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Web of the Spider Queen (4e) - Long past are the days when drow ruled over Shadowdale from the Twisted Tower—or Watermarked PDF. D&D Encounters™: Web of the Spider Queen™. Web of the Spider Queen. Play Dates: May 16 – August 15, Sign-up March 16 – May 9th. HD3 The City of the Spider-God - Hyborian Age - Xoth. Eberron - City of St.. - Home. Spider cranes Spider cranes. Keeping Your Home Spider Free This Year.

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D&D 4e D&D Encounters 09 Web of the Spider Queen - Download as PDF File . pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. D&D 4e. Web of the Spider Queen (PDF version) [RPG Item Version Link]. From publisher blurb: Long past are the days when drow ruled over Shadowdale from the. CITY 0f THE. SpIDER QUEEN Salvatorc's War of.rùe Spider @er suit-5, including 'Diisafulíex by. Richard Lice . Part l: Spinning the Web '. Dordrien .

It could have lived to birth more. If any of these six books are good at all, it's because of him. Until the end of the draw's next turn, the target grants combat advantage and cannot benefit from invisibili ty or concealment. The Bladesinger blasted him without any hesitation. The mortal test continued. No attack came. If none of the adven- turers speak Elven, Tharinel repeats what the drow guard said.

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See All Reviews. Publisher Website. See all titles Need help? Common Questions FAQ. Contact us. My Library. When the adventurers reach the center of the area, read: A small sepulcher stands in the center of the room. It appears to have been constructed to hold the remains of a former lord ofShadowdale, but has been defaced. To tlte north, a set of steps leads down. When the characters can see the stairs up, read: A small set of stairs leads up to a landina endin9 in a pair of heavy doors.

The doors appear to have been spiked shut. Doppelganger After posing as Maedra, an advisor to Lady Ulphor, this doppelganger has executed its part ofValanJaelre's plan by convincing the lady ofShadowdale to hide the Pendant of Ashaba at the top of the tower for safekeep- ing. Now, it waits alongside the drow guards to keep intruders from pursuing the elite drow that took the pendant.

If the guardians here detect the adventurers' approach, the doppelganger uses chanae shape to take on the appearance of Lady Ulphor. Otherwise, it is still in the form ofMaedra. Lady Ulphor is a middle-aged woman with graying hair.

Maedra is younger and has her hair cut short. In either form, the doppelganger pretends to have been taken hostage by the drow, and she pleads for the adventurers to leave so as to ensure "her" safety. When the heroes attack, the doppelganger joins in the fight. The doppelganger alters its physical form to appear as a Medium humanoid until it uses chanae shape again or until it drops to 0 hit points. To assume a specific individual's form, the doppelganger must have seen that individual.

Other creatures can make a DC 30 Insight check to discern that the form is a disguise. The target grants combat advantage to the doppelganger until the end of the doppelganger's next turn. The drow becomes invisible, then shifts up to 3 squares. It remains invisible until the end of its next turn or until it hits or misses with an attack.

Until the end of the drow's next turn, the target grants combat advantage and cannot benefit from invisibility or concealment. An adjacent enemy shifts or makes an attack that doesn't include the drow as a target.

Effect Immediate Interrupt: The drow uses 5Weepins strike on the triggering enemy. When the doppelganger enters the fight, it uses shapeshifter feint or flanks to maintain combat advantage. If the fight turns against its side, the doppelganger flees. The creature has joined Valan Jaelre's cause only for the money, and the dead can't spend gold.

Drow Templars: The templars try to prevent the adventurers from going down into the cellar. They know that the longer they can drag the fight out, the more time they give the elite drow to get the Pendant of Ashaba to safety.

Drow Informants: These tricky warriors turn invis- ible before they enter the fight, then use cloud of darkness after their initial attacks to keep the adventurers on the defensive. Fifteen feet high. The doors at the front of the tower were smashed open in the drow attack. They are currently shut, but they hang loosely on their bent hinges. The dock has no door.

This low tomb is difficult terrain. Its lid can be lifted with a DC 20 Athletics check. Within are humanoid remains but nothing of value. Some of the windows are shuttered, as indicated on the map. A shutter can be opened as a minor action. To the north, the stairs going down lead to a wooden door that is the entrance to the cellars of the tower. This area is covered in the next session. To the west, the short stairs going up lead to the upper levels of the tower.

