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You Can If You Think You Can book. Read 56 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Best-selling classics by Norman Vincent Peale The Powe. Would you believe me if I told you that there's an investment strategy that a That's it; if you can follow this simple recipe throughout your working career, you. The Power Of Positive Thinking summary will show you a great If you want to save this summary for later, download the free PDF and read it.

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You Can If You Think You Can by Dr. Norman Vincent Peale - Best-selling classics by Norman Vincent Peale The Power of Positive Thinking (special 35th. High-Performing Workplaces. Thursday, May 21, to p.m.. You Can Do It. If You Think You Can. “You've got to accentuate the positive. Introduction - What This Book Can Do for You 1 - Believe in Yourself 2 - A Peaceful Mind Generates Power 3 - How to Have Constant.

But what would 1, scientists, each 1, times more intelligent than human scientists today, and each operating 1, times faster than contemporary humans because the information processing in their primarily non-biological brains is faster accomplish? He must have the insight to perceive the inner cause of his defeat. He had announced that this would be his last indoor race. The people in Phoenix had booked me eight months before. Other Editions But before creativity can become operative, the individual must not only learn to know and believe in himself but must also have a power-releasing experience so conclusive that he will be able to carry on despite all odds. One chronological year would be like a millennium for them.

This refusal to quit is called the persistence principle. Sadly enough, we hear little about persistence in this soft, permissive era. But as America historically produced strong men, the importance of persistence was constantly driven into the consciousness of youth. They were told to fight the good fight and never let anything throw them, and if it did, get right back up and attack the difficulty, hit it hard and then some, and keep on no matter what.

Perseverance -- that was the key word then, and it still remains the basic principle for anyone who wants success. You cannot creatively get anywhere in this life without sturdy application of the persistence principle. Mohammed said, "God is with those who persevere. Seventeen centuries before the Bard of Avon came up with the foregoing wise observation, Lucretius made the same point: He, too, believed in the power of the persistence principle.

He said, "Never despair, but if you do, work on in despair. The lady is my own mother.

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She practiced the never-quit persistence principle all her life and she had plenty to contend with -- very little money and all the ordinary human problems. But she was never about to fold and give up. She was made of sterner stuff. She was strong, always and inevitably.

I remember two things in my boyhood that I hated: And I do not really care for either of them today, although I must admit they now doctor up the spinach so it is more palatable. I would come home from school and inform my mother glumly that I just couldn't get algebra. I recall one especially gloomy day when it really had me on the ropes and I complained, "I can't get it. That's all there is to it. I just can't get it.

I can't, I can't. Her voice was sharp and crisp. She has been gone from this earth physically a good many years, but I can still hear those dynamic words as she quoted a familiar line from a man named William Edward Hickson: The affirmation of strong perseverance, of keeping at it, of continuous, undeviating effort, is bound to pay off ultimately if you have the inner compulsion to visualize and keep at it. What do we mean by the perception principle?

When a person is defeated in his mind or is overwhelmed by a self-defeating situation, he needs perception. He must have the insight to perceive the inner cause of his defeat. He must see the situation not only on the outside, but on the inside as well. He must have an intuitive insight and understanding concerning himself -- who and what he is.

He must perceive and cultivate his inner powers. Then he can go on to a successful outcome. It is a fact that most people who mess up their lives and fail do so, in part at least, because they are not organized inwardly; they are lacking in insight as to who and what they are.

It has often been said, "He is his own worst enemy. A person may wish to accomplish something creative and yet he cannot seem to do it; he fails at it. Perhaps the trouble is something amiss within himself. Actually, the hardest person in the world to know is oneself.

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We have a built-in, self-protecting mechanism that always tries to do what we want. It seeks to make the irrational appear rational. Many people simply do not want to know themselves. They will talk about other people and their problems, but they hide from themselves and will not face reality.

Actually, one of the greatest moments in anybody's developing experience is when he no longer tries to hide from himself but determines to get acquainted with himself as he really is. People who fail usually do so not because they are unable to handle an outward situation -- it is the inner or mental conflict that defeats them.

You must see yourself as you really are and deal with yourself on that honest basis. That is the perception principle, and it is based on self-examination. Stand in front of a mirror and say to yourself, "Now, look, I want the truth about you. Don't make so much of it. I spoke at a meeting in Washington, D. There were many distinguished government officials present and not a few so-called celebrities. I did not know many of them personally, but one man came to me afterward and introduced himself.

I recognized him immediately as an outstanding person, a man of distinction and ability, and proceeded to tell him how much I admired his leadership. But if it is justified, there is a good reason why. I attended that meeting and heard you speak. I was ambitious and well trained," he continued.

But much that I did went wrong. I was strangely mixed up in my thinking and reactions and did a lot of dumb things. But that night, as I listened to your speech, all of a sudden something dramatic happened to me. It was like being in the country on a very black night," he reflected, "when suddenly comes a flash of lightning and you see the entire landscape clearly revealed. And I could see that I was disorganized, and that was the reason I was being defeated.

