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Forrest Gump Script - Download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt ) or read online. Movie script. Forrest Gump is the story of an incredibly kind and gentle person who is also what some people might call "mildly retarded." It's true that he is not too smart, but . Simply the largest collection of pdf screenplays. Naylon; Forgetting Sarah Marshall; FORREST GUMP () by Eric Roth () · Fountain, The ( ).

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"FORREST GUMP" Screenplay by Eric Roth Based on a novel by Winston Groom EXT. A SAVANNAH STREET - DAY () A feather floats through the air. Forrest Gump. For Jimbo Meador and George Radcliff—who have always made a point of being kind to Forrest and his friends. There is a pleasure sure in being . SCREENPLAY FORREST GUMP. by Kevin. Wednesday, March 19th, Today we take a seat on a bus bench on the humble streets of Savannah.

We was like peas and carrots again. I guess Lieutenant Dan figured there's some things you can't change. In Vietnam. I know you wouldn't. Some years later.

Cushioned sole. Draw what you need for the field. See the platoon sergeant. He was from a long. If you boys are hungry. Get on it! I guess you could say he had a lot to live up to. I been through there. Little Rock's a fine town. Somebody in his family had fought and died in every single American war. Hold it up! I got to see a lot of countryside.

Lieutenant Dan was always getting these funny feelings about a rock or a trail or the road. And we were always lookin' for this guy named Charlie. Two standing orders in this platoon. We would take these real long walks. Hold up. It wasn't always fun. I sure hope I don't let him down. Y'all got clicks to go to that river.

Move out. There was Dallas from Phoenix. Get down! So we did. I don't remember where Tex come from. Fourth platoon.. I don't know much about anything. What the hell's going on? And Tex was. Fire in the hole! Little bitty stinging rain and big old fat rain.

We've been through every kind of rain there is. Mount 'em up! Spread out! Cover his back! One day it started raining. And there was always something to do.

Step it up! Look alive out there. The good thing about Vietnam is there was always someplace to go. How would you like to go.

You lean up against me. This way we don't have to sleep with our heads in the mud. I got a very important question to ask you. I'm going to lean up against you. You know why we're a good partnership.

That's a fine idea. We ain't got to pay no rent. So many pounds of shrimp will pay off the boat. Bubba did have a fine idea. I tell you what. We'll live right on the boat. We can just work it together. I got it all figured out. So many pounds for gas. I even wrote Jenny. I'm telling you. I told her what I was doing and asked her what she was doing.

Not every day. Then I'd sign each letter "Love. I sent her letters. And how I was looking forward to getting a letter from her just as soon as she had the time. I'd always let her know that I was OK. Strong Arm! We have incoming from the treeline at Point Blue. Get that pig unfucked and put it in the treeline! They got us down. We've got a man down.. Take cover! Strong Arm.. Get that pig up here. S and rockets!

We're getting it hard!

Strong Arm. Pull back! I ran and ran just like Jenny told me to. Pull back. I ran so far so fast that soon I was all by myself. Bubba was my best good friend. We're going to move back to the blue line. Where the hell are you? And on my way back to find Bubba. I had to make sure he was OK. I started to get scared that I might never find Bubba. I couldn't let him lay there all alone.

You'll be OK. Lay back. Every time I went back looking for Bubba. I know my position is danger close! We got Charlie all over this area. No sweat. Lieutenant Dan. I got to have those fast movers in here now. Coleman's dead!

Screenplay pdf gump forrest

I know he's dead! My whole goddamn platoon is wiped out! You leave me here! Get away. Be advised your fast movers are inbound. I said leave me here. Leg Lima six. Just leave me here! Get out! Something bit me! Then it felt like something just jumped up and bit me.

Forget about me. I gotta find Bubba! I'm OK. To get Bubba. I got an air strike inbound right now. Get yourself out! Did you hear what I said? God damn you! I didn't ask you to pull me out of there. They're going to nape the whole area. Get your ass out of here. Stay here! That's an order. Where do you think you're going? I told you to leave me there. Goddamn son of a bitch! I can't leave the platoon. Top smoke. You got shot. Get it up there. If I'd have known this was going to be the last time me and Bubba was gonna talk.

I'd of thought of something better to say. I'll be all right.. I'm fine. Then Bubba said something I won't ever forget. They said it was a million dollar wound. I want to go home.

Bit me directly in the but-tocks. That's all I have to say about that. A bullet? That jumped up and bit you. Bubba was going to be a shrimping boat captain. And even I know that ain't something you can find just around the corner. It was a bullet. It's time for your bath. The only good thing about being wounded in the but-tocks is the ice cream. They gave me all the ice cream I could eat. The army must keep that money. And guess what?

A good friend of mine was in the bed right next door. I got you some ice cream. Let me show you. You are tuned to the American Forces Vietnam Network. Good catch. You know how to play this? This is Channel Saigon. Turn it off.

I'm Forrest Gump. So I started playing it all the time. I played ping-pong even when I didn't have anyone to play ping-pong with. The hospital's people said it made me look like a duck in water.

