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A little peek into a possible future before the Ork Codex appears Warhammer 50K - The Shape of The Nightmare To МБ. >Harlequins Codex PDF . >mfw I ordered the Harlie codex and cards at a local shop The Harlequins are a faction of the Eldar, and the most enigmatic of that illustrations and images from the Warhammer world and Warhammer 40, universe.

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Codex Harlequins 8th - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read Codex: Harlequins, GW, Games Workshop, Space Marine, 40K, Warhammer. This was Slaanesh, the Dark Prince, known to the Eldar as She Who Thirsts, . The Harlequins worship a being known as Cegorach, the Laughing God, also When choosing an army to play a game of Warhammer 40, Codex: Harlequins, Gw, Games Workshop. Space Marine, 40K, Warhammer, Warhammer 40,, the "Aquila' Double- headed Eagle logo, and all associated .

In some places, continuing to pursue their strange agenda over black. Many of their best units stayed very similar Warp Spiders, Windriders or got changes that were in many ways a wash Wraithguard, D-Cannon. Every moment is prove all too real. There was a moment of incredible pain as fire uncoiled in his chest, then Agrippus knew no more. The ensuing a red path through them all.

Also for the harlequins, once again the way i read it is that they can move as if it was the movement phase, including advancing, as when you choose a unit to move, you declare the advance. I don't see any reason they shouldn't be able to advance as part of the movement; it would prevent them from charging that turn, but otherwise be entirely legal. In the Psychic Phase, if successful, the Harlequin unit gets to move and advance like it is the Movement Phase.

In the Charge Phase, the Harlequins can now declare a charge thanks to their "Rising Cresendo" special rule allowing them to charge after advancing. Oh yes, certainly- turn 1 charges are very much a thing now. Hmmm I would of taken it as if the heavy weapon could still fire as the unit is counted as not moving except for the heavy weapon so it can still fire but at -1, hopefully and FAQ or the codex sorts this.

That means all weapons except heavy weapons are allowed to ignore the unit's actions during the movement phase. Since a "normal" unit cannot advance and fire heavy weapons, Eldar cannot either. Yeah, I think it got missed in this one and some of the other photoscans as well. Summary version:. Ignore the -1BS penalty for moving and shooting heavy weapons if you fire at the nearest target. Yeah I really can't be angry at any of the tank upgrades, cheap as they are. Star Engines doesn't grab me, but I didn't particularly like Enhanced Aethersails on DE vehicles, either, though some people swore by them.

Vyper also doesn't have the transport keyword.. A Vyper is no transport vehicle, it was never one…. A guardian will be 8pts but a reaper will cost 36 due to the base 5 cost and the 31 point cost of the reaper launcher, and you can use blade wind if you take three voters as a unit otherwise they use the base movement.

So Vypers cannot get Vectored Engines…. That makes me sad, especially when the Harlequin and DE Vyper sized vehicles get it. If Vypers cannot purchase vehicle upgrades, I wish they would get Vectored Engines automatically as part of their base profile. Has anyone else noticed that Dire Avengers are 17 points per model?

Yeah, I won't field them atm. Hope their points are adjusted when the real codex comes out since they are cool looking dudes. Notify of. SO the Ynnari seem just better, right? SInce you can put most other eldar in that army anyway? Vote Up 0 Vote Down. June 1, 1: Battle focus is good, but Strength From Death is stuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuupid. Goddamnit, GW, this is the first thing I've seen that I don't like. June 1, 7: June 1, 9: June 1, 2: June 6, 3: June 6, 4: June 3, 1: Matt R. Does this mean they are now 32 pts for a shuriken cannon compared to 27 pts before?

June 3, 8: Yup, but they are now Fast Attack with 2 wounds. Scatterbikes are 35 points. June 3, June 4, 4: June 4, 6: June 4, 9: June 6, 7: June 3, 2: Hm good catch, an exarch is indeed a free upgrade. June 3, 7: June 3, 9: James L. Anyone else agree or have a different idea of it? Vote Up 1 Vote Down. June 5, 8: I read it as: In the Movement Phase, the Harlequin unit moves and advances as normal. Anyone lead into this? Troupes whipping across the board possibly for that turn 1 charge?

June 7, 1: June 9, Ah that does more make sense, your way of explaining makes it a lot clearer, thank you! June 7, 6: Unless I'm blind the vehicle wargear is missing? Can anyone give a breakdown of it?

Vote Up -1 Vote Down. June 7, 9: Summary version: Roll a die when you take a wound, on a 6 it's negated. If you Advance, enemies are at -1 to hit you with shooting attacks. Move an extra 2d6" when you Advance, rather than 1d6". In this way, the players spring across the heads of the Harlequin masques fight with near- enemy, snapping necks, plucking out eyes prescient efficiency.

With the barest and staving in skulls without ever touching direction from their Troupe Master, each the ground. Indeed, despite the lack back aboard their Starweavers and scream of a formal military chain of command, away into the distance while the Skyweavers masques are capable of acting with far and Voidweavers cover their retreat.

Essentially inevitably carries a high cost in lives for legendary heroes Ulthanash and Eldanesh, a strategic battle plan with an allegorical both the Harlequins and their foes. Yet this and the Solitaire embodying the monstrous edge, these inform target priority, overall in itself is rich with symbolism, echoing the pride that led them into the lair of the strategy, and whether the conflict should horrific death toll and scattered survivors Prince of the Ygghs.

The of the Fall. Whatever by stealing one of his antlers, Voidweavers the choice, each saedath is an intricate and There are countless other saedath, each and Skyweavers blasting a path to the prize brilliantly conceived strategy guaranteed to ideally suited to a specific foe or situation. Some are performed by the majority seize it while the enemy are still reeling.