Right then and there I decided that I would get with it. So the first thing I did was to ask the good Lord to organize me, to bring all my shattered parts together inwardly. And my request was granted. In succeeding days," he concluded, "I began increasingly to have a marvelous, actually unbelievable sense of capacity, unity and power.

Of course, everything wasn't suddenly rosy, but it got better, lots better. He got a good look inside himself and then corrected what he saw that was amiss. He got a power that projected him to success. When one begins to realize the potential within himself through the application of the perception principle, power takes over to release it, develop it, and actualize it into successful performance.

By power is meant a sense of new strength, a feeling of adequacy. But before creativity can become operative, the individual must not only learn to know and believe in himself but must also have a power-releasing experience so conclusive that he will be able to carry on despite all odds. Persistence motivated by perception releases new power and is the valid formula that leads to successful achievement, hard though the process may be. Bob became one of the greatest professional stars of his generation, one of the highest-scoring men in basketball history.

At fourteen years of age, when Bob was a freshman in high school, he was 5 feet 7 inches and weighed pounds.

The Power Of Positive Thinking Summary

As he put it, he had "the coordination of a broomstick. But he had a strong motivational urge to be an athlete. Instinctively he employed the perception principle.

He alone felt, rather than saw, his potential. He went out for football but didn't make the team. However, they did put him on as a third-string tackle. One day, when nobody else was available, he was put in a game, and the opposing quarterback poured a play over him for a yard touchdown. That was the end of Bob as a football player!

Then he went out for baseball. And finally one day he was put in to substitute at second base. A player hit a fast ground ball to him and it zoomed right through his legs and two runs came in. So that was the end of his baseball career. Next, Bob went out for basketball. They needed twelve boys for the high school team; seventeen applied.

When the list was posted, Bob's name wasn't on it. Small, frail, and weak, it seemed he just couldn't make it in sports. But he wanted so much to be an athlete -- with giants! So Bob went to his church and talked with the minister, who saw at once. He told him that the Lord would make him great. Bob became a believer. Furthermore, the minister had an idea. Bob was finally on a team! For the first time in his life Bob felt important. He practiced constantly.

He took a wire coat hanger and bent it in such a way that it resembled a basket and nailed it against the garage. Hour after hour he threw tennis balls through this improvised basket. His father, impressed by his persistence, got him a regulation basketball and backboard. Every afternoon after school Bob would throw baskets until dinner time.

Then he would go in and have dinner, do his homework and go back out and shoot baskets until dark. Every time he saw any kind of open trash can along the street he would throw something into it, constantly throwing things into baskets.

He became the leading scorer on the church team. He was determined to excel in basketball. His inner potential nudged him on. He did not have natural strength, so Bob began daily exercises to build up his legs and arms. He did these exercises faithfully each day and because of his determination, it is said, he grew five inches in his sophomore year!

By the time he was a junior in high school, he had made the school basketball team. The coach couldn't get over the change in Bob, who "wasn't good enough to make junior varsity last year"! The team became state high school champion in Bob's senior year, and Bob went on to become the highest scorer at Louisiana State University and later with the St. Louis Hawks. He became a magnificent physical and spiritual specimen, one of the greatest athletes of his generation. Because he practiced two principles -- perception and persistence.

Sensing the potential power within him, he simply would not give up. But we do not have to be great athletes to make use of the perception and persistence principles.

In day-to-day activities we are often confronted by situations where our ability to think positively and never give up is called upon. Unexpected obstacles gave me quite a demonstration of this. After speaking at a meeting in Holland, Michigan, where I stayed overnight, I had an engagement the following night in Phoenix, Arizona.

Under normal travel conditions it appeared to be no problem getting there.

7 Books that Will Change How You See The World | Mark Manson

I was scheduled to take an early plane from Grand Rapids to Chicago and connect with a plane to Phoenix, which would get me there in plenty of time. It seemed like an easy travel setup. But that morning in Holland, Michigan, you could hardly see the car parked right outside the motel room window.

That is how foggy it was. I telephoned to the Grand Rapids airport and found it was fogged in. No planes going out. I called Detroit. It too was fogged in. They advised that Chicago's O'Hare Airport was also at a below-minimum overcast and did not expect any planes to be getting out that morning. I called Minneapolis. Fogged in. In short, I was fogged in -- hundreds of miles from Phoenix and my evening engagement. What could i do? Well, I sat down and had a positive-thinking session, practicing the persistence principle.

The people in Phoenix had booked me eight months before. To call now and tell them I couldn't make it was the last thing to consider. I might have given up and said, "Well, there's nothing I can do about it. I just can't get there. But instead, I definitely practiced a positive mental attitude, rented a car, and set out for Chicago, visualizing the fog as lifting by arrival time.

After going about sixty of the two hundred miles to Chicago, the engine started sputtering and missing. The prospects of my travel program were not brightened by this mechanical difficulty.

I forced my mind to take a positive view. At this point I came to a service station where, believe it or not, they had one of the best mechanics I have ever met.

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In a jiffy he had the engine half apart. He cleaned and scraped a lot of things and ended by putting in eight new spark plugs. But the young lady added, "There's one going at four o'clock this afternoon.