Forrest Gump Script

Even Lieutenant Dan would come and watch me play. Any idiot can play. The secret to this game is no matter what happens. I'm nothing but a goddamn cripple. You cheated me! I had a destiny. Nothing just happens. I even played it in my sleep. I was supposed to die in the field with honour! I played ping-pong so much. It's all part of a plan! I should have died out there with my men. Look at me! You see that? Do you know what it's like not to be able to use your legs?

We all have a destiny. As you were. What am I going to do now? PFC Gump? I was Lieutenant Dan Taylor. You're still Lieutenant Dan. Look at me. This wasn't supposed to happen. That was my destiny. You understand what I'm saying. Lieutenant Dan? They want to give me a med.. Where were you hit? In the but-tocks. They sent him home. I left Vietnam. President Johnson awarded four medals of honour to men from each.

Guess what. Two weeks later. I understand you were wounded. The ceremony was kicked off with a candid speech by the President regarding the need for further escalation of the war in Vietnam.

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America owes you a debt of gratitude.. After that. God damn. I'd kinda like to see that. I got the vets. Mama went to the hotel to lay down. What do you want to do with them? It's a good thing Mama was resting. I had to stand in line. There was this man giving a little talk. And for some reason. Move it out! Everywhere I went. You're a good man for doing this. And every time he said the "F" Word. And he liked to say the "F" Word a lot. The war in Vietnam? Go on.. Let's get up there.

Tell us a little bit about the war. There's only one thing I can say about the war in Vietnam. In Vietnam. Come on There was only one thing I could say about the war in Vietnam. What the hell are you do. I'll beat your head in. Come on.. The war in Viet-fuckin'-nam! Come up here. Jesus Christ! What did they do with this? Can't hear you! Can't hear anything! My name is Forrest. This one! Give me that! Speak up!

That's it.. What's your name. That's so right on. You said it all. And that's all I have to say about that. Shut that blind. She showed me around and introduced me to some of her new friends. And get your white ass away from that window. Jenny and me were just like peas and carrots again. It was the happiest moment of my life. He's cool. He's one of us.

Let me tell you about us. Don't you know we in a war here? Our purpose here is to protect our black leaders from the racial onslaught of the pig who wishes to brutalise our black leaders. Wesley and I lived together in Berkeley. We are against any war where black soldiers are sent to the front line to die for a country that hates them.

Who's the baby killer? This is my friend I told you about. We are here to offer protection and help for all those who need our help. This is Forrest Gump. I shouldn't have brought you here.

Sorry I had a fight in the middle of your Black Panther party. We are against all these racist and imperial acts.. He doesn't mean it when he does things like this. We are against any war where black soldiers go to fight and come to be brutalised and killed in their own communities. I should have known it was going to be some bullshit hassle! He should not be hitting you. You do. She told me about all the travelling she'd done and how she discovered ways to expand her mind and learn how to live in harmony.

That uniform is a trip. You look handsome in it.

You know what? We walked around all night. Jenny and me. I know you wouldn't. I would never hurt you. I wanted to be your boyfriend. I'm glad we were here together in our nation's capital. It's just this war and that lying son of a bitch Johnson and.

Things got a little out of hand. I'll go. You know that. Anybody want to go to San Francisco? Wish you wouldn't go. Far out! It was a very special night for the two of us.

I didn't want it to end. I have to. I want you to have this. I can't keep this. Know what I think? I think you should go home to Greenbow. You're my girl. It's one small step for man. Why are you so good to me? I got it just by doing what you told me to do. I'll always be your girl. I thought I was going back to Vietnam. I was so good. Somebody said world peace was in our hands.

We were the first Americans to visit the land of China in a million years or something. When I got home. Welcome home. Right here. Hard to imagine. No possessions? And in China. No religion.

In the land of China. Can you tell us. Here he is.

John Lennon. I was a national celebrity. They surely did. Lieutenant Dan! They gave you the Congressional Medal of Honour. They gave you The Congressional Medal of Honour. They gave you. For no particular reason at all. Because he didn't have no legs. Lieutenant Dan said he was living in a hotel. Goddamn bless America. Take a right! What do you do here in New York. Take a right. I just got one thing to say to that. Have you found Jesus yet. I stayed with Lieutenant Dan and celebrated the holidays.

Jesus this and Jesus that. I'm living off the government tit. That's all these cripples at the VA. Are you blind? I'm walking here! God bless you. He said God is listening. You have a great year. Have I found Jesus? They even had a priest come and talk to me.

I didn't know I was supposed to be looking for him. Before you go. I'll get to walk beside him in the kingdom of heaven.

Walk beside him in the kingdom of heaven. I'm going to heaven.. God is listening? What a crock of shit. Shrimping boats? Who gives a shit about shrimping boats? I got to buy me one soon as I have some money. He'd be the captain and I'd be his first mate. I got to be the captain. A shrimp boat captain. What the hell is in Bayou La Batre?

Shrimping boats. But now that he's dead.. I promised Bubba in Vietnam that as soon as the war was over. This is the site of the old Astor Hotel. Haven't seen you around lately. Mr Hot Wheels. This is Cunning Carla and Long-limbs Lenore.

