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Classic Battletech Strategic Operations The Advanced Solar System Conquest Rules (CATp).pdf - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or. BattleTech: Strategic Operations - Forces in System Liftoff planet and conquer an Watermarked PDF BattleTech: Interstellar Operations. BattleTech Tactical Operations, Classic BattleTech, BattleTech, BattleMech,. ' Mech, and the Topps .. Strategic Operations contains advanced movement and.

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BattleTech Strategic Operations, Classic BattleTech, BattleTech, BattleMech, ' Mech, and WK books can be purchased in PDF format for ease of printing from. INTRODUCTION. Advanced Rules. 8. Tactical Operations. 8. Strategic Operations. 8. Interstellar Operations. 9. Choose What You Like. 9. Player Adjudication. 9. Strategic Operations - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. SO for battletech.

Amazon Renewed Refurbished products with a warranty. Battleforce sacrifices a fair amount of detail to be able to handle such a large number of units. Log In with Facebook. The up and do BDA before swinging around for the next pass. Click here. Unit takes 1D6 x Base Landing Mechs.

During the End Phase of that space turn. Then they can simply pick and possible. Checking the Crew Casualties Checking the tonnage ate. For that space turn. For these rules. Sheet PDFs at http: When abandoning a Large Craft. For formations larger than 6. The Feng Huang If the roll is successful. All fighters in a squadron need not be the starts with the heading and velocity of its parent unit. A success indicates that for every full Technical round normally.

As noted above. Players can also crewmen designated by the player are ejected. Additional lifeboats or escape pods may launch Though many battles involve only a handful of fighters.

It should same type. Parachutes allow lifeboats and escape pods Determine the statistics of a fighter squadron as follows. Dividing the by toward the ground. A host of different wounded for purposes of Piloting and Gunnery Skill Rolls. At the start of a space turn. Joel then generates capital. Total Warfare stats. To be able to launch external stores in combat.

Nose all without having to do math on the fly during the game. Nueva Castile. Niops Association. This If any squadron members are carrying external stores.

Looking at the record sheet. Outworlds With a blank Squadron Record Sheet at hand. Like battle armor. Strigas 8. For example a AV and Range for a single weapon see record sheet example. Once all such details are known.

Capellan Confederation 6 ron by adding the armor on each facing of every fighter Technical Draconis Combine 6 Readouts will already have this totaled as the Armor Factor. Then fill out the Squadron Data section on the record sheet with the sum- total the Heat values for each type of weapon bay and add the mary information for each unique weapon bay type.

As such. Magistracy of Canopus. If carrying external stores. For Federated Suns 6 each fighter. They may carry more rounding to 32]. Joel notes that than one type of stores.

Strategic pdf battletech operations

Thrust entries. Nose-mounted weapons. As detailed under Weapons. To determine this value. For the Wing section: The rules require him to use all the same stores for each fighter. Then slots and 2 HE Bombs. For both Rusalkas. Players can either assign values. Joel first determines the medium laser bay. Maximum Damage Threshold: Fighter squadrons total their heat sinks and can fire a number mines the following: In other words.

TW to generate those values. This Attack Value is noted in the the Attack Value for each weapon bay. Joel has decided the average skills of the squadron.

Joel remembers that a Wing bay can total value for his squadron and comes up with 68 heat take two critical hits before being destroyed and so changes sinks 10 doubles for each Shade. Once small laser bay. For both Rusalka and 13 doubles for each Striga. AV Each column with these values for ease of reference.

35004 Strategic Operations

For both 3 for the Aft ER small laser bay. For the up the squadron. For the Nose lines in the Squadron Data section of the record sheet. For the Aft section: The number of weapon attacks a Thrust by 2. A fighter squadron has two firing arcs: Striga has an 8. When deploying missile external stores. Ftr 6: Both the Nose and Wing weapon bays fire into the entire available applies.

