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Anime Light Novels: Date A Live Volume 12 - Itsuka Disaster PDF Download. tsunako date a live yamai kaguya yamai yuzuru yoshino (date a live) bikini. Entradas sobre Date A Live Volumen 12 En Español escritas por Universo Novelas Ligeras. [light novel][English] Date A Live. Volume 12 PDF Volume 13 PDF Date A Live Encore Vol 1: Kurumi Star Festival Chapter

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Date a Live 12 - Itsuka Disaster - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online for free. Date a Live 12 - Itsuka Disaster. Date a Live 13 - Nia Creation - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online for free. Date a Live 13 - Nia Creation. Itsuka Disaster (五河ディザスター, Itsuka Dizasutā?) is the 12th volume of Date A Live light novel series. Itsuka Shido went berserk without any warning DEM prepares to use their newly acquired data from Tohka to invert their own captured Spirit.

Mayuri Judgement. The mansion is an high-rise mansion taller than all other building around it. Since Shidou was holding the hem of Tohkas muffler, it looks as if Shidou was holding a leash extending out from Tohkas collar. Actually, the current Origami was slightly different from the Origami that they spent time with before. She was wearing a dress that looks like its covered with blood and shadow, had an irregular hairstyle and different eyes.

I can has nice things? Welcome, Guest. Please login or register. Did you miss your activation email? Home Help Login Register. Author Topic: Yesterday was the last day of spring vacation, so starting this morning it was a school day. After being woken up by his cute little sister, Itsuka Shidou believed that it would be the start of another normal day.

As for predicting the chance meeting with the girl who called herself a spirit…… Along with a sudden shockwave, the townscape vanished without a trace. In a corner of the street which had now become a crater, the girl was there. You, have you come to kill me too? There are only two ways to stop this girl: His little sister Kotori, wrapped in a military uniform, thus said to Shidou: April 02, , Kurumi Star Festival Chapter http: Nia claps her hand and start eating.

Nia gulped down a Zosui and let out a "AAhhhhhhh" voice like an old man in a hot spring. Tears then start coming out from her eyes. Nia thanked Shidou for the food and tell him it has been a week since she eat a warm food. Shidou make a wry smile and take her bowl.

But before he leave the room, "Ah, wait a minute" "Don't tell me you want more? In that case I'm sorry, the ingredient I used to made this was for my dinner's. If you want more you should order a delivery. That's not what I meant. So can you help me with it? Even a simple task is fine. I'm going to add extra for the pay! What are you talking about? I can't do that.

Or do you have any business? I can't take any responsibility if I made any mistakes. Just only erasing the pencil trace. It required quite some stamina you know. I have too many things to do right now. If I leave it like this, I can't definitely finish the next manuscript on time" "Haa. Fine, but only for simple tasks, okay? Well then, let's go to the work room.

Here is too small for two to work. It's now like this because I want to be able to collapse down right away if I'm going to die while working, but I actually have other room for work! It's not! Shidou widen his eyes once he entered the room. In the middle of the room, there is a large table with lots of drawing material on it. All sides of the room are full of bookshelves like.

Nia's bedroom, the difference is that drawing reference are lined up inside those shelves. This place feels like a craftman's sacred ground" "It's okay, okay! Ah, or do you like the desk in my room better? So you want to work while breathing an air of my body scent? Shidou then confirm with Nia that he only need to do Gomu-kake erasing. Nia say yes to him and wear her glasses then point him to the pile of paper she already finished inking. Didn't you want me to do only Gomu-kake!?

Even if it's Beta-nuri, you shouldn't let an amateur do it! If you're dexterous enough you can do it. Feel free to use anything as long as you can paint it black. The trick is to paint small corners with fine tip pen first, then do the larger part with something quick. I'm sure you can do it. Boy, you have used drawing material before, right? W-what do you mean, out of sudden". Nia lift up the tip of her mouth and continue, "Boy, do you know?

Someone who doesn't know anything about manga wouldn't call erasing as 'Gomu-kake' or call a black ink as 'Beta'? You used to draw an illustration for your own original character when you were in elementary school, right?

Well, I can understand that. I can definitely understand that. At first you drew in a notebook using a pencil, but once you found manga tools in stationery store, you thought you could try. N-no, I" "After that you started thinking about screen tones, but then you saw that the price is so high even though it could be used only once. But then you see the price of the painting software and pen tablet.