Each of these symbols is thousands of years old, and carries great significances amongst the Aeldari. Players commonly display their Troupe rune upon a knee, thigh or shoulder pad. The Troupe runes for the Light, Twilight and Dark are the prism, the heart and the four-pointed star respectively. Troupe Masters bear a modified version of these runes, bordered by curving arcs. These are the master symbols, and are often presented as outlines rather than solidly blacked out symbols.

The Masque of the Midnight Sorrow numbers many dozens of masques and bands of Players, scattered far across the realms of the Aeldari, all fighting a constant war against the Ruinous Powers.

Codex Harlequins 8th

The worshippers of Chaos face few more determined or single-minded foes: Where reality tears asunder and the exception, upon the dangers of Chaos, and figures rarely speak, except in ritual form, horrors of the warp spill forth, there can be in recent centuries they have abandoned and care for nothing but the final defeat found the Masque of the Midnight Sorrow.

Their warriors whirl through the blazing vivid depictions of the Fall. Masters of forbidden within their roles. All Harlequins sacrifice a Ynnead, and many have taken the colours lore who strike upon the toll of the portion of their personality to the character of the Ynnari. Only time will tell… All Harlequins battle the servants of Chaos, yet for the Masque of the Midnight Sorrow this war has become a destructive obsession where no price is too steep for victory.

This Grand Masque stalks the webway tunnels around the Eye of Terror, striking fearlessly at Chaos strongholds wherever they can be found. Comprising the Midnight Sorrow, the Kabal of the Flayed Skull, and a warhost from Craftworld Yme-Loc, this uneasy alliance purged the renegade fortress world of Filth Pit despite horrific Aeldari losses. The monomaniacal focus of the Midnight Sorrow has a cost to them not only in lives, but in minds and souls.

So intent upon their daemonic foe are these Harlequins that all else fades into obscurity. Their battles and performances focus, without. The symbol of the Masque of the Midnight Sorrow takes the form of a spear driven into the inverse heart of the rune of Twilight.

The costumes worn by Players in the Midnight Sorrow are dark black with offsets of bright yellow, while their motley is red and blue. In many ways, the Masque of the Veiled Path epitomises every mistrustful thought and resentful prejudice Humanity has ever held for the Aeldari. Amongst the Asuryani, it is said that to trust the Veiled Path is to step willingly into the void. For all this, they are skilled warriors, and deadly enemies of all who would see the light of the Aeldari extinguished at last.

Tricksters, manipulators and riddle-smiths, beyond. It was they, for example, who are System, and smoothed the passage of the the Veiled Path are capricious even by the said to have set the Archon Lady Malys resurrected Primarch Roboute Guilliman standards of Harlequins. Even other Grand upon the road to her strange encounter back to Terra during his crusade. Yet that Masques see the Veiled Path as dangerously in the webway and the arcane bond with same seer also saw to it that Guilliman untrustworthy, for they have been the Cegorach that resulted.

It was they who was forced to rely upon the aid of the architects of countless atrocities. Yet none sent one of their number — under the sinister wanderer known only as Cypher, can deny the list of victories that their assumed name of Sylandri Veilwalker — and sealed Magnus the Red in the webway duplicity has won them.

A Shadowseer reached a fatal conclusion. It is not unknown for spectators or allies to vanish without trace, never to be seen again. The Veiled Path have betrayed far more pacts than they have kept, and have stolen away many precious relics and important leaders.

Yet far from being repentant, the Veiled Path seem to take a malicious glee in every promise they break and crisis they cause. If this is true, then the burden of guilt that the Veiled Path hide must be a dreadful weight indeed. It is associated not only with trickery, but with back-stabbing and an ill-omened demise. The Frozen Stars strike wherever and however they believe will elicit the greatest and grisliest amusement.

In some ways they carry themselves as a force for good, striving to inspire their fellow Aeldari and follow the steps of the Final Act. Yet their cheer is reserved only for those they favour, and their mirth is swift to turn cruel and malevolent.

Standing secret vigil over the destruction of particular key enemies and as vermin, there only to serve as the butt maiden worlds of the Eastern Fringe, the precise manipulation of the deeds of of their shockingly violent pranks and these Harlequins possess a genuine hope others. They wage a war against the slow jests. They believe rot of Chaos, the arrogant might of the minor alien empires have all suffered the that there is a path to be trod through the Imperium and the reckless expansionism sudden attacks of this Grand Masque.

Following destinies another as they murder their foes. Whether it be the threat posed by newly birthed warp storms to the Eastern Fringe, the rise of the Ynnari — whom the Frozen Stars regard as the dupes of a false deity — or the belief that the Rhana Dandra is upon them, these Harlequins have become near-frenzied.

They strike at the forces of Chaos and the Imperium with equal vehemence, butcher aliens without mercy, and, all the while, their hysterical laughter echoes on the winds of war. The rune of this Masque is that of divergent chance, depicting the pathways of fate propped up on a foundation of certainty and determination.

40k codex warhammer pdf harlequin

The Frozen Stars are known for their striking black and white costumes. In the Dreaming Shadow, the fervour and energy of the Harlequins becomes something grimmer and more funereal.

They are the guardians of myriad symbolic underworlds; their charge is to ensure that the dead stay dead, and the slumbering never wake. Beneath the glare of dying stars, the Masque of the Dreaming Shadow performs its sombre dance of war. It is the ancestral duty of this Grand Masque to prevent the rise of an ancient foe, to slay whoever it takes to prevent the rebirth of the Necron Empire.

Regardless, the continued efforts of the Dreaming Shadow speak for themselves; they have slowed the awakening of dozens of tomb worlds over recent centuries, and snuffed the ambitions of others altogether.