He then checks When the controlling player of an attacking fighter squadron for the SI: Missile external stores may fire into the Front arc. So a six fighter squadron with 18 High Explosive Bombs Finally. Gunnery Skill: Max Thrust: Determine which is the slowest and note that Likewise.

As those are the lowest values of his six Squadron Data block. If using the optional fuel rules see p. When a fighter squadron hits with a weapon bay. Ftr 1: Movement Life Support Ftr 2: Data in this case He already launched all his external stores. Damage from a successful Strike or Strafe at. Using the total number of weapons. Multiplying the struck location has a value equal to or less than the Maximum AV Each value of 8 by 3 he gets a total Attack Value of If the damage Damage Thresholds.

Even though they are playing with Variable for surpassing Damage Threshold is achieved. Adding the Attack Maximum Damage Threshold: Damage Threshold of the fighter squadron weapon bay mak. He gets a result of Targeting Computers: Fighter squadrons only gain the During Turn 4. The Shade in Slot 2 and so his squadron of six has become a total heat is Left Side.

External and the medium pulse laser bay is out of range. After playing to determine the specific location for that damage. The Damage Threshold of potential critical hit is inflicted through exceeding a Damage the armor in that location on the Achilles was Shade 2.

He makes an attack with all three weapon bays. Slot 1 has taken two armor hits. In two bays strike the target! The flight computer of the fighter hit is damaged. Any excess damage from a single damage grouping is by a Fatal Threshold.

A fighter is considered destroyed for the scenario after its mark off all armor on that facing. Total the damage randomly. Engine or Avionics critical hit. Use all standard modifiers. As SI rating. If the roll fails. A single fighter in the squadron cannot be the target of an Fatal Threshold is determined after each individual attacking unit attack.

As usual. The following additional rules apply to attacks made against fighter squadrons. As with standard rules see Scale. Squadron critical hits are against the individual fighter p. He rolls 2D6 with a result of 7. Joel rolls for location and gets a 6: Threshold damage. The Fatal Threshold represents an individual When a unit attacks a fighter squadron.

The squadron must make an immediate Control Roll. If a single attack is less than 5 points. Wing again! If the total damage On a successful attack against a fighter squadron. This effect forces an immediate Control Roll for the squadron. Same effects as Total Warfare see p. Joel has a chance to cause a critical In both instances. He then rolls a 7 on the Hit Location Table.

If a crew location takes a critical hit. The fire-control system is damaged. If the Safe Thrust value to-hit roll result. Luckily for Joel. The opponent rolls 2D6 for a a result of 10 or more. The have been exceeded. On 3 armor points on that Rusalka. If a Nose or Aft weapon bay is hit. If an individual fighter in rolls 2D6 again for a result of 7.

Classic Battletech Strategic Operations The Advanced Solar System Conquest Rules (CAT35004p).pdf

The 2 damage points assigned to the Rusalka in Rusalka takes another weapon critical hit to either wing. Shutdown Effects. Since the damage This reflects the damage done Value 4. Heat Sink: For a standard-scale attack. The second time the arc is hit. No effect on a fighter in a squadron. The opponent rolls 2D6 for a when it attempts to land after the squadron is broken up. The landing gear is damaged.

If a pilot is killed. For every FCS hit down 2 armor squares. He then vidual fighters that affects their aim.

Against a fighter. This critical hit has no capital-scale Attack Value 2 with a result of 3. The attitude control thrusters on the indicated comes up short. Every time a Fuel Tank critical hit occurs. If the Safe Thrust of the Shade in Slot 1 has taken 2 points of capital-scale damage fighter is lower than the current Safe Thrust of the squadron.

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Joel to individual fighters that affects their aim. This reflects the damage done to indi. For every sensor 5 means no critical. To determine the amount of fuel almost assures the death of the entire ship and ships are designed used during transit.

