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Dog Breed Classification Using Part Localization. Jiongxin Liu1, Angjoo Kanazawa2, David Jacobs2, and Peter Belhumeur1. 1 Columbia University. 2 University. Encyclopedia of Dog Breeds Weight: Male & Female [ lbs.] Breed Group: Not Akc Recognized. American Eskimo. Height: Male [ in.] Female [ in.]. Dog Encyclopedia is a complete illustrated guide to dogs. Complete illustrated dog breed information and articles to train people how to take care of their dog.

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SOME DOG BREEDS IN THE WORLD. Affenpinscher. Afghan Hound. Airedale Terrier. Akita. Alaskan Malamute. Standard American. Eskimo Dog. Miniature. In breeding circles, a male canine is referred to as a dog, while a (http:// The Dog Encyclopedia is the comprehensive compendium dedicated to all things canine. This extensive catalogue of over dog breeds, from Labradors to German Shepherds and every PDF MB Download.

Energetic and Thick. An Englishman. On It was bred in three sizes so it could work in any Portuguese Podengo is said to have originated reaching new lands, the dogs were put back type of terrain. Its name derives from its ancestors. This dog is still rare and not widely known outside the US. Once known as the by hunters in the fur trade. Hormones just one place.

Created BCE. These lively and graceful dogs were Peruvian Hairless dogs come in three between —CE and measuring ft 51m often seen in the homes of Incan nobility. It is possible that the dog depicted below companion dogs brought good luck and absence of some molar and premolar represents an ancestor of the Peruvian Hairless. After the Spanish Conquest of Peru in the Crest of hairs 16th century, hairless dogs were persecuted almost to extinction. However, some did Rose ears survive and since the Peruvian Hairless has been a protected breed—part of the.

Elephant-gray Eyes match skin color. Also known as the Mexican Hairless or Three sizes are now recognized: Like all hairless farmers who used the dogs as bed-warmers.

The properties and it would be held In pre-Conquest Mexico hairless dogs dogs are good companions and watchdogs, against painful areas of the body were valued companions and bed-warmers. In addition, protect the home from evil spirits as well being hairless makes them good pets as intruders, and they were thought to for allergy sufferers. Dark gray Head has slight stop and tapering muzzle Traces of dark hair on tail.

Rescue work Baerli, a German Shepherd Dog, explores a hole in the snow as part of his training for avalanche search and rescue work. In the thousands of years since dogs were domesticated, canine helpers have guarded homes, rescued people in danger, gone to war, and looked after the sick and disabled—to give just a few examples.

In this book the working group is represented by breeds traditionally developed for pastoral work and guard duties. In general, the dogs in this highly Australian Cattle Dog see p. Typically, these dogs are there are a few small but nonetheless as they work.

Guardian sheepdogs, massively built and powerful, with robust exceptions. Working dogs are which include mountain breeds such small ears often cropped in countries bred for strength and stamina, and as the Maremma see p.

Usually very as companion dogs. Pastoral herders most people the archetypal shepherd large, many of these dogs are white, are extremely intelligent and generally dog, but many other types of dog heavy-coated, and scarcely easy to train, and often enjoy using are used to work with livestock.

Livestock known, are used for both herding Guard duties of another kind are guardian dogs, because of their size and guarding. Herding dogs have often carried out by dogs of the mastiff and protective nature, are less likely a natural instinct for driving stock, type, recognizable as descendants of to be suited to family life. In recent though not all of them work in the the enormous molossus dogs seen in decades a number of the mastiff-type same way.

Border Collies see p. Such breeds as the Bullmastiff as companions. Although some were order by stalking and staring, while see p. The Saarloos Wolfdog is the result of selective crossbreeding to produce a German Shepherd-type dog with natural traits closer Triangular ears with rounded tips to those of its wolf ancestors. Although it was suggested that this new breed could be useful as a guide dog, the Saarloos Wolfdog Almond- shaped has proved better eyes suited to life as a pet and companion.

However, it needs sensitive handling. Body longer than leg length. Long, arched feet Heavy-coated, broad tail. King Shepherds love to German Shepherd Dogs with wolves, the Czechoslovakian work as herders or guard dogs, but have a placid and tolerant Wolfdog has inherited many of the traits of its wild ancestors.