The doors on the landing are sealed with spikes but can be opened with a DC 20 Athletics check. With the battle done, all seems quiet for the moment. The doors leading to the upper floors ofthe tower are spiked shut but can be opened see the previous encoun- ter. If the adventurers explore, they discover Lady Addee Ulphor's quarters on the second floor. Above that, the tower's upper levels have been largely abandoned, and the characters have no trouble following the drow invad- ers' tracks to the top of the tower, then back down.

The Pendant of Ashaba is nowhere to be found. With a little more investigation, the characters dis- cover that the drow tracks lead to the cellar door. When the adventurers enter the cellar, read: The air here is musty and cold. Dust covers the fixtures and Jlaastones, showin3 where the tracks of the drow lead away into the distance. Exploring the Cellars The corridors and halls underneath the Twisted Tower have undergone little change or renovation over the years. They show more signs of their drow heritage than the upper levels.

The upper cellars were modified and used by the residents of the tower. The staff who attend the lady ofShadowdale are somewhat familiar with these corridors, though they use them less than previous gen- erations did. Aside from the crypt, the upper cellars contain nothing of interest to the people ofShadowdale or the adventurers. Few people are aware of the lower cellars. Only Lady Ulphor, her most trusted advisors, and Elminster know these tunnels well.

Largely unchanged from the days when the drow ruled Shadowdale, the passages of the lower cellars connect directly to the Underdark tunnels leading to Zadzifeirryn. The Crypt The walls of this chamber are lined with stone coffins that hold the remains of the former lords and ladies of Shadowdale. These monuments date back all the way to Ashaba himself, though his coffin doesn't contain his actual remains. Several of the other coffins are also empty.

The tombs are all reconstructions, so that many look newer than the dates inscribed on them would indicate. The originals were destroyed when dark forces occu- pied Shadowdale shortly before the Spellplague. As the adventurers explore the cellars, read: The cellar rooms appear to be rarely used, so that the tracks of the draw stand out clearly as they lead you to a lar3e room lined with tombs. The floor here is free of dust and rubble, probably due to some kind of protective ma3ic, so thai the footprints disappear.

This chamber is a dead end, and you can see no other exits by which the drow mi3ht have escaped. Carved into the side of each tomb are a name, a date of birth, and a date of death. The earliest dates and the lar3est tomb both belon3 to Lord Ashaba. If the adventurers don't realize t hat these tombs hold the former Lords of Shadowdale, a DC 8 History check reveals this information.

The Secret Passage In the crypt stands a secret entrance to the lower levels of the cellar. Ashaba's coffin was placed here as a seal over a tunnel leading downward, symbolizing that the drow's rule ofShadowdale was over even as it prevented anyone from traveling to the unsafe catacombs below. The base of Ashaba's coffin slides open, but this secret entrance is magically sealed.

Ashaba was a water wizard, and pouring pure water onto the tomb is the only way to reveal the passageway below. The following skill checks can be used as guidelines to help the players determine how to activate this secret door. Arcana DC 12, detect magic: The character can sense a magical effect active in the chamber, similar to a prestidi3itation spell, that keeps the place uncluttered.

Ashaba's tomb is also enchanted with some kind of magical sensor, focused on a cuplike r eceptacle set into the lid of the coffin. Arcana DC 19, detect magic: The character learns the information for the DC 1 2 check, and knows that water will activate the sensor. History DC Ashaba was a water wizard and the first lord of Shadowdale.

At the end of this life, he transformed into a water elemental, merging with the river that now bears his name. A seam at the base of Ashaba's tomb reveals the presence of the secret door. When the adventurers open the passage, read: As water fills the receptacle, the stone coffin pivots to the side, exposin3 a stone staircase spiralinB down into the darkness. When the adventurers descend the stairs, go to the Hall of the Dead encounter, page Ending the Session The characters can take a short rest before pressing on.

However, as they get ready to move, Khara Sulwood and her elf companion Tharinel teleport in. As the characters prepare to move, read: A flash ofliBht fills the room.

The female wields a bloodied lonssword as she stares around in a daze. Reward At the end of the session, each character gains XP for defeating the drow and the skeletons. The drow totemist's ancestor clasp no longer has any magical efficacy, but it's worth 20 gp per character. The totemist also carries a magic item: The drow have coins totaling 20 gp per adventurer, and one magic item can be found in the burial niches.