Conventional fighters mounting ICE has some kick left it in for a few more turns. Piloting Skill Alternatively. Fuel Critical Hits: A critical hit to the fuel tank does not result in an explosion if the unit is out of fuel. The Aerospace Fuel Table on p. In stra. Mostly fighter is no longer operable. MoF to the number of fuel points spent in that turn if the unit Tactical fuel efficiency is used during a scenario.

This is useful when one ability to coax that little bit extra from his aerospace unit. Players can choose to account for fuel not carried over into future turns.

This uses up He the tonnage devoted to fuel. The difference between a competent pilot and a good one is the ron without breaking up the squadron.

When the fighters are broken off from the 0. One burn day is equal to the number of tons of fuel used per day Normally a captain would never allow such a situation to arise.

For each Thrust Point used Despite the destruction of the Shade. Refueling see p. Had he spent a single Aerospace Units Fuel Table see p. Fighters are not designed for travel through a planetary system which it spent its last fuel point. A unit that does not spend thrust does not suffer this fuel-use Both values are calculated at the start of a game.

Strategic operations pdf battletech

Reduce the total fuel expenditure of the unit for the turn by the MoS but not below more than half the In standard play. If the Control Roll fails. In tactical fuel efficiency. To engage ground forces. Players therefore will need to use the appropriate con. Thrust Rating and the Maximum Thrust Rating. Had struction rules to determine both the tactical and strategic fuel he spent only 3 Thrust Points.

Small Craft are. Any fuel-consumption reductions not used in a turn are a critical factor in battle. Roll 1D6 for each successful attack. Roll 1D6 apart from what is carried as cargo aboard the units that make for each successful attack.

This requires them to dock and holding 0. Like Support Vehicles. On a result of 1—3. In-Flight Refueling: See page 34 for space and atmospheric tempt to load any fuel.

To do this. If either is forced to spend Thrust Points or make a Control Roll during the refueling process. If the refueling Control Roll fails. Their fuel tank capacity is 10 percent of pilot must make a Control Roll. TM may also refuel fighters one per drogue in an atmo. Wing Support Vehicles and Airships consume the fuel required A Large Craft may simultaneously refuel one fighter for every to generate the thrust points used during a battle.

Space Stations and Satellites consume fuel at a fixed rate. Once these units run out of fuel. If the dam- the fighter. Additional fuel can be acquired during intended target. If a Support Vehicle has insufficient fuel to travel this distance. Any attacks made against either unit during the refueling Fuel Reserves: Players start a campaign with no fuel reserves process may also cause damage to the other unit.

On a and rescue operations see Search and Rescue. All fuel consumption rates The pilot of the fighter must make a Control Roll during this turn.

During the End Phase of the sixth turn. TW in the case of emergency docking with external fuel drogues. On a The first in operations until refueled. If the refueling roll failed by an MoF of 3 or performed by the personnel assigned to the unit and does greater. Fuel from these pods is consumed be- subsequently launch according to the standard rules see fore any fuel from internal tanks.

The km. The re. Primary Threshold is 12 thrust points per turn 6 Gs. TO as they pertain to JumpShips. Aerospace fighters. Fighter pilots always have G-force protective strikes the intended target. While the crew is unconscious. The following rules apply to all Clan DropShips.

For unprotected crewmembers. When properly refined. HarJel retains a points per turn 11Gs. For every 3 aerospace unit can attempt to dock as many other friendly units additional turns spent beyond the Secondary Threshold. When the Primary Threshold is met or ex. WarShips performance of aerospace crews and even cause them to pass out.

The following rules modify the standard Infantry Vs. Points Score p. Secondary Threshold is 6 thrust points per turn 3 Gs. Readout write-up. The Secondary Thresh. Protected and Unprotected: By default. High G-forces can impede the When determining size classifications. If such a docking is successful. The Clans first used HarJel to create self-sealing bulkheads on spacecraft.

When the Secondary Threshold is met aerospace unit as part of a boarding action. WarShips 2D6 result of The Pri- mary Threshold is when a crewman blacks out or multi-person Standard Docking crews black out in sufficient numbers to similarly paralyze crew A friendly aerospace unit can attempt to dock see Dock- operations. Technical Readout write-up should include an indicator of If the attacker is attempting to damage a specific com- whether a unit is a civilian or military craft.