There are This breed is quick, fearless, resilient, and wary of two coat types: It is also faithful and obedient with Ruff of longer hair familiar handlers, qualities that make Black saddle around neck with tan it an excellent house dog. Predominately black muzzle Yellowish gray Distinctive lighter area on face.

Straight coat Plumed tail White Dark nails Weather-resistant, marking thick coat on chest. The Laekenois is named after the high with alert This handsome variety is now extremely popular.

The Belgian Tervuren has strong protective behavior may be unpredictable. Black ears shaped. Although its by a local breeder. Believed to have originated in Malines. Its beautiful. Strongly muscled back with black tips mostly black to the hairs Fawn with black overlay Almond.

The Dog Encyclopedia

Head carried in the s. Malinois is a short-haired variety of the Belgian Shepherd Dog. Rarely owner who understands the importance of early seen. If responsibly handled. Max von Stephanitz. The German Dog in This new These dogs need to be handled in a calm. Head has clean-cut the German Shepherd Dog has appearance proved valuable as a guard Large. Highly adaptable and obedient. It is also employed dogs used to guard and herd livestock. This breed was developed by a German dog and tracker.

They need plenty of because the name avoided reference to exercise and do well at jobs such as protecting Germany. Rin Tin Tin died in One of the most popular breeds worldwide. Erect ears short-haired. Feathering on underside of tail Coarse. The history of the Picardy High-set.

With quiet and patient training. Reliable and affectionate with family members. Lighter hair Thick coat. There are three varieties of the Dutch Shepherd Dog: Sheepdog is uncertain. The breed has been used for Silver-brindle security and police work. Lighter-colored Short.

With its Erect ears friendly and adaptable nature. Alert and agile. Placid and affectionate.


Black Feathered backs to legs Shorter hair below hock Dense. Originally used as a working dog by Hungarian sheep. Despite its size. By the early 20th A quick learner. Its dense. The Giant Schnauzer is now widely used its large size and impressive bark proving an it is thought. An equable temperament also makes choice for this type of work in other countries tended to be The Giant Schnauzer.

Despite the Dane see p. Black wiry coat Bearded muzzle Strong. Dark eyes Bushy eyebrows overhang eyes Drop ears with rounded tips Tail carried high Dense. In November Lucky was is the most commonly encountered.

When Nic was presented week and trimmed every three months. Calm and easy to train. Of the worked to resurrect the Bouvier des Flandres. During the s breeders president around during press photo shoots word bouvier means cowherd. She started to drag the guarding. As Lucky matured. Dense coat coarse to touch extends over feet One dog that survived was a male named as long as it has plenty of exercise every day. Heavily around neck feathered. Narrow dog.

The Sarplaninac is very much an outdoor. Its unusually forms ruff wavy or curly coat is a distinctive feature. Easy to train for muzzle working dog. Although it has a sociable though protective work.

Drop ears Longer hair herding and guarding instincts. Black hairs intermingle and early socialization. Possibly descended from the powerful mastiffs brought into Named after its home village in the mountains of northern Europe from Asia by nomadic herders. Used for such as wolves. Black lips Tail long-haired Straight. Shepherd Dog in the s.

This dog Triangular. Traditionally used for guarding. Formerly known as the Illyrian Shepherd Dog. Its distinctive alarm bark of Portugal. Formidable in size and strength. The Estrela Mountain Dog is a loyal and friendly herding and guarding in the alpine Karst region of but strong-willed companion that needs consistent and patient Slovenia. Head as wide rounded skull as it is long Flat. There are long-coated and short-coated a good companion with careful training varieties of the breed.

Lively and extremely intelligent. It hindquarters remained almost unknown beyond its native mountain regions until the beginning of the 20th century.

Unmixed colors are preferred. In its native country this shaggy. Crest on top of head Shaggy coat Fringed ears hang resembles Rough. For an active family. With high intelligence.

The Portuguese Sheepdog loves to be outdoors. The shepherd became 50—53cm 12—20kg colors sick and died after coming to the town hospital for treatment in His descended from a dog named Old Hemp.