Don't say anything anymore. I have my work over there. Shidou let out a sigh and sit on the chair then start erasing pencil lines. After that, Shidou pick a pen on the desk and start painting black as instructed. After a while, when Shidou finished painting all the manuscript, Nia come in to the room once again. Ooh, you're good at this. It has been a while since I have to do something this delicate.

When he raise up his face, he then startled at Nia's looks. Nia has changed her clothes from a roomwear into a maid uniform with lots of exposure. Shidou gulp down his saliva. Ah, this? I bought it for a reference a long time ago. So I thought I'd give you some service and cheer you up. Remember, I did said I'll add extra for the pay? How about it? Even though my breasts is not so big, my figure is pretty good right? This is just a service. Here is your pay. Nia make an evil smile and then put the envelope between her breasts.

Live date pdf a 12

Just take it. However, the envelop then slipped between her breasts onto the floor. He feel he won't be able to go back if he continues. What about the pay? It was a valuable experience for me. Just get this and buy something good to eat. Nia widen her eyes in surprise. Don't collapse down by the roadside again. However Nia then pull Shidou's cloth. Wait a minute! I can't be convinced just for that. Boy, are you free this Saturday? What's it, all of sudden".

I'll let you date me. Ah, of course I'll pay for everything. I haven't bought anything for a while, so I want to go to Akiba. Shidou ever heard someone say "Giku" for the first time. What about asking your friends? But she quickly returned to her usual tone and scratch her head.

I don't have any friends. Seeing that, Nia then lift up the tip of her mouth and continue, "Isn't it your job to make Spirits go dere for you, boy?

No Itsuka Shidou-kun? Chapter 2 - Akiba, I have returned! Their body is full of bandage and plaster. In front of them, Isaac Westcott is reading a document in his hand. Just only a little reaction from Westcott is enough to make sweat start pouring out of their face. Keep quiet" - Burton called Knox in a small voice.

Knox replied back to him in a small voice without averting his eyes away from Westcott. Burton decide to keep quiet per Knox's suggestion. However, he thought a chit-chat in a place like this will only worsen the situation. What they should do right now is to keep quiet like a stone.

Westcott could make them ending up in the street just for a whim. Given Ellen Mathers is standing next to Westcott, only a word of order can easily remove Knox and Burton's head from their neck. Knox and Burton frown. However Westcott do not care about their reaction and throw the report on the table.

He then walk to Knox and Burton. It may be a punishment, or a lay off, or worst, an order to Ellen to get rid of them. Knox close his eyes while biting his inner teeth. You wound should recover quickly using Realizer. Come back to work once you have enough rest. They looked at each other and let out a dumb voice. Seeing their reaction, Westcott only make a wondering face unable to understand what they were expecting.

Few moments, he then realized, "Ah, I see. Sure thing, you both will recieve compensation " "No, that's not what I meant! But judging from the report, the accident wasn't your fault.

Don't you think it's stupid to lose a good staff because of personal reason? Beside, it's better to let her free for now. Thanks to you, I don't have to setup the stage. He couldn't understand why Westcott would bring 'Material A' to Japan just to let it free. When he look into that direction, Burton who turned his face pale is shaking his head left and right. Knox then realize he was going to stick his nose into something unnecessary. Then if you don't mind we're leaving" "Sure.

Knox and Burton then leave the room. While leaving, Knox was scared that Westcott might call him to stop. However, nothing happened. After they walk some distance from the room, Knox and Burton let out their breath like they couldn't breath up until now. Knox do the same and reply to him, "I don't know. I'm sure his brain has different structure from us. It's useless to try to understand. Rather " "Rather? They're still inside DEM Industry's office building. Knox can't be sure that his conversation won't be heard by someone.

There is no way he could say he don't think "that" is a human being like himself. Or rather, that man probably do not consider himself to be the same being as Knox and Burton. He call Burton's name and walk down the hallway, while thinking of a candidate for his new workplace. The girl who used a pen name Honjou Souji as a mangaka.

It's not that Shidou couldn't understand what she just said. Rather, he is perplexing because he couldn't believe what she just said.