A promise is a promise. Who's your friend? Tell you what. I will come and be your first mate. Now hear this! Private Gump here is gonna be a shrimp boat captain.

So where you been. If you're ever a shrimp boat captain.

Gump pdf forrest screenplay

How you doing? The day you are a shrimp boat captain. Don't you just love New Year's? You can start all over. Everybody gets a second chance. We was just there! That's Times Square. I had company. I began to think about Jenny. You should have been here for Christmas. It's funny. What are you. Don't call him stupid! Is your friend stupid or something?

What's your problem? What's his problem? Did you lose your packet in the war or something? What did you say? I said is your friend stupid or something? You shut up! Don't you ever call him stupid! Why you so upset? Get your goddamn clothes. Happy New Year! Happy New Year. She tastes like cigarettes.

You're so pathetic! Get out of here! You should be in a sideshow. I'm sorry I ruined your New Year's Eve party. I guess Lieutenant Dan figured there's some things you can't change. You retard! He didn't want to be called crippled like I didn't want to be called stupid. You freak! So I went. Only this time. I know a much nicer hotel. Wouldn't you know it? A few months later. It's called the Hotel Ebbott.. Ping-pong team met with President Nixon today.

Are you enjoying yourself in our nation's capital.

Screenplay forrest pdf gump

And I met the President of the United States again. Where are you staying? The U. Vice President Ford will be sworn in as President at that hour in this office.. You might want to send a maintenance man to that office across the way. I shall resign the presidency effective at noon tomorrow. It's brand-new. Good night. I'll have my people take care of it.

I'll check it out. Very modern. The lights are off and they must be looking for a fuse box. I know. I have your discharge papers. We've had all sorts of visitors. I'm home. Everybody wants you to use. Does this mean I can't play ping-pong no more? For the Army.

Service is up. I had no idea. So I went home. I didn't stay home for long because I'd made a promise to Bubba. Miss Louise. I only like using my own paddle. It's funny how things work out. That Mama. I know that. I thought maybe you could hold it for a while. Are you crazy or just plain stupid? I remember everything you said. Mrs Blue. I guess. It's me. Stupid is as stupid does. I paid my respect to Bubba himself.

So anyway. That's what's left after me saying. I'm putting all that on gas. Tell me something. Bubba told me everything he knew about shrimping. Shrimping is tough. I only caught five. You ever think about naming this old boat? It's bad luck to have a boat without a name. I'd never named a boat before.

A couple more. I had to see this for myself. I hadn't heard from Jenny in a long while. I hoped whatever she was doing made her happy. I thought about Jenny all the time. You wrote me a letter. Captain Forrest Gump.

And I told you if you were ever a shrimp boat captain. Which way? Over there! They're over there! Get on the wheel and take a left. I'm a man of my word. So take a left. Take a left! But don't you be thinking that I'm going to be calling you "Sir.

That's my boat. I have a feeling if we head due east. That's where we're going to find those shrimp. Where the hell's this God of yours?

It's funny Lieutenant Dan said that. That's where we'll find them. Sometimes Lieutenant Dan came too. How are we going to find them? Maybe you should just pray for shrimp. So I went to church every Sunday. Still no shrimp. No shrimp. You call this a storm? And as in other towns up and down the coast. It's time for a showdown! You and me!

I'm right here! Come and get me!

Screenplay forrest pdf gump

You'll never sink this boat! Hurricane Carmen came through here yesterday. I was scared. We got a whole bunch of boats. This reporter has learned. Since people still needed them shrimps for shrimp cocktails and barbecues and all. Bubba-Gump shrimp's what they got. Bayou La Batre's entire shrimping industry has fallen victim to Carmen and has been left in utter ruin.

Twelve Jennys. We even have hats that say "Bubba-Gump" on them. We were sitting next to a millionaire. Would you like to see what Lieutenant Dan looks like? I heard some whoppers in my time. I thought it was a very lovely story. Bubba-Gump Shrimp. We got more money than Davy Crockett. Are you telling me you're the owner of the Bubba-Gump Shrimp Corporation? A household name. Hold on there. Forrest has a phone call.

Forrest Gump Script

He never actually said so. Without love, many people would live without motivation or hope. With it, some people can be spurred towards moving mountains. Because of this, it is important for the movie industry to continue making romantic films, although many of the films can come off as sappy or trite. We all need to see that love can win, even if it is only on the movie screen.

Despite what people may feel about the war, Vietnam was the starting point for a lot of changes. Gone are the days when Americans used to band together during a time of war. Now there are protestors who believe more in themselves than in following orders. Given this change of perspective, a Vietnam war film is much different than the patriotic war films of the World War 2 era. These films show gritty life, pessimistic outcomes, and psychological damage to the full extent.

There are many great films that have been inspired by the anti-war movement and the Vietnam war, but none so much as the ones listed here. By reading these scripts, a person will learn how to write a war script that brings out the psychological harm, personal struggles and indecision that was prevalent during the Vietnam war. Skip to content.