The Dreaming Shadow have a long history The saedath performed by the Dreaming of sudden and seemingly unprovoked Shadow are almost always led by Troupes attacks upon Adeptus Mechanicus dig sites, of the Twilight, for they stand ever upon Inquisitorial agents and newly founded the threshold between life and death. Their Imperial colonies upon outlying planets, ranks are replete with such characters and for this, they have become reviled as the Watchman of the Last Road, the by Humanity.

Yet in recent years, the Herald of Heg and the Lockmistress, roles Dreaming Shadow have been reported synonymous with maintaining the natural fighting as allies alongside the defenders order and preventing evil spirits from of forge worlds and Knight worlds. They rising to bedevil the living. They spend have interceded against heretic uprisings, much of their time in battle, gracing the Tyranid invasions, even Drukhari pirate The rune of unveiled mystery is worn halls of their kin with performances only raids, before vanishing again.

Imperial by this Masque as an ironic comment, when they need to replenish their ranks. Their victims barely have time to realise their danger before the Harlequins are dispensing death throughout their ranks. It performs and fights in an almost and soar, shedding very real blood as they exclusively airborne fashion, soaring into engage in ritual dances and duels with the battle like the Weaver Serpents of the mythic best challengers the Wych Cults have to offer. The diamond rune of the Soaring Spite These were the Cosmic signifies a sense of oneness.

Each of the serpents was as different from one another as they were from the Great Harlequin himself, yet all were drawn into his endless dance.

Facing the Harlequins of the Laughing God in battle is a terrifying experience, but few masques are as sinister or unsettling as those of the Silent Shroud. Whether this be amid the reigns. Even their weapons are to the Silent Shroud.

The their roles. They simply seem to know next, the Harlequins were amongst what is required of them, evincing an eerie them. Others claim the Silent Shroud are nothing more than ghosts of the webway bound within mortal raiment, their souls trapped forever within the masks they wore in life.

Whatever the case, the Silent Shroud fight an endless psychological war against the many enemies of the Aeldari race. The Silent Shroud wear bright yellows and oranges. Their rune is the thorn- strangled stave — a mythic weapon used by Kurnous, the hunting god of ancient Aeldari myth, to strike down his prey without making a sound.

All Harlequins exhibit an eerie familiarity with the paths of the webway. For the Dance Without End, this familiarity has become something more akin to symbiosis. The Masque of the Dance Without End — a specialism that is said to bring these The Dance Without End traverse the falls upon its foes like a hammer blow, Harlequins closer to their deity. So deep is deepest and strangest reaches of the appearing as if from thin air with guns their connection to the Laughing God that webway, often returning to a confluence already blazing.

Full of passion and verve, it is rumoured the webway itself flexes and known as the Maze of Whispers. Certainly, passages of this region are stiflingly still renowned for their performances of the the Dance Without End seem always to and suffused with a sense of dread, yet Spiral of Mirth and Madness.

This is the attack from the most unexpected quarter, through some quirk of fate it survived cycle of dances, plays and monologues that vanishing on the breeze should matters the opening of the Great Rift wholly recount the deeds of Cegorach himself go awry. Since those terrible days, the Dance Without End have used the Maze of Whispers as their base of operations in a war to save the webway.

Whether the maze is simply a safe staging ground, or whether it conceals some deeper and darker secret, the Dance Without End will not tell. No other Grand Masque has fought more furiously in defence of the labyrinth dimension. They have struck at Necron dolmen gates that shackled webway tunnels, annihilating them to set those pathways free.

They have used flattery and threat in equal measure to forge alliances of Asuryani and Drukhari, and have burst into realspace to butcher Tyranids, Orks and humans alike — any who set foot near a forbidden webway gate find their lives forfeit, whether they knew of its presence or not. The Dance Without End wear magenta and black with green and blue motley. Not all routes to victory pass through the realms of logic.

Sometimes the caprice and madness of Chaos must be met in kind, and strange deeds performed to achieve unexpected ends. Such is the way of the Twisted Path. This Grand Masque has a chilling reputation for luring victims into the webway to vanish without a trace.

In battle, they steal away friend and foe alike, never to be seen again by their commanders or kin. Where these vanished souls are taken remains a mystery, though rumours abound that it is part of some grand scheme of the Laughing God.

It is said that they fight in unsettling concert with these unlikely allies, whose uniforms and vehicles are marked in some subtle way with the rune and colours of the Twisted Path. Yet their auxiliaries show not a hint of reticence, even the most fanatical Imperial warrior or brutish Ork laying down their lives in a heartbeat for the Harlequins that fight at their side.

In others they — or why — is a mystery that the Twisted trigger fresh conflicts, massacre selfless Path are in no hurry to explain.

Indeed, guardians or mighty champions, or inflict extracting anything of sense from this untold miseries upon what seem like Grand Masque is a Herculean task, for entirely undeserving victims.

Nor do the their dialogue is peppered with illogical Twisted Path always fight until the battle analogies, mind-bending riddles and hints is done — their Troupes have been sighted at lore neither safe nor sought for. Such fighting from one end of the galaxy to erratic behaviour has made many Asuryani The Masque of the Twisted Path wear the other, emerging from the webway and Drukhari reluctant to put their trust the rune of stolen grace, symbolising apparently at random to launch rapid — in the Twisted Path.

They wear red, orange and pink suddenly as they appeared. In some places, continuing to pursue their strange agenda over black. Still it seems to many as though their end draws ever closer. Rather than shy from it, or seek to prevent it, the Shattered Mirage take death as their muse. The Masque of the Shattered Mirage is hesitant to deploy.

Both their kin and their enemies allies of the twisted Haemonculi and their all odds. Their ghastly broods. Perhaps, dread, conveying only fatalistic despair to For all their hopeless philosophising they say, their performance is intended their audiences.