Not only that, she also know about Shidou's name and Shidou's objective. Heard that, Nia then remove her glasses and listlessly brush her hair up.

I wonder how. How mysterious? Who are you! I'll tell you. Nia wave her hand and reply to him in a casual tone. The light started gathering around Nia's body. Shidou let out a voice in wonder while narrowing his eyes. Not before long, the light calm down. Nia in front of him changed from the maid uniform from earlier into a sister dress made of light fabric.

Well, if you know something else that could do this, I'd rather be that. She replied to Shidou and laugh. However, when she see no reaction from Shidou who is still astonished and shuddered at what happened, she put her hand on her hip and bend her lips in dissatisfaction. Now I just look stupid with all the tease. He feel all the air of tension in the room is being disperse away. Or maybe you go Doki! Also also, don't you think this Astral Dress is pretty lewd? Look at the slit here at the joint of my legs.

The whole. Shidou's face went red when he seen her white thigh through the slit of her dress. Shidou avert his eyes away from her. That, that! That reaction! Ehehehe, good good, boy.

Light Novel Volume 20

So you have legs fetish? You're still young, it's okay if you're a little more greedy. Even though her dress looked like that of a chaste sister, the actual person wearing it is a complete opposite.

I'm still confused at the situation. I understand that Nia is a spirit. But how did you know about me? That I um, persuade the spirits. Nia then bring her hand in front of her. The large sacred book is covered with a material that is not both leather nor a metal.

On top of it is a cross like in her Astral Dress. An omniscient angel that know everything in this world. What do you mean? It's exactly as it means.

Like something that is happening somewhere in this world, or who is doing something. For example like that time you finished shopping and were walking into that street. Seeing that, Nia then giggled. That you found a girl collapsing on the street by accident, and when you helped her, turned out she is a spirit. No, there's no way that is possible. If it was me, I definitely won't make that a prologue to the story. Shidou purred out of nervousness.

Rather, if there were any implication in doing so, that would be pretty scary story in itself. But if she say there's no implication, then it's still kinda bother him. However, that doesn't change the fact that Nia invite him to her room while knowing everything since the start. Shidou shake his head to clear his mind. Why did you invited me here?

It's not exactly like I have any business with you. If I were to mention one, I just wanted to see Boy with my own eyes. Nothing beats seeing the real one. Even though it's true that Shidou help Nia who collapsed on the street, but that was all Nia's plans.

Noticing Shidou's reaction, Nia then shake her head left and right. For when you helped me at the beginning of this month. This is the first time he met her. The beginning of this month was when his Path with other spirits narrowed down. Rather, it was when everyone helped Shidou. Remember, when you respond to my calling and shot that transport plane down for me.

I could escaped thanks to that. Shidou's memory of that time was vague, but he remembered he released his spirit power because someone was calling him. But that plane" "I was being transported by that plane. By DEM Industry's plane. DEM" - Shidou make a severe look when he heard that word.

Well, because I was being captured by them. They kept me in underground facility so long. Thanks to that my body is all stiffen. I also have to halt my serialization for so long because of that.

Date a Live 12 - Itsuka Disaster

It was the worst. Thanks to the tone of her, Shidou almost ignored what she just said. Shidou widen his eyes when he realized the meaning of her words. By DEM!? I think it was 5 years ago? Er, what's her name again, that sickly girl. Nia take a look at the page and clap her hands. Ellen Mira Mathers. I was beaten by her. I can't really do anything back then. She were secretly waiting to ambush and sudden went DON!

They were connecting me to some sort of machines and was really fed up. Ah, no. Let me change my words. There's one thing really harsh they did to me. They didn't let me write any manga. My drawing sense would definitely become dull if I didn't draw something that long. How could they compensate if the sales dropped? Even though she said that, Shidou thought her treatment could be considered pretty gentle coming from DEM.

However, Shidou have one thing stuck in his mind. He look back at Nia and ask, "But since your angel is all-knowing, how did you not knew the ambush" "Ah, no no. It's not that. It's not that I could see into the future, nor it could automatically detect any danger coming to me either. In summary, I can't escape something that I don't know. Let's say it's just a super powerful search engine. I thought the ability was powerful but looks like there's also some restriction.

