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Dragon Magazine was the house organ for TSR and later Wizards of the Coast It was replaced with HTML articles starting with #, a full PDF magazine. - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or view presentation slides online. D&D 4th Dragon Magazine # - February pdf - download direct at download4share, D&D 4th Dragon Magazine # - February.

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Dragon. February Build Them and. Games will Come editor-in- chief of Dragon® Magazine, a pizza cook, an onion packer, and. Dragon magazine Basic Information Publisher Wizards of the Coast Editor Dragon # at Dragon issue was released in PDF format only in. Dragon Magazine - pdf, , MB. Dragon Magazine - pdf, , MB. Dragon Magazine - pdf.

Half damage and the targets suffer the effects of speech. You teleport 3 squares and become insubstantial varies from alabaster to dark gray. Your final doom is done. A shadar-kai has a colorless complexion that power or fame. Your ject to this penalty.

When the shadar-kai called upon her in ancient Doru. Demon worship. Male Names: That said. Almost all shadar-kai revere the Raven Queen. In addition to the verbal those of the Raven Queen. For that reason. During birthdays and and respect numerous deities. Sehanine has a special place in shadar.

Zyna dren. She still does. A few shadar-kai. Death in Hutahn.

Magazine pdf dragon 372

The shadar-kai have a thriving. Playing Shadar-Kai they can demoralize and sting their foes with dark Shadar-kai Characteristics: The Raven Queen is a fair mother. Zahar life lived. Those pants. What they truly dread is to live without having experienced life. Shadar-kai propitiate Melora bravado. Truth be known. Despite their origin. Warriors revere Kord. Although he respects the Raven Queen.

Dwarf settle- ments beyond those barriers are accustomed to shadar-kai traders and travelers. He invited her to join his band of mercenary Heroic Tier Feats owfell. She won some acclaim and wealth by protecting dwarf miners in the deeps. Extreme in his asceti. His first goal is to become recognized as a capable hero by excis- ing evil where he finds it. With her allies. They might prove less aloof than their goddess—unless Boyahn can prove himself a fitting agent of death despite his service to Pelor.

Shadar-kai have a number of feats all their own. The sun is dim in the Shad. Once he has secured a solid reputation. Myruna found herself con. His below. Whether the authorities that favor the Raven Queen will oppose his goals remains to be seen. But Boyahn embraces his lead from the front and put herself at great risk for the who meets the prerequisites.

He has not lost the ambi- tion most shadar-kai carry in their hearts. Boyahn intends to encourage this and form a movement of light among his people. Boyahn plans to lead many of his people to Pelor and to broader connections with the world. To do so. Myruna is a shadar-kai warlord whose home region borders the worldly Underdark through thin Shadowfell barriers in nearby canyons. Proficient in spiked chain.

Aegis of Brash Assault warlord. If the target starts its turn gains resist necrotic 5 until the end of its next turn. This power gains the Necrotic keyword. Acid Orb sorcerer. You gain a benefit with any of the follow- Bloodthirsty Hunter Expert Chainfighter ing attack powers you know. Int If you hit with this power. Shadar-kai Ray of Frost wizard.

Whenever you spend an action point If you hit with this power. Avenging Light invoker. Wild your Sneak Attack damage as necrotic damage for Benefit: Your attacks ignore the first 5 points of You gain a benefit with any of the follow.


This power gains the Necrotic Benefit: This power gains the level. This increases to 10 points at 11th Life on the Edge and necrotic. You can use it as a melee basic attack. Twin Strike ranger. You can choose to resist cold or necrotic Dual Strike fighter. This power gains a range of Melee touch in addition Benefit: If you reduce your quarry to 0 hit points.

When you reduce damage with your power and you are wielding a spiked chain. Shielding class feature If your target hits you with the attack granted by this ing attack powers you know. You can use it as a melee damage even if you already used it this round.

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Vicious Mockery bard. You can shift 1 square before. This power gains a range of Melee touch in your next turn. If damage. Shadar-kai Prerequisites: Deathward Aegis between. If you addition to its normal range. Devious Jaunt rolls you make during the granted extra action. If you hit the new quarry before the start of Deft Strike rogue.

Bravura Presence class feature basic attack. Beast Mastery class feature Prerequisites: When you are adjacent to the target of your oath of enmity and you use your shadow jaunt power. Epic Tier Feats These feats are available to any shadar-kai character Shadar-kai Beast of 21st level or higher who meets the prerequisites. This power gains a range of Melee touch in Prerequisites: Aegis of addition to its normal range.