They strike where no enemy that resolution. It is not hard to see why many Aeldari view this Grand Masque as heralds of ill omen. Still, none are foolish enough to impede their coming.

In battle, the Shattered Mirage fight with a reckless abandon that is horrific to behold, and even in death they take dozens of the foe screaming with them to the grave. To fight the Shattered Mirage is to fight a foe with no fear of death, intent only on the destruction of their enemies no matter the cost.

Nor do the Shattered Mirage shy from using forbidden weapons and calling upon horrific allies to heighten the bloodshed.

In recent centuries they have unleashed several weapons of the ancient Aeldari, terrible works of arcane science that even the Drukhari would be. The rune of the lamented dead is integral to the mindset of the Masque of the Shattered Mirage. Contained within its graceful lines and bladed curves is the ultimate demise of all things, and since the Great Rift opened the Players of the Shattered Mirage have taken to carving this rune directly into their flesh.

They wear white and bright-blue garb, with motley of white and earthen hues. So wholeheartedly spiteful are their saedath, and so bloody their performances, that they are viewed with something akin to horror by their craftworld kin, and with grudging respect by the Drukhari of Commorragh.

This Masque has a disproportionate which they paint their masterpieces of number of Troupes of the Dark, and its death. It is not enough to simply kill their Because of their penchant for inventive ranks are thick with cruel and macabre enemies — they must be made examples cruelty, this Masque attracts a higher personalities such as Khaine Wrathful and of in the most extravagant manner.

The proportion of Death Jesters to join their the Queen of Shards. Yet perversely, almost carrion tableaux arranged in the Palace ranks than do most Harlequin forces. These figures make a great show of dismay at the vicious antics of their followers, acting out exaggerated shock and penitence at each excessive killing the Troupes perform. There is allegory here, of course. These Harlequins wear white, scarlet and purple. Across countless worlds, in myriad theatres of art and war alike, they have performed their bloody dances and foiled the machinations of Chaos at every turn.

Still they fight, as the darkness gathers and doom approaches, for they know that the stakes have never been higher. Taking before constricting rapidly like the coils of From Light into Darkness up arms, the Harlequins vanish into the the Cosmic Serpent. Though the Nurgle In the wake of the fabled War in Heaven, labyrinth dimension to prepare for the war worshippers fight to defend their position, the Aeldari rise to supremacy as the that will consume their future utterly.

Empowered by their ritual ruined. Fulgulus is the last to their supreme technology, they enjoy every MM40 RISING fall, pierced with the twin blades known as luxury and pursue every curiosity. The Dreaming Shadow infiltrate the decay. Pleasure cults spread through their The Masque of the Midnight Sorrow bursts chronostatic tomb fortress of Nemesor society, and the pantheon of Aeldari gods is from the webway portal at Llayen Nuadh Torlak on Pardassos.

By sabotaging the gradually abandoned in favour of personal to fall upon a horde of Slaaneshi Daemons. Yet the Their intervention rescues the embattled Harlequins trigger a singularity cascade Aeldari are not becoming gods. Incensed, Torlak descent into perverted madness nurtures a daemonic foes back into the warp.

Few know of his dealings Imperial forces attempt to plunder Even as the Aeldari empire decays around with the Masque of the Veiled Path at this forbidden archeotech on the dying world them, the masques remain true to the time, or of the dreadful pact he seals with of Karadox. Several masques of the teachings of their god. While some lament them upon ascending to his throne.

Midnight Sorrow strike without warning, the death of the old ways, others revel orchestrating a blistering campaign of in mocking the lunacy they see at every The War of Mirrors hit-and-run attacks against the Explorator turn. Only a handful of and the Harlequins are compelled to Harlequins survive the six-month conflict, Strange Saviours become ever more martially skilled but they sow such confusion that the The fortress world of Magnor Prime in order to defend themselves while Waaagh!

In this way do the ritual Night Lords Heretic Astartes. The Chaos warband of Lord Fulgulus apart in terror raids, finding their skinned attacks the Exodite world of Rhildhol. The garrison are on A disaster millennia in the making strikes daemonic patron, Fulgulus systematically the brink of revolt when the Harlequins at last.

His warriors nowhere. Desperate enough to heed the that obliterates the empire of the Aeldari. It is then Shadowseers, deploying their surviving that Humanity will come to know as the that the Masque of the Soaring Spite, aided troops to counter enemy attacks before Eye of Terror.

The Aeldari, meanwhile, by the Wych Cult of Strife, falls upon the they begin. The war turns as the Night are all but annihilated. Yet amongst the Nurgle worshippers. As the ritual nears its Lords go from ambushers to ambushed, far-flung survivors of this great catastrophe peak, squadrons of jetbikes, grav-skimmers and are forced to fight with increasing are the Harlequins, and hidden within and Hellions encircle the Chaos forces savagery to hold their own. Magnor and disappears.

Imperial worlds. By the time the Imperial Prime is saved, and the Veiled Path leave as response reaches the forge world, the mysteriously as they came. In violently evict the interlopers. Though the cost is The collapse of a Necron dolmen gate takes up the cursed Spear of Twilight. He high, the invaders are wiped out, not a creates a rent in reality, and allows a is compelled to seize his destiny in this single super-heavy war engine making it horde of Khornate Daemons to spill into way by a Shadowseer of the Veiled Path.

Yet greatest daemonic herald — before the Gate the danger is undone as the Veiled Path A Promise Kept of Souls, mirroring the hatred between awaken a little-used webway gate and allow While battling Tyranids on Deshil, Khorne and Slaanesh. The their senses clouded by visions. Upon awakening, they repelling a horde of Slaaneshi Daemons Black Library remains undisturbed.