On the flip side, that means " - Nia laugh audaciously and pull a decoration on her cape with her fingers. The tip of that decoration is in a shape of a pen. I'm almost done. Few minutes later, "Well, I guess this is it. Very very soon. Er uwa!? Suddenly, Shidou's body started moving on its own. Here, here. Shidou's body then mount on her back on its own and start massaging Nia's waist. This is good" "W-wait, what is this!? Boy's so pervert! That is when Shidou could move his body once again.

Shidou quickly step away from where he was and start breathing heavily. Noticing Shidou, Nia stand up and giggle. In that page, it is a manga with character like Shidou and Nia describing what they have done just now. That means the future is something within Nia's control.

It's beyond just terrifying the power is nearly resembles that of the god's. However, there is one thing stuck in Shidou's mind. Isn't it faster to write a text? But if I have to spend that much time to describe only few seconds of an event, I'd rather use that free time to work. The power is not that convenient, see. Even though the power is powerful enough to bend the will of this world for some reason Shidou doesn't feel the power is that much of an issue in Nia's hands.

Noticing Shidou's face, Nia then make a dissatisfaction looks once again. You're making a face like you're underestimating me again. If Boy is going to take that attitude, then let me show you one more thing. How scary it is to know everything that already happened in this world.

She look at the page and put her hand on her chin. Instant Lighting Blast? That's pretty cool. Nia continue to read the page while giggling. The Black-Clothed Fighter Lieven, eh? Ah, I agree. Black is cool don't you think. Ah, but if you're going to create a story with him as a main character, I'd suggest to give him some weak point that the reader could sympathize with and to add tension to the story. Also I think it may because of your age that you may feel ashamed writing a girl's character, but you should give more thought into main girl's settings.

Since her character will directly associate with the sales. He feel like someone is hollowing out his stomach. Shidou writhe in pain for few moments on the floor and stand up while breathing heavily. Nia then look at him with a triumphant smile. Very very much. I'm sorry that I misunderestimating it. Nia nodded in satisfaction. Well anyway, for me it's as I said. Thank to you, I can escape from that place and resume my serialization. I'm really grateful for that. Saving the world by making Spirits Dere is such a amusing idea.

So you'll have to persuade me too, right? Even though Nia seems to already adapted to the society, it's still unknown when will she cause a Space Quake. Leaving her alone like this is too dangerous. Noticing Shidou's looks, Nia then nodded to him. Isn't it looks interesting? Don't you think a secret society is also very exciting?

Also as I said earlier, I'm very grateful to you. So I think I'll give you a chance as a thank you. He then remembered what Nia said earlier, that she will have a day off once she finished the manuscript. I'm not budge on this one. Since I'm locked out for 5 years, my body needs 2D. The withdrawal is really bad. I'm shivering to read the contiuation of this and that book and new series from this and that author.

I'll also be busy with Comico at the end of year. I won't able to find any time for a while. So you have my regards. I'm more or less pretty popular you know. You could say a doujinshi event. I thought I have to skip this year since I don't have a booth, but I'm able to rent a booth from someone who can't participate due to sudden illness.

I still have the manuscript from before I was caught by DEM. She then noticed Shidou is being left behind in the topic and look back at him. Well in summary, this is what I meant. If you could make me Dere, then do it. Shidou gulped down his saliva at her words full of self-confidence.

I don't like spoiling something so someone, and also hate being spoilered. Being commander at 14 sure is amazing. So please think up a plan without any worry with your sister. But even if I do say so, it's really hard to make me Dere, you know? Make sure to prepare yourself. I also have to finish my manuscript. And doesn't Boy also have to make dinner for everyone? I'll send you the location and the time later.

Ah, your mail address, do you mind if I check it on my own? Thank you. See you later. I'm looking forward to it. Hearing his story, Kotori quickly come back home.

Kotori couldn't believe what Shidou was saying that there is a spirit who have been working as mangaka since several years ago.

While Shidou and Kotori are talking, Tohka call them from behind. Shido, what are you talking with Kotori? Well about work. Sorry for disturbing. After that, another voice is heard from the living room, " Shidou, my entrails desire for an offering. Quickly sacrifice me something. Kaguya was saying 'I'm hungry. I want to eat Shidou's delicious meal nyan. It'll be done very soon. Shidou were talking about the spirit with Kotori while cooking. If someone were to look from outside, nobody would thought they're talking about the topic that influence the fate of this world.

