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Somebody Else is on the Moon - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online. Scanned pdf copy of George Leonard's hard to find book about lunar. George Leonard uses NASA photos to show that the moon has been colonized by an alien race who left the surface littered with huge structures and machines. An excerpt from George H. Leonard's book about his discovery of unusual artefacts in lunar photographs - from the Journal of Borderland "Somebody Else is on the Moon" . PDF ed., SomebodyElseIsOnTheMoon.

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WIth careful logic and reason, George. Leonard has studied all the data (includ' ing official NASA photographs and the astronauts' Apollo tdpes) to prove his. Based on NASA photography, George H. Leonard's "SOMEONE ELSE IS ON THE 3 Somebody Else Is on the Moon One early eye witness in , a Mr. To putine locis that i dve our Doce oxperts wood. SOMEBODY ELSE. IS ON. THE MOON. Documented with official NASA photographs. George H. Leonard.

They are changing its face. Sort order. Want to Read saving…. I wanted to communicate about the things I saw and perhaps needed a braking influence, too. In one location in Tycho below image , there are about 30 of them clustered together. But I'm not going to.

Leonard else on the george pdf moon somebody is

He does offer a smidgen of a quasi-detective story that illustrates people at NASA and real scientists within the text staring at him in flabbergasted, stunned silence. Oddly enough he deduces that these looks of stunned awe are a sign that these people are hiding something when it's patently obvious it's a reaction of shock to the supreme levels of stupidity this moron is putting forth.

Sorry, I'm just spent. I can't even convey the brainless chatter that boiled out of this paperback.

Somebody Else is on the Moon

Did I mention how stupid this book was? I already said that this is how the book reads. View all 3 comments.

Jan 01, Martti rated it did not like it. Leonard is either a bad scientist with no understanding how to present his findings properly or a moderate fiction writer with a great imagination.

This guy looked at some low-rez black and white images from early NASA orbiters and saw robots, buildings, screws, and aliens on the Moon.

Of all the possibilities this guy saw alien activities all around the Moon. The images from my copy of the book were really low-rez, could make nothing out what he was talking about. Maybe he had like the mo Leonard is either a bad scientist with no understanding how to present his findings properly or a moderate fiction writer with a great imagination. Maybe he had like the most crystal clear images ever?

Basically all this might be possible that he's writing, I guess. But I find the lack of evidence disturbing, to say the least.

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Besides I thought we had Nazis on the dark side of the Moon? Still, it's one of the big pseudoscience books that is actually quite logically written. And in that sense it's quite easy to read and it kind of jogs the mind, because he's really leaping to quite ridiculous conclusions really fast.

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It would be quite interesting to read a contra paper about the images Leonard bases his wild hypothesis. I mean nowdays we should have a much better quality images from Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter and other probes.

Just look at that amount of missions to the Moon - http: A selection of LRO and Apollo mission images - http: Images of Tycho crater - http: Well, just take a look at that beautiful gallery of Moon images, maybe you can spot some robots and other anomalies?

View 1 comment. Jun 26, Valiant Thor rated it really liked it. A very interesting book on moon anomalies written by a Harvard grad during the Apollo years. Not everything in the book has aged well, but much of it has.

Somebody else is moon on the pdf george leonard

Ashutosh Mundkur rated it did not like it Oct 26, Michael rated it did not like it Nov 06, Timmy rated it really liked it Apr 25, Conformco rated it did not like it Nov 30, Oct 22, RRex rated it liked it. Michael Kott rated it it was ok Nov 04, Drift rated it liked it Dec 23, Moon V. The surface is strewn with rocks and boulders, some blocks and others making up circular ring formations.

Kopal, Pl. All crater and volcanic ejecta! They hide space ships and Alien constructions of all kinds: Diggers, Dozers and Dirt Buggies!

Tycho is located south and a little east from the great Mare area we see with our eyes on a Moon-light night. Leonard says that he sees many mechanical relics laying around the Crater floor in, out and in between the boulders and rocks.

Gleaming white hemispheres? In one location in Tycho below image , there are about 30 of them clustered together. These were lights! Man -- do you realize the intensity of a light that can be seen that far away in a telescope? He nodded. Look, I know you want me to tell you everything I know. But I'm not going to. It's too easy. I'm doing you a favor when I say you'll be better off, and feel better about yourself, if you work hard and don't get everything from me.

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And I keep in touch with them and the Jet Propulsion Lab and a few other places. But a lot of the work I did on my own, from tips here and there. That's what I'll give you, tips.

Not suspected change like the old chestnuts, Linne changing from a crater to a puff of white, and so on. I mean real change -- things taking place within a few days. Go find them. I did some sightseeing in the area and came back the next night, responding to his invitation. But how many photos of the same area, taken at different times? That limited the amount of work to be done. But the most striking changes are on the far side. Call me in a few weeks. George has 17 more chapters devoted to the various aspects of the evidence for intelligent life on the Moon, backed up with numerous NASA photos and his drawings of the detail in the photos which require close, long scrutiny to allow their significance to sink in.

It is depressing, of course, that the results of all this government research, paid for with our tax dollars, are withheld from us. It is constructed of filigreed metal triangles and space for strength and lightness, thus casting no observable shadow.

A 'cord' runs from its base down the side of the crater. All of these properties are similar to those of super rig Note that on right side of the same flat terrace two other rigs are working.

They stand up straight and have two pieces working from a fulcrum. Cords run from their bases. The result of their efforts is clearly seen. They have made an even cut straight down into the terrace.

The cut notch is straight as a die. Something straight stretches across the gap. They will continue this out until it reaches all the way to the crater floor, at which point the entire chunk of ground will be sent crashing down. Other machines will then take over the work of sifting, taking away, smelting, or whatever procedures they are carrying out.

Somebody Else Is On The Moon

There is absolutely no information on the back of this photo beyond the words, 'From lunar orbit, the Apollo 14 crew photographed these Moon scenes. But we may guess in this case by assuming that the rig is the same size as the rig.

In this event we arrive at the rough estimate of one and one-half miles for the rig, and at least three miles high for the chunk of ground from crater floor to where the rigs are perched. Scientists talk of meeting other-world intelligence within fifteen years.