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PDF Drive is your search engine for PDF files. As of today we New English File: Pre-intermediate: Workbook with key and MultiROM Pack: Six- level after e. New English File Pre-Intermediate - Download as PDF File .pdf) or read online. New English File Pre-Intermediate - - Download as PDF File .pdf) or read online.

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ENGLISH FILE Pre-intermediate Workbook wit h key zyxwvutsrq C l i ve Ox e n d e n Paul Seligson with Jane Hudson zyxwvutsrqponm O XFO RD ENGLISH . New English File Pre Intermediate Workbook. Antonio Senra. Loading Preview. Sorry, preview is currently unavailable. You can download the paper by clicking. Download New English File: Pre-intermediate: Workbook with - Here NEW ENGLISH FILE ELEMENTARY - WORKBOOK: WITH ANSWER BOOKLET AND MULTIROM PACK, New Cutting Edge Pre-intermediate Workbook With .

With key. No, thanks. Dr And then what happened? FDo you drink a lot of coffee! Will, as before, assume that the accuracy of the roll permanently turns roll, that's wrong at high intensity of dissipative forces.

Great to hear from you. Yes , I'm still at t he university here and it's going very well - Budapest is a wonderful city to liv e in. When exactl y is the conference? I can't wait! Then liste n agai n and repeat it verbs in the Facebook messages. Which two sentence by sentence. T ry to copy the s peakers' into nation.

What time perio d do the other three refer to? A Would you like t o go out for dinner? B I'd love to. Ca n you remember B Sorry, I'm going to the cinema. Listen a nd check. A What about Friday?

What are you doing then? B Nothing. Friday's fine. Let's go to the new Italian place. B Great.

Try to sound friend ly. Lea rn more d Talk to other students. T ry to find days when you are both free a nd suggest doing so mething. Write it in your diary. Try to makeabout the present continuo us for future a n a rra ngement with a d ifferent person for every night.

Would you like t o go to the cinema? Liste n to the conversa tio n. What day do they ar ra nge to meet? Complete Ben' diary for the week. What are the missing prepositions? What happens when Ben and c Complete the questions with a preposition. T hen ask a nd a nswer w ith a partner. Lily meet? Write an email about travel arrangements. G defining relative clauses What's a V expressions fo r paraphrasing: It's a place P pronunciation in a dictionary where you can What's the word?

Look at the a nd you do n't know a wo rd that you need? Scrabble Letters o n the page. H ow many words of four o r mo re lette rs ca n you ma ke a Look up the translatio n on your phone. T hen play the game? Write down example kind like opposit e similar the six word somebody something somewhere I U seful e x pre ss io n s for e x pla ining a word tha t you 2 - -- -- don't know: I a DJ It' omebody It's somethi ng peo ple use to speak 2 an art galle r y It's somewhere A 6 c urly It's the opposite Iwa nt to go sho pping.

Learn mo re a nd define wo rds fo r your pa rtne r to guess. Ho w m a ny ways does it m entio n o f Everyone knows the English language is changing.

W hat are they? W hat do you thin k One recent update contained new words, new they mea n? Match t he m to the def initio ns be lo w. But where do they all come from? Take the 5 n coffee with hot m ilk word text.

Text was always a noun from about , 6 n a pub where yo u can also have ver y good according to the OED , but it is now very common as a verb, to text somebody. Other new words already existed food but with a different meaning. For example, tweet was the noise that a bird makes, but now we use it more often as ac Can you ex pla in the mea n in g of these o the r wo rds verb or a noun for a message that people put on the social fro m t he text.

W hat do t he google information. We also need more general words to abbrevia tio ns m ea n? Wi-fi, ringtone, and smartphone are some recent examples. The difference now is how quickly 4 sth new words and expressions enter the language and how2 ad quickly we start to use and understand them. How do you pro no unce the words? The stressed syllable is t he one after the symbol.

The Sound Bank on p. Practise saying them correctly. Do you know what they mean? Answer the 1 The ew York office is smaller than the questions. London office. Holly wants to go to t he restaurant because she's hungry. Watch or liste n again.

Say w hy the F sentences are false. Yes, please. Can Iget you something No, thank you. I'd like the to with? And for you, sir? I'll have the steak, please. Would you like that withfries or a baked? Fries, please. How would you like yoursteak? Rare, , or Well done. Nothing for me. And to? Water, please. No problem. I'll it.

Excuse me. Yes, sir? Sorry, I asked for my steak 1 What's Rob going to write about? I'm really sorry. I'll it 4 W hat's the problem with the check?

Can you phrases. Copy the rhj: Social English phrasese - In pa irs, ro leplay the dia logue. Holly t ell me, Rob A You are in the restaura nt.