Roll on the Treasure Table, page 3. Attack rolls and damage roll s Critical: A small platform near the entrance leads down to a larger chamber. A staircase from there leads down to a second chamber, from which another stair leads far- ther down to a wide hall. A small drow force is exploring the cellars. The spider totemist is taking stock of the drow corpses. She carries an ancestor clasp-a magic item developed in Zadzifeirryn that raises fallen drow as undead slaves.

When the party enters this area, read: The dust here holds many draw tracks. From this raised entranceway, two sets of stairs lead down to a Ia rae cham- ber. Alcoves on both levels hold ancient coffins-some lana-opened. To the south, a lon9er set of stairs leads down into dark- ness. A female draw, dressed in black robes covered with vibrant red houra!

Catchina sight of you, she wheels and shouts somethina in Elven, her words echoing throuah the still air. If any character speaks Elven, read: Provide sup- portinafire. Twill show them the wrath of our honored dead! The draw's spider-shaped totem clatters to the ground.

She spits blood as she whispers in Common. When you see Valan]aelre, tell him that I will have a knife waitinafor him in the next world! See "Session 5: Valan Fights Back" for details. If the charac- ters do not recognize Valan's name here, they will learn its significance in that session. Development After the totemist speaks, she immediately activates her ancestor clasp as a free action, causing the opal to fall from the center ofher silver necklace to the ground.

The white mist expands farther in round 2, and then in each round thereafter on the totemist's initia- tive count. In round 2, skeletons awaken in three of the alcoves in the central chamber. In round 3, three more skeletons awaken in that same chamber. In round 4, three skeletons awaken in the lower chamber, followed by three more in the fifth and final round. Roll initiative for the skeletons when they first appear. On a skeleton's first turn, it must spend a move action to escape its coffin open or closed and emerge into an adjacent square.

Arcana DC 13, free action: A character can assess the mist and intuit how to manipulate its magical energy to slow its spread. Arcana DC 13, standard action; DC 20, minor action: The mist's expansion and the appearance of more skeletons are delayed for 1 round. This check can be made only after the initial Arcana check is success- fully made. Each character who has training in Arcana can attempt this check once per round.

HP 1; a missed attack never damages a minion. The skeleton can shift 1 square before t he attack. The skeleton can shift 1 square before the attack. Medium fey ,. Close burst 2. The burst creates a zone that lasts until the end of the encounter or until the tote mist uses spider swarm again.

D&D 4e D&D Encounters 09 Web of the Spider Queen

Enemies grant combat advantage while in the zone, and any enemy that ends its t urn there takes 5 poison damage. The totemist uses spider swarm to slow the adventurers' advance into the area, and to keep the characters hemmed in by the skeletons and away from the archers. The archers try to stay on the level below the adventurers, keeping them at a distance as they shoot through the skeleton melee.

Decrepit Skeletons: Filled with rage at their own deaths and the human occupation of the tower, these drow skeletons attack savagely to keep adventurers away from the living drow. Fifteen feet high on each level. The drow built these stone coffins when they controlled the tower. The human residents of the Tower of Ashaba didn't treat the corpses with much respect, and most of the coffins have been looted.

The skeletons raised by t he totemist spring out of the coffins. You can implement this one of two ways, depending on the character's role. Either the skeletons avoid attacking the outcast because he or she should be shunned, or if the character is a defender, they aetas though the outcast has marked them.

Soon afterward, Khara Sulwood and her elf companion Tharinel teleported into the area. At the start of the session, read: A flash ofliahtfills the room. When it subsides, ayouna human female and a male elf stand in a circle of smolderin9 ash.

The female wields a bloodied lonasword as she stares around in a daze. The elflooks at her and says with a smile, "Never tele- ported before? Elminster could have at least warned us he was 9oin9 to do that.

I recoanize you. You were at the inn. Are you the other ones follow ina Elminster's call? As their last battle was coming to a close, Elminster shouted to her, "Help the others. They'll need you underground.! Khara introduces the elf as Tharinel, a scout from the forest of Cormanthor. He has been serving as her assistant and bodyguard for two years. If no one tells her, Khara guesses from the layout of the burial chambers that this location is beneath the Tvvisted Tower. Like many in Shadowdale, she is unaware of the existence of the lower cellars, but she quickly surmises that this was the staging ground for the drow invasion.