Enemy infantry may also swarm such an determined facing. Score see p. Many times a Score and ratio will then need to be determined. These critical hit rolls only apply if the infantry action military aerospace unit provides a. In reality. TO is conducted normally. On a result of Results of the die roll. He then triples a-half-long space station—where the defenders know every his Marine Point Score solely for the purpose of determining access hatch and crawl space—could take days.

Military Vs. Table see p. CIC and so on. Military aerospace units are designed 2 or 3. The Infantry Vs. Round all fractions up. To determine Vengeance-class DropShip. Bill gets a 1. Because this was a targeted attack. A die roll of 8 gives him one critical.

Comparing count that each the values. Pilot She divides by 2 to arrive at 39 and Terminology: In these rules. If using these rules in Gunnery Skill Rating Quality a building. In the next it by 2. While most commonly seen in space combat. Bill can try for another critical or withdraw.

Pilot 5: Bill just ekes out a critical hit roll. Level II. Trinary or Level III. Pilot 1: Rolling a Whenever a Morale or Fatigue Check. This occurs in two ways: Pilot 8: Making Mutiny Checks While players are encouraged to use the available pub. If this second roll result is less than or equal to Combat Loss: No desertions take place.

Roll 2D6 for each company or Changing Morale portion thereof. Force Type and Force Loyalty. What makes a force fanatical. Force Loyalty is completely Taking Equipment: If a Desertion Check is within two subjective.

If the roll suc. Combat Victory: Morale improves by 1 for example. Force Loyalty the case of units in space.

For ample. Morale Rating above 1 Unbreakable or decrease it below 7 To determine which units are affected. If the result is lower than the cur- must also be made for every 10 non-combat personnel or rent Morale Rating. Force Allegiance. If the result is higher than the current Morale Rating. Desertion Checks the playing area.

If no unit deserts. Where a modifier is indicated on the Morale Rat. These modifiers do see if desertions or a mutiny occur. He rolls a 6. Campaign Victory: If the Linked Scenarios rules are in play ceeds. Force Quality. For DropShips. Normal to High. Regardless of what form is used. Morale Effects During Game Play. The player rolls for once not apply to a during game play Morale Check.

For ex. ProtoMech Star. If the Desertion Check is greater Table see p. Note that the only modifiers on the Morale Ratings Table again for each of the three lances. Making Desertion Checks lance mutinies—as it is not outnumbered 4 to 1 or worse. If the worse. Morale worsens by 1 for example. If a deployed Force loses 25 percent of its loses 1 Morale Rating. Loss of Leader: If the Commander rules are in use see p. If the result is higher than the current percent or higher the loss is 3 Morale Ratings.

On a result of 6. Morale Ratings drop by 2. If it Mutiny: If a mutiny occurs in a Force see Making Mutiny Checks. If a sub-commander is killed. For each 5 items that a Force fails to obtain during a single Fatigue: If a Force has Fatigue Points of 5 or higher.

Regardless of the supply situation. A Green force. If an Availability Check s fails to obtain a single re. Log In with Facebook. Log In I am new here.

Remember me. Password forgotten? Click here. Strategic Operations. Watermarked PDF. Average Rating 6 ratings. Forces in System Liftoff planet and conquer an entire solar system! Customers Who Bought this Title also Purchased. Reviews 0. Please log in to add or reply to comments. August 13, 5: Jeffrey W November 13, 3: A fully-updated errata PDF of Strategic Operations, the advanced rules for aerospace combat and solar system-level campaigns, is in the works.

Steve Venters; First Publication: BattleForce Box Set, Jason S December 30, 8: View in web browser shows file, but cover page contains squares of random graphics and first table of contents page is missing. See All Ratings and Reviews.

Pdf battletech strategic operations

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