Getting back in the ear, what do you know? It wouldn't start. The battery was dead. The man recharged the battery. However, he told me, "You earl get to O'Hare all right, but don't turn the engine off on the way, no matter what! When I pulled up at O'Hare Field, I had to turn the motor off to get my bag out of the trunk, and then the car would not start again.

The battery was really dead. So I simply turned the ailing vehicle over to an unappreciative policeman.

In the terminal thousands of people were milling around. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. Sort order. Aug 30, Jordan rated it it was amazing.

I am an atheist, and admit, I absolutely loved this book authored by a preacher. You can if you think you can is a message I think everyone should have emblazened on their wall, and after having doing so, they should read this book.

It is very motivational with a plethora of motivational stories, such as that of Walt Disney. Before reading this marvelous book, I had no idea Walt Disney was living in an old, abandoned garage infested with rats, where he got the idea of Mickey Mouse, after being r I am an atheist, and admit, I absolutely loved this book authored by a preacher. Before reading this marvelous book, I had no idea Walt Disney was living in an old, abandoned garage infested with rats, where he got the idea of Mickey Mouse, after being rejected time and time again.

The book is full of amazing stories as this, and can change your way of thinking, which can consequently change your life. The advice in this book is spectacular. I highly recommend this book to everyone. View all 3 comments. Mar 31, Adam Nelson rated it it was amazing. One of the most motivating books I've ever read.

Has the potential to change your life. I came into it not expecting much, just rhyming couplet, bumper sticker Christianity. I had far underestimated Peale's impact.

Perhaps it's because I had seen Guideposts as being rather too simplistic and two-dimensional in the past. I used to be of the mistaken perspective that One of the most motivating books I've ever read. I used to be of the mistaken perspective that one must cultivate a cynical, fatalistic, and perhaps even nihilistic mindset in order to be considered a proper, open-minded, three-dimensional, intelligent person.

However, Peale soundly dismisses that notion both explicitly and implicitly in this book, proving that the most intelligent and deepest mind is the one that takes life not with a grain of salt, but with a grain of sugar. This book is packed full of application and practical ways to change your mind to see life as bursting with opportunity and possibility. He also places much value, of course, in believing that all things are possible, and as you believe, your life will begin to flow toward achieving.

But it's not "The Secret. You're not sending energy out into the universe and demanding the ether do what you desire. That's stupid. Rather, God is at the center of this. In fact, for all you fatalistic Christians there are plenty of you, and I used to be one , Peale allows that sometimes your goals need to change.

Sometimes the thing you thought you wanted is not the thing you really want. Sometimes it's not in God's plan. When that happens, shift your energy to working, striving, and praying toward the new goal.

Don't pitch and moan about it. Do something. Peale shows you how. It all starts in the mind. If things aren't as bad as you think they are they never are--think about it , then it stands to reason that perhaps things could be better than you ever dreamed.

What's the best that could happen? View 1 comment. I wasn't disappointed reading this book. It was worth every minute.

The writing comes across as personalized and directed at you. The wealth of experiences and testimonies used to convey messages allow for a fast read without losing the message.

Some readers may find the numerous encounters narrated distracting, but it really shouldn't be an issue. Three take-homes with this one: Jul 28, Loren rated it it was amazing.

His earlier book, The Power of Positive Thinking , turned me into an instant fan of the teachings and philosophy of this encouraging, positive preacher. You Can if You Think You Can is, obviously, along the same lines, but offers more specific examples and ways to apply them yourself.

The classic Peale wit and wisdom is ever present. I return to this book every several months and read it again as a refresher. The advice is timeless and relevant. I highly recommend.

You Can If You Think You Can

Dec 02, Pablo Contreras rated it it was amazing. This book Turned my life around. Went from being such a negative to a positive person. I didn't realize how much of the way I thought in my mind had an effect on my behaviors, and the way I performed in sports.

I played professional baseball at the Double-AA level. Went from striking out a lot to becoming a consistent hitter. Totally Recommend this book! May 26, Patti Wilson rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: I read this book many years ago and after reading this I felt like I could do anything.

If anyone ever has a doubt in themselves, read this book! It's amazing! Dec 12, Lamis Hosny rated it it was amazing. Outstanding book: Enjoying every bit of the power of positive thinking. Didn't make much headway on the paperback so switched to the audio version and that was far more enjoyable! What was enjoyable was that its by Dr Peale himself and I always like listening to the actual author as somehow and in this case it energises the book.

This is a quaint little book. The author admits right at the outset that he has nothing new to say. Still, the work is not without its plus points. Its not sophisticated or backed by scientific research like present-day motivational books. The book's USP is Peale's sincerity.

If you think can pdf can you you

He clearly believes in what he preaches. The frequent references to religion and faith are a downer though. View all 4 comments. Alina Alinuta I cant , becouse each time i get to "oh yeah, this bad things i could solve with Church is the I cant , becouse each time i get to "oh yeah, this bad things i could solve with Church is the answer At one page he said that a woman wrote to him and that she skips the religious stuff and the book didnt help her Sorry english isnt my first language.

Sharang Limaye Yes.. Peale can be rather frustrating that way.