Khara notes that a true leader of Shadowdale should reclaim these halls. That is, if the town survives the onslaught. She knows all about the pendant and the magical wards it bolsters. As the adventurers and their new companions delve farther into the chambers beneath the tower, they draw closer to the Underdark. The environment becomes more like natural caverns than hewn dungeon corridors.

After a little while, the party reaches a set of steps leading into a large room blocked by a set of double doors. This barrier is engraved with the image of a gruesome spider. Continue with the At the Spider Gates tactical encounter, page Companion Characters Khara and Tharinel act as companion characters in this encounter.

Their statistics are below. Copy these statistics blocks so that the players can run the two characters, running them yourself only if no player wishes to. If the players run the companions, describe their plan during the encounter see the "Tactics" sec- tion of the encounter. The player should abide by what Khara and Tharinel want to do. Even if the players do not run Khara and Tharinel, you can still have them make rolls for the companions.

Marked enemies are not subject to this aura. Khara assumes the hammer hands stance. Until the stance ends, whenever she hits an enemy with lonysword, she can use a free action to push that enemy 1 square and then shift 1 square to a square adjacent to the enemy.

Close burst 2 allies in the burst ; the target can shift 1 square as a free action. An enemy subject to Khara's aura either shifts or makes an attack that targets an ally but not Khara or an ally who has an active defender aura.

Khara uses lonysword against the triggering enemy. If she misses, the enemy still takes 3 damage. Khara hits an enemy with lonysword. The enemy takes 1d8 extra damage. He moved his family to Arabel in Cormyr after he resigned his lordship.

Khara grew up hearing tales of his days of rule, and decided that when she came of age she would return to the Dalelands and pick up his mantle once again. She aspires to someday wear the Pendant of Ashaba as the lady of Shadowdale.

Although Khara is ambitious, she doesn't feel entitled to the position. She wants to earn the honor by proving herself to the people of the town. Khara has been trying to earn respect and build friendships since she moved to Shadowdale four months ago. I n doing so, she has wasted no time por- traying herself as a crusader for the people.

With the help ofTharinel and some hireling warriors, she has been fighting off brigands plaguing the trade road known as the North Ride. Make it clear to the players that Khara is an expert on Shadowdale, especially when it comes to the role of the lord or lady of the realm. This includes knowing details regarding the Twisted Tower and the Pendant of Ashaba.

She learned some of this from her family his- tory, but she has also managed to land a couple of visits with Elminster. The old wizard rarely makes time for strangers, but Khara doesn't take no for an answer. Khara is in her mid-twenties. Her auburn hair reaches to her shoulders, but is currently tied back. She carries a wooden shield and a longsword, and her chain mail shows several gouges from t he recent fighting. Her manner is friendly and open, and she has little difficulty swaying others to her line of thinking.

Spider the pdf queen of web

Those who look closely will see an inquisitive, analytical gaze in her friendly brown eyes. Wild Step Tharinel ignores difficult terrain whenever he shifts. Tharinel shifts up to 2 squares. Tharinel must be wielding two short swords.

Tharinel hits an enemy with short sword. Effect Free Action: Tharinel can use short sword again. Tharinel makes an attack roll. Tharinel rerolls the triggering attack roll and uses the second result.

His knowledge of the natural world complements Khara's skills at urban history and socializing. A scout from the forest of Cormanthor, Tharinel is W: Though 1- Khara considers herselflucky to have gained hisser- 0 vices, she doesn't expect him to stay around for long. Tharinel carries two short elven blades and wears well-maintained hide armor.

He has a thin but athletic build and tawny skin, and his green hair flows halfway down his back. He is popular in Shadowdale. The Spider Gates Two great metal gates block the passage between the lower cellars of the Twisted Tower and the drow tun- nels beyond. Both gates are spanned by the symbol of a spider. When the drow were driven from Shadow- dale, the gates were refitted to keep the creatures of the Underdark from attacking the Twisted Tower, so their mechanism is on the adventurers' side of the passage.

The drow have set up a guard post here to keep anyone from Shadowdale from going through the gates. Ending the Session The adventurers, Khara, and Tharinel can take a short rest after they have defeated or eluded the guardians of the Spider Gates. As the characters rest, read: Beyond the Spider Gates, the passaae slopes aradually down- ward. The stone here is worked, thou9h not as ornately as the areas behind you. Tharinel crouches down to aaze at somethin9 on the floor.