The dogs activity as. Almost all Border Collies are Tireless energy. He was buried by him. Border Collies excel in this was erected. Distinct stop Low-set tail Muscular. These competitions. Old Hemp was such a good sheepdog mental challenges every day if kept as a pet.

The Dog | Circulatory System | Gray Wolf

Queen Victoria is credited working dogs. More protective companion. Lassie Come Home. It is highly responsive regular grooming to prevent to training and makes an affectionate and tangles and matting. The original dog.

An athletic breed. Choosing Smooth right. The breed is even less familiar owner home or remain with them until help farm and herding dogs. The short-haired coat is known than its rough-haired counterpart.

Loyal and devoted. One or both eyes may be blue in blue merles Ears semierect when alert Long tail Muzzle reaches rounded hock joint at end Short.

As with the people. The dogs are trained to guide their Both breeds are descended from Scottish registered. The breed.

Mild-mannered and friendly. Early Collies were in other countries. Close-set ears beyond the northern coast of mainland Long.

This is not a low-maintenance dog. Bold Short. Darker hairs blend in with main body color Long. Fawn long-haired ears the Briard is an excellent family companion if given regular exercise Black nose and room to run and play. Bursting with energy but easily trained and Black rim around eyes affectionate. Regular grooming hair on face sessions are necessary to maintain the beautiful coat. Old English Sheepdogs are often recognized as being used to drive livestock to market.

Body and hindquarters 56—61cm 27—45kg of solid color. They and the brand made By the midth century the dogs were of exercise. The dogs have been the stars of opposite. The coat always has been dense each other world famous. It and shaggy. This big. Now widely appreciated for its attractive Bred to work on the plainlands of Northern Europe as a herder and appearance.

Moving as if on springs. Long topknot of hair an owner who can establish authority early on. Quick to react. Rozavel Golden Eagle build. Queen Elizabeth II. Monty now deceased. One of her dogs. The Queen has owned of tail. The low-slung shape and name derives from the legend that fairies general agility made used these dogs as their steeds.

The training. King George VI. Corgis have a tendency to gain two breeds were crossed for a time in the weight easily so need a regulated regime 19th century. Their direction from the rest of the coat. Brindle sturdy Large. Uncommon as a house dog. Relatively long. Like the Welsh Corgis above and p.

Less popular as a house dog than its relative. This tough and workmanlike breed long head continues to make itself useful on Swedish farms. White markings muscular on chest neck Grayish yellow Oval feet Full of character. Typical tan markings Long. Rottweiler see p. Black by any kennel club due to its mixed breeding.

Foxlike head Chocolate Fine-boned but muscular legs Developed in New Zealand to be a working sheepdog. The New Zealand Huntaway lacks a breed standard and is not recognized Short. Energetic and Thick. An all-action dog. It originated in the 19th sudden bursts of speed. The crossbreeding had resulted in a dog with strong herding instincts.

The breed is notable for its and guarding. An ancestry that terrain and intense heat. In the s a includes the dingo has.

These dogs were. Many still have the blue-merle coloring of their collie Low-set tail hangs in a slight curve Coat longer and thicker on neck Red speckle Round feet with strong. Bull energy. Bred collies with dingos. The dog worked for more than 20 years herding sheep and cattle as below on a diet of kangaroo and emu meat. Distinctive tan markings on legs Pronounced stop on skull covered by hair Tail carried low Flocked coat A sheepdog and guard dog.

Its weatherproof coat is thick.

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Its corded coat needs special attention. Black cross between the Hungarian Puli terrierlike High-set tail head below and terrier-type dogs from Germany and France.

Coat forms long cords Short. An excellent herder of livestock and a good all-around farm dog. Affectionate and quick to learn. Bold and restless. Today the largest populations are in Hungary and the US. Many were used to guard military installations during World War II and were killed in service.

It was not until the early 20th and instincts. Daily grooming is essential wolves and bears. The earliest written evidence of dogs although they are more suited to being of this type dates from the midth century. The Komondor is even shorn like a sheep each summer to remove the long. Raised in human company they have similar protective habits toward family members. The dogs in turn treat the sheep as members of their pack and protect them. The puppies are raised with sheep from infancy and live with them all year round so the sheep are not afraid of them.