Intermediate pdf workbook pre file english

Order a steak or t una. B You are the waiterfwa itress. Offer A fries, a baked Rob Well, to w it h You begin with Areyou ready to order? Rob Do you have any? A T here i a problem w ith your order.

Rob That would great. B Apologize, and try to solve the problem. Jenny we have the check bill , please? How do you say them in your language? D order food in a restaurant D explain when there is a problem with your food, the bill, etc. How do you housework, make or do? Do you have a similar word in your a Look aga in at the highlighted phrases from the text. Which three are connected w ith la nguage ro describe a person of that age?

W hat do you think the peo ple a re arguing about? ListenTeenagers have annoying habits - Follow and check. CQSimon FryThey come into my room n and then aresurprised to see things they don't really want to know about. Of course t ey didn'tc C ompare with a partner. With a partner, say what you think they mean. Which o nes? Li te n a nd check. B No, I haven't.

What's that under your new uniform year student enjoy bed? I remember now.

Download New English File: Pre-intermediate: Workbook with - Here - PDF Drive

I borrowed it. B I've already it. A Really? I've just bought Jane a jumper and a jacket. B I did it on the bus this evening. Have you worn your new uniform yet? B Nearly. Say what's just ha ppe ned. A I need the bathroom now.

A Well, hurry up then. Oops- too late. Answer the questions. I What reputation do teenagers have? Are they abo ut. What do you thin k programme. In what way a re the two tee nage rs unus ua l? Do they feel positive they mean? Lea rn mo re c Liste n again a nd answer w ith about the present perfect and practise it.

What do they do? G present perfect or past simple? Complete the ga ps with A- F. W hat nationality B I really understand how women wa nt to feel. Do they desig n m o re fo r men o r C My boyfriend at that time was very lucky. What kind o f thi ngs does their D My feet were killing me!

E The only things Ienjoyed there were art and sewing. F They are so chic, and their sense of colour is so natural to them.

Do you like the clo thes? She makes very exclusiveclothes for women. She has made clothes for many celebrities includingmembers of the British royal family, for example Kate Middleton and SarahFerguson, whose wedding dress she designed, and actresses like Helen Mirren.

Yes, I have. Being a fema le desig ner ha s many. I desig ned my fir 1: Put them in the right row. Answer with account auct ion cinema city click a partner. Liste nb o- p. How is it pronounced in these word? What did theybuy? Write 1- 4 in the boxes. There is one item you don't need. What was the problem with the clothes? Write in the boxes. This person Did you pay o r get they ar rived. W hat was it? What did you do? What was it about? Were you successful? What did you take?

W hat happened? With a partner, say what trying them on? D id they fit? Wh at d id you do? Where did you lose it? Did you get it back? Try to find somebody who says Yes, I have. Then ask them5 Well, I bought it from a website that has cheap the past simple questio ns. D o the same for ques tions G something, anything, nothing, etc. No, nothing. DI obody knows whe re he goes. D4 I've done noth ing since Sunday. D6 There's nowhere to go except home. Practise saying the sente nces.

Wh at is the best sum ma ry? W it h a pa rtne r, choose a, b, or c. I Use something, anythin[J, and nothing 4 Social netwo rking sites make people Learn more about som. Pla n your answers. Answer them truthfully, but in vent one answ er tO ma ke yourThe next time a friend or colleague tells you about weekend sound more exciting.

T ry to guess wh ich answe r yo ur partner invented. When they adject ives ending -ed and -ing are asked, 'Did you have a good weekend? So they invent the details. The most common a nd tirin[J in li ne Which one descr ibes how you lie that people told was 'I went out on Saturday night', when feel? W hich one describe th in gs and situatio ns? How do you ay the adjectives? In fact. Io the weekend. Psychologist Corinne Sweet says that people 4 W hy do yo u think the news is often depressed I often don't tell the truth about their weekend 'because we don't want to feel that everyone else is having a better time depressi11B?

She also 5 W hat activity do you find most relaxed I relaxin[J? Why not? G ive more information if you ca n. I a go b am going c going go 3 Where are the cha nging rooms? They're too sma ll. B No, I'm going to do it now. B No, but she's on her way. Let's change channels. B No, never. He lost his job. B Last week. It's too sm a ll. Canyou go and o pen it please?

I'm not hun gry. What were thieves stealing in a Sweden b Denmark? Answer the questio ns below. W here did the first robbery take place? G uess their m eaning from the co ntext. C heck w ith a hates b doe n't mi nd c likes your teacher o r w ith a dictio na ry.

But recently c were a beauti ful colo ur real-life Swedi h police were completely pu11 lcd by a mysterio us crime. Staff at a hoe sho p saw two men stealing at their bo utique. Do the tasks w ith a partne r. T ick.