They're new, with dust still in the air. Someone on this side of the aate just ran ahead. The drow know we're comin9. Reward At the end of the session, each character gains XP for defeating the defenders. Characters who have par- ticipated in all encounters up to this point should have enough XP to advance to 2nd level. The defenders carry coins that total 50 gp per adventurer, as well as one random magic item from the Treasure Table, page 3.

Grou p Stealth DC The characters approach quietly enough to gain surprise against the creatures on guard here. As t he advent urers approach t he ar ea, r ea d: The chamber at the bottom of the stairs splits into two seclions. To one side, iron 9ates adorned with the ima9e of a spider fill the corridor. Two draw stand guard in front the gates, assisted by violet 9oblins carryinB picks. To the other side, two drow archers rest atop an old wooden platform with a set of steps running up to it.

In front of the platform, a rusty lever protrudes from tl1e ground, 9uarded by another of the goblins. W hen the drow see t he characters, read: One of the draw shouts out something in Elven.

D&D 4e D&D Encounters 09 Web of the Spider Queen

If any ch aracter speaks Elven, read: Valan will send us to the torture theater if we f ail! Z bonus to attack rolls and all defenses. If the goblin scores a critical hit, it deals 1 d8 extra poison damage. Fortitude Hit: An melee or ranged attack hits or misses an adjacent drowally.

The triggering attack targets the goblin instead. The goblin is missed by a melee attack. Effect Immediate Reaction: The goblin shifts 1 square. Tharinel quickly discerns the func- tion of the lever and points it out. He and Khara go after t he lever and its guards unless asked to do otherwise. If they get into trouble without access to healing, you can allow each to take a second wind.

Drow Arch ers: These archers stay on their platfor m unless the adventurers and their allies all fight in the western chamber. As with the inn incursion, the scouts are the leaders of the guards here. They try to maintain combat advantage during the fight, forcing t he goblins to flank with them even if doing so puts the goblins at risk.

When they are not flanking enemies, the goblins stay next to their drow allies so they can defend them using drow protector. Depending on who goes first in the initiative order, either the goblins or the drow delay their actions, allowing them to move as a group and maintain a tight formation. The drow uses lon8sword and short sword. While entirely in the cloud, any crea- ture other than the draw is blinded.

The drow and the goblins pursue fleeing characters unless all the foes are bloodied. If anyone heads off the map, the twenty-foot-wide corridor continues for a good distance, so feel free to continue the fight. These piles of stone are difficult terrain. This rusty lever unlocks the Spider Gates. The lever can be pulled as a standard action, or can be pulled with a successful DC 20 Athletics check a minor action.

Spider Gates: These sturdy metal gates have weathered attacks by goblins and other creatures for centuries. If the lever is pulled, the gates unlock and open enough for a Medium creature to squeeze between them. They can be opened wider with a DC 13 Athletics check a standard action or a DC 20 Athletics check part of a move action.

If the gates are locked, it takes a DC 25 Athletics check to force them open. Wooden Platform: The side of the foot platform is made oflarge wooden beams that are easy to climb Athletics DC 8.

The rickety stairs to the platform are difficult terrain for a creature ascending them. By the same token, these purple-skinned goblins are more likely to attack a goblin adventurer.

Having descended beyond the lower cellars of the Twisted Tower of Ashaba, they stand at the entrance to the tunnels that border the Underdark. Pick up from last time by reading: Beyond the Spider Gates, the passa9e slopes wadually down- ward. Tharinel crouches down to 9aze at somethintJ on the floor. Someone on this side of the 9ate just ran ahead. The drow know we're comintJ. A few side rooms are seen along the way, but these are empty or littered with ancient junk.

During the previous fight, the characters heard Valan's name for the second time. If none of the adven- turers speak Elven, Tharinel repeats what the drow guard said. The elf scout has heard the name before, associated with the drow house ofJaelre based in an old outpost in the forest ofCormanthor. Housejaelre is in the midst of a long decline, and none of the recent news from Cormanthor talks about drow attacks or activity. Any drow character or a character who has training in History might know more with a successful History check.

The drow of House Jaelre occupy Minauthkeep, an abandoned elven outpost in the forest of Cormanthor. They once worshiped the drow god Vhaeraun, and lost much status after Lolth killed him.