Dark eyes partially obscured by coat Very long. Tan markings Blue merle White hair extends across neck. Its name derives from its ancestors. But its strong guarding instincts mean that this dog is not always suited to a domestic lifestyle. The Australian Shepherd. Also known as the Atlas Mountain Dog. Short hair thick. Like many herding and. There are two coat types: Blaze extends White with to muzzle cream and gray markings Wolf-gray Black nose Profuse hair on tail Slightly longer hair on neck forms ruff Rough.

Romanian Shepherd Dogs are arose in the north. With strong watchdog mountains. Romanian Shepherd Dogs are little others in size. Romanian Shepherd Dog breeds were c. In the mountainous Carpathian region of From the s onward efforts were made the Romanian Shepherd Dog is an impressive animal.

Those used for herding were said distinct types: All face the attacks of wild animals. The ancient molossus dogs were used Romania. All types have to be strong highly territorial and suspicious of strangers.

The different in battle. Swiss mountain dogs. Tricolor Slightly curved. Tail carried in tight curl the Appenzell Cattle Dog has also taken well to urban life. Bouncing with than leg length high spirits. Reddish Keen. The breed is affectionate by Franz Schertenlieb who traveled all over and reliable with children. Because of this practice. This breed was used in the personality and kind nature.

It is also still used for farm too. Although large and strong. Reddish brown slightly wavy coat markings extend down to feet In recent years it Switzerland looking for dogs and. A breed club was formed in Swiss canton of Berne. The breed are not overly dominant. The Dog is attractive in coat is heavy. They enjoy human to control stock and guard property. White Broad head with Triangular. When not working as a draft also used to pull carts to transport goods breeds. Developed over the next guard duties.

It is independent-minded and needs as a companion dog. White muscular body Coat has symmetrical High-set. Tan spots and long-haired. The dog had all but disappeared by the beginning of two decades.

There makes it a sociable family companion are two coat types: If kept toward its human family. Good-tempered and intelligent. After a long history as a livestock guardian. A true working dog. Shorter hair Moderate stop on face Heavily Weatherproof.

Bernard see selective breeding of this dog began in the former USSR and p. The nomadic herdsmen of Central Asia—the regions now type dogs have probably been around for several thousands of years. Once bred selectively in the former USSR. Developed from various large dogs. White with feathered tail White coarse coat lemon markings Dense coat Biscuit Powerful shoulders Typical mastiff- type body Feathering on Large. An excellent watchdog. Massive head Feathered tail.

After the two World Wars. In the s developed in the midth century by crossing a St. The monks sent of space and food.

Encyclopedia of Dog Breeds

Hospice in the Swiss Alps. A monument to the original Barry right can be found in the Paris dog cemetery. Barry is said to have rescued more than 40 people. During the 19th century the breed was created by the monks of St. The monks particularly in England where the Saint crossbred the various mastiff-type dogs Bernard was crossed with English Mastiffs that had existed in the Swiss valleys for to produce a larger.

Since then. It is relatively rare as a house dog could smell people hidden under snow and due to its giant size and its need for plenty sense impending avalanches.

The animals children. He was owned by the monks of St. In the s some crosses were made with Newfoundland dogs see p. Plumed tail Tan patches and dark shading on head Dense. Usually on a bear or a wolf. Large and courageous enough to take just as seriously when guarding home and household.

Intelligent and calm. Owners should. Aside from its bicolored coat. The breed has a protective nature and Bushy is renowned for being gentle tail with children.

Its large size rules this dog out as a pet for a small home. White with feathered behind black markings The Tibetan Mastiff has strong westward with the armies of Attila the Hun protective instincts. The coat needs plenty of grooming breed only started and is not suited for hot. The dogs were often left to In its native country.

Tibetan Mastiffs Tibetan Mastiff bitches come into season have been exported once a year rather than twice. The breed Since the 18th century takes time to reach full maturity and needs small numbers of thorough. Ancestors of these dogs were brought tendencies. Tibetan Mastiffs are also its native land. Bushy tail carried curled over back Short-haired drop ears Black with tan markings Powerful jaws Coat forms mane around neck and White star shoulders on chest Typical tan markings on legs Dense.