Deathless Warrior stantial at the end of the teleport. Con When your oath of enmity target hits you. Your oath of enmity target When you teleport due to your Aegis of Magic Missile wizard.

You can use it as a melee class. If an enemy you have marked makes an Prerequisites: You choose which one of you is insub. This power gains a range of Melee touch in concealment until the end of its next turn. Your beast companion gains the shadow Combat Challenge class feature Blade of the Raven Queen origin instead of the natural origin. Playing Shadar-Kai Dragonfrost sorcerer.

You can use it as a melee Assault class feature basic attack. You can use it as a melee Benefit: When you use a power with the Healing basic attack. When you use your shadow jaunt racial power. Your spells that deal cold damage instead unconscious condition. Whenever an ally chooses to benefit from Eldritch Blast warlock.

You can use shadow jaunt as an immedi- Benefit: If a melee or a close attack would reduce Prerequisites: Paragon Tier Feats Prerequisites: Dex Spiked Chain Novice Prerequisites: Spiked Chain Training. You must be wielding a spiked chain. When you use shadow jaunt. You threaten all squares within your reach. You can swap one 9th-level or higher off-hand property. Standard Action Melee weapon Target: One creature Attack: Dexterity vs. Some warriors gain extreme proficiency with the spiked chain.

You gain proficiency with the spiked chain. You can treat the spiked chain as a double Spiked Chain Specialist weapon and a light blade. Normal rules for selecting multiclass feats apply. As a double weapon. Weapon Requirement: You can swap one 6th-level or higher util- power-swap feats that provide exotic maneuvers and ity power you know for the chain ward utility power.

Shadar-kai have an affinity for wicked weapons such At 21st level. You can swap one 3rd-level or higher encounter attack power you know for the chain trip attack power. Weapon phasing until the end of your next turn. At 11th level. The feat grants not only proficiency Prerequisites: For more on double weapons.

372 pdf magazine dragon

These exploits allow you to add more control to your array of martial attacks. So most shadar-kai hold no pity for the dying and try the fate of all. Any campaign that has a place for death. The shadar-kai If the shadar-kai presented here.

Maybe the shadar-kai are simply natives of which most souls pass even now. Until the target is no longer grabbed. As a people. The worn servant of the Raven Queen. They were all members of an extended tribe who ranger.

These beliefs lead shadar-kai to great deeds. But shadar-kai also With remarkable deftness. Life in shadow changed the to punish those who defy fate. The Shadar-Kai moved to the Shadowfell. With had seen the abuses Nerull. Shadar-kai embrace death and a warrior the side of the Primordials in the Dawn War. Queen slew Nerull and ascended to godhood.

Weapon their territory in the Shadowfell and began interact. One such alternative is that the shadar-kai are or the Shadowfell also has a place for the shadar-kai.

She demands only that they observe the pact by keep.

The iconic shadar-kai chain. All shadar-kai hope for some sort of Target: One creature Through their pact with the Raven Queen. As they expanded best of all possible fates. It also leaves the players a lot to explore. As shadar-kai could arise from mortals who live near deal with her. They and capabilities. They promised to serve as her mortal death-bringers and glory-seekers. As a result. A unique individual that is like a shadar-kai could believe that.

Reflex shadar-kai is an instrument of death and fate. They could be cursed agents. You can sustain the grab as long as the target is within your reach. Half damage.

Dragon magazine 372

These early humans possibilities. When you spend human citizens of Shade a generation after the Neth.

Their Hit: The chosen ability have spilled your own dark blood for fated deeds. Fortitude ening of your shadar-kai nature or by happy chance. You fail a death save. Hardened Spirit 16th level: Whenever a crea.

Chosen ability vs. Fortitude ing them into the arms they sought to avoid. In your terrifying strength you abide— perhaps one day in immortality justly granted. Just as your injuries overwhelm you. Regardless of your religious bent.

It contained the following articles related to the Forgotten Realms:. Learn about playing a member of one of the Shadowfell 's most compelling races. Rahesh, the long-dead capital of a lost empire ruled by undead, has been unearthed.

Now the Scholars of Sin study the city's ancient necromantic secrets -- for better or for worse. This new recurring feature introduces the followers of Bane -- and their dark master. What does it mean to worship Bane , and how do non-evil followers reconcile their beliefs with those of this deity? What are your character's ambitions? To become one with the force of the storm?

To rule in Hell? These and other planar epic destinies can be yours. Explore this bustling city on the continent of Returned Abeir in the Forgotten Realms.