as few as two people or as many as you like, but probably no more than seven.

One player takes the role of the narrator, who serves as the referee and general creator of the story. Its the narrators job to present the story, describe the scenes, and manage the encounters which might be fights against bad guys, figuring out puzzles, interacting with minor characters or villains, and the like.

The rest of the group are the players, with each taking the role of a character, much as an actor plays a part in a play or movie. The difference, however, is that there are no lines to read and no script to follow. You make up your lines based on how you think your character feels, reacts, and thinks about any given situation.

Grimm - fairy tale RPG

In a way, roleplaying games are a lot like improvisational acting. The biggest difference between roleplaying games and other types of games is the amount of freedom you have. Whereas video games or board games give your character a specified area in which to travel, and pre-set characters or events to interact with, roleplaying games have no limits other than what the narrator is willing to describe.

However, while you can say and do pretty much whatever you like, this is still a game, and all games have rules. Luckily, Grimm is not a difficult game to learn and play, and all the rules for making characters and exploring the Grimm Lands are presented in the following chapters.

You dont even have to read the whole book in one sitting. Just read the parts that interest you the most.

Ideally, you might start with the first chapter, which describes character creation, so you have an idea about what you need to do to create your special little victim. It would also be beneficial, before you sit down to play with a group, to at least check out Chapter 4: The players will look to you when theyre unsure how to do things, so you need to have answers, or at least know where to look to find them.

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Rolemaster Heroes and Rogues. Mouse Guard Roleplaying Game. Grimm Average Rating: RPG Item Rank: Jump To: Fantasy High Fantasy. Core Rules min needed to play. Dice Primarily d6. Dice Pool Roll multiple dice vs target.

Point Based allocate points to get skills, powers, etc. Skill Based buy or gain skills. I love the idea. I love this game's world and its inhabitants. Linear d6 system is also cool. However, now that I'm about to lead a Grimm game, I found what I don't love.

The thick maze of intertwined trait advantages and disadvantages, requiring to ha [ Thomas B. I love the archetypes. The world is very, very expansive and has a lot of room to play around in. Great production values love the picture of the Wolf Man being kicked in the nards. Plenty of options without getting overly complicated.

Daniel H. This is one of the more beginner friendly RPG systems out there. Plus, it is set in a place in which any Grimm fairy tale could come into play, which is a lot of fun for the narrator.

It could use a larger reference section, which is why I'm only ratin [ Hamilton R. Grimm is a fantasy-type setting for a world of imagination that resembles the classic fairy-tales of old. You play the part of a kid caught in this world, trying to make your way home, completing adventures and quests along the way.

It's a fasc [ Stu V. Although none of the hosts have yet played it, we are all very excited to try a game. The players portray ordinary school-aged children who are whisked away to a magical world where fairy tales are true We've analyzed the game s [ See All Ratings and Reviews.

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