Splash was sold to a Chinese coal baron for monasteries. Very hardy and ready to go outdoors in any Kuvasz an acceptable house dog. Little known as a companion dog but growing in popularity. The Tibetan Kyi Apso has good house dog.

This large. White minimal stop Black Dense coat Long. Tactful training is needed to achieve the best results. Slightly wavy drop ears wiry coat coat Profusely feathered. Employed extensively by the if well socialized by an experienced owner military and police in Germany during WWI.

The breed was centered in the status symbol. They are now the used by Roman armies to drive cattle on by military and police forces. This quality combined with its size 58—69cm 38—59kg and strength makes it an ideal dog for law enforcement and security work.

Rottweilers are more agile particularly for work as a police dog than their size and sturdy build might suggest. Rottweilers are extensively used and the UK in the s. The Rottweiler has acquired an image where the dogs were interbred with local as a vicious guard dog and an intimidating cattle dogs. Some of the drovers and and in search and rescue work. The coat a Chinese Shar-Pei varies in length from very short became a fashion and prickly to the touch the horse statement due to its coat to slightly longer and PUPPY rarity.

People started smoother hair the brush coat. Brindle Black mask High-set. Body length hard coat profusely exceeds leg length covered in hair Black nose Brindle Erect ears Strong neck with slight Strong. Tucked-up dewlap slender legs belly Short coat Fawn A powerful believed to have descended from the semi-wild dogs once used for breed. Drop ears Slightly Coarse-textured. Uruguayan Cimarron was used for guarding and herding. Huge but beautifully by Spanish and Portuguese colonists and crossed with local dog proportioned.

Bred to guard large estates and livestock. Bred by farmers in the remote area of Cerro Largo. Early socialization is essential. Dogo Argentino has a kind temperament but can be overprotective.

Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog Broad. The breed area of South Africa. Dogs may have patches of any color. Muscular and intrepid. By the early 19th century such dogs were almost extinct. Affectionate with family and friends. Thick tail tapers muscular neck square head slightly to tip Darker tip to muzzle Double dewlap Long.

White with blue merle Strong. Bulldog-type dogs were once commonly used as guards in the plantations of southern Georgia. Fawn some hind legs sleek Large. Kind Boerboel is a formidable guard dog of huge size and strength. Darker muzzle bushy tail and drop ears Drop ears Coat has Powerful Short.

This dog is still rare and not widely known outside the US. Almond- Characteristic Fawn shaped eyes Strong. Energetic outdoors. Experienced handling is still necessary. More graceful in build than Miguel. Fawn however. It can make a good house dog. The breed is quiet and obedient with a trusted owner but many types of mastiff.

Thick tail carried low at rest Dewlap from throat to chest Heavily muscled legs An Englishman. Because of its endurance a Boxer is likely to get along well with any and courage. At home. Powerful and athletic. The Boxer plenty of room for romping around in the in its modern form was developed in the open. With early socializing.

It is loyal. Almost any sort of fun owner—this German breed is so big on keeps a Boxer happy but. There are several stories about how the Boxer got its name—the most charming.

Despite his scary exterior. The dog is now honored this dog needs lots of living space and as the national mastiff of Italy. Blood Prince held at the Gard du Nord. Fang is seen below on the red carpet breeders known as Mastinari. The armies took Neapolitan Mastiff can be quick and agile his master. Neapolitan In the area around Naples. Despite its heavy frame. Although he is giving rise to the various mastiff breeds. Because of its size. Like war in the Roman armies.

The Neapolitan Mastiff can be calm. He is noted for keeping dangerous the Roman amphitheater and as dogs of expression. Although dog on farms and country estates.

Sir even-tempered. In later centuries. Roman occupation. It could then be compared with athletic dog breeds. This series of the Mastiff is another breed that was the 19th century on large country estates. Mastiffs looked somewhat different. Sheer size is probably the the Battle of Agincourt in One of the oldest British breeds.

It is intelligent and for guarding homes and protecting livestock trainable. Strong and imposing. Mastiff defended its wounded owner. Piers Legh. The breed of his extensive study on animal locomotion. The breed had all but disappeared by the mastiff types. Fawn muscular High-set tail.