Can you? Also many stores have cut the number of experiences using ever. Answer yo ur partner 's.. But this won't work. G comparative adjectives and adverbs, as One pa ragraph paragraph. Ca n you remem beriving faster, t he info rmatio n in th e text? Singapore, a world business centre, is top of the list give mo re info r matio n. These are shorter versions of traditional stories, especially Do people tell you that you talk toowritten for busy parents who need to save time.

If the lift takes more mealtimes?

Pdf intermediate file workbook english pre

It's exactly the same when an Internet you feel frustrated when you are behindpage does not open immediately. Written communication on the internet is getting shorter and shorter 6 Do you walk out of shops and restaurantsand using more and more abbreviations, like BFN bye for now or NP if there is a queue? Twitter only allows you to use characters, and now anew social networking site has a limit of just ten words.

R ead t he re ults. Twenty years ago whenpeople went to art galleries they spent ten seconds looking at eachpicture. Today they spend much less time - just three seconds!

We spendmore time than ever sitting in our cars, feeling stressed because wearen't going to arrive on time. Read the questio ns below a nd think about your a nswers. Are they adjective. Do you spend more or less time on these things? Say why. T ick wf if both arc tal king to friends eating meeting friends using your phone correct. What would you 3 Eve rybody is busyer I busiu than they were fi ve Like to have more time for?

Who e li fe has changed mo re? Exa mple: Learn more about 2 Make alist o fthree things whichare for you. Copy the 5 Be near! T he n li ten again a nd w rite one 3 1work harder than before. Why no t? It's the mostP word and sentence stress beautiful cit y I've ever been to. W h ich Eu ropean countries a re t he cit ies in? W hat do you know about them? Have you been to any of them? Travel survey gives its verdict on European citiesLondon is the dirtiest city in Europe says a new ' Europe's big cities all survey by travel website TripAdvisor, but it has have their highs and lows,the best public parks and the best nightlife.

T h ink about your country or continent. W hich cities wou ld you c hoose? How do you make the s uperlative of. Learn more about superlatives and practise them. I W hat's the most b eau t iful city you've ever been to? Listen agai n and repeat the quest ions. W hich words are stressed? A answer question I wit h a sentence. B ask for more information. Swap roles fo r questio n 2 , etc. In pa irs, a nswer the q ues tio ns. H ow well does Lo nd o n do in 2 Do you th ink they a re good o nes?

All capital cities The photo testare unfriendly I W ho d id he a k first? Big cities often haYe a The shopping test reputatio n fo r being -t Where wa the tourist sho p? Sunday 6 How much did he give the man? He went d ressed asa foreign tourist and d id c T hink abo ut th e n ea rest big city to w he re yo u live. Imagine yo u did t he t h ree tests there. What do youtests to see which city thi n k wo uld happen? Is it a fr ie ndly c ity? Compar e with a partner. Did he f ind someon e t o do it?

Did the shop assistant giveback the extra money? Write acom e and help him? Read abo ut w hat happe ned in ew Yo rk, Pa r i , and Ro m e. G quantifiers, too, not enough I watch too much TV. Does it chan ge w hat you think about your a nswers to the questionnaire?

Look at the highlighted words1 Do you drink coffee? How many cups do you drink a day? Match them to a picture What kind of coffee?

What time do you drink your last cup or definition. What are 7 adj feeling worried or ner vous your favourite games? How much time do you spend a week playing them? Everything BAD 4 How often do you eat chocolate? Expert s say that you can safely drink three cups of espresso during the day, bur if you drink too much coffee it can b Do you think any ofyour habits are unhea lthy?

But on the other hand, not spending enough time in the sun is also bad for you, as sunlight helps us to produce vitamin D. This vitamin is important for strong bones and a healthy immune system, and it also makes people feel happier.

Nowadays many people don't get enough sunlight because they wear sunscreen all the time, especially on their faces. However, don't spend too long in the sun- 15 minutes a day without sunscreen is a healthy amount, and not at midday. But in fact some studies show that these games can help us learn important skills.

It seems that computer games stimulate the brain and that people who often play them are probably better at solving problems and making quick decisions. But don't spend too many hours in front of the computer- not more than about two hours a day. Practise say ing the word s.

Ca n you remember? J boot few cups too foode 2 Sl l With a partner, decide in w hat ways you think chocolate a nd watchin g TV could be good for you. Il egg many any hea lthy waterf Listen aga in. Answe r the q uest io ns. Practi e ay ing th e words. I What docs chocolate have in commo n with red wine? Why is this good for us? Do you think you? Say why the other one is w ro ng. Match th e bold phrases in 1 and 2 to meanings A and B.

I Don't eat too m uch chocolate or too m any sweets if you don't want tO put o n weight.

Intermediate english file workbook pdf pre

We are not active e nough. A less than you need o r than is good fo r you B mo re than you need o r than is good fo r you c Look agai n at the sentences with enouBh. W hat's the positio n of e11ou8h a with a no u n b with an adjecti ve?