ValanJaelre left the house and the outpost years ago. Rumored to have had a falling-out with the other mem- bers of the house, he has not been heard from since. The Alarm Sounds Behind the scenes, the drow have hastily prepared an ambush for the adventurers.

When they spring this trap, the next encounter begins. A drow scout on the far side of the Spider Gates heard the sounds of battle during the previous encoun- ter, then rushed off to warn the drow guarding the tunnels below. Valan received word of this alarm, sending three groups of guards to lie in wait in hidden tunnels. Their ambush has been set for a crossroads where Valan knows the adventurers will be vulnerable.

Despite having pressing business in Zadzi feirryn, Valan has decided to watch over the ambush, staying hidden behind a sealed-off portcullis. To his guards, he talks of how he wants to ensure that any spellcasters in the party can be assessed and taken care of. Secretly, he fears that Elminster might be leading this incursion, no longer occupied by the fighting up above.

The drow wizard has created a simulacrum of himself- a husk filled with spiders. The permanent illusion that masks the simulacrum is extremely lifelike, and none of the drow of Zadzifeir- ryn are aware ofValan's deception. It is highly unlikely that Valan can be defeated in this encounter. However, if he is, flip ahead to page 59 and use the read-aloud text in the "Development" section there to describe the defeated Valan's trans- formation.

Then make a note to have the Valan that the adventurers face in Session 13 be revealed as a second simulacrum. Hidden Passages Several long-forgotten, branching side passages connect the halls near the Spider Gates with the hall that leads to the Underdark. With their doors rotted and fallen apart, Valan Jaelre ordered slave workers to create new doorways that could be easily concealed. The doors were created to open in only one direction, allowing the drow to get through easily to attack but preventing enemies from pursuing them back to the Underdark.

These new secret doors were further disguised with illusion magic, making them nearly indistinguishable from their surrounding walls. It is unlikely that the adventurers will be able to identify the secret doors, but use the following DCs if they announce their intent to thoroughly search the area as they move through it.

Perception DC A character near the end of a dead-end corridor notices a faint draft coming from what looks like a solid wall. Arcana DC 13, Detect Magic: A character must be near one of the dead ends to use this skill. The char - acter senses the presence of magic and the section of wall the location of the secret door it emanates from. If a character carefully examines the wall, read: What looked like a wall of solid stone is a secret door. An illu- sion masks it, but touch ina the wall reveals the seam of a door made of mortared stone.

You can find no way to operate the door from this side. Opening either door from the wrong side is nearly impossible, requiring an appropriate tool such as a pry bar and a DC 25 Athletics check. If the characters do open a secret door, they can flank one of the groups of drow in this encounter. The enemies take flight, and you can place that group of drow in the start area the characters would have used, with the adventurers starting at the entrance the drow would have used.

Adjust the details of the encounter accordingly. Battle Is Joined As the heroes are hemmed in by the drow ambush, Elminster abruptly teleports Khara and Tharinel away. When the encounter is about to begin, read: As your a roup rounds a corner where two passaaeways join, you suddenly hear the sound of footsteps cominafrom all around. The drow have somehow surrounded you, prepar- ing to ambush from the side corridors.

No sound comes from directly ahead, but that way is blocked by a heavy portcullis, its thick bars rusted but still sturdy. A male drow in ornate robes steps into view on the other side of the portcullis, even as drow warriors burst out from the passaaes behind you.

The male drow wears a symbol that looks like a sunburst set with downward-pointina daaaers- reaalia that Khara recoanizes as she draws her sword. With our numbers, we can-" But her speech is cut short as a flash ofliaht bursts around her. She and Tharinel are aone, two smokinB circles of ash smolder ina on the around where they stood. It looks like Elminster has need of them once more.

Continue with the Counterattack tactical encounter on the next page. Finding the Secret Doors After the adventurers defeat the drow, read: The portcullis is firmly sealed, but the drow that surrounded the party must have aotten throuah this area somehow. If the adventurers explore the passageways the attack- ers came through, they find the secret doors standing cracked open. All three paths lead back to the main corridor visible behind the portcullis.