Very large. With a more reliable temperament than many other at home. Mastiff see p. The tenacious bulldog nose or throat. The so the modern breed is very different from James Gillray. The wide head and protruding It does have a stubborn streak as well as spirit became associated with World Wars I lower jaw gave the Bulldog its legendary grip.

With a rousing the embattled nation to defend itself breathing without relaxing its bite. Despite its waddling gait. Bullbaiting was banned in Britain in wrinkled head.

These dogs need a lot of human to hunt bear and wild boar. They are also effective guard with the speed and strength to bring dogs. In fact. Shaggy below rescue their friends and defeat elegance and dignity with tall stature.

The record holder in Takamoto comically distorted these features to create a gangling. The Great Dane needs plenty of down large quarry. His creator. Scooby Doo and his hapless human friend after the Greek god. After she had described to him A colossal but gentle and affectionate family pet. Despite its imposing appearance. The original company. They are content to a mixture of mastiff-type dogs and Irish be house dogs. Pulling together A team of Siberian Huskies plows effortlessly through deep snow.

With an experienced handler. Descent from wolves is apparent in most spitz-type dogs: The more ancient history of the Today the sled-hauling spitz breeds are length and density according to the spitz group remains uncertain. Breeds such as the Greenland Dog and now often works as a guard dog.

Many of the modern spitz-type dogs and not infrequently ended up being Spitz dogs. These a larger type of dog. Other spitz dogs have been temperatures are small. As house dogs. Other features theory currently being explored is that tourists who want to try their hand at for preventing heat loss in low spitz-type dogs all have their earliest dog-driving.

One popular for endurance racing and with origin of a breed. An alongside tribal movements into wolf and bear. The 20—27in 60—lb Over 10 years Any color explorers Robert Peary — and Roald 51—68cm 27—48kg Amundsen — used the sled dogs and handling methods of indigenous Arctic peoples. The breed and are trained to pull sleds of up to 1. Amundsen below took Greenland Dogs on This friendly dog has great strength and endurance and his attempt to conquer the South Pole in The hunters also train their dogs to keep it busy.

With the right on polar bears. Greenland Dogs were used for working on Antarctic bases until they were banned from The classic sled dog of polar expeditions. Bushy tail curls loosely over back Black and fawn Small.

The animals work as a pack owner. Dogs of this The Greenland Dog needs careful type were brought to Greenland from Siberia training and handling because it is both with migrating people 5.

Encyclopedia dog pdf breeds

Huskies have a strong pack instinct and In Huskies from Siberia were need to be with both people and other introduced to Alaska for dogsled racing. The coat the export of Siberian Huskies. A statue of Balto was erected in Central Park. In the Soviets stopped puppy with other pets early on. New York City. Long used as a sled dog by the Chukchi Siberian Huskies make peaceable. The thick double coat protects instinct to pull means that they need against extreme cold.

Siberian uses its bushy tail to keep its face warm. The Siberian Husky proved itself in polar expeditions. Balto led the last team. The breed remains popular Foxlike in sports such as dogsled racing. Husky has great endurance and an appetite They are independent-minded. In winter a team of The wolflike Alaskan Malamute is socializing can quickly become aggressive. Malamutes could haul half a ton of equipment over the snow-covered terrain in subzero named after the Native American Mahlemut The breed also has a strong chasing temperatures.

In summer, used as pack animals, people who bred these dogs to pull heavy instinct and can disappear far and fast they could carry a 50lb 23kg load over a loads and travel great distances across in pursuit of small animals that it sees distance of 20 miles 32km.

Owners should be cautious about of transport. Today it is still used to haul where and when to exercise this dog off freight in remote North American locations, the leash. A quick learner, the Alaskan and successfully takes part in dogsled Malamute has a strong will, so needs racing competitions.

A bored dog, with energy to spare, can be Malamute is a friendly dog, at least toward destructive if left at home without people, which means that it cannot be relied supervision.

Although its thick coat sheds on as a guard dog.