Learn more about quantifiers, too, and not enouBh and practise them. Answer 2 Why does he find it difficult ro eat less? What's the problem with Rob's trai ners? Liste n and repeat the phrases. A Why don't you get a bike? B That's a good idea, but I'm only here for a month. A Why don't you come and play basketball? B That's a great idea!

A You have prob lems remernbering Engli sh vocabu lary. Tell B. B Make two suggestio ns. A Respond. B You a re a foreigner in A's country. You have problems meeting new people. Complete the You H ear phra es. Do you have these in an eight? Just a , I'll go and check. Here you are, these are an eight. No, thanks. I'm sure they'll beDo you want to them on? How much are they? Yes, but there's an added Oh, OK.

Do you take MasterCard? Can I help you? Yes, I bought these about half an hour ago. Yes, I remember. Is there a? Yes, I'm afraid they're too small. What are they? They're an eight. But I t ake a UK eight.

I Rob went to Boston I Brooklyn. Yes, a UK eight is a US nine. Do you have a pair? I'll go and check. Just a minute. But we do have these and 4 She wants to go runnin g w ith h im atthey're the price. Or you can Erm Do you have Yes, here you are. Can We often use a pair to talk about plural clot hes, e. Social English phrases Rob Have you a good day? Copy the Jenny Oh, you. Rob Can we it a bit later? Rob , seven forty-five?

A You're a custOmer. You bought some jean ye terd ay. T hey're too Jenny make it seven fifteen. B You're a hop assi tant. You don't have the sa me jea n in A' ize. Offer A a di fferent pair or a refund. H ow do you ay them in you r language? B You're a customer. You bought some boot yesterday. They're too D make suggestions to do something D take something you have bought back to mall. A You're a shop assi tant. You don't have the ame boors i n B ' i ze.

You'll fail. You'll You'll break You'll break your leg. She'll She'll miss She'll miss t he t rain. It'll It'll rain It'll rain tomorrow. C an you hea r the diffe re nce? Are you an o ptimist or a pessimist? Read the You Say '! They'll be late. You won't pass. They'll lose. You won't underst and a word. You'll break your leg. Re peat t he res po nse.

New English File Pre-Intermediate - Workbook.pdf

A book o pen read the You Say phrases. B book closed ay the A P essimist Say s skiing lesson today. T hen swap roles. Do they refer to t he present o r the future? Learn m o re abo ut 5 I'm going to see a film will f won't a nd practise the m. But it is not only Dr House who is a pessimist.

Hugh laurie, the actor who plays him, is a pessimist too. Even after seven series he still feels pessimistic or watchi ng the o n T V. No more.

I am of course someone who is constantly expecting a plane to drop on my head, if not today then tomorrow. Like Dr House, laurie is also a talented musician and is passionate about the blues. He recently went to New Caller 5 Try to u e when you Orleans to record an album in which he plays 15 of his favourite songs.

But of course he doesn't think that people peak to other people. Write d own any extra info rmatio n you Because o f his reputation as a pessimist, people always hear.

Which tips do you th ink are useful? Do you have talk to him about positive thinking. He says that complete a ny tips ofyour own? Use a phrase from the box and say why. Which ofyo u is mo re o ptimi sti c? Mark the sentences T true o r F fa lse. I Hugh Laurie always thinks the worst w ill happen. Christina Latham-Koenig.

Paul Seligson with Jane Hudson. Paul Seligson and Clive Oxenden Download New english file.

Download New English File: Pre-intermediate: Workbook with - Here

Student's book-Workbook New english file. Student's book-Workbook without key-Answers book. Per le Scuole superiori. American English File Level 1: New english file: Upper intermediate workbook - WordPress.

Press, , , ,. Download New Headway: Workbook with Workbook with key: Oxford University Press, , , , Unit 1: Answers will vary. Download Ready for CAE: Workbook with key. Can you say this in English? Requests and permission. Asking for and giving. Intermediate, and Intermediate and refers to the. What is this booklet for? The aim of this booklet is to give a clear and simple introduction to the New English File Beginner 2 www.

New English File. Royal Nyelviskola Oldal: Numbers 0— New English File Intermediate This is a key issue. But leaving aside for the moment the question of short texts, as well as co-constructed informal text chats , in terms of longish text, in no. Elementary in Pre-intermediate Download File - The English Club using no more than three words.

This novel is by Joan Brady. Physik n. New English File 'Do you speak English? Another tool for effective communication is vo- cabulary. New English File helps Vocabulary Banks. Learn sections of the Workbook. This Wordlist is organized File by File. It includes all the words in the Vocabulary Banks in the Student's Book and. Download PDF. Student's book-Workbook. With key. Per le Scuole