The portcullis can also be opened, but only with difficulty. See "Features of the Area" in the encounter description. When the adventurers find a secret door, read: A section of the wall here is propped open like a door. With a quick inspec- tion, it becomes dear that the door opens only one way, and that these secret doors are much newer than the tunnels that surround them. Whichever path the heroes take, they eventually end up in the corridor beyond the portcullis.

The characters Perhaps Khara and Tharinel will catch z up to you before you move on. Reward At the end of the session, each character gains XP for overcoming the drow ambush.

The drow carry coin worth a total of 40 gp per adventurer, as well as one random magic item from the Treasure Table, page 3. The treasure of any drow that became bone spiders during the tacti- cal encounter is found amid the sticky mess where the transformation took place. The other drow arrive later see "Development". The encounter level reflects the fact that Valan flees soon after combat begins.

When the encounter begins, read: The drow on the other side of the portcullis ca Us out to you in Common. It's a shame that you are so unpredictable, or you would make excellent slaves in the service of House ]a eire.

The burst creates a zone that lasts until the end of the draw's next turn. The spider must have taken no actions this turn.

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The bone spider shifts up to half its speed. Valan stays behind the portcullis. Valan leaves after his turn on the second round of combat. If he becomes bloodied earlier than that, he retreats at once. They fight fanatical ly in the service of their master. Any scouts bloodied in the first round of combat move toward the portcullis, hoping to be within Valan's spider bones aura when they die.

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Bone Spiders: As soon as they arise, these creatures attack the nearest enemy. See "Development. Valan pushes the target up to 3 squares. Will Hit: Valan slides the target up to 2 squares. Valan makes two basic attacks. The burst creates a zone of webs that lasts until the end of the encounter. The webs are difficult terrain for enemies. Until the end of Valan's next turn, t he target grants combat advantage and cannot benefit from invisibility or concealment.

Ranged 20 one ally or one creature taking ongoing poison damage or ongoing psychic damage ; the target makes a basic attack as a free action against a target of Valan's choice. The burst creates a zone that lasts until the end of Valan's next turn. The cloud blocks line of sight for all creatures except Valan.

While entirely in the cloud, any creature other than Valan is blinded. Regardless of whether the reinforcements arrive, Valan retreats soon afterward. Before Valan flees, any drow scout reduced to 0 hit points in the area ofhis spider bones aura rejoins the fray as a bone spider. If a scout dies within the aura, read: A cloud of maaical smoke snakes away from the wizard and hits the fallen drow. The dyin9 warrior screams in aaony as its flesh boils and melts away.

Its bones twist, snap, and reshape themselves into a 9risly, spider-like construct that skitters into the fray. The drow sealed this iron portcullis years ago. It opens only with a DC 30 Athletics check. The portcullis provides partial cover if it's between an attacker and the target of a melee or ranged attack. Crates, Barrels, Rubble, and Tomb: LIJ 1- z:: Continuing their descent, the characters follow a twisting passageway that eventually becomes a dead end.

When the adventurers reach the end, read: When the characters enter the chambers, read: A blast of air rushes past you. The chamber is sealed on all sides. Assigning the Tests You can choose each character's test, or roll on the table below. Use all four tests before repeating any. Avoid placing characters in tests they might find impossible, such as a character without light and with no dark- vision in the Test of Shadow. Test of Shadow 2 Room 2: Test of Deceit 3 Room 3: Spiders 4 Room 4: Test of Demons 5 Room 5: Test of Shadow 6 Room 6: Test of Deceit 7 Room 7: Test of Spiders 8 Room 8: Test of Demons All of the test chambers share the following features unless otherwise noted.

Each room is 20 feet high. The walls in each room are of carved stone that is extremely difficult to climb DC 22 Athletics.

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Ceiling Grates: Above the exit door in each room is a grate-covered vent near the ceiling. This vent con- nects to the main corridor. Through these, characters can hear one another if they shout. These grates do not allow line of sight into the main corridor. A character can remove a ceiling grate and climb out through it by succeeding on two DC 25 Athletics checks to break the grate or Thievery checks to pry it loose.

Magical Writing: All inscriptions in this encounter use magical writing that displays in a language known to the character reading it. Religion DC The phrases on the walls are related to the drow's favored goddess, lolth. She has dominion over shadows, spiders, and lies. Also known as the Queen ofthe Demonweb Pits, lolth's lair in the Abyss grants her a dose relationship with demon kind.