A Dangerous Debt Commorragh. Of their captors there is no Led by a conclave of Shadowseers, the sign, but the Haemonculi croon delightedly A Single Blade Midnight Sorrow aid Inquisitor Sophia over a debt settled in blood. After his bodyguards are drawn away Vilimas in defeating the Alpha Legion on by a series of diversionary attacks, the Safehaven. None but the Harlequins them a debt — one they will soon collect. Echospire on the shrine world of Baedros.

All are A Great Harlequin wins the Commorrite is besmirched by this bloody disaster. Their recruitment Roth against pirates. However, as battle is The Black Prelude rates rise commensurably, and disquiet joined, they turn upon their allies, ending The Dreaming Shadow bring a warning to spreads at the sinister implications of this seemingly unprovoked attack by the forge world of Noctillus Dhega-Nox.

In a string of bloody battles, the Midnight The Dreaming Shadow begin a decade- Sorrow trap sixty-six Heralds of Slaanesh long campaign against the tomb worlds Thirteen days later, the Dreaming within runic stones. Uncomfortably similar of Maedrax, fighting to stem the rising Shadow return, this time in force. Bloodied Shards the elegant spars of the webway. Rune- the Heretic Astartes of the Red Corsairs. Sub-realms heart to surprise the garrisoning force of them in a razor-edged landslide.

With them come a rogue by the time the initial onslaught subsides, faction of Asuryani from Craftworld The Seeker Denied extensive damage has been done from one Yme-Loc, who seek to aid the Harlequins Led by the Dance Without End and the end of the galaxy to the other. No explanation is offered upon the Eastern Fringe.

The brackish long ago by the Imperium, faces invasion and neither reason nor force can stay its waters and slimy effluvia of this storm rot by splinters of Hive Fleets Leviathan and pursuit.

Trapped within the Nykos System the forests and raise gelid floodwaters to Kraken. To prevent the swarms combining by the lack of warp travel, Governor drown wildlife already stricken by a foul their strength, a band of Harlequins Ghorondine flees from one world to and mutating curse of fecundity. On each brokers an alliance between Craftworlds the next, expending entire regiments of world so beset, masques of the Frozen Biel-Tan and Iyanden, along with the bodyguards.

The Spectre of Despair cuts Stars appear. Fighting their way to the site Drukhari of Commorragh. The ensuing a red path through them all.

Even as the Aeldari weep, so the Eversor Assassin against the Solitaire. The rains falling from the skies transform from This war is the final sign. Deep within the two ghoulish figures engage in a blisteringly diseased filth to cleansing waters that glow Black Library, the crystal tome of Cegorach swift battle across the battlements of like moonlight.

Wherever these purifying falls open at last. Dozens of palace monsoons sweep over the landscape, guards are butchered simply for stepping the power of Nurgle is undone and the Storm Winds Rise into the path of the ferocious combatants, corruption reversed. The galaxy burns, the fires of war lighting and the Solitaire is sorely wounded over a bloody stage. As the Harlequins begin and again. A time of changing fates looms the Eversor, the Solitaire, and the hapless corruption of their maiden worlds, their as the storm gathers, and the mantle of Governor Ghorondine in a searing blast.

Whether that they must follow. Via a shattered rune- ongoing, some amongst the Aeldari dare to fastnesses, masques gather in readiness.

Dark times approach, it is said, gradually down until they fall one by one Most portray the god as a character of and the servants of the Laughing God are into slumber. Projecting their dreaming the Twilight, though dependent upon the their harbingers, but also an embodiment selves through the surface of the twisted masque in question he is cast as a saviour, of hope that they might be endured.

The fires of their military might the carapaces of factory-sized broodbeasts, Uhl-Ohm-7 puts down upon a nameless remain undimmed, but a very real danger sowing plasma charges to crack them open world covered in ghostly ruins. The Death Jesters accompanying one another. Disaster is averted when the Casualties are high — Rippers surge the Masque engage in a cruel contest to Frozen Stars travel from one warship to upwards in tidal waves and seething spouts inflict the most ironic demise they can, the next, warning of a daemonic threat to of chitin and claws, dragging Aeldari down culminating in an act of sabotage that sees the Exodite worlds known as the Three to be instantly devoured.

Winged monsters five hundred Skitarii crushed together in Sisters. They whip the Asuryani into a blast aircraft from the skies, sending them an instant by the collapse of a depolarised xenophobic fury at the human cults whose spiralling down to be gnawed apart in void-shield generator. Yet in the end, the war becomes realspace. Gharros, a Sorcerer of the heretical Iron Having sent his elite Incubi to join the Warriors, raises a mighty fastness — the offensive against the foe, Vect is hacked Indomitasmium — on the death world apart by hissing Mandrakes in his sanctum.

Though constructed every safehold within which Vect has unopposed, any Iron Warriors that emerge concealed some fragment of himself for from the fortification are set upon by the regenerative purposes.

Some whisper that Masque of the Silent Shroud, their voices this coup is the work of Lady Malys, but stolen from them just moments before the Archon herself remains icily aloof.

[PDF] WarHammer 40K [codex] 7th ed - Eldar - Free Download PDF

Those loyal to the former to overcome his fortress. Yet chamber by Overlord attend, as do many who hated chamber, corridor by corridor, an eerie him and wish only to gloat before going to pall of silence begins to fall across the war for his crown. Only Lady Malys fails Indomitasmium. Those caught in the zones to appear. By the time her absence raises of dread silence for too long find their alarm, it is too late.

In the midst of their senses fading until they are rendered deaf, performance, the Harlequins saturate the blind and dumb. Weeks pass and still the wake with potent airborne hallucinogens The Dance of the Great Falcon Harlequins strike down every Iron Warrior and unleash their fury on the reeling The Imperial agri world of Methuselax is that dares emerge, accepting painful losses Archons.