Yoshino, Natsumi and Tohka who were talking to each other then joins Kaguya and Yuzuru and begin preparing the table. Not just being able to know everything she want to know, but also able to write the future. What a terrifying angel it is. W-What are you talking about? Kotori knitted her brows while turning her cheek red. I told our parents that I did it since you cried that much.

Thinking back now, dad and mom's probably knows judging from their face back then" "Kyaa! Heard that, Kotori scream and close Shidou's mouth with her hands. Yamai sisters who heard the conversation then look at them. What are you talking about. You two looks fun. I think I heard about wetting bed just now.

More importantly! If you've finished preparing the table, let's help arranging the food! Kaguya can you take care of mackerel, Yuzuru can you take care of the stew!? I understand" - Kotori answered to them and hand Kaguya and Yuzuru the chopsticks and a ladle.

Yamai sisters being overwhelmed by Kotori looks quickly follow her command. After Kotori see them start moving their hands, she look back to Shidou. Shidou choked when he saw Kotori's face. Shidou then remembered Kotori also know a lot of Shidou's past. If he try to disobey her, then it's not very hard to think what will happen. Shidou raised up both of his hands to give up. Seeing that, Kotori then let out a small breath and sit on the chair.

I mean if an angel like that exists, all kind of security will become useless. Even a country's most classified information could be known easily. Depends how you use it, it could easily trigger a war. And to think something like that were in DEM's hands until now it's scary enough to think about it. Kotori take Chupa Chups out of her mouth and swing it like a conductor's baton.

That's right! Kotori avert her eyes and continue, "it might also know about the memory that Shidou and Mana forgot. Even though Shidou and Mana are supposed to be siblings, they do not have memories when they are together.

Kotori make a complex expression on her face and rest her elbows on the table. We are not sealing spirits in order to abuse their power. The primary objective is to put Nia under our protection. Of course, I'll support you as usual, but give it your all, Shidou. If he were to put that as primary objective, Nia would probably able to sense that selfish motive of him. Shidou is waiting for Nia at the front of Electric Town ticket gate in Akihabara station.

He is paying his attention to the ticket gate to not overlook Nia. Can you hear, Shidou? Even though she doesn't seems to like to fight make sure to pay attention to her.

She even said she don't have much time, I'll have to somehow raise up her affection today. Next moment, another voice is then hear from the Incom, 'Commander, Shidou-kun, she's here! The target Nia! So she's here. Shidou scan his eyes through the enormous number of people who just came down from the train and went pass the ticket gate.

Among those people, a familiar face could be found. Nia the spirit who Shidou have an appointment with today. She is wearing jeans with a down jacket and covering her mouth with a scarf.

Her glasses become foggy every time she breath. The rucksack is completely flat as if she didn't put anything in it. Not only that, she also have a carry cart folded and tied to the suitcase with a belt. Noticing Shidou, Nia then wave her hand and drag her suitcase to him. Good morning. You looked fully equipped today, don't you?

We haven't even buy any items yet. Live feed of Nia in clothes without any attractiveness is shown in the monitor on the wall with a choice appeared above it: It suits you very well. Let me choose you a new one. Kotori command the crew to begin choosing. The crew then start manipulating the console in front of them. Not before long, the result appear on the screen. I didn't thought 1 would have the least votes. If he praise her clothes, that would sounds like a sarcasm.

Kotori don't disagree with them, since Nia's clothings is very un-girl-like. Start with something harsh and let her see the gentle side. You also create a chance to choose her a new cloth with this choice. I'm sure a girl will fall for it if you do this to her.

Nia-chan is not here to buy a new clothes! She is here for manga and light novel and figure and anime Blurays! Bringing her into a clothing shop right now would be nothing but a torture! And from Shidou-kun's story, she's also fine with dirty topics. A good dirty joke could work for coming on step closer to her. It's 3. Even with Nia, saying that right after they met might make her put on her guard for the whole day.

However, Shidou can't keep quiet forever. He took a deep breath then take a look at Nia's clothes from top to bottom and say while rubbing his chin, "H-hm you sure wear something that is worth trying to take it off" "Eh? But then,. Do you plan to do that to me today? You sure is a carnivore despite how you look. But do you have to do that much to seal spirits power? Well, I thought I only have to kiss.