Dungeoneering DC One of the walls of the chamber is a movable slab of stone. There's no way to get a good grip on it from inside, but there must be some mechanism that allows it to open. Test of Shadow Shadow is one ofLolth's domains. Her people live in the darkness, and it is no threat to them. This test requires the adventurer to walk along a pathway in the dark. Features of the Area Wall Writing: A glowing magical inscription on the wall reads: Floor Tiles: The floor tiles are ceramic and about a foot across.

Most of them are white. The tiles in the northwest and southeast corners are red. A pattern of black tiles, with white tiles separating them, snakes between the red tiles. The drow can see in the dark, and many of their strongholds have no light sources at all. They prize their ability to fight in the dark. Performing the Test When the character stands on one of the red tiled cor- ners, that tile sinks and locks into place, marking that the test has begun.

The tile resets if the character steps on a white tile or reaches the other red tile. A character must move from one red tile to the other, in the dark, stepping only on the black tiles. If the adven- turer moves from one red tile to the other along the course of black tiles while the chamber is dark.

Walking the path in the light doesn't open the door. Developments Traversing the path in the dark, even with the aid of darkvision, requires nimble feet to step on the narrow black tiles without touching the white. A character who has darkvision must succeed on three DC 9 Acrobatics or Athletics checks to cross the floor. Without darkvi- sion, the character must first see the path, and then the DC increases to A character can pace the route out while the cham- ber is lit, to count the tiles, to feel the way along, and so on.

If a character does so, he or she can use Oun- geoneering in place ofDC 13 Acrobatics or Athletics to complete the test.

The red tile resets, and the test must start anew. If the adventurer is shocked three times, he or she is teleported into a cage. See "The Cages," page Test of Deceit Lies and treachery please Lolth, and answering the Spider Queen's questions truthfully leads to pain.

Only by lying convinci ngly can an adventurer gain freedom. She shall see the truth in your words and reward you accordin[Jly. Why do you come to this realm? What is the areat purpose of your life? What talents serve you best? When a question is successfully answered, its text on the wall turns dark purple.

Lolth's Statue: A statue ofLolth stands against the wall opposite the door. Her form is that of a bulbous spider with the torso of a female drow. Her eyes are glit- tering gems that give the effect of a piercing stare. One eye is red, the other violet. She appreciates a well-told lie more highly than the truth.

The statue can always discern the truth, but the lies should be convincing to someone who doesn't possess such an ability. Listen to what the player says, then call for a Bluff check. If the lie seems believable, set the DC at 9. If the lie is harder to swallow, set it at The consequences for telling a poor lie, or the truth, are noted below.

The content of a lie is entirely up to the player, but the lies should be internally consistent. If one lie contra- dicts another, use the higher DC. When all three questions have been successfully answered, the door to the chamber opens.

If the adventurer triggers three attacks, he or she is teleported into a cage after the third attack. Test of Spiders Lolth 's followers use spiders as a symbol of their faith. In this test, an adventurer must capture and kill undead rats, just as a spider might catch flies in a web. Three shall feed your ambition. These strands, coated with a sticky gray dust that clings to anything it touches, cover the ceiling and walls in a spiderweb pattern.

They hang a foot or more from the surfaces they're attached to, and several are low enough that a character can grab on. An inset cavity runs near the ceiling along each of the longer walls.

A fine grate covers each cavity, which has many undead rats crawling in it. A few holes in the grates are large enough for the rats to crawl through, and ropes go through these holes. The rats could move onto the ropes if they wanted to. Spikes and Bones: Three spikes, each three feet high, stand in the chamber's center. A character can see that each spike is crusted with dried blood.

Rat bones are strewn around the base of each spike. Rats are nimble and can walk on the ropes. Bait, such as food or you, might lure them out. Performing the Test A character must ascend to the roof to draw the rats out or to reach into one of the holes in the grate. It takes a DC 9 Athletics check to climb up using the ropes. However, a rat killed before it exits the grate by way of the ropes has none of the ropes' dust on it.

A character must impale three undead rats, one on each spike. Each of these rats must have some of the dust from the rope on it. If a rat with dust is speared on a spike, the spike begins to slowly rotate, and light shoots up from around its base. See "Developments" for what happens if a rat without dust is impaled. If all three spikes have dusty rats impaled on them, the door to the chamber opens. The ray also burns the undead rat off the spike.