Carnage erupts as the exits to overrun by a splinter fleet of Hive Fleet in order to maintain their strange siege.

Vect himself replicating ceaselessly until an undulating dwindling, Gharros launches a furious rises from a column of dark energy to sea of Rippers covers much of the planet.

The sheer grim ferocity preside over the slaughter, very much alive This chitinous living ocean risks spilling of the attack sets the Silent Shroud reeling, and declaring himself a living Dark Muse. Robbed of their impregnable society. Most of Unable to land upon ground swarming dig in for a last stand just a mile short of them, at any rate.

As for the Veiled Path, with Tyranid organisms, the Aeldari their extraction craft, but the Silent Shroud they vanish into the webway, leaving the instead remain airborne. They skim above do not attack. Instead, as quietly as they Supreme Overlord of Commorragh firmly the fanged ocean, launching pinpoint came, they vanish.

Gharros is given just in their debt. Following the fracture of Biel-Tan, many of Jetbikes and sleek fighter craft weave The battle that follows is as short as it its now fleetborne elements clash angrily between bloated living air-mines. In many marked upon a sash, though this is by no conflicts, the most talented will even be means consistently done. Such warriors often slicing through the thickest armour with adopt the title of Great Harlequin, and ease. Some also carry small but powerful play the role of Cegorach — or some haywire grenades: Closer laced with electroreactive psychocircuitry.

Some Troupe Masters even carry take their place. Dark or Twilight. Troupe Masters of the Twilight see cycles of transition in everything, often seeming obsessive, even insane in their attention to nuance and detail, until the precise moment their true genius reveals itself. Their ever-shifting features of combat. Whereas flicker between nightmarish horror Players wear elegantly cut and leering, sardonic humour at the jackets or ritually folded mortal plight of their foes.

Many factors influence crystalline light, or the firelit hell of the terrain, leaping in unison over flaming which weapons a Player will use, such as battlefield. They tumble, sprint and leap, wreckage and plunging chasms. The the saedath they are performing and the every squeeze of the trigger and slash of a desperate attacks of their enemies find specific part they will undertake.

Some blade bringing death to the enemy. Some no less incredible. Others simply vanish from their personal chambers. Still others are swept up in a Harlequin performance and stolen away, lose an ill-judged wager with a Troupe Master, or follow mysterious laughter and skirling music through a webway gate, never to be seen again.

Every Aeldari culture has dozens of strange — often cautionary — tales regarding the Harlequins, and while some are doubtless embellished or wholly apocryphal, many more contain an eerie core of truth. To become a Harlequin means erasing all that has come before, be it friends, family, path or purpose.

However it happens, once an Aeldari becomes a Harlequin every aspect of their old identity is erased. Harlequins make use of weapons and wargear that are esoteric, even by the standards of their eldritch race.

Along with their terrifying masks, and the dathedi holo-fields that distort their outlines,. At the same time, they shield their allies from harm, wreathing them in veils of illusion until the moment comes to strike.

They act as narrators, speaking in monologue while their fellow Players whirl and spin around them. Blasts of multicoloured light, glowing swirls of blinding mist and white-hot illusory flame — all are conjured forth with consummate showmanship. Shadowseers are skilled in reading the skeins of the future. However, their second sight is differently honed to that of Farseers; they are not concerned with the literal manipulation of events, but rather the fulfilment of the mythic roles that others unknowingly assume.

Concealing their identities with stage names, Shadowseers act as envoys to their craftworld or Commorrite kin, their faceless masks revealing nothing of their thoughts or intentions. The rest of their ritual garb reveals little more in the way of personal identity.

Codex pdf 40k harlequin warhammer

In battle, all Shadowseers make use of their creidann grenade launchers to sow terror and madness amongst their foes. The fluted psychoplastic tubes atop the grenade launcher hurl canisters of hallucinogenic gas through the air according to preprogrammed fire patterns. The slightest exposure leads victims to perceive the Harlequins as ghostly apparitions or twisted monsters, transforms allies into leering ghouls, and drives those afflicted to run mad, turning their weapons upon one another, and themselves.

Traditionally, every Shadowseer also carries a miststave — a weapon that channels their mental force to crush armour plates and shatter bones. Against living victims, even a glancing blow from such a weapon scrambles their perceptions, clouding the mind with contradictory illusions and reducing sight to a slow-motion blur.

Indeed, Jester upon the battlefield and will occasionally pause to sketch a there are few in the galaxy as talented is announced by a hissing deep bow or offer mocking applause to or imaginative when it comes to writing storm of shrieker cannon foes whose horrible fates have especially the tragic comedy of war, and few more fire.

Enemy infantry are torn entertained them. Such Jester. To make war worthwhile, they must move as they will, garbed in armour an entrance is apt indeed, for the sinister intersperse murder with ironic humour. Yet their dedication to the Laughing grisly sense of humour that leads them to wounding a heavy-weapon trooper so that God is beyond question, and in the heat of seek new and inventive ways to terrorise, their shot flies wide and destroys the very battle the covering fire of the Death Jesters torment and eventually kill their victims.

Corporal Mallins stood in a muddy trench, firing at ghosts. If they hit anything, he saw no sign of it. Mallins stole a glance over his shoulder. He saw Colonel Drask and the surviving commanders of the Mordian 10th a hundred yards to the rear, waiting on the landing pad.

Above them, descending as fast as its pilots dared, an Aquila Lander came to snatch them away to safety. Mallins and his men had only to stave off the xenos until Drask was extracted, and then they could go to meet the Emperor with their heads held high. A sudden hail of enemy fire pulled his attention back to the fore. Trooper Gafyn began to scream, the sound ever more shrill and panicked. He convulsed, his flesh flushing crimson, veins standing out like ropes, and Mallins had just enough time to dive clear before Gafyn exploded like a human bomb.