Encyclopedia pdf breeds dog

It likes children but is in spring, there is a risk of overheating if too big and boisterous to be left alone the dog is overexercised in hot weather, with a small child. The Alaskan Malamute, and so needs access to shade. The hardy especially the male, tends to be intolerant Alaskan Malamute is happy to sleep of strange dogs, and without thorough outdoors, provided it has a companion. Erect, triangular ears Slight furrow with rounded tips and between eyes furry inner surfaces. Heavily Thick, coarse outer muscled coat over oily, thighs woolly, deep undercoat White predominates on underbody.

Up to 13in 33cm Toy: Up to 9lb 4kg Over 10 years Miniature: The family mated Alaskan and Siberian huskies with small dogs to This miniature version of the Siberian It is highly intelligent and curious, create a mini husky and gave their new breed Husky see p.

Although the Alaskan Klee Kai Kai is found in three sizes: There are two forms of coat: However, unlike and mental health. Any children in the family Kais good watchdogs. The dogs molt need to be taught to treat the dog gently, twice a year, and the full-coated type as the Alaskan Klee Kai can snap if teased. Triangular, erect ears Dense, moderately long coat Heavy-coated, brushlike tail. Eyes of this dog are different colors Tapering muzzle. Characteristic facial mask.

Black and white. Lighter-colored underparts. One of the oldest breeds of sled dog in the world, the Canadian Tail carried up or curled over back Short, straight, muscular neck Eskimo Dog, or Inuit Dog, is built for survival in the harshest conditions. This breed has a natural instinct for running with a pack and enjoys company, either canine or human. Thick coat Short hair has coarse lines ears outer hairs.

Deep, broad chest. Powerful Piebald jaws. Large, round, arched feet. Developed as a sled dog at the beginning of the 20th century Developed in Finland, this fearless hunting dog was bred to in the US, the Chinook is the result of various crosses between challenge big game, particularly bear and elk. The Karelian mastiffs, the Greenland Dog see p. This breed is unlikely to settle well into domestic life.

Black and Ruff of white Sandy longer hair Slightly around neck tucked-up belly Oval feet with webbed toes. This strikingly attractive dog has a high-maintenance coat, Long, bushy tail carried over back, falls to but its cheerful disposition makes it an excellent family pet one side.

Developed by the nomadic Samoyedic This dog craves company and likes to be kept people of Siberia, this beautiful dog was occupied mentally and physically. Intelligent used for herding and guarding reindeer and spirited, a bored or lonely Samoyed will and for sled-hauling.

The breed responds well to thoughtful tent and enjoying human companionship. Seasonal shedding of the the late 19th and early 20th centuries, undercoat can be very heavy but, except but it appears likely that this breed in very warm conditions, normally was included among sled teams taken occurs only once a year.

The modern Samoyed retains the sociable and easygoing temperament that made it so valued as part of a nomadic family. Behind the smiling expression characteristic of the breed is an affectionate nature and a desire to be friends with everyone. However, the Samoyed retains the watchdog instincts for which it was bred.

Although never aggressive, it will bark at anything that arouses its suspicion. The nomads depended on their dogs for guarding their reindeer herds and encampments. The Samoyedic people revered their dogs, and in return the dogs developed a notable gentleness and sympathy toward humans. Erect, round-tipped ears Dark eyes rimmed thickly lined with hair with black. Ruff of longer, denser hair around neck. Broad, wedge- shaped head.

Thick, soft coat Typical smiling with silver-tipped expression outer hairs. Bred for hunting in the forests of Siberia, this handsome The popularity of this Russian hunting dog is widespread in its dog is very popular in its native country.

The breed is strong own country and also reaches into Scandinavia. Although it has Although the West Siberian Laika has a steady temperament, a strong instinct for following big game, it is controllable, its readiness to hunt makes it unsuitable as steady-tempered, and a house dog for most families. Straight coat with Coat on neck and lighter woolly Tail carried shoulders forms underlayer in tight curl longer collar over back. Erect ears High-set ears thickly lined held erect with hair Sable Sandy Broad head.

PetCoach - Ask a vet for free. Ask vets for free health, nutrition and behavior advice about your dog or cat. Pet care. Everything necessary for pet care is here. For dogs, cats, ferrets, birds Andrey Solovyev. Photo-quiz about the most popular breeds of dogs. Play 10 games with cute dogs! Lynn Marks.

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