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BRITISH STANDARD. Methods of test for. Soils for civil engineering purposes — Part 9: In-situ tests. BS pdf free download. BS Edition, July 31, Methods of test for soils for civil engineering purposes – Part 1: General requirements and sample. BS Part 2: Method 5. Test Report: Method of the Determination of the plastic limit and plasticity index. BS Part 2: Method 5. Client ref.

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BS Incorporating. Amendments Nos. 1 and 2. Methods of test for. Soils for civil engineering purposes —. Part 4: Compaction-related tests. This Part of BS has been prepared under the direction of the Road Regarding the in-situ test methods in BS , all have been retained. Shear Box Test. BSPart Permeability Test - Constant Head. BSPart BSPart and. NPRA test

This test covers the determination of micrometer stem, such that contact with the the shrinkage limit of a cylindrical specimen of mercury surface completes the circuit and lights undisturbed or remoulded soil by measuring its the lamp; volume as its moisture content decreases from the initial value and plotting the shrinkage curve. For a whenever lumps of material of suitable size can be rectangular prism specimen calculate the specimen obtained. If there is any reason to believe that 8. Copyright Copyright subsists in all BSI publications. If these details are to be used for any other purpose than implementation then the prior written permission of BSI must be obtained. Also, while measuring the frame attached to the scoop or platform of the apparent mass when suspended in water, it should be ensured balance, can support the cradle below the balance.


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