Shaking, pasted in gore, Mallins rose to see a ghoulish figure perched on a nearby ruin. It wore skeletal armour and a flowing greatcoat, and held the long-barrelled cannon that had slain Gafyn. Mallins raised his gun to fire, but before he could pull the trigger the figure adjusted its aim and let fly again. Seconds later, blood sprayed the inside of the armaglass cockpit and the lander plunged.

Colonel Drask and his retinue vanished in a roaring fireball as their extraction shuttle, the means of their salvation, instead became the instrument of their deaths. Numb, shaking, Mallins looked back in time to see the skeletal figure give a mocking bow before it levelled its cannon towards him and fired again.

They conceal themselves true limits of their abilities. Tales exist of colour streaking through their ranks. Soldiers fall, eyes hiding their true nature as they wander spilling from the shadows inside locked widening as heads are severed, throats from place to place.

Only occasionally will bunkers, even slowing time itself. Their opened, and hearts pierced. Blood falls these dread figures reveal the monster that impossible acrobatics are such that no like monsoon rain in the wake of a lurks beneath the facade, joining a masque blade can strike them, nor bolt or blast killer too fast to be seen. Only when the for a performance or battle before drifting find its mark upon their flesh.

In battle Solitaire pauses for a second amidst the on once more. At such times they speak they are utterly lethal, their scything kicks slaughter do the enemy get a glimpse and are spoken to only in ritual form, and and hammer-blow punches coming so of their executioner — a domino field are feared by most Aeldari as an ill omen. Each masked head tilted at a curious angle as This mien of horror stems from the fact the monster regards those it hunts. As that, alone among the Harlequins, the the Solitaire Solitaire plays the role of Slaanesh.

It also makes them the most dangerous of all Harlequins, for a Solitaire treads the Path of Damnation, their essence doomed to be devoured by She Who Thirsts. Despite the dark fate that awaits them, it is said that Solitaires are touched by the Laughing God — that they have his insight into the Fall, and even the nature of the universe. It is believed that the Solitaires know what will occur during the Rhana Dandra, who will prevail and what will remain of a galaxy saved or damned. Many Aeldari believe that to speak to a Solitaire is to invite a grisly demise, and that should an individual accidentally address or touch one of these lonely beings, they would be better to take their own lives there and then.

It moved so swiftly, veiled behind some variety of heretical technology, that I could cogitate neither its nature nor its attack pattern. It tore the heads from my robots. It butchered my Corpuscarii before they could summon the motive force. Why it left me alive, I do not know, but its visage is seared forever into my memory banks.

Omnissiah save me. The Cosmic Serpent is as they punch through the enemy ranks. Skimming a significant totem to the Harlequins, for he is said to have existed dangerously low, their pilots whoop with glee and an in both the material and psychic universes at the same time, and eerie moan fills the air as the Players spin their star his strange and capricious young acted as occasional allies to bolas in rapid arcs before letting the weapons fly.

Guns blazing, Cegorach. Depicted as a gestalt being composed of hundreds of the Skyweavers tear onwards, the thumping concussion of plasmic small flying serpents, the Skyweaver spoke always in riddles, and blasts lighting their wake.

Thus did the Skyweaver spread confusion accommodate both a pilot and a rider, each playing a specific role. Many wield star bolas: However, there are the leg of an armoured walker. During conflicts such as the Gorlian Scourging or the instead. The craft and mirage launchers that reduce the craft and greatest son of the Cosmic Serpent. The serpent mounting multiple heavy weapons that freely gave his aid to Cegorach and, in These craft are lightly armoured but provide supporting fire for the Harlequin tales such as the Humbling of Eldanesh incredibly nimble, their agility combining passengers once they have leapt into the or the Flight from the Grave of Stars, with the lightning reflexes of their crews to fray.

Further protection is survivors diving for cover. The greatest of these were Eldanesh and Ulthanash, mighty warriors and firm rivals both. There are almost as many myths concerning these noble figures as there are of the gods themselves, and of course the Harlequins perform corresponding dances for many of them. The saedath that accompany these tales are markedly raw and emotional, evoking the achievements of lone warriors in the face of overwhelming opposition, the arrogance and excellence of competing heroes, and the tragic sacrifice of the one to save the many.

A masque will enact this performance only in the face of inevitable defeat, sacrificing themselves in as costly and courageous a fashion as they can. In the heralds the arrival of the its rear-facing shuriken cannon, which mythic stories, this serpent never allowed Voidweavers.

Considering can either be operated manually by the Cegorach to ride upon its back, but after the lightness of their build, Harlequin gunner or left to follow the the Laughing God bested it in a trial of Voidweavers carry an guidance of its targeting matrix. The cunning, the Voidweaver lent its strength impressive loadout of firepower. Assuming the runs and polychromatic camouflage make for the Harlequins.

A full squadron can easily brood. Operating as ambush hunters, It would fight at the slightest provocation, they strike before the enemy realises their and revelled in proving its superiority over danger, and scream away before return fire others.

Meanwhile, its caution was such can be brought to bear. Here you will find a showcase of expertly painted Citadel Miniatures that elegantly display the vibrant colour schemes and iconography of the masques at war. They are met in force by the Masque of the Midnight Sorrow and the Masque of Frozen Stars, whose nimble warriors, hurtling jetbikes and deadly heroes slaughter the servants of Slaanesh without mercy. As the Assault Marines of the Imperial Fists attempt to turn the Aeldari flank, they are met by the players of the Frozen Stars, who burst from the jungle mists to tear the Imperial warriors apart with precision firepower and flashing blades.