Looks like I didn't think about it enough. I should have researched more. Hey, is it okay if I'm going to change my pantsu first? Shidou feel relief at what she said while making a wry smile. Looks like that was also a joke. Let's continue in this pace. However, noticing Shidou's looks, Nia then move her brows a little and look into Shidou's face.

Ah, could you possibly talking with the commanding room? Well, I" "I wonder if there's camera around here. The passerby look at Nia for a second at here strange behavior but quickly avert their eyes away as they've lost interest.

Veeeery closely.

A pdf date live 12

Shidou could imagine Kotori's painful face from her voice. Shidou then call her with a sigh, "She said she's looking closely. I couldn't found the camera at all. How high-tech! Please feel free to persuade me all you want. He replied to her with his cheek in red. However Nia did not take notice and look into the town. It's hard to walk if you have to carry everything alone, don't you. Aww, Boy sure is a gentleman.

Nia replied while poking his upper arm heard that and hand over him the suitcase. She then open and close her hand that become empty and continue, "Nn, well? My hand is empty now, what do you think? Want to hold it? He didn't expected her to offer that. Seeing Shidou's reaction, Nia then make a 'Agh' face and poke her head a little. Nia then laugh "ahahaha" while holding her stomach. Nia didn't wear any gloves. Shidou could feel Nia's hand is a little cold. Kotori then call him on Incom that he's being lead by her the whole time.

Shidou make a troubled face while continue walking. When they're arrived at the street, Nia stopped walking and release Shidou's hand. Nia then run to the street and take a deep breath.

It has been a while! I have returned! How fresh! Is that so? However she then quickly changed into her normal tone. Nia place one of her hand on her waist and shake her finger at him. That I hate spoilers. It's much different from the real thing that I can see and listen and feel it. That is the case. Well then, let's start from books as planned" - Said that, Nia then remembered something.

It isn't good to start from my shopping. I can't allow that! So, come on this way! Let's enter, let's enter. The store is full of costume from anime character and profession uniform. Nia then look around the store with stars in her eyes and come back to Shidou with three uniforms in her hand.

And here comes the choice! Shidou look at the uniform in Nia's hands. Only the last one look fancy and different from the other. Choose something! Are you not going to regret?

It's service time right now. I'll follow Boy's desire. After a nurse play a prank on you when you were hospitalized in the past, you can no longer be aroused without a white robe anymore? Nia then laugh once again.

I'll change my clothes. After she closed the curtain, a sound of she undressing could be heard. Shidou can't help but feel awkward and avert his eyes away while turning his cheek red.

After a while, Nia then raise up her voice.

If you're going to peep, now is the right time. I just noticed when I look at the mirror, but a half-worn stocking sure is super lewd.

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It's an unexpected synergy effect. Nia is still in middle of changing clothes. She is wearing a nurse's cap, with a uniform with its button open, and a stocking half-worn. It is super lewd as Nia said. Shidou and Nia left the cosplay shop. Shidou feel extremely tired even though the date was just starting.

Nia place her hand on her chin and thinking something. Ah, just for reference, which faction is Boy's? I mean Animate or Gamers or Toranoana. Well, the books are mostly the same, but each store has different special bonus or has different series it is pushing for. It's also fun to see the in-store hand-written advertising and special corners since they depends directly on the taste of store's staff. For buying older volumes, then going to larger store is also a good idea ah, Tora and Melon also sell doujinshi too.

There are cases where some circle only sell exclusively in some store, so I have to visit both. A newly released books are lined up in the store. There are also manga magazine, game magazine and seiyuu magazines lined up next to the wall. Nia raise up a "Fu fuooooooo!? The surrounding look at her but she didn't take notice and start taking manga from the shelf.

It's the one currently serializing. Do you like Kurauchi's work? My life changed because of Kurauchi-sensei's "Chronocle"!

That series was the reason why I aim to be a mangaka!

Spirit Treasure Hunt

Tokiya is my wife! He's male character but he's my wife anyway! Shidou also know about "Chronocle" since it's very popular series and has been animated. Though he's not passionate about it like Nia. Nia then put that book in the stack and bought it to the cashier. Thanks to DEM, I haven't read anything for 5 years. Since my work has finished, I'll read everything to all my heart's desire today.