Harlequins wear brightly coloured garb. The rune of the Midnight Sorrow. The heart rune of a Player of the Twilight. This Skyweaver jetbike and its crew bear the colours of the Masque of the Midnight Sorrow. Squadrons of Skyweaver jetbikes are identified by different colourations on their fins.

A squadron of Skyweaver jetbikes hurtles through the dawn mist to bring sudden death to their enemies. This Voidweaver has a prismatic cannon. Harlequin passenger riding into battle. This Starweaver bears the symbol of the Masque of the Midnight Sorrow upon its carapace and dorsal fins. Starweaver of the Masque of the Midnight Sorrow, equipped with shuriken cannons. That it is free will that guides your hand?

So come, Death Jesters wear macabre motley dance for me upon the stage to exaggerate their of battle. Fight for me. Scream grotesque appearance. The Masque of the Dreaming Shadow leap into battle against the awakening Necron legions upon the barren moon of Cospech.

Domino field fractal distortion. Bursting from the concealment of the webway, the Masque of the Soaring Spite fall upon the revolting servants of the Plague God Nurgle.

Upon Isthael Beta, the cruel warriors of the Black Legion discover that the webway gate they seek to capture is watched over by deadly guardians. The force pictured here represents an ideal starting point for such a collection. Collecting your Warhammer 40, The force shown on this page is just one close swiftly with the enemy while relying army is a very personal experience. For of many ways to begin a collection of upon their natural agility and holo- some, inspiration springs from the look Harlequins.

Painted in the colours of fields to protect them from incoming and feel of an army, its background, the the Masque of the Midnight Sorrow, it fire. Once in combat, they will quickly range of models that it is made up of, is a small and compact force that fulfils butcher many times their number of or the panoply of colours in which it is the requirements for a Battle-forged foes.

Supporting this band come a pair painted.

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Finally, it uniquely powerful. There is no right is a Troupe of Harlequins, collectively leading the Harlequins to battle is the way to collect an army — any of the above named the Flickering Blade.

A Troupe Troupe Master known as the Prince of will lead to a collection to be rightly of the Light, this band of killers are Whispers, a potent warrior, inspirational proud of. Presented here is just such a force. Building up from the foundation of the Harlequins shown on The masque is led into combat by the complete array of heroic the previous page, this collection has been expanded to become protagonists available to the Harlequins.

Coordinating the army a full-blown Harlequin masque ready for war. It is intended to is the Troupe Master known as the Prince of Whispers, whose represent one of the masques of the Midnight Sorrow, and has mastery of shifting, shadowy tactics and ever-changing plans been assembled in such a way as to be ready to face any enemy leaves his opponents wrong-footed.

This they can call upon. Like all Harlequin armies, the comparatively unsettling figure is forever surrounded by spectral mists and a lightly armoured nature of the fighters in this masque means that susurrus of disembodied voices that disturb his foes and leave they must use their speed and manoeuvrability to the utmost in their minds wide open to his terrifying illusions.

The core of this masque consists of three Troupes of Harlequins. Each datasheet includes the characteristics profiles of the unit it describes, as well as any wargear and special abilities it may have. This is shorthand for a keyword of your own choosing, as For example, if you were to include a Troupe described below. You then are within 6" of this model. Rock walls raced past bare inches away on poised to deliver the coup de grace at the crescendo of the either side, while lightning tore through the roiling clouds dance.

Between them and their targets, a band of enemy overhead. Were her pilot to make the slightest moment.

Pdf codex 40k warhammer harlequin

Streaking through a blizzard of fire, spiralling and error they would both meet their end. The closeness of death jinking with balletic ease, the jetbikes shot lengthways over was exhilarating.

As they went, their cannons maw, and she felt its savage music already pulsing through ploughed bloody furrows through the foe. The Knight let her blood.

The Prince of Dust shot her a barely perceptible fly her bolas, a high-pitched thrum ringing out as it spun nod over his shoulder, his leering mask giving nothing away through the air. In response, the time to see the officer consumed by her fiery wrath. The dance continued… the Eager Huntress consuming her utterly.

The trio of elongated jetbikes shot from the mouth of the canyon like shuriken, and straight into the maelstrom of war.

WarHammer 40K [codex] 7th ed - Eldar Harlequins.pdf

The Knight saw that her kin had already struck from the webway gate, outflanking their foe from within the spar of the labyrinth dimension just as she knew they would. The performance was flawless, and the mon-keigh were reeling in disarray. This model can Advance and charge Holo-suit: Choreographer of War: This model can move across models and within 6" of this model. Shield from Harm: Your opponent must subtract 1 from wound rolls for any attacks made against friendly Flip Belt: PSYKER This model can attempt to manifest two psychic powers in each friendly Psychic phase, and attempt to deny one psychic power in each enemy Psychic phase.

It knows the Smite power and two psychic powers from the Phantasmancy discipline pg No tanks, no artillery, just this… handful… of xenos.

We expected an easy fight. Then the madness started to spread, men began to scream, to turn upon one another. The things I saw… Even now I cannot trust my own mind. Execute me, I beg you. Maybe that will finally wipe away the nightmares. Models in this unit can move across models Rising Crescendo: Models in this unit can Advance and and terrain as if they were not there.

40k pdf codex warhammer harlequin

This model can Advance and charge Flip Belt: This model can move across models and in the same turn. In addition, it can Fall Back and still terrain as if they were not there.

Death Is Not Enough: If any models flee from a unit in Deadly Hunter: Only one of this model may be included in your army. The Solitaire can never have a Rising Crescendo: The Solitaire can Advance and Warlord Trait. Once per battle, instead of making a normal move with the Solitaire, you can make a Blitz move Impossible Form: If you do so, add 2D6" to its Move characteristic invulnerable save. In addition, its Attacks characteristic is increased to 10 until the end of this Flip Belt: